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How To Hide Your Ip Address Without VPN

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To Stop Your Isp From Tracking You

HOW TO HIDE IP ADDRESS WITHOUT A VPN | How To Hide Your IP For Secure and Anonymous Browsing

Unsurprisingly, your own internet service provider also tracks your online activity. Like websites you visit, they have the legal right to do so. Unfortunately, it places your digital browsing data at a higher risk, since you normally dont have many ISPs to choose from and not all of them are as secure as others.

Additionally, while your ISPs dont normally sell your data, they could provide marketing research firms and advertising networks with your data if they chose to. When you hide your IP address, you not only prevent third-party companies from tracking your activity, but your ISP as well.

Final Thoughts: Hide Or Change Your Ip To Browse With Confidence

If you dont hide your IP address when using the internet, your activity and identity are tracked by the websites and apps you use, your ISP, and government authorities. So, for privacys sake, its always advisable to change your IP using a VPN or proxy server or by browsing in the Tor browser.

Investing in a VPN is the best option, because it also gives you additional benefits, such as access to geo-blocked content. Do you have any other questions about why or how to change your IP address? Let us know in the comments below so we can help you out.

Do you have a question about changing or hiding your IP address? Check our overview of frequently asked questions below to see if your question is listed. Click on a question to see the answer.

How About The Free VPN Services

Let me start with a time-worn phrase, if it is free, you are the product. Or probably, there are no free meals!

However cliched these sayings may sound, they still hold weight in the provider-consumer landscape.

Yes, it is true that there are plenty of free VPN services out there. I have tried many of them personally. Honestly, they seem very promising. Some of them even have professional designs lending them the appearance of credibility. But, when it comes to security and privacy, their true nature is revealed.

You may hide your IP address with a free VPN, but dont forget that there is always some price to pay.

It takes a lot of money and manpower to establish and maintain VPN servers. If a VPN is free, it must still be racking dollars from somewhere. Many free VPN clients are ad-based. Every now and then, an annoying ad pops up when you try to use the free VPN app. So, thats one way they make money. Nothing wrong with that as long as the ads pops are not malicious. However, sometimes they are.

Some free VPNs have tried to quietly slip in malware and adware, which were promptly flagged by our anti-virus. However, some have swiftly snuck past the antivirus protection too. Security matters a lot to me and that one risk I will never take that comes with many free VPNs.

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Use Mobile Network Slow And Not Encrypted

A quick way to change your IP address, if you fear yours has been compromised, is to use your cell phones data. As its a different system, it will have a different IP address.

This, of course, is no substitute to a laptop/PC workstation. It may aid you in rare emergency situations, when your IP is obviously being attacked, but outside of that, relying on Mobile Data is both ineffective and short-sighted.

How To Hide Your Ip Address

How to hide IP address with a VPN

When you head out into public, to a coffee shop to meet friends or a convenience store for some supplies, you don’t usually have your phone number or home address pasted to the back of your jacket. However, when you browse the internet, that’s sort of what happens, except with your internet protocol address. Nothing would usually come of wearing your address prominently on your jacket, but that one time something did happen you’d wish you’d taken a precautionary step. In the case of an IP address, that step is hiding it from the public.

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How To Check Your Ip Address

Once youve used a VPN or another method to hide your IP address, its important to check that its working. You should do this right after hiding it, and then periodically for as long as you need it to stay hidden. This will help you detect any errors that could compromise your privacy.

Our IP checking tool is the simplest way to ensure that your IP address is completely hidden. It will automatically display your IP address and the geolocation associated with it.

If your IP address has been hidden correctly, our tool will display the IP address and location of the VPN or proxy server youre connected to. If not, it will display your own IP address and physical location letting you know that something has gone wrong.

Can My Ip Address Ever Truly Be Hidden

While its not possible to hide your IP address from everyone, you can achieve an effective level of privacy sufficient for everyday needs. With a VPN, the only entity that can link your online activity to your IP address is your VPN provider itself. This is why its so important to choose a VPN provider with a reliable reputation for security, and one that doesnt keep logs of user activity.

Your ISP can see the type, timing, and amount of traffic youre sending to the VPN server, but they wont know the specifics. The same goes for Tor. Many proxies dont encrypt your traffic, and so your ISP will be able to access your activity if it wants to while youre using a proxy. And, as mentioned earlier, all the websites and services you use while connected to a VPN will see only the VPNs IP address, not yours.

The primary purpose for hiding your IP address is to protect your online activity and location from third-party observers: websites, advertisers who use ad tracking techniques, and cybercriminals. When your safety and privacy is at risk, its important to be proactive.

