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How To Connect VPN To Ps4

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Find The Right VPN For You


There are a ton of VPNs on the internet, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and costs. Many VPNs will run you a subscription fee, and while some others are free, they limit how much data you can use per month without spending any money. Figuring out which VPN you want to use is the big first step, and it might take a bit of research.

Luckily, you can shortcut that process a bit. Weve tested a number of VPNs to find the best ones check out our guide to VPNs to help find the option thats right for your uses.

Option 3 Wired Connection

If you use a desktop PC without a Wi-Fi module, there is an option to connect your game console via cable. The settings are very similar.

  • Connect your PC to the Internet via an Ethernet connection.
  • Get a VPN subscription, download and install the Windows application.
  • Open the app, enter your login and password, and establish a connection to the required location.
  • In the Windows settings, go to Network & Internet settings Change adapter options select a connection name created by the VPN virtual adapter select Properties Sharing Allow other network users to connect through this computers Internet connection select Ethernet in the drop-down menu click OK.
  • Connect the PS4 console to your Windows computer via an Ethernet cable. Then, in the PS4 menu select Settings Choose Network Set Up Internet Connection Use LAN Cable Easy. The connection will be established automatically in a few seconds.
  • What Is The Best VPN For Gaming

    VPN Unlimited is the best VPN for console gaming for a number of reasons:

    • It protects your internet traffic and connection with military-grade encryption protocol
    • It offers you a selection of different VPN protocols, some faster, others more secure
    • If provides over 500 VPN servers in 80+ locations, so you will always find one with the lowest load and ping

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    Set Up A Ps4 VPN On A Mac Via An Ethernet Cable

    If youre a Mac user, subscribe to a VPN that offers a macOS client. If you dont have one, we would recommend a visit to our Best VPN for Mac article. After that, download and install it, and then launch your System Preferences in order to select the Sharing subsection where youll find the Internet Sharing option you need.

    Open the Share Your Connection From dropdown menu and select the type of connection you want to extend to your PS4. Immediately below that is another such selector saying To Computer Using. Your only option here is to go with Ethernet.

    Finally, enable the Internet Sharing functionality by ticking its checkbox and watch the Internet Sharing icon light up. If it doesnt, ensure your VPN itself is working, i.e. that you are able to establish a VPN connection on your Mac before attempting to add the PS4 to the mix.

    Finally, launch your macOS VPN app, enable it, and move on to your PS4.

    Providers That Have The Best Apps

    How to Use VPN on PS4: 3 Ways to Connect Your PS4 via VPN

    How do you use VPN on PlayStation 4? There are many service providers in the industry. Some give you a slightly better experience than others. You should be careful and avoid scammers and companies that share your personal data. The best way to do it is to choose trustworthy companies with enough credibility and experience.

    It is hard to pick the absolute best company out there. We decided to put together a short list of VPN providers that stand out with the level of service and connection quality.

    There are many other good options. You can take a closer look at companies like Hide.me, Private Internet Access, and many others. We advise you to stay away from lesser-known companies that do not have global recognition. Free VPN services can be sharing your data or even install malicious programs on your hardware.

    Make sure to choose services with at least several hundred servers. Note that for the best experience you will need servers located in the US. Having an option to connect to various streaming services from the US provides more flexibility.

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    Change The Connection Settings On Your VPN

    With the VPN installed on your computer, open Control Panel in Windows or right-click the Internet Access icon in the system tray. Navigate to Network and Internet Settings in both cases. Once there, click on Change Adapter Options.

    Thatll bring you to a new window that shows all your network connections. Find your VPN and right-click it to bring up a menu. Select the Properties option to open a new menu window and it will have five tabs at the top. Choose Sharing and click the box next to Allow network users to connect through this computers internet connection.

    Youll also see a drop-down menu that will allow you to choose which connection on your computer you want to choose for sharing through your VPN. Choose the connection that relates to your Ethernet adapter if youre on a laptop.

    Set Up The VPN On Your Router

    • Sign up for a PIA subscription plan.
    • Find the VPN client area on your routers firmware.
    • Specify the PIA account credentials.
    • On the PS4 home menu, go to Settings.
    • Go to Network> Set Up Internet Connection.
    • Choose Use Wi-Fi> Easy.
    • Select your home Wi-Fi network.

    Installing the VPN client at the router level is a great way to protect the devices of the entire household. It redirects network traffic through VPN servers for all connected devices.

    That means that anyone connected to your Wi-Fi can hide their IP address and geo-location, unblock streaming services, defeat censorship, reduce their ping while gaming, and so on.

    However, your router must support VPN client mode in order for this to work .

    Otherwise, you have to install new firmware on your router that allows VPN client connections, but only if your router lets you set up custom firmware, such as DD-WRT, Tomato or OpenWRT .

    Another solution is to buy a pre-flashed router with a VPN client ready to go, but this could turn into an expensive ordeal. Check out the best VPN routers for gaming.

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    Is A VPN Better For Gaming And Does VPN Help With Ping

    The answer to the first part of the question depends on your needs. If you want to protect your connection and data during gaming, and to access geo-restricted content, then using a VPN on your PS, Xbox, or Wii is a must.

