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How To Change Your VPN On Firestick

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Why Do I Need A VPN For Fire Stick In Canada

How to install a VPN on your Amazon Fire, firestick or android devices

Do I need a VPN for Firestick or not? If this question arises in your mind and you are confused about it, then these are some of the reasons to clarify that you should really opt for a Firestick VPN:

  • Accessing geo-restricted content

A Firestick VPN will allow you to stream content from different countries of the world. Many services and content are geo-limited, meaning that it is available in limited parts of the world. Hence, Firestick VPN will fake your geographic location and let you stream all geo-blocked content easily on your Firestick.

  • Keeping your Online Activity Anonymous

A Firestick VPN would work as a shield between you and the Government as well as third-party advertisers. The VPN will mask your IP address along with your online activity. This will prevent you from Government surveillance and third-party advertisers who wouldnt collect your data for any personalized ads.

  • ISP Throttling

A VPN on Firestick will prevent your Internet Service Provider from throttling your internet. This way, you will be able to stream movies, songs, videos, etc., without waiting for them to load or buffer.

Change Location By Using A VPN

If you are in the geo-restricted regions of the world, most of the apps and their content wont work. You have to install a VPN as it the safest and easiest method to change location on your Amazon FireStick device.

There are so many VPN connections available in the market but we recommend using ExpressVPN. You can either install and use ExpressVPN on FireStick, or follow the guide below:

Step 1: Go to your FireStick Home Screen

Step 2: Click on the Find tab and then Click on Search Icon

Step 3: Type ExpressVPN in the search bar and click on the search result

Step 4: Click on the ExpressVPN tab

Step 5: Click on the Get option to download

Step 6: The app will now download

Step 7: Click on Open to launch ExpressVPN

Step 8: Enter youre your email and password and click log in.

Step 9: Connect to the US server

Is Ipvanish Really Necessary

final solution sucks in security, but it ght Offering Great Security, but Isnt Good for Streaming. VPN solutions such as IPVanish offer robust security features that make them highly secure. In addition, you get real-time device connections with this VPN even when your computer is not operating.

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How To Install A VPN On Fire Stick From The App Store

The easiest method to install a VPN on a Fire Stick is to install it from Amazons Fire TV apps store. Most premium VPNs have made their apps available in the Fire TV app store, which means as long as you stick to a recommended VPN for Fire Stick, you will be able to use this method:

  • Navigate to Search on your Fire Stick and type in your VPNs name.

  • Click on the VPN app for your provider, and click the Get button to download it.

  • When the app has finished downloaded, click Open to launch the app and install it.

  • Sign in to your VPN in the app using your VPN credentials.

    These are the credentials and password you set up when you signed up to the VPN.

  • Select a server location in the VPN app and click Connect.

    The location will depend on what content you are trying to unblock. Its worth checking with your VPN provider to see if the country you desire access to is supported for streaming. When the connection is established, the VPN app will show you.

  • Press the home button on your remote to exit the VPN app.

    It will keep running in the background.

  • You can now launch Kodi and make use of the VPN connection.

    You will appear to be in the location that you connected to.

  • Install A VPN On Your Amazon Fire TV Stick Now

    How to Change DNS Settings on Amazon Fire Stick

    Your Amazon Fire TV Stick can access any streaming platforms library from any country with a VPN. It simply changes your IP address, and Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc., will give you full access to their libraries.

    My recommendation is ExpressVPN, as its extensive server network and ultra-fast speeds will instantly connect your Amazon Fire TV Stick to any streaming platform. Remember that you can try it risk-free because its backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can always ask for a refund if you dont like it.

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    Testing Methodology: How To Choose The Best Fire TV Stick Free VPN

    Finding free VPNs for Fire Sticks is not easy. We tested 45+ VPNs just to find five free VPNs that worked based on the following criteria:

    Make sure the VPN you choose is compatible with Amazon Fire Stick. Many VPN providers offer dedicated apps for Fire TV devices that can be downloaded directly through Amazon App Store. In addition, all the zero-cost VPN that we have recommended have proper apps for Amazon Firestick that are easy to install and use.

    Logging policy

    There have been many cases where a VPN claiming to be free for Fire Stick collected users online information in the background to sell it to marketing agencies subsequently. Since your privacy should always be the priority of any VPN service, a VPN must have a clear no-logging policy.


    All providers mentioned in our guide are fast enough for streaming on a Fire TV stick. Although free VPNs cannot compete with paid options in terms of internet connection speeds, the services mentioned above are still better than most free VPNs in the market.


    Strong 256-bit encryption is necessary to hide your online traffic from outside interference along with IPv6 leaks protection. All the free VPNs mentioned above offer AES-256 bit encryption, virtually unbreakable, thus offering iron-clad security and add ons to Fire TV stick users.


