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How To Get VPN On Roku TV

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Set Up A VPN On Your Router

How to Setup A VPN For Roku

One of the best ways to get a Roku connected to a VPN is to install the VPN on your router. By doing so, your Roku will benefit from all of the VPNs features simply by being connected to your router and that goes for any other device connected to the router, too.

Once you have each Roku device and account set up for the countries you want to connect to, you can simply switch to a specific country server on your router VPN app and use the relevant Roku device to access content.

Lots of routers are compatible with VPNs straight out of the box, and you can usually upgrade routers that arent. To learn more about adding a VPN to your router, you should read our best VPN for routers guide.

How To Install And Set Up Your VPN On Roku

Roku streaming sticks dont have built-in VPN configuration capability. In order to use a VPN, you must connect your Roku device to a VPN-enabled router or virtual router.

You also need to create an account for the country where you want to access content. This means creating a US Roku account to access American content.

Dont worry, it sounds more complicated than it is. Just follow these steps, and youll be ready to watch in no time.

Note: To create this tutorial, I used ExpressVPN as my provider. The steps are similar for all our recommended VPNs.

Router And Dns Support

Most VPNs wont directly state that they support Roku devices because technically, Roku wont allow the installation of their apps. Because of this, I tested each VPN with either SmartDNS or as an OpenVPN implementation on my router.

Both methods worked well with all the choices listed. IPVanish was a slight exception since it omitted support for SmartDNS.

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What We Looked For In A VPN For Roku

When looking for the best VPNs for Roku, my major concerns were speed and reliability.

Streaming requires fast connections. Otherwise, you may spend your time staring at a buffering screen. I tested my top ten premium VPNs from Australia, and I connected to servers in the US, the UK, and other countries. I barely noticed any delays in streaming.

Another important component you need in a Roku VPN is reliability. Your connection needs to so you can stream from whichever provider you wish. These VPNs can unblock the most popular streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

Recommended Alternative: Amazon Fire TV Stick

Best VPNs for Roku in 2021: How to install a VPN with Roku

If youre not dead set on purchasing a Roku, we recommend the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick to those who can get it in their country. Specifically, the 2nd generation or later Fire Stick.

Fire TV offers much of the same functionality and channels as Roku OS, but its much more flexible when it comes to tweaking configurations, installing third-party apps, and unblocking geo-locked content. You can do all of the following:

  • Specify your DNS servers
  • Install third-party apps from Android APKs

That means you dont need to rely on other devices like wireless routers to get set up with a VPN, or a spare Android device to cast Kodi. Its all possible right in Fire TV, and weve got the tutorials to show you how.

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Set Up A Virtual VPN Router

If you dont want to set up a VPN on your router and would prefer to only connect the Roku when needed, you could set up a virtual VPN router or mobile hotspot on a Windows or Mac computer.

This requires a little technical know-how. However, once you set it up, you can simply choose a VPN server and then connect your Roku to it. Connecting to a virtual VPN router is no different from connecting to a standard router. You simply find the network during setup and connect to it.

How Nordvpn Unblock Channels On Roku

Content access restrictions are imposed by permitting only the IP addresses originating from a certain country to gain access.

If you could somehow fool the system from thinking that your web traffic is originating from a country that you arent actually physically located in, you would be able to access all the websites, services, and apps that are normally geo-restricted in your region.

Using a VPN like NordVPN, you can connect to servers in the US no matter where your physical location is. This effectively changes your IP address, giving it a US identity and thus granting you the ability to access all US-only geo-restricted streaming services from abroad.

All you need to know is how to install NordVPN on Roku and you are good to go! You can read more about this VPN service in our NordVPN in-depth review.

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How To Create A Us Roku Account

If your Roku account isnt registered to the US, you can do so using the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to CyberGhost and connect to an American server.

Step 2: On your browser, go to

Step 3: Fill in your information and click Continue.

Step 4: Enter a Pin and click Continue.

Step 5: Next, choose your preferred payment option .

  • I recommend using PayPal since your PayPal country wont affect your Roku configuration.
  • If you opt for the credit card option, you have to use your credit card address when registering for Roku. Youll also need to get a valid zip code and enter the correct city for that zip code.

Step 6: Next, reset your Roku device to factory settings by going to Settings> Factory reset.

How To Set Up VPN Protection On A Router

How to Use a VPN With Roku (No DD-WRT or Flashing Required!)

The setup process will differ based on what kind of router youre using. Generally, you need to install a VPN on your Wi-Fi router and connect the Roku TV to the Wi-Fi network that the router is serving. Before purchasing any router or internet provider device, make sure that the router youve chosen supports VPN. That means, if the router doesnt have VPN compatible firmware, you need to flash it with an alternative firmware like DD-WRT that supports VPN.

