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How To Get Cheaper Flights With VPN

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Take Advantage Of Student Discounts

Get cheaper flights online with a VPN!

If you are a student , there are many, many discounts available to you. You can usually find prices 20-30% off the standard fare. Travel agencies like Flight Centre can help find you a cheap ticket. Dont overlook them!

Additionally, keep in mind that most student discounts transfer over to airline partners. For example, Delta offers a student discount which means you can use that discount on partner airlines such as KLM and Air France. This will allow you to go much further afield while still saving a ton of money.

If youre not sure which airlines offer discounts, visit their website or call them. Doing a little digging to save 20% will be worth it!

Saving Money On Flights Car Rentals By Using A VPN

Christina Craig

When planning a vacation, one of the worries we often have, is the cost, as saving some money on services and flights that dont compromise our comfort could extend our travels or make them more enjoyable.

Most of us use online portals to book flights or rent cars. Two things to note:

  • A) all of these vacation sites use cookies to track how many times you visit their website
  • B) the prices of the flights/rentals fluctuate periodically, and you never know if you are getting the best deal. This presents a very tricky situation as there are a few parameters that one needs to look out for while booking an airplane ticket or renting a car.

The online booking portals use IP Address and location data while determining the price of your flight tickets or car rentals. Airplane tickets appear cheaper when purchased from a different location because of foreign currency leverages and advantage of points of sale. Thus, the trick of getting the least priced ticket for your airplane or car rentals is to appear as if youre booking from another place where the prices are cheaper. And what better way to use a VPN to make it appear that youre accessing the website from some other place. In this Article, we shall be learning about using VPNs to reduce the prices of your flight booking and car rentals.

How Do Airlines Choose Cheap Flight Tickets

There are several common misconceptions regarding flight prices and how airlines gauge demand. Most ideas center around the idea of tracking. Airline companies track your online movements and ramp up the ticket costs as soon as you visit the site, using cookies to keep tabs on you. Could that be true?

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How To To Save Money On Flights With A VPN

Here are the steps that you need to take to find cheap airline tickets:

  • First, search websites for flight deals without using a VPN
  • Bookmark the pages with the flights you would like to take and write down the prices
  • Turn a VPN on and connect to a VPN server in a country different than yours
  • Open an incognito window in a separate browser
  • Copy the URLs of bookmarked pages or search for the flights as in the first steps
  • Compare prices until you find the best price
  • How Do Prices Of Airplane Tickets And Car Rentals Vary

    How to get cheaper flights by using a VPN

    You may have observed fluctuating prices of the flights while booking. The prices vary almost every time you visit the website. Such online portals use cookies for tracking who is visiting the website, how many times you have visited the website, the number of hours spent on the website, and the flights you have searched.

    If you book a flight ticket from a different place then you will notice a huge dip in the pricing of the tickets. This happens because the place, from where the transaction is being completed, affects the pricing of the ticket. In other words, the point-of-sale affects the prices to very large extent.

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    Clear Your Browsing History

    Even if you do use a VPN, you should always clear your browsing history and your cookies before you start searching. Sometimes, this action alone can help you find better prices. At the very least, it will keep them from rising due to repeated searches.

    As mentioned earlier, comparison sites track your location and browsing history based on the cookies stored in your browser. If you aren’t searching in incognito or private mode, you may find that the website can determine your actual location, even if you’ve connected to a VPN.

    Clear your cookies and browser data to reset those websites. Then connect to your VPN, and search in private mode. You’ll have to close your window and open a new one every time you change countries.

    Can Using A VPN When Booking Flights Really Make Your Tickets Cheaper

    Short answer…yes! See how to save money on cheaper flights using the wonder of a VPN

    Using the best VPN effectively makes you appear to be someone else, in another location. That means not only is it a great way to keep your identity and data secure when online and get around geo-restrictions, but it could also save you money on flights.

    “How can I save money on flights using a VPN?” we hear you ask. It’s because flight comparison sites and airlines appear to be quite devious clever these days. After you check a price then go back to it later you may find it’s gone up. Yup, they’ll put the price up, not because of selling more seats, but to keep your interest and make you think you need to buy right away. A VPN can stop that.

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    Clear Cookies And Go Incognito

    Clearing your cookies often prevents booking sites from tracking you and raising ticket prices accordingly. Cookies are pieces of data stored in your browser based on your internet use. Websites analyze cookies to create a digital profile for you and determine your location this information determines the price youll see for a flight.

    It isnt difficult to clear your cookies and only takes a few seconds. I use Chrome as my browser and found the option under Chrome > Clear browsing data, which pulled up the option for me to clear browsing history and cookies/data .

