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How To Change VPN To Other Country

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How Does VPN Location Changer Work

How to change vpn to of other countries

VPN location changer works by changing your apparent location and sending your data traffic via another server.

  • Usually, when you use the internet, your device continuously exchanges data with other parties, hovering over the web. If you use VPN, it creates a safe connection between you and the internet. All the data traffic is sent through an encrypted secure virtual tunnel to the external server, i-e, the VPN server. From the external server, your data is then sent to its destination.
  • VPN allows the users to select the server anywhere in the world where VPN services have servers. It can be a VPN country changer or, in some cases, only a VPN city changer. For instance, Express VPN has its servers in 94 countries.
  • Once you connect to a server, the IP location changer will form an encrypted virtual tunnel to securely pass all your device’s data. A virtual tunnel will decrypt the data and send it to the final destination. Your original IP address will be hidden and will be shown as that of the selected server. You can also change the location whenever you want and still use the app.

How To Change Ip Address To Another Country Final Thoughts

Its a shame that you cannot access any website you want regardless of your current location without using services like ExpressVPN. But thats the kind of world we currently live in. Due to licensing agreements, streaming channels can only broadcast live and on-demand content in certain countries. Luckily, by using ExpressVPN or similar products, you dont have to worry about that anymore.

Change Country On VPN Router

You can change the country on your VPN Router at anytime. Once changed your VPN Router will give your devices an internet connection in the country you have set.

Firstly it’s important to note that no matter which country you set your VPN Router on you cannot be blocked by ISPs from services such as Kodi and IPTV – unless of course there is a specific geo-block. Therefore more most users we strongly recommend selecting the VPN for the country you are based in. e.g.Use a UK VPN setting if you are in the UK – it is not subject to the same blocks as ISPs.

Here are the steps required to change the country on your VPN Router:

  • Please login to your account at with your username and password.
  • From the “Payment Wallet” you will see a selection of flags for the countries that you can use on your VPN Router:
  • Select the country you require, make sure that VPN is selected and not proxy, then press “Update”.
  • We then recommend you then power off the VPN Router and wait 1 minute, then power back on and wait at least 2 minutes more for it to power up and connect to the VPN network.
  • You should then connect your devices to your VPN Router and they will get a VPN IP address in the country you have selected. You can check this on any device with an internet browser by going to to confirm which country your device is seen to be in.

Information for users selecting France or Canada on their VPN Router:

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How To Change Location And Ip Address With A VPN

Online geo-spoofing is easy with a VPN

Although the primary use of a VPN for many is online security and anonymity, lots of people download them thanks to their ability to change location of the IP address of your laptop, mobile, tablet and even your entire router, to somewhere entirely different.

And why would they want to do that? Maybe it’s to get around the blocks that some offices and countries put on social media sites and apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. And another popular use-case is to watch overseas Netflix catalogs and stream foreign sport.

In internet slang, this process is often called geo-spoofing, but dont worry geek lingo aside, its very straightforward and were going to show you the easiest way to change location with a VPN.

The best VPN in the world right now is ExpressVPNOf the hundreds of VPNs that we have reviewed, ExpressVPN tops the lot. Its pure speed and watertight security are a great start, and then there’s the sheer amount of global servers it has and adaptability to tons of devices and streaming boxes.

It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and if you use the following link, you can claim 3 months FREE and a year of unlimited secure cloud backup from Backblaze with an annual plan.

Alternative Methods To Change Ip Address To Different Country

How to change vpn to of other countries

You can also use Smart DNS proxy services like Unlocator to bypass geographic restrictions imposed on certain sites and apps. However, when using Smart DNS, your public IP address remains untouched. Only the URLs which expose your current location to the website youre trying to access are re-routed. That also means that you can only unblock specific sites using Smart DNS.

Unlocator supports unblocking over 220 streaming channels from around the world. This includes Sky Go, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, BeIN Sports, HBO Go, ABC GO, and many others. You can try out their service by signing up for a free 7-day trial.

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Quick Guide: How To Unblock Geo

  • I recommend ExpressVPN because it has a big server network that lets you access a lot of different streaming platforms globally.
  • Connect to a server in the country you want. For example, I could watch Hulu shows while connected to a US server .
  • Start watching shows on your PlayStation! Just sign into the streaming app you want and press play!
  • Privatevpn Speed Test Data


    Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

    SaferVPN is a US-based provider with more than 700 high-speed servers in over 30 countries. It reliably works with Netflix libraries including the US and UK catalogs. Specific optimized servers are labeled for streaming, so you know which ones to choose without contacting support. You can also use SaferVPN to watchBBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and more from your current country.

