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How To Connect Through VPN

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What Is A VPN

Connect VPN using OpenVPN on Windows (all versions)

Back to the basics. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Using a VPN is an easy and efficient way to increase your online safety, privacy and freedom.

When youre using the internet, there is a constant process of your device exchanging data with other parties on the web. A VPN creates a secure tunnel between your device and the internet. The VPN allows you to send your data via an encrypted, secure connection to an external server: the VPN server. From there, your data will be sent onward to its destination on the internet.

Rerouting your internet traffic through a VPN server has several advantages. First, it helps you hide your identity online. Second, it secures your data. And third, it allows you to use the internet more freely.

Setting Up A Virtual Router On Older Windows Devices

  • In your command prompt window type, ‘netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode+allow ssid=< network name> key=< password> ‘ with your chosen network name and password inside the angle brackets.
  • Type ‘natsh wlan start hosted network’ and press Enter to start up your virtual router.
  • Hit Windows Key + R then type ‘ncpa.cpl’ into the run prompt box. Press Enter.
  • Difficulty Establishing A Tunnel

    If everything seems to be working well, but you can’t seem to establish a tunnel between the client and the server, there are two main possibilities of what could be causing the problem. The first possibility is that one or more of the routers involved is performing IP packet filtering. IP packet filtering could prevent IP tunnel traffic. I recommend checking the client, the server, and any machines in between for IP packet filters. You can do this by clicking the Advanced button on each machine’s TCP/IP Properties sheet, selecting the Options tab from the Advanced TCP/IP Settings Properties sheet, selecting TCP/IP Filtering, and clicking the Properties button.

    The other possibility is that a proxy server is standing between the client and the VPN server. A proxy server performs NAT translation on all traffic flowing between the client and the Internet. This means that packets appear to be coming from the proxy server rather than from the client itself. In some cases, this interaction could prevent a tunnel from being established, especially if the VPN server is expecting the client to have a specific IP address. You must also keep in mind that a lot of older or low-end proxy servers don’t support the L2TP, IPSec, or PPTP protocols that are often used for VPN connections.

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    Advantage : Bypass Geographical Restrictions

    Its not just countries that impose restrictions on the internet. Some online services also restrict access to their content in certain regions. This happens with streaming services that only have broadcasting rights in certain countries and not in others.

    If you are on holiday or you moved to a different country, you might be unable to view your usual streams. A VPN will also enable you to connect to the internet via servers in your home country, so you can watch your favorite show or access blocked websites again. It also works the other way around: if you want to gain access to websites or streaming services from a different country , you can do so with a VPN.

    One: Back Up Your Configuration

    5.3 Differences between VPN Server and VPN Bridge

    Were about to make some not-so-minor changes to your routers configuration. Now would be an excellent time to take advantage of your routers configuration backup tool. Its not that you cant manually undo all the changes were about to make, but who would want to when theres a better alternative?

    You can find the backup tool in DD-WRT under Administration > Backup, as seen in the image below.

    To create a backup, simply click on the large blue Backup button. Your browser will automatically download a file entitled nvrambak.bin. Wed encourage you to give the backup a more recognizable name like DD-WRT Router Pre-VPN Backup 07-14-2015 nvrambak.bin so you can easily locate it later.

    The backup tool comes in handy at two places in this tutorial: creating a clean backup of your pre-VPN configuration, and creating a backup of your working post-VPN configuration after youve finished the tutorial.

    If you find that you dont want your router to run a VPN client and wish to revert to the state the router was in before this tutorial, you can navigate back to the same page and use the Restore Configuration tool and the backup we just created to reset your router to the state is in now .

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    Expressvpn Superfast Servers For Buffer

    If you want to enjoy a smooth streaming experience, you need a VPN with lightning-fast speeds. You wont find a VPN thats quicker than ExpressVPN its the fastest VPN weve tested.

    A global network of 3,000 servers in 94 countries gives you a world of content to choose from. ExpressVPN can unblock all the major streaming sites and is compatible with both Windows and OpenVPN.

    As well as world-class security measures like AES 256-bit encryption and two types of leak protection, ExpressVPN has plenty of other useful features. Split-tunneling is a particularly helpful component that allows you to choose which parts of your connection you want to cover with your VPN.

    ExpressVPN might be a little more expensive than other VPN services but its worth it if you value guaranteed speeds and reliability. See what real customers think of this VPN or test it out yourself with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    ExpressVPN can unblock:

    • Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, Sling TV, DAZN, and BBC iPlayer.

    Supports torrenting:

    • Yes, all servers support P2P activity.

    ExpressVPN works on these devices:

    • Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox. It also offers an app for use with certain routers.

    CyberGhost is a fast, user-friendly VPN thats excellent for streaming.

    CyberGhost can unblock:

    • Dedicated streaming profile with servers optimized for: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Comedy Central, Eurosport, ESPN, and others.