    I recommend clearing your cookies often, especially when revisiting a booking site multiple times

    You may have noticed that the more you revisit a site to look at a ticket, the higher the fare becomes. This is because travel sites use your browsers history feature to analyze your online habits and see which flights youre interested in. Raising prices creates a sense of urgency and pressures you to book immediately before fares go up even higher. Even a simple page refresh can cause the price to increase!

    To avoid fluctuating rates, I advise browsing in Incognito mode , or Private mode . Using Incognito mode allows you to browse sites without them analyzing your previous internet use. This offers a degree of privacy, however, it wont fully hide your geo-location or private data. For this reason, .

    Keep your browser history fresh by going Incognito and regularly clearing your cookies

    Plan Your Trips Ahead

    How to get CHEAPER FLIGHTS with a VPN (the game is rigged!) ð³

    Planning your trips ahead is a good tactic to employ even though it has nothing to do with using a VPN.

    If youre an avid traveler, you probably know that you can save a good amount of money if you pick an optimal time to book your flight.

    For instance, according to, the best time to purchase flight tickets is on Tuesday at 3 pm eastern time.

    And for U.S. domestic travel, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are typically the cheapest days to fly.

    What is more, you can also avoid overpaying if you fly during off-peak hours.

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    Do Airlines Use Cookies To Increase Prices

    The idea that airlines and flight comparison sites use cookies and third-party trackers to gauge interest-specific routes isn’t new. Understandably, no airline has ever confirmed that this practice is real. Similarly, no price comparison site will confirm that they actively gouge their customers—it would be a savage act of terrible PR.

    The world’s most popular flight comparison site, Skyscanner, maintains a document stating the opposite. The Skyscanner statement comprehensively denies that they use cookies to refine flight prices. Other sources corroborate the flight comparison sites.

    “If the airlines were to raise prices because of browser cookies , there would be air travel whistle-blowers and senators running to microphones for legislation to prevent it,” says FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney. “What people see when they shop multiple times, and prices are changing is a reflection of inventory changes, data caching techniques and the fact that prices generally get more expensive closer to the departure date, even within a day.”

    Airfarewatchdog flight analyst Ricky Radka also confirms that “What happens to make people think the airlines are tracking the search, is that the closer it gets to the departure date, the more people look—which is when airfare will increase.”

    It doesn’t always feel like that, though. Prices appear to change within minutes, much to the chagrin of consumers on the hunt for insanely cheap flights.

    Hotels Change Their Prices According To Your Location

    Much like airlines, hotels offer different prices depending on where you’re located. Even comparison sites will track your location, which they then use to tailor the prices they show you.

    For example, if you book a hotel in London from America, the prices are going to be more expensive than if you book them from Africa.

    There are two different approaches to the prices a customer sees. In some cases, searching from a lower income country will help you get the best deals. In other cases, hotels and other travel countries want to cater to locals first. Therefore, if you search from a foreign country, you may see prices that are significantly higher than if you were searching from within the same country.

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    Change Your Ip Address To One Located In The Airlines Country

    Changing your IP to the country the airline originates from can also help you get lower prices.

    For instance, if you notice a cheap flight on American Airlines, change your VPN server to the United States. If you see a cheap flight through Turkish Airlines, change your service to Turkey and see if the price changes at all.

    Find A Country With A Discount

    How To Get Cheap Flight Tickets Using a VPN 2021 ...

    Sometimes, hotels will offer discounts to people in specific locations.

    We found a discount by connecting to a server in America.

    With our IP address set in Washington D.C., we found an extra 17% discount for the same hotel and the same dates.

    So, instead of paying almost $800 a night, you would only pay $487. Thats a discount of over $300 per night! Over $2,100 of savings in total.

    Though browsing from London bought us the highest price, there are other cases where hotels offer the best deals to locals. If you can, it’s a good idea to check prices from your home country and your destination.

    With discounts like these, staying in a luxury five-star hotel in the middle of London just got more affordable.

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    What Can You Buy Cheaper With A VPN

    A VPN is a great way to save money. Of course, you wont get a discount just for connecting to a VPN in grocery stores or restaurants, but you can save on several things online:

    • Flights
    • Items with one-time seasonal discounts
    • Cinema or other tickets that are subject to age discounts
    • Products whose price varies depending on when you visit the website.

    In some cases, its as easy as turning your VPN on, in others, you might have to try a little harder. No matter the case, I will gladly explain what you need to do.

