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How To Get American Netflix Using VPN

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How To Get American Netflix In Malaysia

How to Watch American Netflix from Anywhere – Smart DNS Proxy

The American Netflix library has almost 90% more shows and movies as compared to Malaysian Netflix which is unfair as both cost almost the same. We tested 40+ VPNs and found 3 VPNs that work exceptionally well to get American Netflix in Malaysia. Out of them, ExpressVPN is our top recommendation.

6 minutes

Netflix is available almost in every region of the world, making it the best streaming service with the most extensive reach. However, while Malaysian Netflixs library offers various Netflix Originals and international content itself, it still cannot compete with Netflix US that offers 1157 TV shows and 4593 movies.

There are multiple movies and TV shows that are strictly accessible only to the US audience. For example, you cannot watch popular American shows like Dexter, Criminal Minds, Gossip Girl, and The Tudors on Malaysian Netflix.

This guide will show you how to get American Netflix in Malaysia in 5 easy steps.

Does Iphone VPN Work For Netflix

The good news is there are VPNs available on iPhones that work with Netflix.

ExpressVPN or Private Internet Access are the VPNs I use to watch Netflix on my iPhone, and they work flawlessly.

First, they have a significant amount of IP addresses to provide less chance of you having to share an IP with another customer.

Second, they have fast servers all over the world and no data or time caps.

And third, they have measures in place to ensure they can get around Netflixs VPN blocking techniques. On the extremely rare occasion when an IP address provided by ExpressVPN or Private Internet Access gets blocked by Netflix, these VPNs will close that IP address and open a new one. This ensures you can watch Netflix with a VPN on your iPhone reliably anywhere in the world.

Expressvpn: The Overall Best VPN For American Netflix

Headquartered in the British Virgin Islands and established in 2011, ExpressVPN is the preferred choice for many Netflix users. It has a verified no logs policy that even the Turkish authorities could not bypass, audited by two firms PwC and F-Secure!

I remember when Netflix banned VPNs back in 2016, ExpressVPN was the only provider that quickly adapted to the DPI and IP filtering techniques used by the streaming service. You can even get an ExpressVPN free trial for testing the product or avail their 30-day refund policy.

The VPN offers a network of 3000+ servers in 94+ countries, covering 160 locations! ExpressVPN has servers in 13 locations in the US, so youll never find a crowded server while accessing Netflix.

Upon conducting the ExpressVPN speed test, I achieved a and an upload speed of 90.12 Mbps, from which I could easily watch my favorite content with no buffering issues on Netflix.

ExpressVPN offers 5 simultaneous connections, which can be less. However, you can use the dedicated router app to install ExpressVPN on your router without any effort.

The provider also offers a MediaStreamer feature which gives you a magical experience on popular streaming sites. It is the best solution to unblock Netflix on devices that dont support VPN apps, such as gaming consoles, Roku, Chromecast, and more. I configured it on my PS4 in literally 3 minutes.

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Can Multiple Devices Connect To My Netflix From Different Countries

Each Netflix account lets you create up to five profiles, but the number of people who can watch at once is determined by your subscription tier. However, as long as youre not on the Basic plan, your friends and family should be able to watch at the same time as you, on the same account, wherever they are in the world. Its worth mentioning, however, that due to international licensing laws, the TV shows and movies theyll see will be different.

How To Watch American Netflix In Less Than 5 Minutes

Netflix through VPN

Step 1:Go to the ExpressVPN website.

Step 2:Sign up for ExpressVPN. I recommend the 1-year plan as it has a 49% discount with 3 free months.

Step 3:Choose your device from the Product options.

Step 4: the VPN app.

Step 5:Install ExpressVPN and log in with your credentials.

Step 6: on the three dots to open the locations list.

Step 7:Choose a USA server.

Step 8:Connect to the VPN.

Step 9:Open your favorite browser and go to

Step 10:Watch American Netflix with no interruptions!

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

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How To Use A VPN For Netflix

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There are plenty of reasons why you should use a VPN: theyre an important part of protecting yourself online and can help you get past censorship blocks in countries like China. However, one of the biggest reasons why regular people use VPNs is to get past regional restrictions on content, particularly the massive regional libraries of Netflix.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for getting past the Netflix block, though Netflix made an update in 2021 to better detect and block VPNs. We go into details on how to use a VPN with Netflix below, but not before we talk a little more about regional restrictions.

How To Choose Thebest VPN For Netflix

From blazing speeds to industry-leading security, here are several key features you should look out for when choosing the best Netflix VPN:

  • Lightning-fast connectivity. No one likes Netflix buffering! Get a VPN thatâs built for speed and powered by next-generation technology, like ours.