    It being in the US might be a concern from a privacy standpoint, but SaferVPN keeps no logs of user activity and never records IP addresses. Therefore, no information could be tied to an individual. Aside from privacy protection, you can also enjoy premium security with 256-bit AES encryption, DNS leak protection, and an automatic kill switch.

    A basic plan allows for up to five simultaneous connections with apps available for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

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    Why Would I Want To Change My Location

    Anyone who knows your public IP can find out a lot about you with just a simple IP lookup. So, there are many ways to take advantage of an IP location changer.

    • Comparing prices while shopping: Some sites offer different prices to visitors from different countries. Once you learn how to change VPN location, you can hop around the globe and look for the best price.
    • Hiding your identity from trackers: If youre connecting from home, your location is an important part of tracking your identity online. By hiding your location, you can throw off annoying online services that keep trying to track your location.
    • Practicing freedom of speech: Hiding your IP address is a necessary step for any privacy-conscious internet user. It’s especially important for journalists working on sensitive topics or anyone else whos concerned about their location being discoverable online.

    These are just the benefits when it comes to changing your location. Using a VPN is one of the most important ways to stay secure and private online.

    If you decide to look for a free IP changer online, keep in mind that most of them will record and sell your data. Maintaining a VPN service is not cheap. So, if a provider is offering you to alter your IP online for free, dont trust it. They will either scam you or collect your data and sell it to the highest bidder. If you want to stay safe, stay away from free VPNs.

    How To Set Up Your VPN

    How to Change Your IP Address to Another Country With a VPN ð¥

    Setting up your own VPN connection is simpler than it might seem. Your VPN provider will do most of the work for you. First, you will need to find a VPN service that you like. On our site you can find reviews of the different providers as well as some recommendations.

    When you find a VPN that fits your needs, you subscribe to their service and download and install the software they provide. Most VPN providers offer software for all types of devices and operating systems. You can download a VPN client for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and sometimes Linux. Within this software, you can choose which protocol to use and which VPN server you wish to connect to. In just a few clicks youll be connected to a server. Now you can use the internet in a safe and anonymous manner, free from any restrictions or censorship that your geographical location might impose!

    Installing a VPN is easy. Below, well tell you how to do this in three steps.

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    What VPN Providers Are There

    Above we have shown you three good VPN providers but there are hundreds of companies that offer commercial VPNs. Just type in VPN in the App Store or Play Store, and youll see a dizzying amount of VPN apps, that are often free to download. And then there are also quite a few companies that offer business VPN packages.

    We like to help and have tested many VPN providers already. You can find more information about testing and the results in our VPN review section.

    Below youll find a selection of VPN providers to give you an impression of the amount of services out there. We also state under which jurisdiction each VPN provider falls and whether the VPN provider is located in a 5, 9 or 14 eyes country the governments of these countries exchange information.

    The jurisdiction may have implications for the privacy of VPN users, as each country has different privacy laws. In practice, there are therefore differences in which user data VPN providers store. With privacy in mind, you ideally want to use a VPN that doesnt log or track anything about your internet activities.

    Countries Not To Connect To

    Of course, there are some countries that you shouldnt connect to, usually because you run the risk of some kind of tracking. Though on paper your VPN should be able to protect you from that, under some authoritarian regimes you could find your data seized when a server is, for example.

    That risk is present in other countries, too, as VPNs will cooperate with law enforcement under certain circumstances, its just a lot bigger in restrictive places. Note that India may be joining that club later this year.

    In short, any country thats the kind others would want to tunnel out of should be off-limits to VPN users. Think places like China, Iran, Russia, and any other country where VPNs are illegal or strictly controlled. Usually, its hard to find servers in these places as few VPN providers are willing to invest in themnot that we blame thembut if you do see one, dont connect unless absolutely necessary.

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    How To Change Ip Address To Another Country With VPN

    A VPN, or virtual private network, is a secure tunnel that encrypts all of your Internet traffic. When you connect to a VPN server, your real IP address is masked. Instead, you will appear to be browsing the web using the IP address of the VPN server you are connected to. In other words, if you want to change your IP address to the USA, you simply have to connect to an American VPN server. The whole process is pretty straight forward. The same process can be used to change the IP address to the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, or any other country around the world.