    Is It Illegal To Use A VPN For Finding Cheap Flights

    Nope, its perfectly legal! Airlines and booking sites boost their profits by basing the price you see for a ticket on your location and its economic situation. When you use a VPN, youre essentially opting for a more secure, anonymous browsing ability, which offers benefits when you shop for flights.

    Although it is legal for you to browse travel sites with a VPN, the security features of it are just as essential they are what allow you to get the best deals. My list of recommended VPNs all offer military-grade encryption and DNS/IP leak protection to keep your location and personal information anonymous as you shop for flights.

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    Is It Legal To Use A VPN To Get Cheap Flights

    It is.

    Using a VPN to get cheaper flights is an absolutely legal practice.

    First of all, there are no international or domestic laws that could prohibit you from doing so.

    Secondly, when contacting customer support, websites like Expedia and Kayak also confirm that you can freely utilize a VPN to book cheap flights.

    Finally, if you think of online price discrimination, it all itself looks illegal or at least very unfair that airlines charge their customers different prices just because they live in different countries.

    Thus, you can use a VPN to your advantage anytime you want to save an extra penny.

    Have a good flight!

    Popular Flight Comparison Sites

    Book Cheaper Flights! Simple Hack to Save Money – Book a Flight with a VPN

    There are hundreds of flight comparison sites online, so dont just stick to one site if you are on a hunt for cheap flights. Here is a list of some of my top recommendations:

  • Thrifty Nomads
  • CheapOair
  • You will find different flight fares on these comparison sites. To get the best deal, you can use Cheap Flight Finder to compare the fares on these sites. You simply have to add travel details and it will present you with comparison sites and the cheapest flight available.

    For example, the flight from London to Seoul costs around £400 on Vayama, and the same flight is available on for £419 . This way you save £19 by opting for the cheapest flight.

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    How Does A Website Know My Location

    Websites visited by you determine your location using your unique IP address. You location information and data are located within your IP address. This enables travel sites to show you your region specific contents. The IP address enables websites to collect information about the location of the users and what they are doing.

    Avoid Customer Profiling With A VPN

    Airlines are experts at customer profiling and using this information to their benefit. This means one person might see one price while a different person doing the same search at the same time might see a different price.

    An airline relies on many things when determining what ticket prices to offer you, even down to the type of device youre using. Logging in from an affluent location or with the newest iPhone? Your flight might just get more expensive. When you use a VPN to cloak your IP address, you fight back against this airline strategy.

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    Save Money On Your Net Flight Ticket With A VPN

    Looking to save a little money on your holiday? Well, you can get cheap flight tickets by connecting to a VPN in another country. Since flight ticket prices are constantly fluctuating and local demand can influence price rises, theres no single country to choose here. Instead, shop around using your VPN try connecting to different servers before booking your flights. Often, picking a lower-income country results in better prices. From testing different VPN locations, we were able to get a discount in most cases. Some of the results weve found are listed below. While these discounts are fairly small, it all adds up, and weve seen others that save as much as $40-50!


    People have seen success by going through the steps below:

  • Go to Skyscanner and input the details for your upcoming trip. Check which flight is best-suited to you and make a note of the price in your local currency.
  • Close your browser and connect to a VPN server in another country.
  • Go back to Skyscanner and input the same flight details, then click search.
  • Compare flight prices for the same flight you were looking at before.
  • Once you find a discount, congratulations youve managed to save money on your flight tickets with a VPN!
  • Log Out And Clear Your Cache And Cookies

    Save $$$ on flights with a VPN. Whether you are traveling ...

    Airline websites are smart, and accessing them from a VPN is not enough to find those cheap flights you are looking for.

    Before you start, you need to log out of everything and clear your cache and cookies so that all the information about you will be removed, and the website cant see what you have been browsing before.

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    What Is A VPN

    A VPN or a virtual private network is a technology that allows for secure and private data transmission between your device and the Internet.

    People use VPNs to bypass Internet censorship, change their IP addresses, hide digital identity as well as protect delicate data from hackers and prying eyes.

    Also, VPNs can be used for a variety of other purposes.

    For example, you can use a VPN to get cheaper plane tickets.

    Book Your Flight With A VPN

    If youre looking to download a VPN to save money on flights, we have an easy step-by-step guide just for you:

  • Select the VPN provider you wish to download.
  • Install the VPN you selected onto your device.
  • Open your VPN software and connect your server to a country that will provide you with cheaper airfares, like the ones we suggested. Generally speaking, we recommend connecting to a low-income country to book more affordable flights.
  • After youre connected, clear your cookies and browse for flights. You can also browse in incognito mode if you do not wish to remove your cookies.
  • Open your browser and let the search for cheap flights begin!
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