  • Streaming on any network. The right VPN will let you safely access Netflix content from anywhere, even public Wi-Fi. With us, youâll get unlimited bandwidth, too!

  • Keeps your online activity private. A reliable VPN will shield your IP address so you can browse without having your activity logged. This also helps bypass throttling.

  • Live customer support anytime. Netflix isnât working with VPN? A dedicated Support Team will ensure you get all the help you need straightaway.

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Why Is The Us Netflix Library The Best

The US Netflix library is the best because it has the most content and is usually the first library to release new shows. Countries like Canada, Australia, and the UK also have large libraries but arent as extensive as the US. Additionally, plenty of shows are only available in the US and cant be viewed in other nations.

If youre a US Netflix subscriber and find you cant access the library, then you can use a reliable VPN with US servers to unblock the site. This is especially useful when youre traveling or if youre encountering problems with your local server. Another benefit of a VPN is that it can prevent throttling with unlimited bandwidth, which reduces your chances of experiencing lag.

How To Access The VPN

Watch US Netflix shows from anywhere | How to change your Netflix region | 2022

How do you get American Netflix? Here are some steps you should take through the ExpressVPN website.

  • Step one head over to the VPN website in this case, its ExpressVPN.
  • Step two Once on the home page, locate either the top right where it says Get started. Or in the centre where it says Get ExpressVPN, then click on one of them.
  • Step three you should now see three plans that you can choose from. With ExpressVPN, you can get a 30-day money guarantee no matter what plan you pick, so you can always test it out first.
  • Step four Enter your details and set up an account.
  • Step five Download the app for your device. They offer many choices, such as Mac, Windows, Android, Linux etc., So you dont need to worry if your device will support it or not.
  • Step six locate the servers and choose a location in America, refresh your browser, and more American Netflix media will appear.

So to answer your question on how you get American Netflix in the UK, its simple, quick and easy by using ExpressVPN.

Continue reading to find out if theres a free VPN to access American Netflix and its worth over the pre-paid ones.

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Is It Illegal To Use A VPN For Netflix

Generally speaking, it is not illegal to use a VPN for Netflix. The VPN blocks are put in place by Netflix to limit content. In other words, these blocks are not carried out by state governments or municipalities. Therefore getting around these blocks should not be illegal or break any laws where you are located.

With that being said, we encourage you to check your local laws just to be safe, and of course this is not legal advice. VPNs can be a grey area in some places of the world, such as in China, Dubai, and some other countries with restrictive internet regulations. So do your own homework beforehand.

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Head Over To Watch Netflix And Take Advantage Of The New Range Of Series And Films

From this moment on you have complete online freedom to watch Netflix content from anywhere. If you are outside the US, for example, you can connect to a US server and gain access to American Netflix content. You can request the Netflix version of almost any country in this way, so you can watch the best Netflix shows and films whenever you want! Netflix also has a fantastic collection of Christmas movies that you can enjoy. Moreover, you can use it to unblock YouTube videos and watch country-specific streaming services. Thats not all you can also access obscure content using Netflix secret codes!


Notice: an error message may occasionally appear when you watch Netflix with a VPN. These error messages can have the codes M7111-5059, W8106-154, N8106 154 5059, NQM.434, or C7037-1111, indicating that Netflix has identified a proxy or unblocker. If this happens, just select another VPN server in the location of your choice, return to your Netflix account, and everything will work as before! If you need more help with your Netflix issues, including issues watching Netflix, have a look at these fixes for common VPN problems.

Do you have a question on how to watch Netflix with a VPN? Take a look at our FAQ below. Click on a question to see its answer!

How Can I Watch American Netflix For Free


Free VPNs dont have the infrastructure to unblock Netflix and other VoDs.

Streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer have advanced algorithms which are improving day by day to eliminate VPN-generated IP addresses.

Sometimes even the paid VPNs struggle to bypass the cranky algorithms and users end up staring at a Proxy error message on the streaming site.

Some of the American Netflix free VPN services are freemium versions of top-tier providers like Windscribe or ProtonVPN, they might be able to get you what you need with a hit and miss technique but thats not for sure.

So if you want a reliable solution, I suggest you go for one of the 5 best VPNs listed above.

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Best VPN Services For Streaming Netflix

Not every VPN out there is optimized to work with Netflix. Some services have plenty of servers worldwide but dont have the necessary features under the hood to unblock geo-restricted content. This is why weve curated this list of some of the best VPNs for Netflix. Plus, a VPN adds much more value. It can guarantee security from various online threats and privacy from unwanted monitoring. Furthermore, you can even start streaming in places where its typically restricted, such as watching Netflix in China.

