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How To Increase Internet Speed Using VPN

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How To Increase Internet Speed Using A VPN

How to Increase VPN Connection Speeds (5 Simple Tips)

Unfortunately, a VPN isnt the best solution for every cause of a slow internet connection. In some situations, they can even make things slower than it otherwise would be such as Geographic Distance, VPN congestion, or Encryption Latency. So how to increase Internet speed using a VPN?

How to increase Internet speed using a VPN?

Recommended Internet Service Providers

Your router also strongly impacts your internet speed. If its outdated, your router isnt going to be able to keep up. Its location in the home also makes a difference youll want your router close so it can get a strong signal to your devices.

Of course, youll want to make sure your modem and all your hardware is working as it should.

Before you accept that buffering wheel as your way of life, check out our tips for improving your internet speed.

Can A VPN Increase Internet Speed Sometimes Yes

One of the most common questions regarding VPN usage is: Can a VPN increase Internet speed? Yes, it can, but most of the time, it wont. I am going to explain when, why, and how it is possible.

We have performed a series of tests that show that a VPN may sometimes increase Internet speed. Lets see the results first, and then we will find an explanation.

What You’ll Learn

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How To Increase Your Internet Speed In 10 Easy Steps

29 MIN READ | Last updated: May 30, 2022 | By Adina Ailoaiei

Slow internet is the worst! Even studies show that wonky Wi-Fi connections are the number one modern-day inconvenience.

If your downloads take long to finish, your Zoom calls are a nightmare, and your games lag every other moment, I feel your pain. Luckily, you can get your internet connection in the fast lane with a few quick adjustments, and Im here to tell you all about them.

Keep in mind that faster connection speeds dont equate to a safer and more secure connection. Use CyberGhost VPN to encrypt your connection and keep cyber threats at bay.

Now without further ado, lets get tweaking!

Why Does Using A VPN Slow Down Internet Speeds

Increase your Internet Speed Using VPN

A VPN works by tunneling your internet activity through an encrypted tunnel to an external server. Rerouting your internet traffic through an external VPN server increases security and privacy by preventing other parties, such as your internet service provider or the government, from snooping on your online activity or exposing your IP address.

However, the process of encryption and rerouting also increases the time taken for internet packets to travel from your device to the destination. As a result, you are likely to experience a slowdown in your internet connection when using a VPN.

Usually, the reduction in your internet speed should not be significant. But, if youre experiencing a constantly slow VPN connection, then it may be time to try out some of the methods listed below to make your VPN faster:

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Compare Your Numbers With Your Plan

Now, the moment of truth: do you have slow internet speed? Check how those numbers compare to what you should be getting from your internet service provider . Whether or not your numbers can be improved depends entirely on them and your subscription.

For example, if youre on a 15Mbps plan, you wont be able to get a faster connection, no matter how many tricks you try. Unless you upgrade your plan. The rule of thumb in the industry is that getting 70-80% of your contractual speed is acceptable.

Pro-Tip: Read the contract from your ISP. It should state what you can get from the service. No matter what you do, you wont be able to bypass data caps or reroute your ISPs infrastructure to modify your baseline speed.

For below-average speeds, contact your ISP to see if they have any technical issues in your area. Maintenance downtime or outages typically dont last longer than a day or two, after which your speed should be back to normal.

If everythings ok with your ISP, but your internet is still a slowpoke, its time to put on your detective cap and see whats going on.

Change Server To A Location Near You

To make your VPN fast, you need a server near your exact place as necessary. If you are in the UK, rather than New Zealand, shoot for the UK or Europe. You may also do this on databases that are uncongested.

It might slow down your internet speed if you select a geographically remote server from your actual position. Linking to a nearby server can help to boost your VPN speed and lower latency.

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Check Your Firewall Or Antivirus Software

I dont recommend turning off your firewall or antivirus , but you can check their logs to see if there is any blocked traffic thats causing constant reconnections. If you are confident that your firewall is the issue, turn it off at your own risk to see if it is the culprit for reduced experienced speeds.

Can A VPN Speed Up My Connection

How to improve your VPN connection speed | NordVPN

There is perhaps one situation where a VPN could actually improve the speed of your connection. If your internet service provider is currently throttling your bandwidth then switching to a VPN could be a good shout.

You can use a VPN to check if your ISP is doing you dirty

Bandwidth throttling is when an internet service provider decides to purposefully slow down their network to minimize congestion. It’s a reactive measure usually deployed at individuals using a lot of bandwidth or a specific type of traffic that a number of devices on the network are creating.

With a VPN, however, your ISP can’t see what kind of traffic you’re creating, because it’s all encrypted. This means they can’t throttle your bandwidth because, essentially, they don’t know what you’re using it for.

