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How To Get Rid Of VPN

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Turn Off A VPN In Windows

How to delete a VPN on Windows 10

To temporarily disable a VPN in Windows, you use the same method you use to connect it. If you use a vendor app, you disconnect using that app. If you connect via Windows, you disconnect via Windows.

  • Select the up arrow next to the Windows Taskbar clock to access running processes.
  • Right-click your VPN app and select Disconnect.
  • Confirm if required.
  • The exact steps differ by vendor, but as a rule, you right-click any program in the list to access commands. Disconnect should be one of them.

    Alternatively, use the Windows VPN app.

  • Select the speech bubble notification icon to the right of the Windows clock.
  • Select Disconnect on your VPN.
  • Lastly, you can disconnect your VPN using the dedicated Windows app.

    As you can see, disconnecting your VPN on a PC is fairly simple. With so many ways to connect and disconnect, its a task that shouldnt interfere with your other tasks.

    Manually Uninstall VPN On Linux

    Compared to Windows and macOS, removing an installed VPN application on a Linux distro is so simple that its not necessary to turn to third-party applications. By just entering a couple of lines of code, the operation can be successfully completed in no time. The following instructions are available for Debian:

    1. Remove the VPN service

    • Press Ctrl+Alt+T to open a Terminal window and press Enter after every command
    • If youre not sure about the exact name of the VPN service you wish to remove, write dpkg list
    • Locate the VPN client in the list and take note of its full name
    • Write sudo apt-get remove program_name to remove only the VPN
    • Enter your password when prompted by the operating system
    • Type y to conform VPN removal

    2. Delete configuration files associated with the VPN

    • Write sudo apt-get purge remove program_name to remove not only the VPN but also all configuration files associated with it
    • Type your password when prompted
    • During uninstall, type y when prompted by the operating system to proceed to the next steps and confirm VPN uninstall

    Note: If the VPN used additional packages than its own, then these are no longer useful and can be eliminated. This can be done by adding sudo apt-get autoremove to the previous command to become sudo apt-get purge auto-remove program_name.

    3a. Manually delete VPN connections on Linux

    3b. Delete many VPN connections in bulk on Linux

    Why Does My VPN Keep Disconnecting Android

    This problem can occur on some devices because certain phones dont allow ProtonVPN to continue running in the background or use data while it is running in the background. There may also be issues with the power saving settings. This guide shows how to resolve this issue.

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    How To Uninstall A VPN App On An Iphone

    To do this, you have a couple of options: uninstalling the VPN app and deleting the profile associated with it. Lets see how to proceed with either.

    Many users choose to download such an app from the Apple store to protect their identities while browsing on a public Wi-Fi or a mobile network. Another reason for using a VPN app is being able to reach certain content not accessible in specific countries. Despite being useful, you may find out later that you need to remove the app, or reset your device. Whatever the reason is, you can uninstall the app from your iPhone by following these simple steps:

    • 1.First, find the app in the menus
    • 2.Press and hold down on the VPNs icon
    • 3.Click the small X in the apps top left corner
    • 4.Click on the delete button

    Thats it you have now uninstalled the application.

    How To Remove A VPN Profile On Mac

    How Do I Get Rid Of A VPN

    If you’re still determined to get rid of VPN on your Mac, click the spoiler below

    How to Remove a VPN Profile on Mac

    Note: Manual removal of a VPN profile may be required on 5 and earlier versions of VPN Unlimited on macOS only.

    To manually remove a profile on your macOS, follow these steps:

  • Go to System Preferences and select Profiles.
  • Delete the VPN profile, and enter the user password if requested.
  • Then, go to Network Connections.
  • If you see any connections which start with or include VPN, delete them.
  • If the button isnt available, there is an alternative way to remove the VPN profile on your macOS .
  • In Terminal type networksetup -removenetworkservice yournetworkservice

    Instead of yournetworkservice, type the name of the network service you want to remove from your macOS device, using quotation marks. If you are not sure about its correct name, you can find it in the list of your network services.

    To view this list, go to Terminal: networksetup -listallnetworkservices

    Make sure that you typed the name of the network service exactly in the same way as it appears in the list.

    To ensure that the network service is removed on your macOS, you can view the list of network services again:

    Terminal: networksetup -listallnetworkservices

    Note. Only Terminal is required, no XCode. The .plist will update automatically you dont need to copy or delete it. The remove command bypasses the GUI and removes the service whether or not the button is greyed out.

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    How Can I Unblock A Website Using Nordvpn

    First, download and install the VPN app. As mentioned, youll want to avoid anything free. Generally, theyre painfully slow and will typically sell your info to advertisers and various organizations.

