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How To Improve VPN Performance

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Reduce The Encryption Level

How to increase VPN speed | 4 TIPS for max VPN performance

Encryption is a critical factor for most VPN users. It allows you to encrypt and decrypt all the data that you send and receive, thereby hiding the transmitted information. There is a direct correlation between the encryption strength and the VPN speed. As a rule, the best encryption means slower speed. Some VPN protocols that are considered the most secure can reduce the connection speed by ten times.

In situations when encryption and security do not play an essential role to you, I recommend using less secure encryption protocols to solve the problem of slow VPNs.

Here is a comparison of encryption protocols and their influence on the Internet speed:

  • PPTP is the fastest but outdated security standard.

  • L2TP / IPSec is slow but has a very high security standard.

  • OpenVPN offers better security, above average. Acceptable speed. The best protocol for everyday usage.

  • SSTP – slower than PPTP, but faster than the rest.

You can try each of them and choose the most suitable for your needs.

Does A VPN Slow Your Internet

The VPNs main objective is to encrypt your internet activity, and reroute it via a remote server thereby hiding your true identity and location. Therefore, since a VPN adds an extra wall of security between your device and the internet, its extremely likely that your browsing speeds will be slower, and annoying.

Fortunately, therere a couple of steps you can follow to reduce the impact caused the VPN encryption. Well also focus on the various instances where a VPN can make your browsing speeds faster. Therefore, if your VPN is slowing your browsing speeds, these are the things to check:

Do Some Changing In Wireless Channels

Most wireless routers run with specific channels, ranging from 1 to 11 for sending and receiving data. If you are operating a router on a certain channel for five to six months, chances are it will slow the connection speed.

The easy way to detect the wireless channel your router has is to use a free tool like an insider. It scans the Wi-Fi networks in your surrounding and helps you detect the best router channel.

If the surrounding routers are working with the same channel setting, it may affect the speed of your router. There will be limited power and range. Switching to another wireless channel setting is very easy. All you need to do is find the correct IP address in the documentation that you receive with the router. Type the address in your browsers bar and change the wireless channel setting.

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Change From A Wireless Connection To A Wired Connection

Theres no doubt that WiFi is the most preferred form of connecting to the internet today. You can access the web from anywhere in your house without the hassle of wires and cables. But, did you know that the speeds you get on wireless connections are usually slower than a wired connection?

This is because data packets travel between your device and the router through radio signals, which are prone to interference and disruption. Packet loss will impact connection speeds. Moreover, wireless connections use a shared channel to transmit data to multiple devices at the same time, which makes your internet slow.

If your device has ethernet ports and you have an ethernet cable lying at home, then its probably a good idea to use a wired connection for faster internet speeds.

Try To Change The Server That You Use

How to increase VPN speed

Most of VPN connection speed problems come from the server that you are using. Usually, if the server is overloaded with too many users that use the server at the same time, it can easily cause performance problems, including slow speed, failing to open certain websites, and so on. So, the first step that you should do is to change the server that you use. Lets say that you are now using the US server. Try to change the server to Canada server, Germany server, or any other server locations. It is also a good idea to change to the server nearest to your location. It will provide you with a considerable speed boost that you need.

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Does VPN Improve Stability

You will not experience an increase in connection speed or reliability with VPNs. The connection will likely be slower if you use a VPN. By using a VPN you can add a more comprehensive layer of protection for your online traffic. To create a VPN, you require existing internet access for a remote server to connect to.

Limitations On Your VPN Usage

While most highly reputable VPN service providers will give you no limitations on your VPN usage, such as speed limitations and bandwidth limitations, some service providers might give you these limitations. This is especially true for VPN providers that offer free trials for their users. When you use the free trial version of the software, your private connection speed is usually limited, and the amount of data that you can transfer is usually limited as well. So, dont be surprised if you experience a lot of slowdown when using such service. The way to solve this problem is to use only the VPN provider that doesnt give you any limitations in maximum speed and data transmission on your VPN usage.

Those are the 5 factors that affect your VPN performance. It is important to understand these factors, so that you can find the best solution for your VPN problems whenever it happens. Remember that it is always recommended for you to use only a high quality and reputable VPN service, and avoid using any free VPN software, if you want to get the best performance for your private network connection.

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Main Bottleneck Locations And Examples Of Countermeasures

The performance of a remote access VPN on the ASA is affected by many factors. Below are the major bottleneck locations and examples of countermeasures.

Bottleneck location

Countermeasure example


The higher the communication volume, the heavier the load on the ASA for processing that communication. Therefore, how to reduce the traffic is important for maintaining performance. Throughput can be expected to improve by using DTLS with good communication efficiency

  • Use of split tunnel
  • Speed and quality of lines and routes
  • Check and disconnect users with high traffic
  • Change the maximum number of connectable AnyConnect
  • Upgrade or Configuration change

Number of sessions

Each model has a maximum number of hard-coded connections and cannot exceed AnyConnect connections. Also, if the rate of new AnyConnect connection is high, the load of session establishment processing will also increase.

