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How To Check VPN Ip Address

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2 Configuring and Testing SSL VPN IP Address Assigning

A Virtual Private Network provides you the best way to hide your IP address online. One of the main reasons why people use a VPN is to mask their original IP to avert unwanted spying and speed throttling.

Unfortunately, security flaws can reveal your IP location even though you are using a VPN. More worryingly, this flaw is easy to exploit. Heres everything you need to know about how your IP may leak and how to check and stop it.

Take the VPN tests and see if youre secure on the web.

Worst Examples Of Ip Leak Disasters

It was last year when a flaw was discovered that allowed remote sites to take advantage of WebRTC to reveal a users true IP address, even while they were connected to a VPN.

This browser vulnerability still exists today, but fortunately, it can easily be fixed by using appropriate browser extensions.

Port Fails leak also made headlines late in 2015 for affecting several VPN providers. The Port Fail Vulnerability affected those VPN providers who offer the Port Forwarding feature.

If you dont know, learn more about What is Port Forwarding?

The worst type of VPN leak is the one that you have no control over or access to. Regardless of whether you are using a VPN or not, you are still going to connect to a DNS provider. And when your DNS provider fails, then your real IP address can be read by the websites you are visiting and even your ISP.

Testing Your VPN With Webrtc

With these instructions, youre specifically going to test the ability of WebRTC to access your real IP address behind a VPN. This is useful for troubleshooting your VPNs ability to hide your true IP address and clue you in to whether its fulfilling its purpose or not.

  • Visit any website that is freely available online to retrieve your ISP-generated IP address.
  • Log in to the VPN and change the information as you desire . Double-check that you are connected before moving onto the next step.
  • Revisit the site that provided you your IP address for Step 1. This time, it should provide you with the IP address provided by your VPN.
  • Visit the WebRTC test page to confirm whether it is showing your real IP address or not. If both show the new address provided by the VPN, then youre all set! Your information is protected. If not, your information is being leaked.
  • Once you confirm that youre IP address is leaking, you may want to know exactly where the weaknesses are to better protect yourself in the future. Trace the steps of uncovering your IP address behind a VPN to identify those weak spots. You can find your real IP address using JavaScript by copying and pasting the code written here, or using another method outlined below.

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    How To Find Public Ip Address On Windows

    Follow these steps to find your public IP address on Windows:

    1. Click the search icon on the taskbar and enter cmd.

    2. Type ipconfig/all in the Command Prompt window and hit Enter.

    3. Check the Default Gateway section for your routers IP address.

    4.Copy the routers IP address and paste it into your web browsers address bar. Now, enter the routers Username and Password when prompted and inspect the Config/Status page to find the public IP address.

    Use A Faster VPN Protocol

    The Ultimate VPN Test And Troubleshooting Guide Of 2020 ...

    As a rule of the thumb, the stronger the VPN encryption used the more processing power is needed to encrypt and decrypt it. It is, therefore, possible to reduce ping times by sacrificing security .

    You can do this by changing VPN protocol used, for example to PPTP. From fastest to slowest, the main VPN protocols are:

  • PPTP
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    Identify All Blacklisted Lists On Ip Addresses

    You can also check out blacklisted IP addresses. Doing so can prevent your website or business from getting attacks or becoming a victim of fraud. Nowadays, there are hundreds of websites that provide free IP address lists that are typically blacklisted on other sites. These IP addresses can be banned from the site due to many reasons, ranging from spam to DDoS attacks. Applying those IP addresses to your firewall list can reduce your chances of getting an ill-natured users on your website or service. Not only that, but theses IP addresses can also be a proxy servers IP address. Which can kill two birds with one stone.

    Nevertheless, there are also some downfalls with this method as well. While some blacklisted lists may be reliable sources, there are some lists that may not be as reliable or may ban users unexpectedly or with no good reasons, especially since these lists are self-reported. Furthermore, some of these reported IP addresses can also contain legitimate IP addresses, where no VPN or proxy servers were used at all, but can be banned due to unfortunate reasons, such as spam or fraud.

    Disable Webrtc In Your Browser

    Web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera have WebRTC enabled by default. However, Safari and Internet Explorer dont have this enabled by default unless you do it. If the test showed your IP address it means you are suffering from IP address leak then you can switch to a browser which has disabled WebRTC. However, most users prefer to use browsers which have enabled WebRTC, yet you can disable WebRTC in the following way:

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    Finding Your Real VPN Locations

    You may not always be able to trust what a VPN provider says about its locations, then, but fortunately, there are several ways to figure them out for yourself.