    On the other hand, if youre concerned about your ping specifically, theres not much a VPN can help you with. Since VPN makes your data travel via an additional node – secure VPN server – it will always increase your ping a bit. You can, however, ensure that this increase will be minimal by connecting to a server located near your physical location.

    How To Use A VPN On A Ps4 With A Mac

    How to set up a VPN on PS4 NO CORDS(Wireless)

    To use a VPN on your console with your macOS, you can set up a virtual router. This method will share your computers VPN connection with your PS4 console.

    To set this up, youll need an Ethernet cable, and your Mac needs an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi card to make all the connections. Heres how to set it up:

  • Connect your Mac and PS4 via Ethernet cable.
  • Navigate to System Preferences, Sharing, then from the list on the left, choose Internet Sharing.
  • Select Wi-Fi from the Share your connection pull-down menu.
  • Ensure Ethernet is checked via the To computers using list.
  • To the left of Internet Sharing, check the box to enable internet connection sharing. If prompted, confirm the choice. A green icon will display if successful.
  • Open the ExpressVPN app to connect to a server in your chosen country.
  • On your PS4, navigate to Settings, Network Settings, then Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Select Use a LAN Cable, then the Easy connection method.
  • When prompted, click Do Not Use a Proxy Server.
  • Test your PS4 internet connection to confirm its connected to the internet via your ExpressVPN account.
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    Get A VPN For Playstation Now Cloud Gaming

    PlayStation Now is a cloud-based gaming subscription service that allows subscribers to stream over 800 PS2, PS3, and PS4 titles on the PS4, PS5, and PC. You can also locally download more than 300 PS4 titles to your PS4 console.

    Using a VPN can help you ensure you achieve the minimum speed of 5Mbps required for a stable and secure cloud gaming experience.

    Connect VPN On Ps4 Via Wifi Router

    The wifi router is the first option that could provide you a VPN connection to your PS4 as your gaming console gets its internet connection from the router. You can easily connect a VPN to your PS4 through a wifi router as most modern routers support a VPN connection.

    To connect your PS4 with a VPN, all you need to do is manually insert your VPN account details in your Wifi router settings. It is almost impossible to share with you the steps of inserting details in the Wifi router setting as steps vary according to router brand and VPN service. However, the general step is to login into the routers settings menu and search for the VPN page. Here, you have to enter the below details:

    • Service name
    • Password
    • Pre-shared encryption key

    There is one thing that you need to note that if you are using a VPN through your Wifi router then all the devices connected to the same router will have a VPN connection. This sometimes might cause connection issues for some devices.

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    How To Set Up A VPN On Playstation 4 Using A Computer

    If you do not already have a VPN-compatible router, and you do not wish to purchase one, then you will need to share your PS4s internet connection with a computer that is running the VPN. This is by far the cheapest way to connect your PS4 to a VPN.

    If you have a PC or a laptop and an ethernet cable you should have everything you need to use this method! Some laptops do not have an ethernet port, but dont worry, as there are USB to ethernet port adapters out there that should do the trick.

    Follow these steps to set up a PlayStation to work with a VPN on your Windows computer:

  • Sign up to a VPN service suitable for gaming on a PS4.

    We recommend ExpressVPN because it is ideal for the job.

  • Connect your PS4 to your PC with the ethernet cable.

  • Open the Control Panel in Windows and navigate to the Network and Sharing Center.

  • Click on Change Adaptor Settings in the left sidebar.

  • Right-click on your VPN connection , click Properties > Sharing.

  • Tick the box that says: Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.

  • Locate the Home networking connection drop-down menu and select your ethernet connection.

  • Connect to the VPN server you require by using the VPN client on your PC.

  • Boot up your PS4.

    On the main menu screen click on Settings> Network Settings.

  • Under Network Settings select Set up Internet Connection.

    Select Use a LAN Cable when you are prompted.

  • Select Easy for the connection method and confirm Do Not Use a Proxy Server when asked.

  • Port Forwarding For Gaming

    How To Use VPN On PS4 In 2019 And Get New Games Early ...

    Routers, by design, block some ports which is why you will have to set up a port forward to be able to play your favorite games. It also enhances your gaming experience by making your connection more stable, and often times, even faster.

    To make the arcane process of setting up port forwarding more convenient for gamers, PureVPN offers Port Forwarding Add-On. This means that you can easily and securely connect your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 with any server you want.