    Again, our recommendation would be NordVPN, a premium product. Its high-speed servers will allow you to view YouTube HD videos, and you wont notice any issues with buffering! Nor will you have latency problems if you want to have fun with some online games.

    Once the VPN app is installed, just turn it on and select the country that you prefer to connect through. For the best internet speed, its ideal to connect to the closest server nearby, preferably in your own country. This is the most surefire option if the only thing you want to do is unlock your network. It will be problematic if you want to see content that your countrys ISPs restrict.

    After youve connected to your selected server, youre free to visit all the websites you want to see.

    Other Reasons For Disabling A VPN

    We asked our friends, family, and co-workers what their main reasons are for disabling their VPNs, and the top answers were:

    • To play online games
    • To access content/websites available only in their location
    • To stream on platforms that block VPNs
    • To access local area network resources

    We agree that being connected to a VPN makes it harder, maybe even impossible, to do certain things. However, there are alternatives that will keep your online activities private and still let you do what you have to do.

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    Detaching And Deleting A Virtual Private Gateway

    How to remove VPN from iPhone

    If you no longer require a virtual private gateway for your VPC, you can detach it from the VPC.

    To detach a virtual private gateway using the console

  • In the navigation pane, choose Virtual Private Gateways.

  • Select the virtual private gateway and choose Actions, Detach from VPC.

  • Choose Yes, Detach.

  • If you no longer require a detached virtual private gateway, you can delete it. You can’t delete a virtual private gateway that’s still attached to a VPC.

    To delete a virtual private gateway using the console

  • In the navigation pane, choose Virtual Private Gateways.

  • Select the virtual private gateway to delete and choose Actions,Delete Virtual Private Gateway.

  • Choose Yes, Delete.

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    Deleting A VPN Connection Is Not A Complicated Task

    All things considered, removing a VPN connection from your computer entirely is not exactly rocket science.

    Yes, it involves doing more than double-clicking, but that doesnt mean its any more complicated than, say, configuring subtitles for your movie.

    The bottom line is that some VPN clients will intentionally leave some residual files behind. The reason why they resort to this is that you might want to reinstall their service later on, and if you do, the service can simply pick up where it left.

    However, if youre pondering on removing your VPN to replace it with another service, it would be a wise thing to perform the steps weve described above.

    Keeping old configuration files, connection profiles and TAP drivers can seriously affect your new VPNs ability to perform as intended.

    Remove The Leftover Data

    Even though you uninstalled ExpressVPN, the data gets left behind in almost all cases. So, heres how to get rid of leftover ExpressVPN data:

    1. Network connections

    Follow steps 1 through 3 in method 3 of our âconnecting ExpressVPN to PS5â guide. Right-click on the WAN Miniport named âExpressVPNâ, and click on Delete. Moreover, delete other similar connections, such as âExpressVPN TAP Adapterâ.

    2. Network adapters

    Do this to remove the ExpressVPN network adapter in Windows 10:

  • Press Windows + R on your keyboard.
  • In the Run text field, type devmgmt.msc and press Enter or click OK.
  • Expand the Network adapters network option, and find any entries that include ExpressVPN in the name.
  • Right-click on it, select Uninstall Device and check the box next to Delete the driver software for this device.
  • 3. VPN connections

    Either follow all steps in method 1 of our âresetting a VPN on Windowsâ guide, or instead of step 4, click on the Remove button.

    4. Registry files

    Once again, press Windows + R, then type regedit and press Enter. Then, either go there using the left sidebar or paste these into the address bar:


    Search for a folder named ExpressVPN. If you find it, right-click on it, and select Delete.

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    How To Delete VPN On Your Iphone

    This article is dedicated to uninstalling VPN apps on iPhone.

    VPN apps are quite useful, protecting your identity on your mobile device when surfing the web on public Wi-Fi or mobile networks. However, like every software, VPNs are also susceptible to flaws and attacks. There are also rogue applications that harm your devices privacy and your personal information. That being said, reading this article probably means that you want to uninstall, delete or remove a particular VPN app from your iPhone, for one reason or another. We will explain how to do this in the following paragraphs.

    The second part of the article is dedicated to removing apps that users have reported as rogue or suspicious, or have displayed some other type of unwanted behavior. If you have suspicions about a VPN app you have downloaded from the Apple store or another third-party store, please leave a comment below the article. We will check whether the said app is malicious or not, and depending on the results, we will include it in our report.

    Turn Off A VPN In Mac Os X

    How Do I Get Rid Of A VPN

    Mac OS X also has the ability to use VPNs which makes a secure operating system just a little more secure. Like Windows, you can use the app to control the VPN or use network settings within Mac OS X.