  • Upgrade or Configuration change

Functions and settings

In general, the more you use features and settings, the less performance you experience. The best way to maximize the performance of a remote access VPN termination is to make the ASA a dedicated remote access VPN termination.

  • Reduction of unnecessary functions and settings

Optimization by model

The performance of the ASAv virtual firewall changes depending on the performance of the installed server. For high-end models such as ASA5585 and FPR4100, SSL processing of the engine can be optimized.

  • ASAv performance optimization

Change The Maximum Number Of Connectable Anyconnect


The ASA accepts RA VPN connections by default up to the maximum number of connections allowed. However, if the number of accesses is concentrated and all units communicate at the same time, or if bursty traffic occurs on some terminals, the throughput that can be used per unit will decrease, and depending on the application you are using, business The throughput may not be practical enough. In addition, the higher the number of simultaneous connections and the rate of new connections, the greater the load on the ASA in managing and processing them.

vpn-sessiondb max-anyconnect-premium-or-essentials-limit 

For ASDM, the maximum number of AnyConnect sessions can be set from the menu below.

Configuration> Remote Access VPN> Advanced> Maximum VPN Sessions

For example, if you want to secure a communication speed of about 10 Mbps per desk on a product with a VPN throughput of 1 Gbps, you can secure the throughput per unit by setting the maximum number of connections to 100.

In addition, the connection exceeding the maximum connectable number will be rejected with the following syslog output. Disconnected AnyConnect users need to manually switch to another remote access VPN server.

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Remote Workers VPN Performance

Get answers from your peers

We have several clients that are working remotely of course with all that is going on.

Each network there vpn into are Meraki Networks One is a sonicwall.

We have them setup with IPsec and AD authentication .

What are some thing that you Spiceheads are doing to speed these vpn connections up ?

Make performance better both on network side and he home users side ?

Some are connecting vpn and just using network shares others are setup to vpn in and then RDP

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VPN’s are usually slowed down when devices can’t handle the encryption/decryption load anymore. That’s why a lot of firewalls/routers will show you reduced throughput when SSL-VPN or IPsec is going to be used. Sometimes lowering the encryption to a lower standard will eke out a bit more performance out of it but you can already see how that’s probably a bad idea.

If VPN is slow, upgrade Internet speeds at one or both ends, or use better hardware that can handle the load better. There is not a whole lot more you can do.

Depending on a LOT of factors this may make a huge difference or not a difference at all. It depends 100% on the type of traffic you’re dealing with and if it can even benefit from this. It’ll cost you as well, having to invest in such hardware.

I was reading about split tunneling is that good?

How To Fix VPN Speed Problems

Assuming that youve determined that its the VPN thats slowing things down, there are three options you can choose from to fix the problem. Depending on which VPN youre using, the way that you perform these actions will be a bit differentdifferent VPNs have their own software tools and options. Well try to explain these tips in a general way so that you can take advantage of them on any VPN.

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Now You Know Why Your VPN Is Slow

As we’ve seen, internet access over a VPN will probably never be the exact same speed as your ISP’s baseline. But you have several options to ensure that the VPN isn’t too slow:

  • Pick the right server
  • Keep your VPN client up to date
  • Use Ethernet rather than Wi-Fi
  • Reduce the encryption level where suitable
  • Don’t set up a VPN on your router
  • Try TCP and UDP protocols
  • Use split tunneling
  • Still Experiencing Speed Issues


    At ProtonVPN, we strive to not only provide the most secure VPN service, but also the fastest VPN service. To do this, we only use high-performance servers in data centers with the best network connectivity. If you are experiencing poor connection speeds on one of our servers, we would like to know about it. Please tell us which server is performing poorly by contacting us.

    Best Regards,

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    Which Country Has The Fastest Connection

    South Korea has the fastest internet speed at 26.7 Mbps, compared to the global average speed of 5.5 Mbps. To put it into perspective, with South Koreas speed, you could download an HD movie in seconds rather than hours.

    Sweden ranks second at 19.5 Mbps, followed closely by Norway , Japan , and the Netherlands .

    Of the top 10 countries with the fastest internet speeds, Denmark has the lowest speeds of 16.1 Mbps, while Hong Kong, Latvia, Switzerland, and Finland all have speeds between 16.6 Mbps and 16.8 Mbps.

    Getting Started With VPN Performance Monitoring

    I hope you find these stories helpful in jumpstarting your own VPN performance investigations. We are here to assist your company in this time of increased stress on the workforce and the IT resources trying to support them.