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Will A VPN Stop Buffering

Buffering issues are often a result of ISP throttling. If your ISP can see that youve been streaming a lot or consuming a large amount of bandwidth, they are more likely to throttle your speed. Since a VPN hides what youre doing from your ISP, they cant throttle your speed, which means youll have far less buffering issues.

VPN Unlimited Speed: Does A VPN Slow Down Your Internet Connection

In present-day reality, using a VPN application is a must for anyone who wants to keep their data safe and enjoy unrestricted internet access. Your VPN speed directly depends on your internet speed and if this speed is mediocre, the VPN app cant be faster. However, since VPN encrypts your traffic, using such a service affects your connection speed in any case.

A slight speed loss is a small price to pay for your online security and data privacy. This speed loss can be different and it depends on a variety of factors like the distance from your current location to a VPN server and the servers workload. If you feel uncomfortable with your VPN connection speed, keep reading to learn how to make VPN faster.

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Can A VPN Slow Down Internet Speed

Now that you know the basics of what a VPN is, lets talk about whether or not it can actually slow down your internet speed.

The short answer is: Yes, a VPN can slow down your internet speed. Think of it this way when youre using a VPN, your data has to travel an extra leg of the journey, and that can sometimes add a bit of time.

However, its important to keep in mind that there are a lot of factors that can affect your internet speed, and a VPN is just one of them. Here are some other things that can affect your speed:

  • The strength of your internet connection: If you have a slow or unreliable internet connection, that will definitely impact your speed, with or without a VPN.
  • The server youre connected to: If youre connected to a server thats far from your location, that can also add some time.
  • Your computers performance: If your computer is old or running slowly, that can also affect your speed.

So, while a VPN can potentially slow down your internet speed, its not necessarily the only factor at play.

Test The Speed On Another Device


Did you know that different devices also affect the connectivity speed of the internet, especially when you are using a VPN service to protect your privacy and data when browsing online? You may come to realise that some devices work better and faster with your particular VPN service. The problem usually arises from a VPNs tough encryption.

Encryption is of course necessary, however. You may therefore simply need to change the device you are using in correlation to your VPN service provider. Note too that routers will often produce slower speeds when used with a VPN. Android devices have also often been reported to slow down connectivity.

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How To Get Faster VPN Speeds Simple Hacks

Using a VPN will slow down your internet connection, but if you follow these tips, you can minimize the impact.

  • Use an ethernet cable. Youll see the fastest base speeds when you hardwire your computer to the internet. A faster base speed will result in a faster VPN connection speed. Use WiFi only when necessary.
  • Connect to a nearby server. In most cases, the further your data has to travel, the more your connection speeds will slow. Use the closest available server based on what youre trying to do. If you just want to protect your identity and personal info, connecting to a server in your city or state is sufficient.
  • Use the right VPN protocol. A VPNs protocols determine the level at which it encrypts your data. Some protocols are super secure, but the tradeoff is that your encrypted data takes longer to travel back and forth. Other protocols reduce security, which improves speed. Determine which VPN protocol to use based on what youre doing online and how much protection you need.
  • Try different ports. Some anti-VPN technology works by blocking or restricting particular ports that VPNs are known to use. You can sometimes get around these limitations by trying a different port
  • Make Sure Your Router Is In A Good Place

    One of the most important decisions for the quality of your signal is where you place your router. When technicians come into a house to set up an internet connection, theyre not looking to optimize your connection they just want to place the modem where the line enters the property. Usually, thats along the wall in the corner of the house.

    Thats far from ideal for you, though. Instead, heres what you should do.

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    Update Reinstall Or Switch Apps

    VPN apps, like any others, can have bugs which only appear over time. Could your speed issue be one of the results? There’s an easy way to find out: uninstall the app, then reinstall the latest version.

    If you’re only using the VPN on one or two device types right now, try installing it on others, see what happens. We’ve found this sometimes delivers real surprises, such as a VPN which took 30 seconds or more to connect on Windows and Android, for instance, but under 5 seconds with iOS.

    If you only need a VPN to protect your Windows laptop, say, then sure, knowing it’s much faster on an iPad doesn’t help you much. It’s valuable information which could help your VPN provider figure out what the real problem might be, though, so you should report it, explain everything else you’ve tried, and see if they can help.

    Ditch Your Wireless Connections

    Does VPN increase your internet speed

    Wireless connections give ease and comfort at the expense of speed and stability. Part of the blame for this is associated with the use of shared channels on multiple devices.

    Wired internet connections will provide less latency, which is related to the amount of time it takes to send a request or receive a response from a server. Your wireless connection is susceptible to interference from objects located in the path between your device and your modem, like walls, furniture, and other electronics. Wires bypass all of that by just being physically there. So use that and increase VPN speed by just increasing speed.

