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How To Get Cheaper Flights Using VPN

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How Do Airlines And Booking Sites Know Exactly Where Im Located

Get cheaper flights online with a VPN!

They use a combination of tracking techniques to find out your location. The information that gives your location away includes:

  • Your IP address a unique set of numbers assigned by your internet service provider to your device
  • Cookies data collected through your browser, giving details of your internet activity
  • Browser history lets sites know from which location you browse from
  • WiFi permissions travel sites can track your location based on your WiFi connection you can reject permission when the site prompts you for this information
  • GPS if youre using a device with GPS enabled , this is an easy way for sites to find out your location
  • HTML 5 a code specifically generated by the geolocation of your device while you use it

Fortunately, its easy to browse anonymously while disguising this personal information to the booking sites you visit all you need is a super-secure VPN. All of the VPNs Ive listed offer security features that encrypt your internet traffic while masking your IP address and personal information.

How Do Travel And Flight Companies Always Know My Exact Location

Apart from regularly collecting and checking your cookies, airlines and travel companies gather details about your location from your:

  • IP address This is assigned to your router by the Internet Service Provider that handles your online traffic. It also allows your ISP and other third-parties, like websites and the government, to read your devices location in real-time.
  • WiFi permissions Many travel websites automatically ask for this when you first visit them. Its an optional choice, so be sure to reject it. This will prevent the sites from tracking your location using your WiFi connection.
  • GPS-enabled devices Various apps and sites can automatically read where youre connecting from, even without your actual permission.
  • HTML5 code This is a specific geolocation coding that enables a website to find your location when using your personal device.

As many online websites now use a combination of different tracking methods, deleting your cookies may not always work in reducing unreasonably high ticket prices. Always use a combination of different methods alongside it to increase your chances at landing the best deal possible.

How To Save Money With VPN

Did you know that a VPN does more than just keep you safe online? The same technology that cloaks your presence online, can also potentially save you an extra few hundred dollars at the end of the month. Thats a considerable amount if you have bills to pay and hope to have a decent saving with whats left. Were not talking about getting into shady activities by using a VPN. Instead, were talking about how using the technological features of a VPN can help you save money when shopping online.

If youre a thrifty person, you will love what a VPN can do to your spending. Or if youre an avid online shopper, you may find some great bargains by turning the VPN on.

In this article, you will find:

  • Summary
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    Get Better Holiday Deals

    Price discrimination is a common practice in the travel industry. Airlines use different pricing policies for consumers in different countries to increase sales. By using a VPN, you can make a website think youre from another country. Thus, you might come across cheaper holiday deals. You can find some price discrimination examples and money-saving ideas in this post.

    Does VPN Use Roaming

    How to Use a VPN During Flight Booking to Get Better ...

    No, a VPN in itself doesnt use roaming. You wont be charged for roaming when you connect to a VPN server in a different location. Roaming charges depend on your physical location, so a VPN doesnt have an impact on it.

    However, some VPNs can actually help to save roaming data by blocking ads and banners.

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    You Can Find The Best Cheap Flights

    Insanely cheap flights are hard to come across. But a good cheap flight deal is well within your grasp. Figuring out what you consider a great cheap flight deal is important. Are you talking 10% off a $100 fare? Or are you hoping to find 70% off a $500 fare?

    Tempering your expectations means you won’t get frustrated that you’re not finding a bonkers flight discount, but happy to grab a cheap fare when it pops up.

    What do you conclude from this? Check all your options, at all times, and always double-check across the cheap flight ticket comparison sites. Otherwise, you should check out .

    And if you’re checking out flights for a vacation with friends, take a look at some additional tips for having a wonderful trip.

    Be Flexible To Find Cheap Flight Deals

    Flexibility is key to finding a cheap flight deal. If you can travel at any time, you can work your way through the cheapest dates for your destination.

    If you cannot travel at any time , try and remain flexible with your destination. Skyscanner and other flight comparison sites allow you to search for “Everywhere” using the Cheapest Month option. It’ll show you the cheapest locations, in the cheapest month, from your departing location.

    There is always a deal somewhere. It often takes looking at the bigger travel picture to see where it is.

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    Cyberghost: The Best VPN For Booking Flights

    When it comes to using a VPN to find cheap flights, we suggest CyberGhost, for three reasons:

    • They have thousands of servers spread across more than 90 countries. This makes it easy to comparison-shop til you drop using virtually any country combinations.
    • The monthly cost is exceptionally budget-friendly. Why stop at saving on flights? You can save money each month on a VPN service, too.
    • They offer a robust 45-day money back guarantee, one of the most generous in the industry. Take your time finding those cheap flights, then try streaming a whole new Netflix catalog with your VPN. Youll have plenty of time to decide if a VPN is right for you.

