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How To Get China VPN

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Unblock Youku From Outside The China

How to Use Facebook and YouTube in China | Get a VPN for China

Fortunately, you can access to your favorite video streaming site Youku outside China. However, you will not be able to play the video due to region blocking issue. You will need to avail a Chinese VPN in order to enjoy uninterrupted streaming of Youku hassle-free. You can consider a Chinese VPN for Ruku of your choice from the above list.

Here is how you can unblock Youku from outside the China:

  • After subscribing, download the China VPN app
  • Now connect to your desired VPN server such as Beijing or Shanghai
  • Clear the cache from the browser then visit Youku
  • Enjoy watching videos of all your favorite movies, TV shows, and much more

Best China VPN Services In 2022

The Chinese netizens have to sacrifice a lot because the local government does not allow them to enjoy Freedom of Expression practically. Thus, they are unable to enjoy their preferred content on a regular basis.

Furthermore, they have to anticipate the Chinese VPN crackdown issue that happens quite often. Interestingly, there are VPN services with Chinese IP addresses that still work in China to another level. Here is the list of seven best Chinese VPN services in 2017:.

Who We Are Why You Can Trust Our VPN Recommendations

VPNDada is a VPN review and testing service to help internet users in China bypass online sponsorship and blocking. We test, monitor and recommend VPN services to be used in China.

Our team is based in Mainland China and our VPN recommendations are based on real VPN China testing .

We have been mentioned by newspaper and media including The New York Times, South China Morning Post and Business Insider etc.

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Can I Use Tor Or A Proxy Instead Of A VPN

Yes, Tor and Proxy are software can serve the same purpose as VPN. Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network.

The Onion Router or Tor has the following disadvantages compared to VPN:

  • Takes time to load the homepage.
  • It blocks some web services.
  • This IP blocker software reduces bandwidth speed.

Proxy services have one good advantage over VPNs. They offer good speed to surf the Internet.

However, Proxy services have the following drawbacks:

  • It does not have security features
  • A proxy does not encrypt your data.
  • It has no interface.

These drawbacks show that proxies are not secure and hard to use. However, if privacy is not a concern for you, then they can increase your connection speed. You can find numerous proxies, but it is important that you choose the right one. It is preferable that you invest in a cheap and fast VPN that gives you privacy and protection with great speed.

Can A VPN Unblock Websites In China

VPN into China

Yes, a VPN is the best way to unblock websites in China and access the content you want.

When you connect to a VPN that uses a good obfuscation method, you can easily get around any blocks or restrictions. Here is how that works, with a diagram from VyprVPN:

Here are some of the sites in China that are currently blocked, but will be accessible with a VPN:

  • All Google websites
  • Yahoo! Taiwan and Hong Kong
  • Mobile Wikipedia

For more, see Wikipedias article on websites blocked in mainland China.

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Are VPNs Hard To Use

The best VPNs are very easy to use therefore, you just need to download, install, and launch the appropriate app for your device.

The VPN services have a user-friendly interface that can be easily used by the beginner. The VPN software offers quick connect button to instantly connect to a nearby server in the location of your choice.

Does Private Internet Access VPN Work In China

Most people have used a VPN service, often at work, but not everyone really knows what a VPN is and why it is useful for internet access in China. So let me try to explain. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and essentially extends a secure private network to a public network such as the Internet.

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How To Install Free VPN For Pc

  • Go to the CyberGhost website.
  • Go to VPN apps > Windows VPN.
  • Make sure you are signed in and select Download App.
  • The .exe file will load, run it.
  • When prompted, select Yes to allow Cyberghost to make changes to this computer’s hard drive.
  • Read the terms and conditions and click “Accept” if you agree.
  • Select Install.

How To Use Expressvpn In China

Best VPN for China: Can You Get Around the Great Firewall in 2020?

To use ExpressVPN in China, just follow these steps:

  • Go to the ExpressVPN website and sign up for a subscription.
  • Log in to your account and download the software for the devices you want to use with the VPN.
  • Open the ExpressVPN app, then enter the activation code .
  • Now connect to one of the servers designated for China users and then use the internet as normal.
  • Enjoy using ExpressVPN in China and unblocking all online content.
  • + Pros

    Check out our ExpressVPN review for more test results and information.

    Alright, now that weve covered the best VPN services for China above, lets examine some common issues and frequently asked questions .

