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How To Get Netflix VPN Free

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Zenmate Free VPN With Unlimited Data

How To Watch the American NETFLIX – FREE VPN

If you are looking for a free VPN Netflix cannot detect, Zenmate is the perfect choice for you. Even though there is no free version for the app, it offers a free version for Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. It can unblock US Netflix instantly, but we were also able to unblock Netflix libraries of Germany, Singapore, and Romania.

It supports all OS platforms but offers apps for Android, Mac, and Windows. With servers operating in 35 countries, it also works with other streaming sites. Another impressive feature of Zenmate is the list of specified servers for torrenting.

  • Unblock major libraries, including American Netflix
  • Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox compatible
  • A maximum speed of 2 Mbps
  • Four server location

Speed Test

The standard interest speed is 100 Mbps. After connecting to the server of Zenmate, the was 88.05 Mbps, and the upload speed was 84.15 Mbps. As the internet speed is not affected, it indicates that you can enjoy Netflix without any interruption.


As Zenmate was able to unblock major Netflix libraries with instant server connections, it is rated high.

How To Access Netflix Via Nordvpn For Android And Ios

Accessing Netflix via the NordVPN apps for Android and iOS users is also simple and easy.

Step 1: Open the app and navigate over to the US using the Map. Alternatively, you can pull up the server menu and search for the United States.

Tap on a server to connect. If you are connecting through a VPN service on an Android phone for the first time, the app will ask you to confirm the connection request.

Step 2: Once confirmed, open Netflix and search for the title which you want to binge. That’s all.

Did You Know: You can use a PIN pin to lock your Netflix profile.

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Best VPN To Get American Netflix In Canada

There are many VPN services out there for a user to consider, but only a few handpicked best choices for unblocking US Netflix will be discussed here. Each VPN service offers a different set of features that will benefit some users better than others, so it is all about finding something that works for you.

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Netflix VPN Use On TV Platforms

With the advent of new TV features that can be compared to powerful computers, more and more people want to watch their favorite TV shows and movies on their TV, without connecting to a computer or sharing from their smartphone.

How to do it?

Use Smart DNS. This advanced technology allows you to unblock Netflix and any other video or radio streaming service without installing a VPN app.

I have already described the process of configuring VPN settings on your Smart TV. In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide and a description of all the details.

In addition, more and more people are buying Android TVs, Apple TVs and other TV platforms that offer rich options for installing third-party applications through the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore and Huawei AppGallery. There are fully functional VPN apps you can install.

Find out more about the services these applications offer, and about the Smart DNS settings, on the pages of your chosen VPN provider.

Check The Nordvpn Netflix Server Speed

Best VPNs for Netflix Streaming Outside Your Country ...

One common problem, especially if you are connecting from a distant location, could be the server speed.

Netflix might not be loading the content because it keeps buffering, not because your IP address is blocked.

Although NordVPN has some of the best server speed in the industry, and you only need around 5Mbps for decent HD streaming, its best to check all alternatives, including this one.

Use online tools to measure the speed, and try connecting to other servers to see if thats the problem.

NordVPN has over 1,000 servers in the U.S., so if you want the full Netflix library, chances are you are going to find a working server.

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How To Change Netflix Region On Android

Want to watch geo-blocked movies on your phone? Heres how you change the Netflix region on Android:

  • Open the Google Play Store and install the VPN application of your choice
  • Log into your new VPN account
  • Choose the country you want to connect to
  • Open your Netflix app – it should show the content of your preferred country
  • What Is The Best Netflix VPN

    Topping the lot at the moment is ExpressVPN as the overall best Netflix VPN. Naturally, it unblocked Netflix in different regions every time of asking during our testing and ExpressVPN makes things so easy to do so .

    It’s fast, secure and is available on pretty much every device you can imagine. So use it on your laptop, mobile, smart TV, PlayStation, Xbox or any one of a range of TV streaming devices. One sub allows simultaneous connections on five devices, too, so you can even let friends and family members use it for their global Netflix-streaming needs as well.

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    Check Your Browser Proxy Configuration

    The problem could be an outdated configuration, so what you need to do is to configure the browser properly.

    Mozilla uses default system-wide proxy settings, while for Chrome users the process goes like this:

    • Open Chromes Menu in the top right corner.
    • Open Settings Show Advanced Settings.
    • Check the Use a proxy server for your LAN box.

    How Does A VPN Improve My Streaming Speed

    Is there a FREE VPN for Netflix?? Find out 2 VPNs that STILL WORK

    A VPN can hide your online identity from internet services providers that deliberately slows your internet speed if you are using a lot of bandwidth. Also, a VPN uses a split-tunneling feature to control your internet traffic that enhances streaming and on your device. In this way, you can enjoy buffer-free streaming whenever your device is connected to a VPN.