My VPN Isn’t Working With Netflix App

We have noticed people on forums and social media discussing how they are unable to access US Netflix with a VPN when using the Netflix app. If a VPN unblocks Netflix, then you should be able to access US Netflix from the mobile app. A simple solution is to close the Netflix app and switch to another US server before rebooting it. If the issue persists, please see our Netflix VPN troubleshooting guide for more information or consider getting in touch with your provider via their support pages.

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Streaming Services Server Locations Around The World

When Netflix started distributing its video content over the Internet, it designed its own content delivery network. Private networks place servers closer to customers, which makes them a better choice for companies pushing massive amounts of content online. Netflix uses eight servers in Johannesburg, South Africa, and four on the Pacific Oceans island of Guam. The American streaming service also relies heavily on IXPs. According to its website, 90 percent of traffic flows through these networks.

How To Watch Korean Netflix On Pc

How to Use Netflix With VPN?? [GUIDE]
  • Purchase a VPN service with software for your desktop OS. I use NordVPN, the best overall VPN
  • Visit the providers website and download the VPN application
  • Install the app, log in, and connect to a South Korean server
  • Visit the Netflix website or app to watch Korean content!
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    Clear Your Web Browsers Cache & History

    Web applications, especially those as complex as Netflix, save cache data on your device to speed up their performance. However, if Netflixs currently stored cache points to your actual location, using a VPN will still produce an error while trying to stream.

    So, the trick is to remove your Web browsers cache. Then, you can fire up NordVPN, connect to a VPN server that works with Netflix, and access the streaming service once again.

    Heres how to remove cache and history in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Safari. If you use some other Web browser, a quick Google search will reveal the instructions for your specific application.

    Keep in mind that you can choose the types of data you want to delete.

    If your Web browser stores usernames and passwords, theres no reason to delete those.

    Instead, you should focus on clearing your browsing history, cookies, and cached files/images.

    How We Selected These VPNs To Stream Korean Netflix

    Besides the obvious things like servers in South Korea, we had to consider a good deal of other criteria when picking our suggestions. Heres a brief overview of what we couldnt overlook.

  • Servers worldwide. An excellent VPN is a versatile and multi-purpose one. This is exemplified by having a diverse selection of servers across the globe. Then youre able to unlock much more content from abroad.
  • Connection speed. Streaming HD video content without issues requires unwavering connectivity. You can be certain buffering issues wont trouble you if a VPN has top-of-the-line tunneling protocols, such as WireGuard. Plus, you can check up-to-date speed results using our VPN speed test.
  • Device compatibility. TV enthusiasts watch their favorite shows on the big screen, not on laptops or mobile phones. Therefore, you need a VPN that supports your particular home entertainment device. At the very least, it should be compatible with routers so you can unblock content on practically any internet-connected gadget.
  • Security features. Using Netflix isnt a security risk, but browsing the rest of the internet is. Youll get the most bang from your VPN if its equipped with extra security features against ads, trackers, and viruses.
  • Privacy practices. If you plan on using your VPN always, you should be certain it isnt excessively logging your data. A service is 100% trustworthy if it is located outside Five Eyes alliance jurisdiction and has an audited no-logs policy.
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    Using Surfshark VPN With Netflix

    Weve found nearly all VPN servers in the supported streaming countries to work with Netflix. Its just a matter of connecting to the server, clearing your browser cache, and then logging in to Netflix. Below I am using a Surfshark server in London to watch UK Netflix:

    At only $2.49 per month with the coupon below, Surfshark is probably one of the cheapest VPNs worth considering for Netflix. All plans come with a 30 day money-back guarantee and 24/7 live chat support.

    Regional Netflix availability: Surfshark officially supports and unblocks ten different Netflix regions: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Sweden, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Turkey, and Taiwan. Surfshark may also work on other Netflix regions.

    + Pros

    ExpressVPN has long been one of the top Netflix VPNs on the market. It simply works when most other VPNs are having problems. In fact, ExpressVPN has built a name for itself with rock-solid reliability in nearly every category, from privacy and security to streaming and unblocking content. This is a premium VPN that just works.

    In the streaming category, ExpressVPN has a lot to offer. It supports a huge number of Netflix libraries, including all of the most popular regions: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, and more. It also works with all of the other popular streaming services, including Hulu, Amazon Prime, DAZN, Disney Plus, ESPN, and many others.

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