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    Consider Having A Backup VPN

    Most of the VPNs discussed above are reliable. However, the Chinese government is not. The Chinese government is notorious for censorship, especially with the government in power at the moment. The crackdown on VPNs has escalated in recent years. VPNs are being targeted and taken down regularly. Some providers routinely suspend providing services for a while before coming back up. In the case where your provider is either targeted or goes offline of its own accord, you will need to have an alternative. If you are going to spend a lot of time in China or live there, you need to have a backup free VPN.

    Download An Apk VPN File

    If for some reason my first tip doesnt work, this is another option you can try but youll need an Android device. To download the APK file to your Android, sideload it by downloading it to your computer first. You can find the APK file on NordVPNs mirror site or by typing in the file link to your address bar .

    6 Simple Steps to Sideload the NordVPN App

  • Go into your devices settings and select Apps & notifications.
  • Depending on your Android device, either or the three dots in the top-right corner
  • Click on Special app accessand selectInstall unknown apps.
  • Type this APK file link into your address bar
  • Switch on Allow from this source to sideload the APK file to your Android device.
  • Open the file and install NordVPN.
  • You should be able to download the APK file without using a VPN, but if you have trouble you can ask a friend to download the APK file and send it to you by email. For this step, I simply connected my Android device to my computer by USB cable. I then transferred the APK file from my email to my devices Downloads folder and installed it from there.

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    What Is The Best VPN App For Pc

    Best VPN apps for Windows Express VPN PC. Start the list of VPN services and tools for PC with this software as it is widely used all over the world. Surf shark. Compared to VPN Express, this is a much cheaper option, although you will notice little difference in performance. North VPN. IPVanish. CyberGhost VPN. Shielding against hot spots. Private internet access.

    Where To Download Chrome

    China VPN use may finally be getting easier

    Open Chrome and click the Chrome menu button to open the menu. Click Downloads or press CtrlJ to see the latest downloads. Click the downloaded file you want to open or enter a keyword in the Search for downloads box to find the desired download.

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    Man Punished For Using A VPN To Scale Chinas Great

    Unauthorised VPNs are illegal in China, but authorities said the mans main crime was accessing pornographyPolice said the man used software.

    At the time of the enactment of Chinas new cybersecurity law in 2017, the country initiated a several-month period aimed at increasing controls and restrictions on Internet use. During these months, many media outlets published contradictory news stories on the possibility of VPNs being blocked completely in China in 2018.

    Although Iraqs online censorship is less repressive than, for example, Chinas, VPN use is illegal. The Iraq authorities banned the use of VPN in a bid to curb ISISs online menace.

    You need to contact a local attorney in order to verify the legality of VPNs in a particular country. VPNs are legal, generally. It depends largely on the country youre physically sitting in while using a VPN. But even then, their laws and restrictions are often.

    VPN Into China Get A VPN China Ip To Access China Website

    Most people use VPN inside China to visit blocked websites outside of the country, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, a few people who live away from China may want to use a VPN into China, or access china video sites such as unblock Youku , Toudou , QQ Video, iQiYi (or other websites. We have tested some VPN with China servers and recommend some VPN into China. They can help you get back behind the Great Firewall and access free content only available to mainland residents.

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    How Do I Add VPN To My Computer

    Connecting to VPN in Windows 8 Tap Windows on your keyboard and search for VPN. Click Settings in the right pane and Configure Virtual Private Network in the left pane. In the Create VPN Connection window, enter your VPN’s Internet address and a descriptive name.

    Free vpn browser ]What is the best browser for VPN? Windscribe is another good VPN option with an affordable browser extension. In addition to the regular proxy service you’d expect from a VPN, the Windscribes browser extension also blocks ads, trackers, and social widgets, monitors and clears cookies, changes your time zone, and changes your agent’s username.How to enable free VPN on Opera browser?Activate the free VPN built

    The Great Firewall Of China

    How To Access Google In China? Best VPN For China!

    For many years, China has imposed restrictions on its internet usage, making social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, and many search engines, like Google, inaccessible.

    easy to find and install a VPN

    Considering the only way to access your Facebook, Netflix, or Gmail accounts while in China requires a VPN service, its necessary that you plan ahead whenever possible.

    Yet if youve already arrived and need access, you can still get online but youll have to do a little extra work .

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    Best Free VPNs For China Updated January 2022

    • Unlimited bandwidth for endless browsing, streaming, and torrenting
    • 3000+ global servers in 94+ countries to access your favorite content from China
    • Never stores data so records cant be shared with local authorities
    • Unblock restricted sites on up to 5 devices at the same time
    • 24/7 live chat and email support to help as soon as possible

    Although ExpressVPN is a premium VPN, you canuse it for free for 30 days using its money-back guarantee perfect for short-term travel. During my 2-week trip to China, I felt assured knowing I had ExpressVPNs military-grade security to protect me and geo-unblocking abilities to access all the foreign sites I needed. ExpressVPN also offers unlimited data so you can browse, stream, and torrent as much as you want.