    Supports torrenting:

    How To Setup A VPN On Router

    5 Minutes Review time

    I will use ExpressVPN as an example for the setup process from here on.

    • Assuming that you already own a DD-WRT router, you can simply follow the steps as detailed by ExpressVPN on their router tutorial to install the VPN.
    • However, if your router isnt already running on DD-WRT/Tomato firmware, then you first need to flash your router.

    The step-by-step instructions for the setup process are as follows.

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    How Do I Connect To Another Computer Using VPN

    The first step is to click the Start button. Select Set up a virtual private network connection from the search bar by typing vpn. 2 The server you wish to connect to can be named after a known address, such as a username or IP address. If you are connecting to a work network, your IT administrators should be notified.

    Setting Up A VPN In Chrome Os

    How to Setup a VPN Server and Connect Through It

    To get set up with a VPN in Chrome OS, you can head into the Chrome Web Store to find a extension for your VPN of choice, go to Google Play store and get a VPN app from there, or download one from a VPNs site. Either way, your VPN app should prompt you with instructions on how to fully set it up.

    If you need to do it manually, you can. Chrome has native support for L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN. To install a VPN that works with one of these formats:

    • Add all the information necessary, which may include server hostname, service name, provider type, pre-shared key, username and password. You can save your identity and password if you want. Click on Connect.

    Some VPNs, especially those issued from a workplace, demand a certificate, which you will need to import first. If thats something thats required:

    • Head into chrome://settings/certificates
    • Go to the Authorities tab. Find the correct certificate in the list and click Import.
    • Then follow the above instructions for setting up the VPN.

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    The Predecessors Of The VPN

    Their efforts led to the creation of ARPANET , a packet switching network, which in turn led to the development of the Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol .

    The TCP/IP had four levels: Link, internet, transport and application. At the internet level, local networks and devices could be connected to the universal network and this is where the risk of exposure became clear. In 1993, a team from Columbia University and AT& T Bell Labs finally succeeded in creating a kind of first version of the modern VPN, known as swIPe: Software IP encryption protocol.

    In the following year, Wei Xu developed the IPSec network, an internet security protocol that authenticates and encrypts information packets shared online. In 1996, a Microsoft employee named Gurdeep Singh-Pall created a Peer-to-Peer Tunneling Protocol .

    Setting Up Your Adapter Options On Windows 10 And Older Windows Devices

    Here both Windows 10 and users of older Windows devices come together!

    Finish setting up your virtual router by doing the following:

  • Under Network Connections make a note of the name of the connection for your virtual router . The name should be something like Local Area Connection* with a number.
  • Under Network Connections, right-click the Ethernet connection that is labeled TAP-Windows Adapter and select Properties.
  • Go to Sharing and tick Allow other users to connect through this computers Internet connection.
  • Youll see a dropdown list beneath Home networking connection choose the Local Area Connection you noted down previously.
  • Open your VPN and connect to a server in your chosen country.
  • Go to your smart TVs network settings and connect to the virtual router you just set up.
  • Your smart TV is now connected to your VPN!
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    The Easy Way: Use A VPN Client

    Note that some VPN providers offer their own desktop clients, which means you wont need the setup process described in this guide. All of our favorite VPNsStrongVPN for advanced users, and ExpressVPN and TunnelBear for basic usersoffer their own desktop application for connecting to their VPNs and selecting VPN server locations.

    Windows 10 supports PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, and IKEv2 connections without any third-party software.

    To connect to a VPN on Windows 10, head to Settings > Network & Internet > VPN. Click the Add a VPN connection button to set up a new VPN connection.

    Provide the connection details for your VPN. You can enter any name you like under Connection Name. This name is just used on your computer to help you identify the VPN connection.

    Your VPN provider should be able to provide you with these details. If the VPN is provided by your employer, your employers IT department should provide you with the details youll need to connect.

    Once youve set up a VPN, youll see it in the network popup menu next to any nearby Wi-Fi networks.

    Heres How To Surf Securely With A VPN

    Remote Office Connection without VPN

    A VPN encrypts your surfing behavior, which can only be decoded with the help of a key. Only your computer and the VPN know this key, so your ISP cannot recognize where you are surfing. Different VPNs use different encryption processes, but generally function in three steps:

  • Once you are online, start your VPN. The VPN acts as a secure tunnel between you and the internet. Your ISP and other third parties cannot detect this tunnel.
  • Your device is now on the local network of the VPN, and your IP address can be changed to an IP address provided by the VPN server.
  • You can now surf the internet at will, as the VPN protects all your personal data.
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    Getting Started With A VPN

    Once you’ve settled on a service, the first thing to do is to download the company’s app. There’s usually a Downloads page for this on the VPN service’s website. Go ahead and download the apps for your mobile devices as well: You’ll want to protect as many of your devices as you can. If the VPN service you’re considering doesn’t offer an app for the devices you use, consider finding a different service.