    Keep The Cookie Jar Closed

    Find Cheap Flights by Using a VPN | Travel Hacks 2020

    You can follow any of these options:

  • Clear the cookies of your browser each time you visit a travel website,
  • Use a different browser each time you visit the website, or
  • Use private or incognito mode that does not store cookies. When you follow any of these methods, the website will not be able to keep a track of your searches. However, they can still detect you with your IP.
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    Switch Your Ip To A Low Income Country

    Many times, browsing from a lower income country will save you even more money.

    If you dont want to bounce through several different countries to try and find the best discount, its a good idea to start by searching from a lower income country.

    For instance, you can choose to browse from India.

    The price from India is 37,944 rupees, or about $584, the same price as Paris.

    In this case, browsing from India is not going to save you much, but it will save you more than the original price.

    How Big Is The Price Difference

    Theres no exact amount that we can guarantee. Online, you can find people saying they managed to save from $20-30 up to a few hundred dollars on a flight by using a VPN.

    Our own research showed that with a US IP United Airlines had a one-way flight from Chicago to Paris for around $3,600 in the Economy class. With a Romanian IP, the standard Economy price was the same. However, new deals for the Economy class popped up, which were around $3,150. So, thatd be $450 saved.

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    A VPN Hides Your Ip Address

    Using a VPN makes you anonymous on the internet by masking your IP address. When you open a browser and visit a website without using a VPN, your personal IP address is available to the sites you visit. When sites know your IP address, they can track your behavior, identify your location, and even figure out who you are.

    A VPN changes your IP address and lets you appear to be from someplace other than where you are physically located. Since airlines are notorious for tracking and storing data and using this data to calculate ticket prices, you can hide your IP address and keep this information from them by using a VPN anytime youre browsing travel sites for airline tickets.

    Ready To Save Take These Steps

    How to use a VPN to get cheaper flights? 3 best VPNs

    The first thing you will need to do, of course, is choose a Virtual Private Network provider:

    Go to to see some of your choicesjust click on the top menu bar that says Hide IP

    Most VPNs offer a money-back guarantee or a free-trial period, so exploring the world of VPNs is virtually risk-free. More than that, take some time to learn why using a VPN is a good idea for almost all of your online activity, if you want to

    • start exploring online to see if you can save on purchases
    • view content blocked in your region
    • stay protected from identity thieves or eavesdroppers

    A personal VPN account can make it all happenbecause as youve learned, by using a VPN you can move your IP address to any country or city around the world with the click of a button.

    And you wont need to go to a travel agency to do that.

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    Browse Error Fare Alert Websites

    What is an error or mistake fare? Basically, airlines frequently make mistakes when they price out certain routes.

    But if they advertise that price, and you buy a ticket, they have to honor the price even if it was hundreds of dollars cheaper than it should have been. Score!

    Mistake fares dont often last long, because the airline will fix it as soon as they realize their mistake. There are websites out there that track these mistakes, and share them with you when they happen. For example, listing a flight from New York City to Paris for $50 instead of $700.

    If you check these sites regularly, or sign up for their newsletters, you can get lucky and score some huge flight deals that other people may never see!

    How To Set Up A VPN Service


    To change your location and find better flight deals, you need to sign up with a VPN service. Thankfully, yearly VPN services can be quite affordable. Here are some of the recent deals weve found:

    If you just want to try a VPN service without fully committing, you can find out more about Firefoxs free VPN service in this article. All youll need is a Firefox account and browser extension to try out the service while its still in beta mode. Once its live, Firefoxs VPN service will cost $36.95 per year.

    Once you download the VPN service of your choosing, you should be able to change your location easily and resume browsing.

    While changing your VPN location is a great way to save money on flights, remember that the same tricks of securing cheap tickets still apply. Be flexible with your travel plans, and fly off-season to save the most money.

    Need more tips on how to travel for less? We have you covered. Check out our huge list of travel discounts and set a Deal Alert for your favorite travel sites so you can know when a deal hits. And if youre looking for a more immediate discount, check out this popular deal from our Frontpage:

    Search URL: pp=20& sort=newest& rating=frontpage& forumid%5B%5D=9& hideexpired=1& r=1

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    What Causes Changes In Ticket Pricing

    While comparing offers on the internet, you can often see how the prices of flights increase at the same company in a matter of minutes. This is due to a variety of techniques, including tracking your location, to register your searches and inform the flight websites of the destinations in which you are interested. Based on this information, they can decide whether or not to raise prices.

