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How To Get VPN On Playstation 4

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Why Your Ps4 Needs A VPN

How To Set Up a VPN On Your PS3/PS4/PS5

The PS4 can do more than play games. One of its key features is the ability to stream media from Netflix and YouTube. With a VPN, you can access other country’s libraries without worrying about the geo-block. This alone makes it worth the trouble for many people.

More importantly, all of the internet traffic going in and out of your PS4 will be encrypted with a VPN. If you’re worried about previous data breaches on the PlayStation Network, a VPN can help secure your traffic.

You may even see a better connection overall with a VPN. It seems strange that routing your traffic through an extra server would decrease your ping times, but it can happen in some cases. Some ISPs throttle bandwidth for online gaming and a VPN prevent this this.

It’s also possible that a VPN will give you more efficient server hops. There’s no guarantee that this will happen, but the possibility of it combined with the other advantages of a VPN mean it’s certainly worth trying out.

If you want to give a PlayStation 4 VPN a try, there are two different ways you can use a VPN with your PS4.

Not using a VPN already and not sure which one to try? MakeUseOf readers get 49% off on our top recommended VPN, ExpressVPN.

Why You Must Get A Working VPN On Playstation

1. Data Privacy

Not only does it change your location to give you more access, but FastestVPN also encrypts your data giving you full privacy which is awesome given your ISP would not even get a whiff that you are accessing restricted content on your PlayStation.

2. Circumvent Geo-restrictions

Geo-restrictions can be infuriating, but a problem that is fixable! Watch anything, anytime with a FastestVPN connection from anyplace around the world. Change your virtual location and get hands on all content in one place, without moving an inch physically.

3. Protection From Hackers With The Best VPN for PlayStation

The functions of FastestVPN is not limited to providing privacy. It conceals your IP address and stops hackers and cybercriminals from hacking your gaming console and the accounts that you have on it, giving you complete security as well.

4. Game on The Line

Malevolent gamers tend to launch DDoS attacks at you which create obstacles in your chances of winning. Being connected to FastestVPN stops such unfair enthusiastic players from doing so.

5. Reduce Lagging With VPN for PlayStation

Another added benefit of FastestVPN connection with PlayStation is that it reduces the lagging of your device. Due to distances, there can be bad ping rates. During a game, even if you shoot someone first, you may find yourself dead. That is because of slow response that can be fixed by connecting to a server which is close to the gaming server.

Unblock Amazon Prime On Playstation

Amazon Prime Instant Video is a classic example of such restrictions. It has licensing limits attached to it and controls what can be viewed in particular countries. With a PlayStation VPN, you can show your virtual presence in the country that has access to most content and enjoy large amounts of extra content then made available on Amazon Prime.

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Why You Need A VPN For Playstation

VPNs are virtual private networks that connect you to the internet through their servers. These servers encrypt all data passing through them and mask your true IP address. These are basic functionalities behind any VPN. The encryption and IP masking provide privacy and anonymity.

But these features can help you get the best out of your PS4 as well.

Use A VPN On All Your Devices

The Benefits of Setting Up a VPN for Your PlayStation 4 ...

As noted above, a VPN lets PS4 users access content and services that would otherwise be outside of their reach cause some of them may be region-locked. With a VPN, you get to virtually choose your location, thus being able to access everything you desire.

Furthermore, a VPN will also protect you on the Internet, keeping you safe from the man in the middle attacks while connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots. Also, it will be removing malicious code on web pages, while allowing you to anonymously browse the world wide web. Plus, youll be able to access all geo-restricted content and services, without your ISP having a clue about your web whereabouts.

Hopefully, weve convinced you to join the ride and get a VPN for all devices you own not just your PS4. To get started, visit our page with Best of the Best VPNs and take it from there. Before you know it, youll be much safer online while bypassing restrictions like its nobodys business. Which is just the way we like it.

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What Are The Advantages Of Using A VPN On Ps4

All internet-based activities can be tracked by your ISP and the government, and your PS4 is no exception. A VPN encrypts your data so that all your online activities are private.

For more information, check out our Beginner’s Guide to VPNs.

Although this digital privacy is the primary aim of any VPN service, a VPN also allows you to conceal your IP address and pretend to be in a different country, which can allow you to do several things:

  • Purchase cheaper games from abroad.
  • Play on foreign game servers.
  • Play games against people that speak a foreign language .
  • Access censored or restricted content blocked by the government.
  • Unblock Hulu and other georestriced services.

Besides being able to spoof your IP address to a distant location, a VPN can allow you to bypass bandwidth restrictions imposed by your ISP.