    For current SysTrack customers: If you have not already, we encourage you to import the free remote work SysTrack Kits containing dashboards and reports that surface critical insights for delivering a positive digital experience for your remote workers.

    For non-SysTrack customers: Lakeside is offering a free cloud trial of SysTrack with additional dashboards for remote work monitoring and support. To learn more, visit our remote work page.

    Free SysTrack Trial

    Do you have the visibility needed to monitor VPN performance and improve the remote work experience? See what difference digital experience monitoring could make for your team by trying SysTrack for free!

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    Connect To A Server That Isn’t Overloaded

    When too many people are using a single VPN server, the server can get overloaded and your connection speed can take a hit. Some VPN providers display the current server load on their servers either in the app itself or on the website. If you choose one with a lighter load, you’ll generally achieve faster speeds. If your VPN provider doesn’t display the current load on its servers, try connecting to a few different ones to see which gets you the fastest speeds. Sometimes, it just takes a little trial and error.

    Your VPN will lower the speed of your connection, but you can try to minimize that hit.

    What Affects Internet Speed

    How to Improve Slow VPN Speeds (Tips Tricks for 2021)

    At its core, a VPN’s job is to encrypt your connection and send it through a secure VPN server. Because a VPN adds extra steps between you and the internet, its bound to slow down your connection somewhat. However, there are tips you can use to reduce the impact, and well even see cases later where a premium service like NordVPN can make your internet faster!

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    How To Improve VPN Performance

    Getting More Efficiency Out of Your VPN: Six Things to KnowMake sure your VPN is not the cause of the problem. Make sure you select the right VPN provider. You must change the server where you have been using. Make sure your VPN settings are set correctly. Make the switch to wired connection. All of your devices should be restarting one by one now.

    How Can I Increase My VPN Speed

  • Change the location of the VPN servers.
  • If this doesnt work, try another VPN protocol.
  • Set up split tunneling when it is enabled.
  • Please change the provider of your VPN service.
  • Make sure all background apps are closed.
  • Connect it using ethernet only.
  • Allow your antivirus and firewall to temporarily be disabled.
  • Ensure that your devices are rebooted.
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    How To Improve The Performance Of Your Router

    If you are one of those who have experienced seemingly abrupt disconnections during live streaming, playing games or online surfing, then you must know the frustration. The poor wireless connection does not only affect your internet speed but also wastes a lot of time while spoiling your mood.

    The good news is that buying a brand new router is not the only solution if your router has run out. There are a plethora of ways you can improve both the speed and performance of your router. Here are a few of them.

    When Creating Efficient Traffic Routes

    Hate Your VPN? How to Improve Application Performance for ...

    Like we discussed earlier, connecting to distant servers can greatly lower your internet speeds. However, in a rare instance, this can have significant benefits to your connection. It all comes down to how your local ISP routes your internet traffic.

    Every ISP has formal partners/infrastructure that they often send your browser traffic through a preferred roadmap. Therefore, the roadmap they choose to use for your internet traffic might or might not have the most efficient route.

    Theres a potential possibility that your traffic will be sent through poor infrastructure, or to distant servers, and if the VPN servers create a new path that is much efficient, then youll experience increased speeds.

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    Choose A VPN That Won’t Slow You Down

    You can avoid all the above procedures by choosing a VPN thats continually updated to provide you with the fastest available speeds. Avast SecureLine VPN is a lightning-fast private tunnel through the internet fueled by a secure network of servers across the globe. Save yourself all the headaches of regular optimization and maintenance with a VPN thats designed with your convenience in mind.

    Boost Your VPN Speed Today

    Its important to have a fast connection for basically everything you do online outside of reading Wikipedia. So follow the guide, and youll be enjoying all the security and accessibility that a VPN brings with the least possible impact to your speed .

    or use the 30-day money-back guarantee if its slow!

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    VPNs Offer Both Speed And Security

    So, as you can see, the server location plays one of the main roles in speed performance and latency. If you use a VPN for simply browsing the web, you will experience little to no latency. If you use a VPN for watching video content securely, you might want to explore ways to make streaming faster. In this case, we recommend connecting to special servers optimized for secure streaming. You can also try out these tips on how to increase VPN speeds.

    A VPN wont significantly increase your data usage, but this depends on the provider and protocol used. The usage usually increases by around 5 or 10% due to the encryption process. In terms of speed, your VPN can only be as fast as your inetrnet connection. In fact, slight drops of around 10-20% in speed are absolutely normal when using a VPN, since their main priority should always be security and privacy.

    If you want to see for yourself how fast NordVPN is, you can today. Make sure you use a NordVPN coupon to get the best deal available.

    Do you want speed and security online?

    Get both with the world’s leading VPN

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