However, well strictly advise you to go through the instructions and guidelines, as you need to act with caution. If you mess up the VPN installation process, it can damage your router. It will be a wise decision if you take professional advice on how to navigate the installation process from your internet provider.

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Can You Put A VPN On Roku

You cant put a VPN straight onto a Roku device, so you need to first set the VPN up on another device, like your router, and then connect the Roku to that. Once your Roku device is connected to a VPN, you can technically stream channels and services from another country. Now, while that sounds super simple, theres actually an annoying hoop you need to jump through to get to this stage.

You see, when you create a Roku account, its linked to the country in which you set up the account. That means no matter how many times you connect your Roku to another server, you will only be able to stream content from the country linked to your Roku account.

Now, you might think you can just create a new Roku account using a VPN to link it to a different location, and youd be right. However, a Roku device can only be linked to one Roku account at a time. You cant log out on the device and then log in to another account, either. To change the account, you will have to factory reset your Roku and set it back up again with your new account and were pretty sure you wont want to keep doing that.

Even creating a new Roku account and trying to cast it to your TV from a mobile device wont work believe us, weve tried. Although you can make a new Roku account, you cant add channels to it and stream them until you have connected a Roku device to it.

Connect To A Server Through Your VPNs Interface

Once youve set up your router to work with your chosen VPN, you can use your VPNs interface to connect to any server you want. We recommend US or UK servers for Roku, because most streaming platforms have licensing rights to distribute all the content they can in those regions.

However, make sure you dont sign up to Roku before you set up your VPN. If you created your account with an IP from Germany, for example, Roku will think youre in Germany, regardless of what your IP says. Thats why you should only sign up for a Roku account after youve successfully set up a VPN on your router. You can still switch countries on your VPN, just use a new Roku account for each country you want to sign up from.

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How To Create Uk Roku Account

To access UK-specific apps and channels on Roku, you need to create a UK Roku account. Once you have a UK Roku account, you can enjoy UK channels like BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, ITV and more on your Roku device. All you need is to setup FastestVPN on Mac, PC, or Router and then follow this detailed guide to create your UK Roku account:

  • Fill in the required information and then hit Continue.
  • Select a Pin option and click Continue.
  • On the payment options page, choose Paypal if you have a Paypal account and enter a fake UK address when signing up. Also, use W11 2BQ as your postcode.
  • Once done, reset your Roku device by going to settings > factory reset, and follow the on-screen process.
  • Finally, login with your new UK Roku account and enjoy streaming geo-blocked UK TV channels with the best VPN for Roku.
  • Does Protonvpn Work With Roku

    How to get American Channels on Roku with VPN Router ...

    Yes, ProtonVPN works with Roku.

    Besides supporting the media player, the VPN service also unblocks virtually all geo-restricted channels, allowing you to access lots of new content.

    However, you cant install ProtonVPN directly into your Roku device. Thats because Roku lacks basic VPN functionality.

    So how do you set up ProtonVPN on Roku?

    There are two ways you can go about it:

  • Physical router Configure VPN on your router and connect to the WiFi network.
  • Virtual router Install the app on your computer and share your connection.
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    Installing A VPN On A Virtual Router On Your Pc Or Mac

    If your router isnt suitable for flashing or you dont want to, you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your PC or Mac and set that up as a virtual router with a VPN connection. You can then connect your smart TV to the internet via the hotspot on your PC or Mac. Installing a VPN on your PC or Mac differs depending on the device and operating system. Look for a provider that matches well with your devices and it shouldnt be too difficult. Below you find a guide that will help you install a VPN on your virtual router.

    How To Setup VPN On Tcl Smart TV

    Many people have ditched their traditional TV sets and made the switch to smart TVs. After all, not only can you watch content in HD from multiple streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix, but also stay connected to social media networks, check your emails, and more!

    There are many smart TV brands available on the market today, and TCL is one of the most sought-after options among the masses. It offers excellent picture quality and great features at a budget-friendly price. Moreover, all TCL TVs use either Roku TV or Android TV as theyre intuitive and come with apps that most people love.

    However, if you want to get the most out of your shiny TCL smart TV, youll need to equip yourself with a Virtual Private Network . Youre bound to come across region-locked content, and theres also the issue of slow speeds while streaming.