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    Use A Wired Connection

    Using a wired connection will typically be faster than using your Wi-Fi. Chances are you’ve got several devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network all at the same time — devices that are all sharing and competing for resources on the same wireless channel. This can result in an unstable internet connection and, therefore, slower speeds. If you have the proper equipment, try establishing a wired connection by hooking your computer up directly to your router via ethernet cable and then connect to your VPN.

    Install A Clear Cache Plugin

    If youve never heard of a cache on your internet browser, nows the time to find out what it is. As you visit websites and enter information, browsers collect little bits of information about you, often in the form of cookies. Marketers use your data to send you relevant ads for stuff you might want to buy based on your browsing behavior. If youve ever seen the same ad follow you around the internet, then youre already familiar with this concept.

    To get rid of all those cookies and trackers, you have to clear the cache on your browser. You can do this manually, but its easier to install a plugin like Clear Cache for Chrome so you can do it in one click. Make it a habit to clear your cache every day so all that accumulated data doesnt affect your internet speeds.

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    Subscribe To At Least Two VPNs For Backups

    Try subscribing to a number of different VPN services at once, and we often recommend people get at least two to have a backup.

    One explanation is that one VPN provider may provide better services than others. They could be overloading a host, too much traffic, or restricting bandwidth and throttle speeds on certain VPNs.

    Switching to another VPN in such situations would make it clear whether the trouble is your VPN and not your internet link.

    Change From A Wireless Connection To A Wired Connection


    Theres no doubt that WiFi is the most preferred form of connecting to the internet today. You can access the web from anywhere in your house without the hassle of wires and cables. But, did you know that the speeds you get on wireless connections are usually slower than a wired connection?

    This is because data packets travel between your device and the router through radio signals, which are prone to interference and disruption. Packet loss will impact connection speeds. Moreover, wireless connections use a shared channel to transmit data to multiple devices at the same time, which makes your internet slow.

    If your device has ethernet ports and you have an ethernet cable lying at home, then its probably a good idea to use a wired connection for faster internet speeds.

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    When A VPN Can Improve Internet Speeds

    There are some situations when using a VPN may improve internet speeds. For example, if your connection is slow due to delays in the typical data path. By having to go to a server first, a VPN connection might solve the problem by avoiding the parts of the path that are causing the slowness.

    You may also experience a speed boost if your traffic is destined for a network that has a better connection with the VPN providers network than your ISP does. Both those conditions arent all that common, however.

    One of the most common causes of internet slowness is bandwidth throttling, and it is something that a VPN can help stop. ISPs often resort to controlling traffic in this way, often without as much as a notification that its happening. It can be one of the most frustrating causes of a slow internet connection. Not only is it difficult to detect, but its also a slowdown which is being inflicted purposefully.

    What Impacts Internet Speed

    There are multiple factors that can affect your internet speed and performance. Everything from your router to the DNS settings you use can have an impact. If you use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi and use a VPN to avoid ISP throttling, you can boost your internet speed. Take advantage of our 45-day money-back guarantee to test out CyberGhost VPNs fast speeds.

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    Do VPNs Slow Down Your Internet

    It seems that, during each test we carried out, bandwidth throttling likely wasn’t taking place. This is why we saw the expected drop in internet speeds whenever a VPN was being used, rather than any kind of boost.

    So, if your network isn’t dealing with any kind of bandwidth throttling, it’s unlikely that using a VPN will help at all in terms of connection speeds. If no kind of intentional restriction is being placed on your bandwidth in the first place, then there’s not much a VPN can do to help when you’re streaming, gaming, or carrying out any other kind of bandwidth-intensive activity online.

    VPN Speed Test Methodology

    Increase Internet Speed By VPN!!!

    Each VPNs speed test result is an average of nine tests: three times of day spread at least four hours apart, and across three different locations: North America , Europe, and Asia. Exact locations depend on each VPNs available servers. We also measure the speed at each time without a VPN connection as a control.

    All tests are performed using the providers Windows app from the USA on a minimum 1 Gbps connection. Speeds are measured using the Speedtest.net desktop app. Outliers are thrown out and retested if they are more than three standard deviations away from the mean result.

    We only report download speed. We do not test latency, as this is more an indicator of our proximity to the server than the VPNs available bandwidth. We also do not test upload speed.

    We always advise readers to take VPN speed tests with a big grain of salt. Too many variables are at play. And weve also stated as clearly as possible, there is no such thing as the fastest VPN, no matter how many companies make such a claim.

    Note that some providers, including Mullvad, iVPN, and OVPN, could not be tested alongside the other VPNs due to technical limitations, but scored well in separate speed tests.

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