    The internet is crammed with websites that will inform you of your current IP address, its location and more, for instance, and is a good example. Connect to a VPN location, visit the site and it’ll list your IPv4, IPv6 and local IPs, your city and country, even your ISP. Although note that geolocation isn’t an exact science. The country is almost always correct, but the website’s suggested city might be 100 miles away, or more, from the real location.

    At any rate, the problem with most of these sites is they’ll generally use a single geolocation provider. Other providers may sometimes give you different results, so it pays to check several. shows your current location according to four geolocation providers, for instance Visit the site while connected to a VPN server and make sure all four give you the country you expect. If they show mixed results, that means you’re likely to see the same inconsistency online. You’ll probably find the VPN works on some websites, but not on others, depending on the geolocation provider they use.

    While these sites will show the country assigned to your IP address, they can’t tell you whether the server is really somewhere else. For that, you need to get a little smarter.

    Benefits Of Changing Your Address And Hiding Your Location

    How to get US IP address | BEST VPN to change your IP address in 2021

    Using a VPN is the key to protecting yourself online. It offers numerous benefits, such as:

    • Keeps information protected when using public hotspots
    • Prevents predators from following your internet activity and obtaining information to use against you
    • Allows you more privacy when surfing the web
    • Allows you to access geo-blocked content
    • Helps you avoid IP blocking*

    *IP blocking is a way to restrict access to a website from or to a particular location.

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    How To Identify A VPN Ip Address

    Many businesses and online services are currently looking for solutions to help bring in organic users. And at the same time protect themselves from malicious users. Most of the time, a VPN user can bring nuisance to your business. Such users can affect your website analytics and allow them to hide behind a different IP address. Doing so, can promotes fraud, spam, and attacks to VPN users. Having a VPN also allows a user to spoof their actual location. This can create issues where the software or website will base a users location off of the VPNs server location. Instead of showing their true location, VPN users will have the ability to bypass geo-blocking or geo-fencing techniques. In this article, we will teach you how to identify a VPN IP address.

    What Is My Ip Address Discloses About Me

    Your IP address exposes pretty much everything there is to know about the location you browse internet from, including:
    • Province/State

    • ZIP code/Postal

    Internet Service Providers are party to even more information. Your ISP knows more in-depth personal information about you than your friend. Being their customer they are aware of your name, address, cell number, bank account details, credit card number, credit history and maybe even more.

    Countless countries, including UK and Australia, have ISPs maintain logs of your browsing history as they per a requirement. These browsing activity logs are handed over to multiple government agencies who dont even need a warrant to acquire such information. Your internet provider can see any website you visit, if it is not HTTPS secured. Websites that are HTTPS secured only exclude the individual pages you visit from being monitored, your domains can still be scrutinized regardless.

    Internet Service Owners

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    What Is Your Real Ip

    Whenever you connect to a server, AKA another computer, no matter where in the world it is, your system is required to share information about your computer. This information may include the physical location of your computer, as well as identifying information that allows the server to remember your computer for future access. Such data is shared in part due to your Internet Protocol address.

    Once you are allowed access to that server, your computer will need a way to connect to the appropriate network. A network is made up of a group of computers that are all connected. Most of the time, an internet service provider will provide you the ability to connect to a given network, as they will complete all the necessary connections on your behalf.

    An ISP will also provide you instructions on how to use the service once connected. They utilize several different types of techniques in the management of all computers in a given network. Different techniques are needed since each computer within the network is likely to be engaged in a different activity than the others, so all of these interactions must be kept separate.

    For instance, if one computer in the network were to visit a website, that website must know which device to send the web page to. It cannot get mixed up between the others this is where the IP address comes in. The IP address tells that web page the address of the computer that requested it and informs the website where to go.

    How Does Torrent Detection Work

    How To: Check your VPN Connection is Working and Secure ...

    To detect data from your torrent client we provide a magnet link to a fake file. The magnet contains an http url of a controlled by us tracker which archives the information coming from the torrent client.

    Service available on IPv4 and IPv6, also on alternative ports: :8000 and :62222 . Look at the forum for support, feedback, API.

    Data partially based on MaxMind database. Results may be cached, refer to MaxMind for more accuracy.

    powered by

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    How To Test For Webrtc VPN Leaks

    WebRTC uses Session Transversal Utilities for NAT protocol also known as STUN protocol. This enables your public IP address to make peer connections that expose your public IP address even if you are using a VPN.

    The first step to solving the problem? Find out whether you have the problem. So its important to test if your VPN is leaking your IP address. Follow the steps below to determine if you have a leak.