    You can connect and load web pages in a few seconds with ExpressVPNs 30+ servers in the Asia Pacific. It has the most regional servers on this list that allows you to avoid overcrowding and slow speeds that youd experience with other free VPNs. I had the fastest speeds while testing ExpressVPNs servers in Hong Kong, which were closest to China. I never had to wait more than 5 seconds for Google, Instagram, or Facebook to load. I could also watch YouTube videos with no buffering.

    You can connect ExpressVPN on up to 5 devices at the same time. Its one of the most secure VPNs for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. It only takes a few minutes to set up the app, then you can easily access global content in China.

    Key Features:

    Best VPNs For China 3 Are Free

    Covid-19 Update: Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the Chinese government has been implementing even more online restrictions than usual. Its especially hard to access blocked websites right now, but its not impossible. ExpressVPN can bypass the Great Firewall as of January 2022 and you can buy it risk-free.If youre traveling to China, you might think any VPN will let you access the internet. But the countrys strict censorship system makes many VPNs useless and even dangerous. If you use an ordinary VPN in China, not only will you have trouble connecting, but you may put your own privacy at risk.

    The viability of a VPN also depends on where youre located. Thats why we have a team of testers in different locations throughout China who regularly test each service and report back to us.

    According to them, the best VPN for China is ExpressVPN, thanks to its super-fast speeds, world-class security features, and ability to bypass the Chinese governments anti-VPN measures. Even though non-government approved VPNs are illegal in China, there have been no cases of tourists being penalized by the Chinese government.

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    Why Do I Need A VPN In China

    If youre traveling to China, a VPN isnt a luxury, its a necessity. Locals and visitors use them to pierce holes through the Great Firewall to access the censored services and media. Without one, youre stuck on the wrong side of the wall. If youre heavily relying on services like Messenger or Gmail, you wont even be able to get in touch with your family or work. Its not all bad news, a VPN can solve all of these problems.

    With a VPN, your connection is encrypted, making it obscure for government-owned Internet Service Providers . Sometimes, additional obfuscation protocols are added to send the additional data packets to trick the Great Firewall that youre not actually using a VPN. All of this allows you to unblock pages that would remain closed to you. Just make sure to set it up before going into the country.

    Faq About Using VPN In China:

    How to get a VPN into China in 2020? (with China server ...

    What is a VPN?

    VPNs allow users to securely access a private network. People use VPN for different reasons: online security, online privacy or to bypass Internet content blocking.

    Why Do People Use VPN in China?

    The main reason for using VPN in China is to bypass Internet blocking. Many international websites or services, such as Google, Google Docs, Twitter, , , WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, , Netflix, etc. are blocked in China. VPN can be used to bypass blocking and access those websites or services in China.

    What Are the Best VPNs for China?

    Sadly, most VPNs have been blocked in China and dont work well here. Based on our most recent VPN testing done in China, the following VPNs still work well in China: ExpressVPN , NordVPN, SurfShark VPN, PureVPN and VyprVPN etc.

    Which Websites Are Blocked in China?How to Bypass the Great Firewall of China?

    When you use the Internet in China, the traffic is subject to the censorship by the so-called Great Firewall of China . You can bypass the Great Firewall of China in a few ways, for example, using a proxy, using a VPN etc.

    How to Get a VPN That Works Well in China?How to Use VPN in China?

    After signing up for a VPN service, you will receive instruction on downloading VPN software or manual setting up VPN on your PC , laptop or mobile devices. Most VPN services work on different operation systems, such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android etc. VPN can be turned on or off as you wish.

    Are Paid VPNs Better than Free VPNs in China?

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    What Are Good VPN That Works Well In Windows 10

    • ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN performs well on almost all metrics.
    • North VPN. NordVPN is a slightly cheaper option than ExpressVPN.
    • cyber ghost. CyberGhost is an affordable VPN option for Windows 10 from anywhere in the world.
    • Private VPN. PrivateVPN isn’t as well known as the previous providers, but it’s still worth a try.

    Best vpn for chromeWhat is the best proxy/VPN to use on Chrome?Surf shark. Surfshark is the latest addition to the security industry, but it comes as a big surprise.ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN extensions for Chrome, but it is very popular.North VPN. NordVPN tops the list of the best VPN extensions for Chrome for a reason.SaferVPN.PIA.CyberGhost.Ivacy.TunnelBear.Zenmate.StrongVPN.How do I s

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