In some locations around the world, ISPs will use bandwidth restrictions when their customers connect to gaming servers. This is to stop them eating up a lot of bandwidth. With a VPN, it becomes impossible for an ISP to track which websites and servers you are connecting to, so the ISP will not restrict your bandwidth. This can massively improve your speeds.

VPNs can help reduce ping, but is more likely to increase it for most people

Some users even report being able to use a VPN to improve their ping rates. However, a VPN will introduce added latency for most people. This is because the VPN must encrypt your traffic and route it further via the VPN server.

VPN Ps4 Best VPN For Sony Playstation 4

When Sony Chief Executive Shulei Yoshinda spoke about the success of PlayStation 4 saying it had performed beyond their imaginations, the man wasnt just jabbering. The gaming console has recorded sales well beyond expectations.

PlayStation 4, according to many, would have just been another in a long list of gaming consoles. No one ever saw it outselling Xbox One for example. But look at how things turned out if you ask a random gamer which console they would pick between the two, youd be lucky to find somebody picking the Xbox. More on our partnersite VPN XBOX.

The truth, however, is that PS4 is just so good. A head to head comparison of PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U tells the whole story. Sonys PlayStation 4 has a better resolution, comes with a Blue-ray player, has a gaming library, boasts faster processing power, and is fun for the whole family. The Xbox One probably only has a big name because its developed by Microsoft which is known all around the world. It also boasts fast processing power and comes with a range of innovative features. However, its still second to the PS4. Wii U is probably the last on the list. Though it has a higher price/value ratio, its compatibility with most devices is questionable. Moreover, Wii U is only suited to kids if youre older than 16 you wont enjoy the games. Considering that the PS4 costs $100 less than the Xbox One, you get why so many people are picking the former.

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Connect The Playstation 4 With Pc

Another amazing method is to connect your PlayStation 4 with the PC. But for that, you need to install the VPN on the windows. This is a very simple procedure and you can complete the task in less than 15 minutes. But make sure you know which VPN on several devices so that you are not exceeding the maximum number of devices. If you need to secure more devices, make sure you buy premium plans that allow you to connect multiple devices. Remember to change the settings in the PS4. As most of the PS4 are configured to work on the wireless mode. Go to the settings and change it to Ethernet mode and connect to the VPN network. After you set up, the connection, make sure you test the games and see its performance.

If you experience slow performance in gaming, chances are high that the VPN is not configured properly. Let the technical teams know about this problem and they will be able to solve this problem. If not, change the VPN service provider. Remember, you should always go for the trial period since you never know which VPN will work best.

How To Setup VPN On Ps4 And Ps5

How to Connect VPN to PS4

Setting VPN on PS4 and PS5 is kind of complicated. However, all the VPN service provider has a guide on their website that you can follow to set it up. Further, the easy way to set up a VPN on your PS4 is by using your PC or laptops internet connection. You can also use an ethernet cable, or better still set it up on your router.

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Unblock Netflix Us & Amazon Prime From Anywhere On Ps4 And Ps5

If you dont know, copyright and licensing laws prevent streaming services from offering the same catalog of content everywhere equally.

Although Netflix is available in most parts of the world, regions other than the US only get a watered-down version with a small catalogue of content as compared to the US. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime only offers limited content in different regions and requires an .

However, if you use a VPN app for PS4 or PS5 on Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can easily access the largest library of TV shows and movies available online right on your console.

How To Install Ps4 VPN Through Mac

  • client for your Mac and install it
  • Connect your Mac with your PS4 through an Ethernet cable
  • In your Mac, go to System Preferences -> Sharing
  • Select Internet Sharing from the list
  • Select Wi-Fi in the Share your connection from list
  • Ensure that Ethernet is checked in the To computers using list
  • Make sure that Internet Sharing is checked on the list so that your Mac can share the internet connection with your PS4. Wait for the green icon to appear, which signals successful connection
  • Start the VPN client on your Mac and connect to the server you want
  • Start your PS4 and navigate through Settings -> Network Settings -> Set up internet connection -> Use a LAN cable
  • Select Easy Connection method to automatically scan and set up the Ethernet connection
  • Choose Do not use a Proxy server in the next pop-up
  • Youre done!
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    Set Up The Connection On Your Ps4

    Now that your computer and VPN are allowing other devices to connect through them, you can go to your PS4 and set up its internet connection. From the home dashboard, go to the top row of icons and find the Settings menu on the far right end it looks like a suitcase.

    Open the Settings menu and click Network Settings, then Set Up an Internet Connection. Youll then be able to choose the option for using a LAN cable . Last, select Easy Setup, which will prompt the PS4 to scan for the connection by itself.

