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How To Get VPN On Samsung TV

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How To Install VPN On Samsung TV/ Smart TV/ LG Sony TV ð¥ [Step-By-Step Setup]

If you want to watch blocked overseas content on your Smart TV, a Smart TV VPN is the only solution. Able to provide access to multiple Netflix libraries and other restricted services wherever you are in the world, the best VPN can make your subscriptions go much further.

Put simply, a VPN reroutes your connection away from your ISP’s servers and through its own. You can choose which server to use, in any country, and you’ll appear to be located wherever that chosen server is. So, if you’re in the UK but want to watch US Netflix, you can do that by selecting a US server.

However, not all Smart TVs support VPNs in the same way. Android TVs are most compatible, but Samsung devices, for example, use the proprietary Tizen OS which doesnt support VPN connections, and Smart DNS is absolutely necessary.

What Is A VPN And How Do I Add One To My Device

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network.

VPNs have multiple purposes. They are often used within organisations as internal networks, but are also often used by individuals to add an extra layer of privacy and security, especially when using public Wi-Fi.

How do I get a VPN on my device?

This will depend on the device and your requirements. You will need to decide on a VPN provider.

There are a large range of VPN providers. Most charge a monthly fee with the price increasing or decreasing depending on the type of service they offer.

You can either access the VPN via your VPN provider’s app or by entering their VPN settings directly onto your device.

Newer devices have an option in the settings to add and manage direct VPNs. You will need to get the VPN settings details from your VPN provider.

How do I add a VPN configuration to my device?

Steps may vary slightly depending on your device and operating system.

Note that you will need to have a lock set on your device to set up a VPN. If your device security is set to only swipe to unlock, you will be prompted to set up a lock during the VPN set up process.

1. From the home screen, choose Apps

Using A VPN On Your Smart TV Via Your Router

A VPN on your router will encrypt and protect your entire home Wi-FI network, covering all the devices that connect to it. This includes not only your smart TV, but also all your computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles , and other IoT devices. Heres how to get one going:

  • Log into your router. Open your browser and enter your routers IP address into the search bar. When prompted, enter your username and password. You should have changed those credentials from the routers defaults for security, so if you havent, do so now! Hackers can and do attempt to crack peoples routers by identifying the router model and trying the default login credentials.
  • Make sure you can install a VPN on your router. Did you expect this to be simple? You cant just up and install a VPN on any old router. While some routers, including Asus routers, can accept VPNs, others will need new firmware in a process known as flashing. Check your user manual for further information on flashing, or see what other folks are saying online about your router manufacturer and model. If you cant obtain a flashed router, you can buy a new router thats VPN-enabled.
  • Set up the VPN on your router. This process will vary from one router to the next. Check our guides to installing a VPN on your router to see the process on your specific router.
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    Can I Use A Free VPN For Smart TV

    There are plenty of free VPNs out there, but does that mean you should use one? Short answer – no.

    Free VPNs really dont compare to paid VPN services. They lack features, restrict use, and maybe even hide some unwelcome surprises.

    VPNs that are completely free still need to make money, and this means adverts galore. Not only will a free VPN have a limited range of servers, and will be poor at unblocking streaming sites. Not only that, their apps will also be riddled with annoying ads. Free VPNs are also known to collect user data and then sell this off to third parties – another way to recoup the money they dont make on subscription fees. Finally, some free VPNs can even contain malware – something you really dont want on your device.

    Another option is the free version of a trusted VPN, aka the freemium version. Whilst you wont have the risk of malware or your data being sold on, freemium VPNs have limitations, such as how much data you can download/upload, and so on.

    Paid VPNs can cost less than $2 a month! For such a small cost, its not really worth getting a considerably worse service with a free VPN.

    The Best VPN For Your Smart TV

    How to Setup VPN on Samsung Smart TV?

    If you do not have a subscription with a VPN provider yet it can be useful to go for a VPN that works well in combination with your smart TV. A stable and speedy connection is essential when you want to stream movies, series, or music. Go for a VPN provider that fits your needs perfectly. If you would like to watch geo-blocked content make sure your provider always has servers you can use for this purpose. We have tested several providers and below are three solid providers that work well in combination with your smart TV.

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    Setup VPN On Samsung Smart TV Using Dd

    In my opinion, the most simple method for using a VPN on Samsung Smart TV is through routers. Once you have a VPN configured, all the router devices will have a VPN connection.

    Following is the VPN setup of Samsung TV for DD-WRT routers and Tizen operating system:

  • First, download OpenVPN Configuration Files from any VPN provider.
  • Head over to your router settings by typing in or in your browser.
  • Next, click on the Services tab and click on the VPN sub-tab.
  • Next, enable the Start OpenVPN Client option.
  • Now, in the OpenVPN Configuration Panel, start by entering the custom VPN settings as listed below:
  • Note: The setup of a VPN router depends on the type of router you have and varies from one VPN provider to another. If this setup process didnt work in your case, you could read our blog about VPN Router if you want to install a VPN on routers with DD-WRT firmware.