    It Isnt A Gimmick But A Reality

    How to get CHEAPER FLIGHTS with a VPN (the game is rigged!) ð³

    Heres how a user saved $800+ on an airfare: Mike was in Paris, France. Hes going to Phoenix, Arizona on 1st Dec 2017, and on December 5th he planned to go to Perth, Australia . To avoid the hassle of price fluctuation he tried to book the flight in advance. > br> He looked up the most sought website Skyscanner for cheap tickets to Phoenix, Arizona and couldnt find much difference even by changing the versions of the website. The price was more or less the same. While on the French version of the website he was shown the best price for 620 equivalent to US$723. After changing the website version to Canada, he got the best price for C$917 equivalent to US$723. Same as before. Mike, while in France, was booking a ticket in advance for his flight from Arizona to Australia . He opened the French version of the website, Expedia. Next, he searched for flights from Phoenix, Arizona to Perth, Australia , from December 05, 2017 to December 20th, 2017, and found a flight for the 1,738.57 equivalent of US$2027.95. Now, he changed his virtual identity by connecting to PureVPNs server in the US and performed the same search. When he changed the IP address to the US, he was quoted US$1170.06. By merely switching server locations using PureVPN, he found the same flight priced at US$857.89 less than the original search amount. Thats 42% in Savings! All because he booked the flight from the US rather than from Paris.

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    Escape The Airline Algorithms By Hiding Your Ip Address With A VPN

    When you open your browser without using a VPN to book flight tickets, youve already given the airlines the upper hand. They have your IP address, which tells them who you are and where you are located. This is the kind of information every airline loves. Theyll log your IP address information and save it for later, as this boosts their profits. They might also install cookies in your browser, allowing them to track you. More on this in a second.

    If youre like most people hoping to score the lowest fare for a flight, youre not going to buy that plane ticket on your first search. Youre going to wait and run your search a few more times to see if the price has gone down over time. You also might start searching different airline or travel booking sites in search of lower fares. Its human nature to want to save some cash, especially on airline tickets. Unfortunately, since you arent using a VPN to disguise your IP address, the airlines know who and where you are, and theyll use your information against you later on.

    Using A VPN To Get Cheaper Flights

    Good evening to all,

    HAs anybody used a VPN to get cheaper flights ? I’ve read various articles on the web on how using VPN can save you money on flights. – see

    Looking to go to HKG next month with Qatar airways but prices remain high…will use a vpn at the weekend to try and save some bucks…but if anyone has done this, please let me know, always keen to pick up tips.


    Ive read a number of articles claiming the VPN thing to be true and they all have one thing in common: affiliate links to purchase VPN software.

    Take from that what you will.

    And I never clear cookies . And I have waited until a few hours or days later, tried again, and gotten a lesser price. Without changing anything.

    The other thing to know about using a VPN, some online payment systems do not allow check out with a VPN on. We have had several customers with our online business not able to pay for an order using a VPN due to the location, address and post code checking our card payment provider does on all payments. Several airlines use a similar checking system so you might not be able to get a payment through using the VPN. I have tried making payments whilst on a VPN and it doesn’t always work.

    #33 it depends what VPN you are using, if it’s a good one you will have no such issues.

    As a previous poster alluded to, it is becoming to smell like an urban myth…but we shall see…


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    Purchase The Cheapest Flight That You Found

    Now, simply purchase the cheapest flight that you found. Hopefully you were able to find a flight that is between 7 to 10% cheaper than the initial flight when you were logged into your email account.

    Example Screenshots: Here, I looked for cheap flight tickets by using both a USA VPN Server, and a UK Server.

    In this particular example, it would have been cheaper for a person to purchase a ticket by using the UK VPN Server. You would have saved $16.68 per ticket.

    You may have noted that they were not the same return ticket. Why? Because I only selected the cheapest price displayed using each VPN. The algorithm changes based on which IP address you use, so therefore, different plane ticket options are shown. More on that in on of the paragraphs below .

    Booktickets From A Lower Income Country

    How to get Cheaper Flights with a VPN

    The idea is thesame for this one, and so are the results.

    Using a VPN allows you to change your IP address for any other address in the world. This means that you can experiment with different options for booking plane tickets. One of them is to browse from the destination country, another is to pretend to be poorer than you are.

    Changing your IPaddress to a lower income country should trick airline companies and comparisonsites that use dynamic pricing into offering you a price based on demand ratethat is much lower than your countrys. Try India, Afghanistan, Central AfricanRepublic, or Nepal.

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