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    Servers With Ip Addresses That Get Around The Netflix VPN Ban

    ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers, which isnt the most extensive compared to top competitors like NordVPN. However, it has the best geographical server spread. Plus, no other VPN has quite as many servers around the globe that can get into the streaming site while also maintaining fantastic speeds .

    The only real downside to ExpressVPN is its price, which is quite a bit steeper than the competition. It costs a little more than double its closest competitor, NordVPN, which claims the second position in this ranking.

    ExpressVPN is pretty much impossible to beat as a package that is, if you have a hundred bucks per year to spend on a VPN. Its secure and easy to use, has an extensive server network and friendly live chat, and is the fastest VPN as well. You can try out ExpressVPN risk-free before deciding, thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee.

    ExpressVPN Plans


    • Speeds are a little inconsistent across locations

    When it comes to Netflix, NordVPN is reliable , though not quite as reliably fast as ExpressVPN. The new NordLynx protocol seems to have improved NordVPNs ability to beat the Netflix geoblocking, and youll rarely have to switch servers to get into your favorite Netflix library.

    Free VPNs You Should Avoid

    The following free VPNs are proven to be dangerous to use. They can share your data with third parties or include malware and viruses.

    • Hola: Hola is not a VPN but a P2P network. This means that others use your computers IP address. It could get you in trouble since their activities will be traced back to you.
    • Betternet: Installs Malware onto your device.
    • TouchVPN: Logs your browsing activity and shares it with third parties to create targeted ads.
    • PureVPN: Claims to have a zero-logs policy but actually keeps logs and sells your data to advertisers.

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    How To Access Netflix Via Nordvpn For Windows

    Step 1: Log in to Netflix on your browser. I have often found that if I log in to Netflix after I connect the VPN, it throws an error. Hence, the best bet is to log-in to Netflix beforehand.

    Step 2: Once done, open the NordVPN app and choose a US server from the menu. Click on the three-dot menu to select the region and the server. By default, NordVPN connects you to the fastest server in the region. However, if you want to connect to a region-specific server, you have to pick one from the list.

    Alternatively, you can directly search for ‘United States’ and all the region-specific servers will show up on the left menu.

    From there, you have to click on a server to connect.

    Step 3: Once the connection establishes, head back to your browser and refresh the page, and you should be able to see the US-based titles.

    Even if you find the usual home page, all you need to do is search for the movie title which you want to watch, and the odds are that you will find it there.

    Try switching to a different server if playback of some titles throws a glitch.

    Guiding Tech Exclusive: and get an exclusive 70% discount on a 3-year NordVPN plan.

    How To Use Netflix With A Free VPN

    How to watch US Netflix with a VPN

    The video tutorial below shows you how easy it is to watch Netflix with a VPN:

    Likewise, getting a free VPN or a VPN free trial to use with Netflix is simple.

    Follow the steps below to use a VPN for free and unblock geo-restricted Netflix content.

    How to use a completely free VPN to unblock Netflix:

  • and install the app.
  • Verify your email address and tweet an ad for Windscribe. This gets you a total of 15GB of free data per month.
  • Connect to a server located in your chosen Netflix region.
  • Visit the Netflix website or launch the app.
  • Start streaming: you now have access to previously geo-blocked videos. Change server country to access other Netflix regions.
  • How to get a VPN free trial to stream Netflix:

  • Sign up to premium VPN that has a no-questions-asked refund policy .
  • Connect to a server located in your chosen Netflix region.
  • Go to the Netflix website or open the app.
  • Start streaming: you can now access new video content. To change the Netflix library, select a different server country
  • Request a refund from the VPN service before the end of the 30 days or you wont be refunded.
  • EXPERT TIP:By maximizing the VPNs risk-free money-back guarantee, you can use ExpressVPN virtually free for 30 days and access up to 19 Netflix regions.

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    Expressvpn Overall Best VPN For Netflix Japan

    Key Features:

    • Simultaneous device connection: 5
    • Compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Browsers, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Smart TVs, PlayStations.

    ExpressVPN is the overall Best VPN for Japanese Netflix and for good reasons. If you want to watch Japanese Netflix from outside Japan, then ExpressVPN is a great choice. It features around 5 servers in Japan and is the fastest VPN in the industry. With these 5 servers, you can expect fast speed and bufferless Netflix streaming. ExpressVPN also features excellent unblocking capabilities that can unblock Japanese Netflix and other popular streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and many more.

    ExpressVPN also offers super-fast speeds so you can stream Netflix in HD quality. It also comes with top-notch security features and protocols, including AES 256-bit encryption, split tunneling, and so much more. ExpressVPN even offers a kill switch. Needless to say, with ExpressVPN, you can access Japanese content from anywhere in the world.