    Get Port Forwarding

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    How To Set Up VPN On Ps4 And Ps5 Through Windows Pc

    Here is how you can install a VPN through PC Windows and connect NordVPN to PS4:

    • First, and install one of the specified VPN services on your computer.
    • Launch VPN and connect to US server
    • Now, use the crossover cable to connect PlayStation 4 with your computer.
    • Go to the Control Panel of your system and click on Network and Sharing Center.
    • From the left pane of the window, select Change adapter settings
    • Now, right-click on the icon of the VPN you are using. And click on Properties.
    • In the properties window, click on Sharing tab and mark enable. Allow other network users to connect through this computers Internet connection.
    • Now tap on the drop-down menu of Home Networking Connection. And select a connection that you want to share with your console.
    • Next, click on OK
    • Access the XMB menu of PS 4 and go to Settings> Network Settings> Set Up Internet Connection.
    • Choose Use a LAN Cable when asked and make sure to put the connection method as Easy.
    • Next, tap on Do Not Use a Proxy Server when asked.
    • Finally, proceed by accepting all the settings, select Test Connection, and youre done with setting up your PS4 VPN on Windows.

    Is Using A VPN For Ps4 Legal

    It is tobe noted that any activities performed by netizens, whilst using a VPN servicethat can be classified as illegal is entirely the responsibility of the userand the user alone. Good VPNs provide indiscriminate privacy protection and donot expose their customers because of their no log policy, but it is entirelythe job of the user to determine the efficacy of his/her actions.

    Havingsaid that, the mere act of using a VPN for PS4 is entirely within the bounds ofthe law. There is nothing inherently illegal about concealing your identityfrom those you do not want to expose yourself to.

    On thequestion of whether availing international discounts against the wishes of themerchant would count as illegal does depend on the jurisdiction. Some placesare quite relaxed on the matter and place the responsibility squarely on themerchant to find the offenders out.

    Somejurisdictions on the other hand have very strict protections and might classifythese discounts as a breach of commercial law. In these cases, the netizen isresponsible for making sure what he/she does online is in accordance with legalstandards of conduct.

    Regardless,ExpressVPN does protect their users activities from being known to anyone,including but not limited to the authorities. Even if a court were to subpoenaExpressVPN in an attempt to build a case against someone, there are no logsthat can be used, making the attempt all but futile.

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    Your Ps4 And A VPN: A Match Made In Heaven

    A VPN can help unlock your PS4s full potential. All youve got to do is set it up! It might seem like a tedious task, but we always recommend the Wi-Fi router method! This way, you can make sure all your devices are VPN-protected!

    And now that you know how to set up a VPN on a PS4 why not practice it with Surfshark? Give us a shot, we wont disappoint! Aside from more content, well also make sure youre protected from ad brokers and snoops online.

    Try us out – its risk-free!

    Setup VPN On Ps4 Through Wi

    How to Connect VPN to PS4

    When it comes to setting up a VPN on your PS4, you have three methods available. You can share a VPN connection with your PlayStation through your Windows, Mac, or router. To help you out, we have highlighted the required steps for each below: Routers Setup Guides Available Here.

    Once your router is set up to run a VPN connection all that is required is to turn on your PS4 WiFi to connect to the router.

  • On your XMB menu on PS4, go to Settings and then select Network Settings.
  • Under the Network Settings tab, select Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Now select Use WiFi when prompted.
  • Now, select the connection method as Easy. This way, the PS4 will automatically scan your Wireless connection.
  • Now, accept all settings after a careful inspection and continue for a Test Connection. Youre done!
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    Best VPNs For Ps4/ps5 + How To Set Up Easily

    I wanted to use a VPN to watch geoblocked streaming content and protect my privacy on my PlayStation like Ive been able to do easily on my PC. But I was worried it would be complicated to set up and slow my speeds down while gaming.

    My team and I tested 100+ VPNs to see if they could easily unblock streaming apps and keep you safe on PlayStation without affecting gameplay with slow speeds. There are a handful of VPNs that have great speeds, can bypass geo-restricted streaming content and are easy to configure on a PlayStation console.

    My favorite is ExpressVPN because it has superfast speeds for gaming, strong security features, and was really easy to set up. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try ExpressVPN risk-free.

    How To Use Nordvpn Smart Dns On Ps4/ps5

    NordVPNs recently-added Smart DNS feature is the easiest way to get the VPN working on your PS4 or PS5.

    You dont need to install any VPN software for it. Instead, you simply re-route your connection requests through NordVPNs DNS servers rather than through your ISPs.

    This makes it seem as if youre located in a different country and therefore lets you unblock features that arent available in your location, such as international streaming libraries and censored websites.

    Follow the instructions below to use Smart DNS on your PS4, or skip to the PS5 instructions here.

    To set up NordVPNs Smart DNS on your PS4:

  • Create a NordVPN account: NordVPNs Smart DNS and VPN services start from $3.30 a month.
  • Find your public IP address: Your IP address uniquely identifies your internet connection and is provided by your ISP. Check your IP address here.
  • Give NordVPN your IP address: You need to give NordVPN your IP address so that it can whitelist you to use the Smart DNS service. Do this by selecting activate your IP address for Smart DNS on your account profile. Youll need to use an IPv4 address, as NordVPN doesnt yet support IPv6 addresses.
  • On your PS4, go to Settings: The icon looks like a toolbox.
  • Select Network then Set up internet connection.
  • Choose Custom to customize your connection.
  • Enter the connection details:
  • Choose WiFi or LAN, depending on whether you have a wireless or wired connection.
  • Choose automatic for your IP address.
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