    What Is Amazon Fire TV Stick

    Amazon Fire Stick is a portable device that looks like a large USB flash drive. It allows you to access popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube on your TV. All you need to do is plug it into your TV and you can watch all your favorite movies and shows.

    In other words – if your TV has an HDMI port, Amazon Fire TV stick will turn it into a smart TV in an instant. There also exists a 4K version that offers the best video quality possible.

    There are certain channels and apps that come for free with the device. These include Youtube, PBS Kids, IMDb TV, Pluto TV, and Popcornflix.

    As for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, you would have to buy a subscription separately.

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    Free Vs Paid VPNs Which One Should I Use On My Fire Devices

    For those of you who are hesitant to risk your money, I have also elaborated on some free VPNs besides the paid ones to use on your Fire devices.

    But, after comparing all the six VPNs, youll observe that using free VPNs has its own limitations.

    At first, most free VPN services monetize your data. So, you not only face interruption due to ads but also risk your privacy to third-parties.

    Secondly, this data logging activity doesnt protect you from ISP and government tracking.

    Thirdly, free services also offer compromised features to free users.

    While the first two problems do not affect the free VPNs recommended above, the third one does. As you can see, you get a limited number of locations, limited simultaneous connections, and capped data when using free VPNs. While, if you pay them, you set yourself free from all these limitations.

    Thats how paid VPNs get an edge over the free ones. If the service providers respect your privacy, they would surely compromise some other features to make money.

    Therefore, you should always go for paid VPNs, not the ones that cause a blow to your budget, but the ones that offer great services without costing you a fortune.

    If you still have queries about how paid VPN providers surpass free services, take a look at this detailed comparison of free vs. paid VPNs.

    How To Change Amazon Libraries And Regions

    How to install a VPN on Amazon Firestick (2021 version)

    Another benefit of using a VPN with Fire Stick is that it gives you the ability to easily switch Amazon regions. This may be useful for accessing content libraries that are geo-restricted to certain locations. And as you probably know, getting past geo-restrictions is a big advantage of VPN services.

    So heres how to do that with your Fire Stick or Fire TV and a good VPN service:

  • First, determine what country you need to appear to be in to stream the content you want.
  • Then, connect to a VPN server in that country.
  • Finally, change the country/region on your Amazon account to that same country . To do this, go to Your Account > Your Content and Devices > Preferences > Country/Region.
  • This allows you to stream content in any country of your liking.

    Note that VPNs with larger sever networks, such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN, will give you more geographic options for content streaming with Amazon and other services.

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    Streaming Media Via Kodi And Plex Media Behind A VPN

    Kodi and Plex are both popular media streaming applications that help you access content on your Fire Stick, especially since the device only comes with about 4.5 GB of usable storage. With either one of these services, users can add media libraries sources, such as network-attached storage devices and personal servers. However, a wide array of unofficial Add-Ons and Plugins for both Kodi and Plex offer access to illegal content streams. We won’t make any accusations about your usage habits, but some users of these extensions may turn to a VPN to hide their activity.

    Installing Kodi on your Fire TV Stick requires you to download the Kodi Android APK from its site. The process is similar to installing the Android APK for your VPN.

  • Navigate to Settings > Device > Developer Options and enable the Allow Apps from Unknown Sources option.
  • Launch Downloader.
  • Follow all of the subsequent download and installation prompts.
  • Navigate to Settings > Device > Developer Options and disable the Allow Apps from Unknown Sources option.
  • To install Plex, just search for and download it directly from the Apps section. Alternatively, you can install the Plex Add-On for Kodi, if you prefer to deal primarily with the latter’s interface.

    Fire TV Sticks aren’t the only devices that may require some workarounds to get a VPN working. Check our our guide on how to install a VPN on a Chromebook as well.

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    Possible Problems With A VPN For Firestick

    #1 Sometimes, a VPN refuses to connect to the Amazon device and to protect it. To solve this, go to Settings and choose OpenVPN / in the VPN protocol menu. Next, restart Fire TV , click Remove the plug Re-plug and start again.

    #2 If streaming and/or browsing is unusually slow, switch to a different server. Say, if youre on a European server, change to one based in America. If that doesnt help, just re-install the Virtual Private Network. In most cases, that solves the problem.

    #3 And finally, dont be shy to contact support and let them know about your problem. Every single VPN for Fire TV that we discussed today is known for its exceptional customer support.

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    Change VPN Protocols & Increase Speed

    The majority of those using a VPN on Firestick are likely unaware of the different protocols you can change within the IPVanish settings.

    In fact, changing VPN Protocols is one of the best solutions to improving your devices speed.

    The IPVanish protocols available on the Firestick/Fire TV include OpenVPN , OpenVPN , and IKEv2.