    What If I Get An Ip Proxy Error While Trying To Watch Samsung Smart TV Apps With A VPN

    To avoid Netflixs proxy IP error or if you get an IP error in another app, try changing a different VPN server. This is because streaming apps actively block VPNs and add detected servers to their block lists all the time. Another option is to use standalone Smart DNS services, which allows you to watch titles from anywhere without having to encrypt your online traffic. This doesnt affect your speeds and still bypasses proxy errors on streaming apps the problem is, streaming services are constantly blocking DNS proxies. Worse yet, DNS proxies dont secure your connection or protect your privacy with encryption like VPNs do.

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    Can I Use A Free VPN For Samsung Smart TV

    Unfortunately, you cant use a free VPN with a Smart TV if you want to unblock streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Even though there are some pretty good free VPNs out there, these services usually block VPNs and you wont find a free VPN that can keep up with the constant blacklisting of new IP addresses. If you use a free VPN for Netflix, youll generally receive the annoying proxy error when you try streaming.

    If you find a free VPN that can unblock the service youre interested in, these services usually suffer from slow speeds, limited bandwidth, limited server selection, and other issues that cause lots of buffering lag and grainy video quality. Additionally, free VPNs cant offer proper privacy and security, and others even sell your data.

    If you want to see what shows and movies you can access when you stream with a VPN on your Smart TV, you can try CyberGhost for free for 45 days with the money-back guarantee. I tested the refund policy myself and I can confirm you can get a full refund as late as the last day of the money-back guarantee period. When I was done using CyberGhost with my Samsung Smart TV and contacted live chat to get my money back, my request was quickly processed and the money returned to my bank account in less than a week.

    Change Your Samsung Smart TVs Dns Settings

    How to setup CyberGhost VPN for your Samsung Smart TV

    If you dont want to install a VPN application to your Samsung TV, you can also access a VPN server if you change your DNS settings.

    Note that if you decide to do this, you will not benefit from all the VPN features included in your package. For that, you will need to install and use the applications.

  • On your Samsung Smart TV, press the Menu button.
  • Head over to the Settings menu, and select Network.
  • Select Network Status in the Network submenu.
  • Choose the IP Settings button on the new menu.
  • Go to DNS setting then select Enter manually.
  • Get one of the VPN software recommended in the list below.
  • Sign in to your VPN account on the official website.
  • Locate the Smart DNS section and whitelist your IP address.
  • Write down VPNs primary DNS server.
  • Type the DNS server in Samsung Smart TVs DNS setting.
  • Click OK.
  • You should be all set, and your Samsung Smart TV should be using a Smart DNS service. Note that the Smart DNS can only be used to bypass geoblocking.

    Therefore, none of the VPN-specific protection features will be available on your Samsung Smart TV. Your devices IP wont be cloaked, and traffic that you generate with your Samsung Smart TV wont be encrypted, making it visible to your ISP.

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    Best VPNs For Samsung Smart TV And How To Install Them

    What is the best VPN for Samsung Smart TVs? Is it actually possible to install a VPN on a Samsung Smart TV? To begin with, VPN apps are mainly designed to work on Windows PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. That means that you could potentially install a VPN on a Smart TV as long as it is Android-based. But what about Samsung Smart TVs? Well, the South Korean electronics manufacturer used the Orsay operating system from 2012 until 2015. Since then, Samsung Smart TVs come with the Tizen OS installed. While this operating system is not natively compatible with VPN, there are a couple of workarounds you can use in order to set up a VPN connection on your Samsung Smart TV.

    Best VPNs for Samsung Smart TV and How to Install Them

    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    How To Set Up VPN On Samsung Smart TV

    Samsung Smart TV offers not only superb quality, but also a plethora of smart features and access to a big variety of streaming services to look for your favorite content. However, what if a TV show or movie you want to stream is not available due to geo-restrictions? Theres a solution just for you! Samsung Smart TV VPN helps you unlock the entire world of media entertainment. With KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, you get:

    • Access to any content you want
    • Lightning-fast HD streaming

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    If Your Router Is Set Up With VPN

    Then you’re half the way there, but not quite all the way yet. You still need to install your VPN onto your VPN-friendly router. There will be a slightly different set up process depending on the router, but broadly, this is how it goes:

  • Download the configuration files made available on your chosen VPN provider’s website.
  • Navigate to your router’s control panel via your browser.
  • Find the VPN client in the control panel, usually in ‘Services’ or ‘Advanced Settings’.
  • Set the OpenVPN client to ‘Enabled‘ and letthe configuration panel open.
  • Follow the guides* on your VPN provider’s website for adding your server and connection details.
  • Connect to your chosen VPN server.
  • *Most good VPN companies, such as NordVPN, will have setup instructions accessible through a landing page like this, which will show you how to enter your connection details on a number of routers with VPN-friendly firmware.

