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How To Install VPN On Apple TV

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Set Up A VPN On A Router For Your Apple TV

How to Install a VPN on Apple TV 4K (2nd generation)
  • Step 1. Make sure your router is compatible with a VPN. If its not, you can use firmware to change that!
  • Step 2. Install a VPN client on your router. Surfshark has guides for Asus, DD-WRT, and Tomato routers.
  • Step 3. Pick a server location and turn the VPN ON. Make sure it works by looking up your IP on Google!
  • Confusing? Its ok! For a more in-depth explanation on how to install a VPN your router:

    How Do I Use Express VPN On My Smart TV

    On your device, go to the Android TV Google Play Store andsearch for ExpressVPN.

  • On the ExpressVPN app page, select INSTALL.
  • You will need to confirm app permissions beforeproceeding.
  • Back to top.
  • Use the Android TV remote to enter thefollowing information:
  • Click Sign In with the remote.
  • Similarly one may ask, can I use ExpressVPN on my smart TV?

    The list of smart TV devices is too large toguarantee that all of them will be able to useExpressVPN directly. Most Android TV devices are able torun ExpressVPN’s VPN app for Android with noissues.

    Subsequently, question is, can you put a VPN on a Samsung Smart TV? Setup VPN for Smart TV Samsung throughPCYou can also setup a VPN for Smart TVSamsung by sharing connection with your PC. You willfind an option called TAP-Win32 Adaptor V9hereif your VPN is using OpenVPN. Restart your PCand use Internet on your Samsung Smart TV for endlessstreaming!

    Keeping this in view, can you put a VPN on a smart TV?

    It is not always possible to install VPNsoftware directly onto a Smart TV. However, if yourSmart TV can access the Google Play Store you can install the VPN app directly onto your smart TV.

    How do I setup a VPN on my TV?

    Installing a VPN App on Your Smart TV

  • Look for the VPN provider in your app library.
  • Go to the app by your providers and download it.
  • Open the app and fill in your login data to log into your VPNaccount.
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    Intro: Watch Apple TV On Firestick

    Apple TV delivers a wide variety of exclusive content, such as movies, TV series, and so much more. Most importantly, you would want to watch Apple TV shows on your TV, and with it being one of the best Firestick channels right now, it makes streaming all your favorite content so much easier.

    To use Apple TV on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, you need to sign in using your Apple ID. If you are already using Apple devices, you can just use your current account. Otherwise, just make one. Its super easy. We will guide you through the process later in the article.

    Like most Apple devices, the Apple TV app has a sleek and clutter-free interface. You can easily navigate around with its straightforward and user-friendly look.

    If you want Apple TV+ access, you will get it via the Apple TV app.

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    Severs In Over 80 Locations

    One of the most convenient things about the Apple TV is that its not actually a TV, but a plastic box that we can plug in to our actual televisions via an HDMI cable. That makes it super convenient for traveling, as we can simply plug it into our hotels TVs and access our familiar old streaming services. If youre a frequent traveler like us , then youll appreciate the fact that VPN Unlimited has servers in over 80 different locations around the world. With a total of more than 500 servers, youll be able to get fast speeds just as we did with nearby servers.

    FYI: The closer the server is to you, the faster your browsing speed will be.

    How To Connect Apple TV To VPN Via Network Sharing

    Best Apple TV VPN in 2020 [Setup VPN on Apple TV Easily]

    Alternatively, you can install a VPN on your PC or Mac. Consequently, connect Apple TV to your computer and youre good to go. This is useful if you dont own a VPN-enabled router. Instead of buying a new router, you can easily install a VPN on your PC and continue from there. If you are searching for instructions on how to connect your Apple TV to a VPN through network sharing on a PC or Mac, check out this article Ive posted.

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    Option : Configure Smartdns On Your Apple TV

    The final option which youll find shared all over the internet is something known as SmartDNS.

    I like to describe SmartDNS like changing the license plate on a car. When you drive up to Netflix, they check your plate and see that youre in a specific country, and then they supply the appropriate content.

    Youre basically spoofing your location, and for the longest time this method worked.

    But now it doesntat least it doesnt for me.

    Ive set up SmartDNS from six different services and was never able to get one of them to work on any of the major streaming services .

    Try as I might, using every trick I know how, the SmartDNS setup was never able to spoof the location so that the streaming services allowed me to view a different library of shows.

    Perhaps youll have different results than I did. But for me, it has worked much better to either setup a VPN on the router or mirror a device to my Apple TV.

    Compatible With Apple Devices

    This goes without saying, but youre going to need a VPN thats compatible with Apple products and devices or it isnt going to work on your Apple TV. Bonus points if you can find a service with dedicated applications for Mac and iOS.

    Additionally, make sure you opt for a service that comes with multiple layers of encryption and security to keep your personal information and online activities obscured from prying.