    In the coming paragraphs, well further delve into why a VPN for TCL TV is necessary and the different ways you can set one up. Lets get started:

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    How To Setup A Virtual Router With A VPN Using Windows 10 Laptop

    Step1: Find Network Adapters

    Figure 1 Open Network & Internet Settings

    • For Wi-Fi go to the Wi-Fi Tab, for Ethernet select Ethernet

    Figure 2 Network & Internet

    • Scroll down and click on Change Adapter Options settings

    Figure 3 Change adapter options

    • A Window will prompt up on your screen with Adapter number 1 and Adapter number 2. Keep the window open to proceed with the process.

    Step 2: Toggle On your Mobile Hotspot

    • Again click on your Windows Wi-Fi icon and select Open Network & Internet Settings
    • Head to Mobile Hotspot

    Figure 4 Network Status

    • Turn on Mobile Hotspot from there you can set your own network name password by clicking on the Edit.

    Step 3: Configure The VPN Adapter

    • In the Network connections window, you will find a new network adapter that will help your hotspot to share the internet
    • Now click on your V9 Windows adapter and go to the properties
    • Go to the Sharing tab and check on Allow other network users to connect through this computers internet

    Figure 5 Sharing section tab

    • Select your new hotspot network adapter from the dropdown menu and click OK

    Step 4: Connect to a VPN

    • Open your FastestVPN app
    • Go to Settings > Advanced > change default protocol to OpenVPN
    • Connect to your desired location and thats it.

    Installing A VPN On Roku Via A Virtual Router On Mac

    Smart TV or Roku VPN – Connection Help

    Using a Mac as a virtual router is a bit more complicated than a Windows-based PC, but its still possible. Here are the steps youll have to follow:

  • Open System Preferences and click on Network.
  • Click on the plus sign in the bottom left corner of the window that opens.
  • Add a new VPN connection by choosing a VPN interface, the L2TP over IPSec VPN Type, and the name of your VPN provider. Once youve entered these values, hit Create.
  • Open the details of this new connection. Enable default configuration, add a server address from your VPNs website, and paste your VPN username under account name. Dont forget to check the Show VPN status in menu bar box.
  • Open Authentication Settings, set a password for this connection, then fill in your VPN provider password.
  • Go to Advanced options and enable Send all traffic over VPN connection before you press Apply.
  • After you set up the basic details of this connection from the Network screen, like a password or connection name, you can use it to connect your Roku to the internet. Just look for the virtual router you created when you want to connect Roku to the internet.

    Set up your Roku account only after youre connected to your Macs virtual router and made sure it runs on your preferred VPN server.

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    How To Set Up Expressvpn On Roku Via Physical Router

    You can use ExpressVPN with Roku with the help of a physical router. This method is a little more technical. But regardless of difficulty level, it is perfectly doable.

    Step 1: First things first, set up a VPN on a router by following this guide. Make sure you connect to a U.S server location to use it with your U.S Roku account.

    Step 2: On your Roku, go to Settings> > .

    Step 3: Select Wireless. From the list of Wi-Fi Networks, find your Wi-Fi connection and click on it.

    Step 4: Enter the Password of your Wi-Fi connection. Once connected, the status will say Connected.

    Now you can stream anything using Roku with ExpressVPN.

    How To Set Up A Virtual Router With A VPN

    This option is arguably a little easier but requires a few more steps. First, use your PC or Mac computer to set up a VPN connection. .

    Next, open your VPN app and share your Wi-Fi network. For Windows users, you can do this by opening Run and pressing Windows + R. Now, name your connection. Next, open your Connection Settings and find the network option with the corresponding VPN. Now, right click on the connection, scroll down to Properties and click Allow other network users to connect through this computers Internet connection.

    For Mac users, go to your Sharing Menu and check the box next to the InternetSharing option. You should be automatically greeted with a pop-up confirming your selection. Click Start and open your menu bar. If done correctly a green light should appear next to your Internet Sharing status under your Sharing menu.

    With your Wi-Fi hotspot activated, simply use your Roku to connect to that hotspot. Once connected, your Roku should be covered by the VPN.

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    Installing A VPN On A Virtual Router

    To install a VPN on your virtual router, follow the next steps:

  • Create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your PC or Mac. How you can do this depends on your device. If you cannot figure out how to do this you can go to the website of the producer of your device.
  • Connect your smart TV to the Wi-FI hotspot of your PC or Mac .
  • Do I Need A Roku VPN On My Router

    How to Get UK Channels on Roku Abroad?

    The short answer is yes unless you create a virtual router on your PC.

    That might sounds complex, but if you’re using Windows 10 it’s very simple and following a guide like ExpressVPN’s should only take you ten minutes.

    In essence, by doing this you can share your VPN connection from your PC to your Roku, and by changing your PC’s location with a VPN, your Roku will do the same.

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