    Once youve reached this stage, the PS4 should be able to take over finalizing the VPN connection settings without you having to physically guide the console. The device may prompt you to make a few decisions through the process, though. For example, it could ask if you want to use a manual IP address, a specific DHCP hostname, or select DNS settings. It may ask if youd prefer to establish a proxy server. Be sure you still manage to set up your settings, even if youre still focused on connecting to the VPN.

    Now that youve done all of this work, its best to try out your internet connection and settings changes on your PS4. If all goes well, you can use your VPN straight away to play games on this console.

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    Best VPN for PlayStation 4

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    How To Set Up A VPN On Playstation 4

    Getting a VPN set up on your PlayStation 4 isn’t as hard as you’d think. What matters is buying the right VPN so you know you can trust in its quality. The setup after that is simple, and you’ll be able to stream content from other regions in no time. It doesn’t work for all region-locked content that check the region of your PSN account, but a lot of content only checks your IP address.

    Our Top Equipment Picks


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    Cat-6 Ethernet Cable

    More reliable than Wi-Fi

    When setting up a VPN on your computer, you’ll need to use an Ethernet cable when you want to get it hooked up on your PS4. Wired connections are better than wireless anyway, so this is only beneficial when you want to stream content or play games online.

    We test and review VPN services in the context of legal recreational uses. For example:1.âAccessing a service from another country .2.âProtecting your online security and strengthening your online privacy when abroad.We do not support or condone the illegal or malicious use of VPN services. Consuming pirated content that is paid-for is neither endorsed nor approved by Future Publishing.

    We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

    be still my beating wallet

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    Why Get A VPN On Ps4

    Normally, the streaming libraries you can access are limited to your country and region. But thats nothing that a VPN cannot fix.

    A VPN reroutes your internet traffic through a different server. Doing so gives you the ability to access content from across the world.

    VPNs like Surfshark also have a wide server coverage, so the world becomes your streaming oyster! And dont worry about speed. Cutting-edge VPN protocols like Wireguard will ensure you can watch this content without any unusual buffering.

    So, ready to get started? Ill show you three different ways to set up a VPN on your PS4.

    How To Set Up A VPN On Playstation 4 Using A Computer


    If you do not already have a VPN-compatible router, and you do not wish to purchase one, then you will need to share your PS4s internet connection with a computer that is running the VPN. This is by far the cheapest way to connect your PS4 to a VPN.

    If you have a PC or a laptop and an ethernet cable you should have everything you need to use this method! Some laptops do not have an ethernet port, but dont worry, as there are USB to ethernet port adapters out there that should do the trick.

    Follow these steps to set up a PlayStation to work with a VPN on your Windows computer:

  • Sign up to a VPN service suitable for gaming on a PS4.

    We recommend ExpressVPN because it is ideal for the job.

  • Connect your PS4 to your PC with the ethernet cable.

  • Open the Control Panel in Windows and navigate to the Network and Sharing Center.

  • Click on Change Adaptor Settings in the left sidebar.

  • Right-click on your VPN connection , click Properties > Sharing.

  • Tick the box that says: Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.

  • Locate the Home networking connection drop-down menu and select your ethernet connection.

  • Connect to the VPN server you require by using the VPN client on your PC.

  • Boot up your PS4.

    On the main menu screen click on Settings> Network Settings.

  • Under Network Settings select Set up Internet Connection.

    Select Use a LAN Cable when you are prompted.

  • Select Easy for the connection method and confirm Do Not Use a Proxy Server when asked.

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    Finding The Right VPN For Ps4

    In such a diverse and competitive market, not all VPNs are made equal. Some VPNs try to be the jack of all trades, striving to be decent in all criteria. Others have opted to become an expert at a few features, in order to appeal to specific market segments. Read more about the best free VPNs for PS4 here.

    Forexample, some VPNs have decided to focus on online security and have devotedmost of their resources to this end. As a result, they have the best securityapparatus imaginable, but have a relatively slow bandwidth. Since they appealto the security conscious crowd, but not to gamers, this is a good tradeoff tomake if need be.

    Someother VPNs that specialize in bandwidth maximization have even designed some oftheir servers to cater specifically to high bandwidth streaming. Having devotedmost of their resources to catering for video and movie streaming, some VPNsnecessarily have to short change other things such as variety of server choicesand alternate IP addresses.

    In thecase of PS4 players, the main focus when researching VPNs should be the dualcombination of security and bandwidth as a secondary priority. This is becauseprotecting your whereabouts and especially your location is of paramountimportance.

    It just so happens that ExpressVPN fit this mold very well. Not only does ExpressVPN have top notch encryption systems, but it also has a wide array of servers designed to handle high bandwidth traffic so that gamers can enjoy gaming with the privacy they deserve.

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