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    The Best Apple TV VPN 2021

    Apple’s no stranger to streaming devices, and the Apple TV is one of the smartest, most portable, most attractive options on the market. Combine it with an Apple TV VPN, however, and it’s practically unstoppable.

    If you subscribe to any streaming service, you’ll probably know that what you can watch is determined by where you’re located. This is thanks to licensing restrictions, and it can be a real pain when you just want to watch your favorite shows and events. The best VPN is the answer.

    Using an Apple TV VPN can help you avoid these geo-blocks, but it’s well worth noting that not every VPN is compatible with your Apple TV. You’ll need one that supports Smart DNS, or, at the very least, has router support. We’ll expand on this more below.

    How To Set Up A Router VPN

    How to Setup a VPN on Apple TV to watch Netflix, Hulu, BBC and more

    The other way to use a VPN on your Apple TV is by setting it up on a Wi-Fi router. By doing this, all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi connection will experience the benefits of a VPN service.

    Here are the steps youll need to take to set up a VPN on your router:

    • Firstly, youll need to choose a VPN service that provides a VPN app and sign up for a subscription. Wed recommend ExpressVPN.
    • If you choose ExpressVPN, you can find comprehensive instructions for setting up its app on a range of compatible routers. These include models from manufacturers like Asus, Linksys, and Netgear.
    • The setup process is pretty similar on all compatible routers. First, you need to download ExpressVPNs router firmware and install it on your router following the how-to instructions from ExpressVPN.
    • When youve downloaded and installed the firmware on your router, you should reboot it. Once its turned back on, the next step is connecting your Apple TV to the router using a cable or Wi-Fi connection.
    • If your Apple TV is successfully connected to your router, the ExpressVPN router dashboard should load. Finally, log in to your account, and ExpressVPN should be working on your Apple TV.

    Whether you choose to use Smart DNS or a VPN on your router, you can easily get a VPN service up and running on your Apple TV. That way, youll be able to enjoy even more streaming content on your Apple TV.

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    Smart Dns With Apple TV

    Another option for Apple TV is to use your VPN services Smart DNS. With this option, you are not using a VPN, but rather a DNS system to access geo-restricted content. There are pros and cons to this approach as well. And while it may work fine for unblocking content, you do not get the privacy advantages of a VPN.

    Instructions for setting up Apple TV will vary with the VPN service you end up using. Each of these three VPNs offers smart DNS you can use with Apple TV:

    Expressvpn Apple TV Setting Up On A Virtual Router

  • Launch the Windows Search bar and type in CMD.
  • Right click on Command Prompt and then Run as Administrator.
  • Type netsh wlan show drivers into the CMD and hit the Enter button.
  • Look for the line Hosted network supported and see if it says Yes.
  • If it does, you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot of your own.
  • In the command prompt, type netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=< MY-NETWORK> key=< MY-PASSWORD> .
  • Replace < MY-NETWORK< and < MY-PASSWORD> with a name and password of your choice. For example, netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=ItHurtsWhenIP key=helloworld.
  • When you press Enter, you should receive some text informing that the process of creating a virtual router is successful.
  • Now, you need to turn the connection On. In order to do so, type in netsh wlan start hostednetwork in CMD and hit Enter.
  • You will now receive a message saying that The hosted network started.
  • Now, right click on the Network icon in the System Tray and select Open Network & Internet Settings.
  • on Change Adapter Options and find the network you just created, along with the one that says TAP-Windows Adapter.
  • Right click Ethernet and select Properties. Head to the Sharing tab at the top and check the box that says Allow other network users to connect through this computers Internet connection.
  • Under Home network connection, the dropdown menu and select the name of the network you created earlier i.e. ItHurtsWhenIP Local Area Connection 12. Press Ok
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    The Advantages Of Using A VPN For Apple TV

    A VPN is an online service that does two things:

  • Uses strong encryption to provide digital privacy. If you’d like to learn more about staying safe and secure online, be sure to check out our ultimate privacy guide.
  • Allows you to pretend to be in a different country to and website blocks, as well as international geo-blocking. As a result, you’ll be able to access services that’d otherwise be blocked in your country. We take a closer look at this topic in our guide to geo-spoofing.
  • For example, a VPN for Apple TV can provide you with a British IP address so you can stream BBC iPlayer, which is free to watch for UK residents but is not available to overseas subscribers. If you want to know more, take a look at our what is a VPN? Beginner’s guide.

    Why Do I Need A VPN For Apple TV

    Apple TV VPN Setup Guide and 6 Best VPNs for your Apple TV

    Apart from the fact that VPNs help boost your online privacy in general, the primary reason they are used for Apple TV is to access geo-blocked content from other regions.

    For instance, Netflix content varies in each region and many shows that are in US Netflix arent available elsewhere. So, if you wanted to gain access to these geo-restricted shows while watching Netflix on Apple TV, youll need a VPN for Apple TV Netflix.