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Does A VPN Change Your Ip

One of the most important things that we are looking forward to in life is to be safe and discreet, especially in our online activities. When you sign up for one of the top VPNs, one of the key benefits you may be seeking is the opportunity to ensure a higher level of privacy online and to hide your IP, remaining anonymous. If you browse online without using Virtual Private Networks, websites can see your router IP and Internet service provider information. They are the simplest and most convenient solution to disguise, conceal and VPN does change your IP.

One of the most common queries is about whether Virtual Private Network providers will alter or hide your IP, and if so, what that entails. VPNs change your IP address, VPN does hide IP. Before we go deeper into VPN change, let’s first have an understanding of an IP.

Using The Tor Browser And A VPN Together

How to Hide Your VPN IP Address to Bypass University or Work Blocks

If you want to give your online privacy an extra boost, you might consider using both a VPN and the Tor web browser.

Tor, which stands for The Onion Router, is a web browser that connects you to the internet through the Tor network. This network is a favorite among some web users because it helps you stay anonymous while you’re online.

When you use the Tor browser to visit web sites, stream music, watch videos, or chat in online forums, your activity is randomly sent through a network of servers before you reach the site you want to visit. This protects your location and identity.

Using the Tor browser is simple: You just download it onto your computer and then click on it whenever you want to search the web.

It’s important to remember, though, that Tor is just a browser, not a VPN. If you want to boost your online privacy and hide your IP address, it might be best to use a VPN to connect to the internet and Tor to search it.

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Call Your Internet Service Provider

The bitter truth is that we have zero influence on what IP address our systems get assigned to. We can only ask or force our Internet Service Providers to change our IPs for us.

There are two types of IP addresses that your ISP will assign to you. Static and Dynamic. A static IP is difficult to change as youll have to go through a lengthy process with your ISP. Most internet providers will, fortunately, assign dynamic IPs.

Asking nicely, so Mom thought me, is always step one. Calling up your ISP and simply asking for an IP change will often do the trick, though you may have to face some unexpected and forward questions as to your motivation behind such a request. Telling them youre teaching son or younger brother the basics of networking, seems to do the trick.

Force an IP change by unplugging your modem

If being nice fails, an easy way to attempt to force an IP change by your ISP, is to unhook your modem and reconnect it after a little while. By severing your connection to your ISP, youre very likely to be assigned a new IP range. This only works if you operate on dynamic IPs, however. You also have to remain disconnected from the internet for many hours to prompt a change in IP address.

Here are some additional steps you can take on Windows before unhooking your Modem:Windows system connected via cable

  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator
  • Type ipconfig /release, without the quotes and hit Enter
  • Type ipconfig /renew, without the quotes and hit Enter
  • What Is Ip Masking

    IP masking is just another term for hiding your IP address. Essentially, it means that youre covering up your actual IP address with a different one from another server somewhere else in the world. This is the only way to use the internet without revealing your IP address.

    The best way to mask your IP address is with a VPN, which makes it impossible for anyone to identify your location or identity based on your online activity.

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    Tor Mask Your Ip For Free

    If you want to stay completely anonymous online without paying a cent, Tor is a solid solution. It consists of a large network of volunteer-operated servers around the world. When you use Tor, your traffic is routed through several of these servers and encrypted various times, making it nearly impossible for anyone to trace it back to your IP address.

    However, all of that encryption and decryption makes Tor incredibly slow, so its not useful for streaming or downloading and its developers advise against using it to torrent. If you just want to browse, you can use Tor Browser or download the Firefox extension. However, for the highest possible level of privacy, I recommend using Tor in combination with a VPN.

    How To Hide Ip Address Using VPN

    (hindi)How to Hide Your Ip address without using vpn by ...

    Here are the steps to hide your IP address using NordVPN:

    Step 1) Go to

    Now, click the Get NordVPN button

    Step 2) NordVPN provides 3 plans: 1) 1 month, 2) 1 year, and 3) 2 years.

    Select 1 Month plan

    Step 3) Click the Continue to Payment button

    The payment page will open up

    Step 4) Select your payment method,

    as Credit Card

    Step 5) Enter the following details:

  • Select Country and State
  • Payment details like First name, last name, card number, expiration month, expiration year, CVV, etc
  • Step 6) Perform the following steps:

  • Enter your email address
  • Step 7) Perform the following steps:

  • Enter password
  • Step 8) Then click on the Download the NordVPN app button to download NordVPN

    Step 9) Install and launch the NordVPN application by clicking on the desktop shortcut

    Step 10) Now, first, you need to check your current IP address. For that, you need to type my ip address in a google chrome search box.