    You can get all these features at $6.67/mo and connect 5 devices with a single account. It also features 30-day money-back guarantee. To learn more about this VPN, read our ExpressVPN Netflix review.

    To access Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video with ExpressVPN, check out these guides:

    • Simultaneous device connection: unlimited
    • Compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Browsers.

    To access Disney+ and BBC iPlayer with Surfshark, check out these guides:

    Final Thoughts: VPN That Unblocks Netflix

    There you have it: the skinny on the Netflix VPN ban and how to get around it to access titles. ExpressVPN is the ticket for anybody looking to thumb their nose at copyright restrictions, though plenty of other VPNs will do the deed as well.

    Do you have any tips on how to watch Netflix in other countries? Or maybe some questions we havent answered? Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thank you for reading.

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    What Are The Limitations Of A Free VPN

    Even though you can watch Netflix with a free VPN, they do have limitations. The most common one is limited data. Youll get 10GB/month at best, so binge-watching is not an option. Whats more, free VPNs offer slower speeds that sometimes are capped by the provider. This means that you can forget streaming in 4K and sometimes even in HD.

    Finally, not all free VPNs have a reliable connection. Therefore, you may experience long loading times or your show freezing at the most interesting part.

    Is That All I Can Do

    The Free VPN that works on Netflix on Windows!

    When trying to stream Netflix via VPN, there are a few things you can do to help make a connection. Most important is to be persistent. There were several instances during this testing where Netflix started working only on the final attempt.

    Also, be aware of the tools at your disposal. Try multiple servers, and protocol settings. Try different times of day. While the vast majority of my testing was very consistent, some services took several attempts. VPN companies know their subscribers probably want to stream content. There may be servers specifically for streaming, or settings that can be helpful. Look through the VPN’s documentation and see what the company recommends.

    Many VPN services will sell you a static IP address. This means that instead of having your IP address changed to whatever IP address has been assigned to the VPN server, you’ll have the same IP address every time you switch on your VPN. The downside is that you’ll lose some anonymity. The static address is yours and only yours. Savvy observers will have an easier time correlating online activities to you directly. But Netflix and other services may not block static IP addresses. These can be pricey, so it’s a bit of a risk if you only are concerned about streaming online content. This risk is only magnified with the recent reports of a Netflix crackdown, which included the residential IP addresses often sold by VPN companies.

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    Can You Use A Free VPN For Netflix

    While there are paid and free versions of VPN services, they all work in much the same manner. You create a user account and choose a server location from which to connect. It is that simple.

    So, lets say you live in Austria and want to access the Netflix catalog for the United States. All you have to do is choose a US-based server from your VPN list of servers and connect to the streaming service. As far as Netflix is concerned, you will be connecting from a US IP and thus gain access to US content.

    The big difference is that a lot of free services will collect your data and internet activity and sell it, in order to make a profit.

    However, there are non-shady operators too like ProtonVPN.

    But you will be limited by the number of countries and Netflix libraries available.

    Blocked Open And Limited

    In my testing, I found Netflix seemed to function in three different ways. The first state was as if I was connected normally within a given country. I could see all the content available in that region, and successfully watch any of it. I called this Open. The second state was simple. Viewing content would generate an error message, usually one referring to the use of VPNs or proxies. I called this Blocked.

    The third state was a kind of Netflix purgatory where I could only see and stream a subset of movies and shows, most of which were branded as Netflix originals. It was as if Netflix recognized I was a paying customer, but wasn’t sure which region I was in, so it just presented the content available in every region. While nothing was blocked in this state, the choices were limited, so I called this state Limited. Note that in previous versions of this article, I referred to this state as “Netflix Originals.” However, closer inspection revealed that some of the content available is licensed internationally from Netflix in addition to shows and movies produced by Netflix itself .

    Comparing my 2020 and 2021 results, it’s interesting to note that VPNs are now rarely blocked outright. Far more common is Limited mode. While frustrating for people trying to access region-restricted content, I think this is an improvement for customers. Netflix seems to be acknowledging it cannot stop people from using VPNs. Providing Limited Access mode lets VPN users see something.

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    How To Know If A VPN Is Actually Free

    Most premium VPNs like to disguise the fact that they want money from you. They often advertise money-back guarantees and free trials as free VPNs. However, in the end, they ask for your payment details or even a one-month fee. The good news is that there arent many free VPNs that are worth your time. And they never ask for your payment details unless you decide to upgrade.

    On this page, I clearly state which Virtual Private Networks have free a version and which ones offer only a free trial. Its highly unlikely that youll find a legit free VPN for Netflix not listed here. Thats because unblocking is such a rare feat. Netflix easily blocks most free VPNs, and only a few manage to stay in this constant fight.

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