    Installing A VPN On A Virtual Router On Your Pc Or Mac

    Learn how to use VPN on Samsung Sensible TV [Easy Setup ...

    If your router isnt suitable for flashing or you dont want to, you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your PC or Mac and set that up as a virtual router with a VPN connection. You can then connect your smart TV to the internet via the hotspot on your PC or Mac. Installing a VPN on your PC or Mac differs depending on the device and operating system. Look for a provider that matches well with your devices and it shouldnt be too difficult. Below you find a guide that will help you install a VPN on your virtual router.

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    Why Smart TVs Need A VPN

    Smart TVs are connected to the internet and therefore are as vulnerable to the various threats and risks that you can face from other internet-enabled devices too.

    But VPNs dont just offer online protections, they also enhance one of the very things that a lot of people do on their Smart TV streaming.

    In this section, we will go into the key reasons why you need to use a VPN with your Samsung Smart TV:

    Guide To Using A VPN For Your Smart TV

    These days, a VPN is an essential internet tool in more ways than one. But if youre trying to download and install VPN software on your smart TV, youll likely wind up disappointed most smart TVs dont offer native VPN support. Fortunately, weve cooked up several ways for you to share your VPN with your smart TV and enjoy all the benefits it provides.

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    How To Get A VPN On Samsung Smart TV Using Your Router

    Despite not being natively compatible with VPN providers, you can always make use of your router and install the VPN directlyon it. This way, all of the devices connected to the router will share the same VPN connection.

    By using your router, youre not bound to your providers simultaneous connections limit. Any device that connects to your Wi-Fi will end up benefiting from your routers encrypted connection, including your Smart TV.

    I must state that not all VPN routers are compatible with a VPN. To learn more about the VPN on a router setup, check out this guide. While the process does require some technical background, setting up a VPN connection on your router is well worth the effort.

    Using A VPN On A Smart TV

    Can You Get a VPN on a Smart TV? ð§? Best VPN For Samsung Smart TV

    So you figured out how to use a VPN on your computer, in order to protect yourself from intruders and annoying restrictions. Also, you’ve probably learned how to utilize it on your portable device, but now youve got yourself Smart TV. When trying to watch Netflix and Hulu you’ve realized that since youre outside the US, it doesnt work. Thats why using your VPN service for your new TV will definitely benefit you in the long run. The VPN will simply block your IP address then route you to an anonymous US VPN service just like you do with your VPN for your PC and mobile devices.

    There is no way to directly setup a VPN on a Smart TV, the only solution to using a VPN on a Smart TV is to run the VPN through a DD-WRT router and then connect your TV to the router. Alternatively you can connect your Smart TV to a shared Windows VPN connection which is a much more simple process.

    • Setup VPN on Windows depending on the provider you choose.
    • Go to the connection menu and right click on the VPN network. Select Properties. Choose the sharing tab and check on Allow other networks users to connect through this computers Internet connection.
    • Youre all set, enjoy watching movies and series on your shiny new Smart TV!

    The process for Mac OSX users is very similar and just as simple.

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    How To Set Up A VPN For Smart TV In 4 Easy Steps

    Most Smart TVs come with a wide range of apps pre-installed, but due to regional restrictions, you might not be able to use them all. Additionally, you may find that some of the apps youd like to install arent available in your countrys app store. Luckily, you can change your location in a matter of minutes by connecting to a VPN.

    The problem is that every Smart TV is different. While some allow unrestricted access to popular app stores, others only come with a handful of pre-approved apps and make it difficult to install anything new, including VPNs. Dont worry, though: well walk you through the process of installing a VPN on your Smart TV step-by-step so that you can stream safely and use geo-blocked apps from anywhere.

    How To Share A VPN Connection Wirelessly

    If you stream frequently, you probably wont want to run long cables from one device to another whenever youd like to watch something. The good news is that you dont have to since you can share a VPN connection over wifi.

    VPN over wifi on Windows 10

    In older versions of Windows, you had to manually create a virtual router to share your connection over wifi. In Windows 10, however, things are much simpler:

  • Right-click the network icon in the bottom-right and select Open Network & Internet settings.
  • Choose Mobile hotspot from the list on the left-hand side.
  • Toggle the Mobile hotspot button on and choose WiFi in the the dropdown.
  • If youd like to change the SSID or password, click Edit and enter your preferred details.
  • Scroll down and click on Change adapter options.
  • Right-click the adapter that mentions your VPN and the word TAP .
  • Select Properties, then the Sharing tab, and enable Allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection.
  • In the dropdown menu, select the network you just created and click OK.
  • Connect to the VPN, and on your secondary device, connect to the new network. You should now be connected to the VPN on both devices.
  • VPN over wifi on MacOS

  • Click the Apple icon and select System Preferences, then Sharing.
  • Check the Internet Sharing box on the left-hand side.
  • Select your VPN adapter in the list.
  • In the box on the right marked To computers using, choose Wi-Fi.
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