  • Select the VPN app on the OS X desktop or in the Dock.
  • When ExpressVPN is active and connected on your Mac, you can disconnect it using the menu icon at the top of your screen. Heres how:

  • In the upper right-hand corner of your Mac, click on the VPN icon.
  • Click Disconnect.
  • You can also click Show ExpressVPN in this menu to access more settings and open the application on your Mac.

    Most VPN apps use the word Disconnect, but that might change. Use your judgment here. Some VPN apps may add a menu option in the top menu on the desktop if yours has this, you can select the menu instead of the dock. The result is the same.

    If you configured your VPN through MAC OS X and not an app, do this:

  • Select the Apple menu icon in the top left of the desktop.
  • Select System Preferences and Network.
  • Select the VPN connection in the left pane of the Network window.
  • Select Disconnect.
  • It makes sense to keep your VPN running at all times when online. This is even more important if youre a laptop or mobile user who frequents Wi-Fi hotspots or public networks. The VPN offers a layer of security even the most hardened hacker will find difficult to penetrate!

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    Manually Uninstall VPN On Macos

    If you dont want to depend on a third-party tool to completely and safely uninstall a VPN service on macOS, then you can do it yourself by taking fewer steps than on Microsofts operating system.

    1. Remove the VPN service

    • Launch the Finder and go to the Applications directory using the left-side panel
    • Find your VPN client, right-click its entry and select Move to Trash
    • Specify your Mac credentials if they are required for completing this operation
    • Go to the Finder menu, select the Empty Trash option then click on Empty Trash again to confirm the removal

    2. Get rid of leftover files and folders

    • From the Finder bar on the top side of the screen, click Go to open this menu and then click Go to Folder
    • In the Go to Folder window, type ~/Library in the search box and click Go or press Enter to visit the user library from the home directory
    • Explore the following folders to find and delete any files whose names include the one of your VPN client:~/Library

    3. Manually delete VPN connections

    • Open the Apple menu and select System Preferences
    • In System Preferences, locate and click Network to open a new window
    • In Network, you can see a list of all connections on the left side
    • Find the VPN profile you want to delete, right-click it and select Delete
    • Enter your admin password to confirm profile removal

    Other Reasons As To Why You Might Need To Remove VPN

    As we all know that there is more than one way of tracking data and behavior online. What is something to worry about is even with a VPN connection, things like cookies give allowance to companies to track your online data and usage regardless of whether youre on their site or not.

    The extent of help VPN provides you with this matter is anonymizing your activities. What we are trying to say is it might be very risky to rely on your VPN source completely regarding securing your data.VPN usage may also be illegal in your country. Yes, there are certain countries that deny access to VPN to their citizens. Using a VPN, in this case, can cost you a huge fine and even the need to go to jail. You also face performance issues when using a VPN.

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    Switch Firmware Through An Update

    Now, proceed with uninstalling ExpressVPN on routers like this:

  • Open the ExpressVPN router dashboard .
  • Sign in, then expand the Advanced Settings option in the left sidebar.
  • Select Software Update, then navigate to the Manual update section.
  • Click on the Choose File button and select the original firmware you previously downloaded.
  • Click on the Update Now button if theres a green checkmark next to the firmware file name.
  • Wait for the process to complete. Youll be disconnected from the Wi-Fi.
  • Sign in with your default router admin username and password.
  • Removing A VPN By Deleting Its Profile

    How to Get a VPN Free – Use the VPN in Opera

    In some cases, a VPN app will install whats known as a VPN configuration profile. This method is a little older than the one aforementioned method, but is still used by a wide variety of VPN apps in the App Store. A VPN configuration profile is also created when the user configures their own VPN without the use of an App Store app.

    When a VPN configuration profile is installed, you can typically remove the App Store app for the VPN service and the VPN configuration profile will remain on the device and can still be accessed by the user from the VPN toggle switch in the Settings app.

    Although the TunnelBear VPN app can install its own VPN settings as explained above, the app also allows the user to install a manual VPN profile the old-fashioned way if they wish to use that method instead, so well be using TunnelBear for this example.

    In the event that you want to delete a VPN configuration profile, youll just need to follow these simple steps:

    Step 1: Launch the Settings app and navigate to General > Profile.

    Note: The Profile cell will be missing if your VPN is not using a VPN configuration profile. This method only works for installed VPNs that are using a configuration profile.

    Step 2: Tap on the VPN configuration profile that you intend to delete.

    Step 3: Tap on the red Delete Profile button to remove the VPN configuration profile from your device.

    Thats it you have just removed a VPN configuration profile from your device!

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