    Refer to our detailed guide below for increasing VPN speed on any Firestick/Fire TV.

    How To Uninstall Nordvpn From Your Firestick

    How to install Private Internet Access (PIA) on a Firestick

    If you decide you dont want to use NordVPN anymore, you should uninstall it to save space on your Fire TV Stick. You should also make sure you cancel your account so youre not charged for a month you arent going to use.

    The best way to uninstall NordVPN from Firestick devices is to go through the settings menu. This is a simple process and will work for both the official app and the APK.

  • Open manage installed applications

    First, you need to open the settings menu, enter the applications tab and find the manage installed applications page.

  • Find and select NordVPN

    On the manage installed applications page, scroll down until you find NordVPN.

  • Select uninstall and confirm it

    After you click uninstall, confirm that you want to remove it.

    The NordVPN app options.

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    How To Change Fire Stick Region With A VPN

    Want to get the most out of your Amazon Prime subscription and unblock geo-restricted content via your Fire Stick? You’ll need a way to look as though you’re living in the same region as the shows, movies, or sites you want to stream, and you can do this by changing your IP address.

    This might sound overly complicated, but the good news is that you can change your IP address and check out international content by using a VPN. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Pick a VPN provider from our recommendations below and install its Firestick app this should only take a moment or two.
  • Log in to your VPN app and connect to a server in the same region as your content or streaming service of choice.
  • Wait until you’ve connected to the server.
  • Then visit your streaming app, starting it if necessary, and enjoy geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world.
  • Some of the best VPNs in the business even have their very own dedicated apps for Fire Stick and Fire TV as well as a whole host of additional privacy enhancing features. If you’re interested, you’ll find our top Fire Stick VPN picks in the table below, or check out our best VPNs for Fire Stick article.


    The best VPN for Amazon Fire Stick. Its Fire Stick app installs in a blink and is easy to use, and users get a 30-day money-back guarantee to play with.

    ProPrivacy TrustScore:

    What Is A Jailbroken Fire Stick

    A jailbroken Firestick allows you to access media or stream applications that Amazon in your region once restricted. It is a modified Firestick that gives you access to an unlimited amount of apps worldwide.

    Although jailbreaking, from its name, sounds completely illegal and question arises in mind is jailbreaking illegal in Canada, but its safe to say that its not. A jailbroken Firestick is safe and legal!

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    Support For Amazon Fire Devices

    Last, but the most important thing is that your VPN must offer support for Firestick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube.

    While many VPN services offer cross-platform support, ironically, very few of them actually care about their customers streaming habits. Thats why very few services offer dedicated VPN clients for Fire devices.

    So, before subscribing, make sure your VPN does support Fire TV and comes with dedicated Fire TV apps.

    Otherwise, you would have to go through the hassle of jailbreaking Firestick or your other Fire devices to download an Android VPN. Or, you might have to spend money on arranging a VPN router.

    How To Install A VPN On Firestick Fire TV And Fire TV Cube In No Time

    How To Install a VPN On Your Firestick

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    Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube are quick means to transform your regular TV into a home theatre. But, to watch your desired content, you need to install a VPN on Firestick and other Fire TV devices.

    Thats where things go tricky.

    Not every one of you might know installing a VPN on Fire devices. Perhaps, you might also deem it unnecessary.

    However, if you really want to make the best of your Amazon Fire devices, you inevitably need a VPN. Thats how you reward yourself with the best entertainment from all over the world.

    As for its setup, this guide has got you covered! Read along to learn why you should install a VPN on Amazon Firestick and alike, and how exactly to do that.

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    Do Location Faking Apps Work

    If you are wondering if VPN apps even work and if they are worth your attention, the answer is yes. The reason they are so popular is that they get the job done successfully. You can use VPN apps for almost anything. You can even install them on your mobile device. VPN software is generally used with apps and websites where you want to protect your privacy or access something that isnt available in your country.

    How To Use Nordvpn On Firestick

    Using NordVPN on Firestick is different from using it on other devices, as youll need to navigate a list of countries rather than a map. Although you can get this map back by downloading the APK, the app store version is easy to use and compatible with the Amazon Fire TV Stick remote.

  • Log in or create an account

    When you first open the app, youll have two options. You should click sign up to get a seven-day free trial or log in if you already have an account.

  • Change your security settings

    Before you connect to the VPN, check the security options in the last two rows. You can either connect with specialty servers or change settings such as the anonymous data collection and auto-connect feature.

  • Connect to the VPN

    Now you can start the connection, either with the automatic connect now button at the top or by going down one row and selecting a country from the list.

  • Accept the connection request

    A window will appear asking you if you want your connection to go through NordVPN, and youll need to accept this to use the VPN.

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