    Step 11) You can see your IP address,

    In the first search result.

    Step 12) Select the United States country,

    To change your IP address.

    Step 13) Once you connect to United States VPN, again type my IP address in a google chrome search box.

    You can see your original IP address is replaced by a new IP address from United States. This way, you can easily hide your original IP address.

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    Why Would You Hide Your Ip Address

    You may have your very own reasons for hiding your IP address, but here are a few popular reasons why people would want to hide their public IP address.

    • Hide your identity from your competitors – You may be commenting on your or competitor’s products on various forums, and using your IP address will reveal your identity.
    • Hide your geographical location – Certain networks prevent users from a specific geographical location, and use of proxy IP address will circumbent this problem.
    • Prevent Website Tracking – Every website or webpage you visited is tracked by the server hosted by the website owner. By hiding your IP address, your web visits cannot be tracked.
    • Work around Internet Censorship – Some countries like China implements strictInternet Censorship for a variety of laws and regulations. By hiding your IP address and obtaining a new IP address from a different geolocation, you may bypassInternet Censorship and unblock websites such as Google, YouTube andFacebook which otherwise blocked.

    Hide Your Location While Browsing On Iphone

    When you use the Private Relay, it hides your IP address with a spoofed one. It will show somewhere near to your exact location. That means, even if your exact location is hidden, some nearby locations will be visible to the website. There are options to hide your location while browsing and show a nearby place instead of that.

    Lets see how to hide location on iPhone from websites using Private Relay.

    Open Settings on iPhone and tap on your name at the top.

    Go to iCloud > Private Relay.

    From the Private Relay settings, tap on IP Address Location Settings.

    Choose Use Broader Location from the next screen. Once you enable this, all websites you visit will not even get your near approximate location. Private Relay will show a broader location but from within your country.

    When you visit a website, they can track your IP address, location. Some use this to serve data while some spooky websites may use your information to steal data. In either of the cases, using the iCloud Private Delay, you can now easily hide your IP addresses on your iPhone without VPN services. Hope you now get a clearer idea about the new Private Relay.

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    Is There A Way To Hide My Ip Address From My Isp

    No, there is no way to hide your IP address from your internet service provider. Even when you use a VPN, your IP address is still being used to communicate with the VPN server. However, a VPN keeps your ISP from seeing what youre doing online, while hiding your IP address from the apps and websites youre using so no one can see the whole picture.

    Connect With A Mobile Network

    How to hide ip address without programs on Windows – L2TP VPN connection

    Changing networks will change your IP address since the address is assigned by the router when you access the network. If you have a mobile device with a data plan you can create your own wireless hotspot and use that network instead of your usual means of connecting. This will hide your true IP address.

    Pros and Cons

    • No data encryption.

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    Why You Need A VPN To Hide Your Ip Address

    Typically when you visit a site your service provider and the site itself gather information from you. This can be used in a variety of ways from targeted ads, to slowing your speeds, to blocking content.

    A VPN masks your IP address letting you avoid this. By hiding your activity, your ISP wont throttle your speeds while streaming or gaming. You can also appear to be in any country where the VPN has servers so youll be able to access that countrys streaming services .

    With a VPN, you can easily hide your IP address and gain all the benefits of browsing with your location and activity hidden.

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    ExpressVPN has super-fast servers so you can browse without delays. I tested 15 servers and found I was getting speedy responses to whatever I tried, with download speeds over 55 Mbps. With this, you can stream in HD, game, or simply browse without interruptions all while your IP address is hidden.

    Youll keep your information hidden with ExpressVPN, even from your ISP. During my tests on servers from Canada to Hong Kong, I was pleased to find that I could hide my location in each of these regions without issue. Its Lightway VPN protocol even secures you if your WiFi drops or you switch between servers, so you can rest assured youll always be protected!

    ExpressVPN lets you take 49% off the price with its current discount.

    Why Hide Or Mask Your Ip Address

    Your IP address can be used against you for those annoying ads, and it can also be used for more malicious purposes. Just like someone can track you down when they know your home address, they can also track you down when they know your IP address.

    Hiding your IP address can be a defensive tactic, but it can also be an offensive tactic. Is there a geo-restricted website or video you really want to watch? Hiding your IP will trick the other party into thinking you’re located somewhere you aren’t somewhere that can get past the geo-restriction.

    These are a couple of basic reasons you might want to hide or mask your IP. There are plenty more reasons not listed here that we won’t get into , and there are a few ways you can make sure your actual IP address is not discovered.

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