  • Choose a specific VPN provider and purchase one of their subscriptions: Youll find that most services offer up to 3 options, and the yearly option is always the cheapest in the long run. Credible ones, like ExpressVPN, will also offer a money back guarantee in case youre not impressed with their service.
  • Install VPN client from the providers website: Youll find a variety of versions for your device on your providers website. Download and install your respective version.
  • Launch the VPN client and sign in: To do this youll need the same credentials you used during the signup process.
  • Choose a server location: A rule of thumb here would be to choose the server location that is closest to you, however, you also need to ensure its located at the same place as where the origin of the content you want to access.

    Choose your Preferred VPN Location

  • How To Change Ip Address Location With VPN

    Best VPN app free 2020

    You have probably heard about the benefits of using a VPN service, especially if you work from home.

    This guide shows you how to take even more control over your online privacy by changing your virtual location through altering an IP address.

    Pro tip: Consider all pros and cons before choosing your VPN provider. Clario offers a VPN that comes with benefits such as real-time antivirus, advanced ad blocker with anti-tracking function, and 24/7 expert support. Read on to learn how a VPN works and download Clarios free 7-day trial to test it out now.

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    How To Change Your Ps4 Or Ps5 Region

    I started testing different ways to change my PSN region because I was tired of missing out on playing games that werent available in my region yet. On top of that, if you use your PlayStation to stream on apps like Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video, youll know how annoying it is when certain shows are unavailable in your country.

    The bad news first you cant just change the region of your existing PSN account to access region-locked content. The good news is that I found a couple of simple workarounds thatll allow you to play any game you want from anywhere, plus stream global content on your PlayStation easily.

    Youll just need a VPN to help you get around geoblocks. I personally use ExpressVPN with my PS4 as it has a huge network of servers and really fast speeds for lag-free gaming and streaming. You can try ExpressVPN out for yourself risk-free because it offers a money-back guarantee. If you dont feel its right for you, you can claim a full refund within 30 days.

    How Do I Change My Netflix Billing Country

    If you want to change your Netflix billing country, you actually need to close your account and then restart it in your new country. Assuming youre relocating, youll want to be billed in the currency that corresponds to your new location. To do this, wait until your current billing period is up and cancel your account. Then, restart your account in the new location.

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    How To Watch Overseas Content With A VPN

    Whether youre using an insecure public Wi-Fi or just want to make sure no prying eyes see your online activity, using the best VPN is a great option. A VPN reroutes your connection through a private server, disguising your IP address and protecting your data.

    One additional advantage of using a VPN is the ability to browse the internet as it appears in another country, by choosing to reroute your connection to a server overseas. All the top providers offer their users servers all around the world, enabling you to watch Netflix from Canada or BBC iPlayer from Australia without leaving your home.

    Since many popular shows and movies are geo-blocked, meaning they are only available in certain countries, using a streaming VPN opens up your streaming options. You can keep up with shows from home while youre traveling, or explore the globe and see whats available in other countries.

    There are many options, both free and paid, to choose from when it comes to selecting a VPN. Here are some of the factors youll want to consider when choosing a VPN for streaming, and how to get going once you’ve chosen your provider.

    Can You Share A Netflix Account In A Different Country

    How to change VPN to other country on OMEGLE 2020!

    You can share your account with family members or friends anywhere. But, unless you have an account allowing more than one connection to Netflix at a time, you may be inconvenienced if both you and the other user are attempting to view Netflix content at the same time. Luckily, only the Basic plan limits viewing to one session.

    Also, be advised that the other user will not be able to view some of the same content that is available to you in your country. Theyll have access to the content available to Netflix viewers in the country they are in. Well, unless they use a quality VPN to access other countries content libraries.

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    How To Change Ip Address On Windows With A VPN

    Changing an IP address on Windows requires a bit more work because the VPN app wont install automatically as it does on mobile phones. Youll have to download the app first and then install it. But, dont worry, this is still pretty straightforward.

    Heres how to use a VPN to change your IP address on Windows devices:

  • Sign up and download the Windows app from the VPNs site.
  • Run the EXE file when downloaded.
  • Follow the installation steps to set up the VPN.
  • Once the installation completes, open the app and log in.
  • Pick a recommended server or choose one manually.
  • Connect to the VPN server to change your IP address.
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