    Step 1: Go to Google or another web browser and type in what is my IP address. Before you do this, make sure youre not connected to your VPN. Write down your IP address.

    Step 2: Log in to your VPN and verify that you are connected to the server of your choice.

    Step 3: Go back to your browser and type in what is my IP Address and check your IP address again. It should show the masked IP address of your VPN.

    Step 4: Finally, use one of several free websites that will enable you to run a WebRTC VPN test to check if your VPN is leaking your public IP address.

    If both steps 3 and 4 do not show your public IP address, you should be fine. But if your search shows your VPN-masked address but the WebRTC test shows your public IP address you have a leak.

    How To Test VPN Ping

    To test VPN ping times, simply perform a Ping test when connected to a VPN server. You can compare this to ping times when not using a VPN by running a Ping test with the VPN turned off. And you can compare ping times when connected to different VPN servers by connecting to each in turn and running a ping test.

    Ping results with no VPN . Average latency = 18ms.

    Ping results when connected to a VPN server in the Netherlands. Average latency = 29ms.

    Ping results when connected to a VPN server in the United States. Average latency = 110ms. As we can see, distance makes a big difference!

    If you are a gamer, you should check ping times when connected to your favorite games server.

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    How To Change Your Ip Address And Hide Your Location

    Its very easy to change your IP address and keep your location and online activity private. All you need is a VPN .

    You can use a VPN to switch your IP address and place yourself in a different location. A VPN routes your internet traffic through a secure, encrypted tunnel so that no one, not even your ISP, can see what youre doing online.

    A VPN will make it seem like you are in the same place as the server location. For example, if you are in the U.S. and you connect to a VPN location in the UK, you will appear to be in the UK.

  • Keep your real location private.

  • Encrypt your internet data so you can go online with greater anonymity and security.

  • Easily switch between virtual locations, ensuring fuller internet experience, unfettered by censorship or other firewall restrictions.

  • Why Is Ping A Problem When Using A VPN

    How To Check VPN and IP address for Firestick to see if its working by Taj Reportn Amazon #firestick

    Low ping rates can reduce web page load times, but in most situations, you are unlikely to notice the difference from using a VPN unless the VPN server is on the other side of the planet to you.

    A notable exception to this, however, is when using a VPN for online gaming. In order to react with lightning fast precision in games where the person with the fastest reflexes is king, gamers require high ping rates.

    For these people, a delay of just milliseconds between pressing their mouse button and the action being performed on-screen can be a matter of victory or death.

    Note that ping rates affect response time, and therefore have little effect on streaming with a VPN, where bandwidth is a much more important factor.

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    Accessing The VPN Log Files

    This option is available to those individuals who need to access an IP address through a VPN for safety reasons. This is the most plausible if you have experienced a breach of cybersecurity. It is available only through a court order, however, so this should not be taken lightly. This is the most common, legal way to access the true IP address of someone using a VPN network.

    Why? Because the accessing of a real IP address that is protected by a VPN can be seen as a violation of privacy, exposing a nonconsenting individuals personal information. A VPN log file is a record of a computers web activity, tracking information of incoming and outgoing connections to a server.

    The information kept in the files include:

    • Your IP address
    • Timestamps noting when the user connected and disconnected from the VPN
    • Ability of the VPN to access all of the above information

    Note that not all VPN providers keep the same data, some not keeping these records to the extent of other providers. These records depend on the privacy policy that the provider upholds and how they approach user security.

    How To Check For Webrtc Leaks

  • If you havent already, find out your original IP address on the IPLeak website. Make a note of it.
  • Connect to your VPN and refresh the webpage . It should now show your new IP address and new location based on the country youve chosen.
  • Under Your IP addresses WebRTC detection you should see a private IP that should be different from your original public IP address. Note that the website showing your private IP doesnt mean that your WebRTC is leaking.
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    How To Fix VPN Speed Issues

    Is your VPN too slow? Here are a few ways you can speed up your VPN connection. But remember, your VPN can only be as fast as the speed you get from your ISP.

    • Disconnect and reconnect. You never know sometimes a reset can make a difference.

    • Change servers. Experiment and see if you get faster speeds on a different server. Some VPNs can auto-connect you to the fastest available server at any time.

    • Try a wired connection. Wi-Fi is usually slower than Ethernet. Youll likely get faster speeds if you connect your computer to your router with an Ethernet cable.

    • Close down other apps. The more apps that are funneling data through your internet connection, the slower everything will feel.

    • Do a malware scan. Malicious software can eat up your PCs resources and slow it down. Try a virus removal tool to speed things up.

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