    We have found that when releasing VPNs for Mac, companies occasionally have different versions available in the Mac App Store and on the company website. This appears to be for compliance with restrictions imposed by Apple. Figuring out which will work for you can be tricky, so be sure to read the company’s documentation carefully.

    Once you’ve installed the apps, you’re usually prompted to enter your login information. In most cases, this is the username and password you created when you signed up for the service. Some companies, such as IVPN, Mullvad, and ExpressVPN have unusual login systems that provide customers with more privacy but can be confusing at first. Be sure to read the instructions carefully.

    Once you’re logged in, your VPN app usually connects to the VPN server closest to your current location. That’s done to provide better speeds when using the VPN, as performance degrades the farther the VPN server is from your actual location. That’s it: Your information is now being securely tunneled to the VPN server.

    Check If Your Older Windows Device Supports Hosted Networks

    If your device doesn’t have built-in Mobile Hotspot settings, you can still set up a virtual router using your Administrator controls as long as your device supports hosted networks.

    You can check by doing the following:

  • In your device search bar, type ‘cmd’ and right-click on ‘Command Prompt’.
  • Select ‘Run as administrator’.
  • Your command prompt window will pop up. Input ‘netsh wlan show drivers’.
  • Next to ‘Hosted network supported’, you’ll see a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. If you see ‘yes’, this means your device supports mobile hotspots.
  • It’s easy to check if your device supports mobile hotspots

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    Can I Use A VPN On All My Devices

    Most VPN software can be installed in the majority of the gadgets nowadays, from your mobile and tablet to your personal computer and television. Also, we highly recommend you keep your VPN on at all times to strengthen your protection from cyber criminals, especially if you frequently connect to public networks.

    Solution : Register Your Own Name + Dynamic Dns

    How to Connect to a VPN in Windows 10 (2 Easy Ways)

    If you cannot get a static IP address at an acceptable price, another approach would be to register a domain name and dynamically update the Domain Name Server for that domain name to point to your office. A DNS is just a computer on the Internet which answers the question, What is the IP address for this domain? So, for example, if you ask a DNS for the address of, you will probably get an answer like: your site is, you could register a domain name like, and tell a DNS the IP address for that domain name. Note that because your IP address is dynamic, you need a DNS that can handle regular updates: a Dynamic DNS. The updates are performed by a program that you run on a computer in your office it regularly checks its IP address and, if there is a change, informs the Dynamic DNS.

    Here are some examples of this type of DNS service:,,, Some of these are free.

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    Which Different VPN Protocols Are There

    VPN connections use an encrypted connection also called a tunnel. There are several ways in which such a VPN connection can be set up. These protocols ensure that your data remains safe and cant be read by others. The most common VPN-protocols are:

    If youd like to know more about the different VPN protocols and how they work, you can find a complete overview right here.

    Troubleshoot Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client

    • You are connected to the internet.
    • You entered as your VPN.
    • You are logging in with your Andrew userID and password.

    If you are still unable to connect, consider the following:

    • Make sure your antivirus or firewall allows AnyConnect. You may need to temporarily disable your antivirus or firewall to determine if a connection can be established.
    • Review the sleep settings on your computer. All VPNs rely on an active internet connection. When your computer goes to sleep, it may automatically be disconnected from VPN.
    • Uninstall or disconnect from other VPN clients. If you are currently running another VPN client, this may conflict with Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.
    • Uninstall SSH Tectia. Remove the app from your computer or mobile device and then reinstall using the Typical installation method.
    • Uninstall Cisco AnyConnect. Remove the app from your computer or mobile device, delete your Cisco profile, and then reinstall AnyConnect.

    Note: Do not enable proxy servers or internet connection sharing for network devices when using Cisco AnyConnect software.

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    Ensure Security Of Your Devices

    The Internet is an insecure place, teeming with hackers, cyber-criminals, viruses, and spies. The security afforded by a VPN, largely stemming from the use of heavy encryption, reduces your visibility to malicious agents on the web.

    If you could extend this cloak of invisibility and protection to all the devices in your usage, youd have much less to worry about as far as your online security is concerned. The possibility of forgetting to turn on a VPN is also eliminated if your router is by default serving as a VPN hotspot for your entire house.

    Top 3 VPN Service Providers 2020

    En/5.0/Virtual private network (VPN) service with OpenVPN

    In order to setup a VPN to connect to your work network from home, you need to select a VPN service provider. Selecting the right VPN requires proper research and it can become a time-consuming task.

    For your ease, we have done the leg-work for you and come up with the list of best office VPN service providers.

    Below is the list of best office VPN service providers ranked on the basis of their features and the value-for-money. So, lets dive in.

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