    In addition, VPNs can help you in case your connection is throttled for streaming apps by your provider. Once you set up a VPN on Apple TV, youll be able to obtain these benefits in a single stroke.

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    Connect A VPN To Apple TV With An Ethernet Cable

    For this method to work, your PC will usually need to be connected to the internet via WiFi. If you have two or more Ethernet ports on your PC, however, you can use the second port to connect to the internet instead. This will provide even better speeds for your PC and Apple TV.

  • Sign-up for one of the 5 VPNs for Apple TV. Now, install the VPN app on your Windows machine and connect to a VPN server.
  • Connect your Apple TV to your computer using an Ethernet cable. Modern laptops rarely feature a dedicated Ethernet port, so you may need to purchase a USB-C to Ethernet adapter cable or similar. All Apple TV models, including the Apple TV 4K, feature an Ethernet port that you can use to connect to your Windows PC.
  • Go to Start> Network & Internet> Status> Change your network settings> Change adapter options.
  • Find your VPN connection. If it is an OpenVPN connection, then it may be named after your VPN provider or it may use the generic “TAP-Windows-Adapter VPN label. Right-click on it and select Properties.
  • Click on the Sharing tab and:a) Check Allow Other Network users to connect through this computers Internet connection. b) In the Select your private internet connection drop-down menu, select your Ethernet connection and hit OK.
  • Your Apple TV should now be sharing your Windows VPN connection, but it never hurts to reboot it to be sure.
  • Why Do You Need A VPN For Apple TV

    The most prominent reason is to unblock restricted content. All the popular streaming services including the newly introduced Apple TV+ have different libraries for each country. A show that is available on Netflix US may not be available in Netflix Australia.

    A VPN helps change your IP location to a different country allowing you to view content that would otherwise be inaccessible from your region.

    Moreover, a VPN encrypts your data allowing you to stay hidden from snoopers on the internet. Websites cannot track your browsing history and your ISP cannot monitor your online activities.

    This consequently means that your ISP cannot deliberately slow down your internet as is usually the case when they notice a huge consumption of bandwidth on your end.

    Unfortunately, before you can use a VPN on Apple TV, there is one major hurdle that you have to overcome. Apple TV does not support the installation of a VPN on its hardware. Therefore, you have to resort to alternative methods like installing the VPN on a router which is a little technical.

    We will explore this further later in the post where I will also give you additional methods to use if you want to use a VPN on Apple TV.

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    There Are Other Ways To Use A VPN With Apple TV

    So, getting your Apple TV working with a VPN isn’t as simple as downloading an app, logging in, and sitting back with some popcorn… but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! We’ve cooked up three alternative ways to use a VPN with your Apple TV:

    • Install your VPN on a router whether you purchase a pre-configured router or feel confident enough to flash one yourself, it is possible to set up a VPN on a router. Once you have, any internet-enabled devices connected to that router will enjoy the benefits of the VPN connection.
    • this solution works for both Mac and Windows devices, and is a little more straightforward provided you have the necessary tools, like an Ethernet cable or USB dongle.
    • Use your VPN’s Smart DNS if your provider offers a Smart DNS feature, you can use it connect the VPN to your Apple TV! You’ll need to figure out the DNS address of your VPN, first, but the rest of the process is nice and simple.

    For more information about any of these methods, including detailed step-by-step guides, be sure to check out our article on installing a VPN on your Apple TV.

    How To Choose The Best VPN For Apple TV Our Test Methodology

    Dns Proxy On Apple TV As A VPN Alternative

    These are some of the best VPN for Apple TV that you can use to stream anything you want from anywhere in the world. We have tested these Apple TV VPNs on various performance criteria like unblocking ability, server network, privacy, compatibility, and more. Lets take a closer look at our research methodology.

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    How Much Does The VPN Cost

    Depending on whether we signed up for a month, six months, a year or more, we expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $12 a month for our VPNs, with lower prices for long term-lengths, typically. We look for VPNs with a wide variety of contract lengths and even free trial periods. We also look into exactly what each subscription covers in terms of the numbers of:

    • Server switches
    • Simultaneous connections
    • Total devices connected

    Of course, we prefer VPNs with no limits on any of the above, although many limit simultaneous connections to maintain fast speeds.

    How To Use A VPN On Apple TV Using Airplay And Mirroring

    If you own a Mac and iOS device then you can skip the whole process of setting up the VPN on a router or creating a virtual router using your Mac computer and instead use the Airplay or Mirroring feature.

    Here is how that works. You sign up to the VPN of your choice and install the dedicated application on the device you will be using. It could be an iPhone, iPad, or a Mac computer. Proceed to log in to the VPN and connect to the server you want to use.

    Now open the streaming application that you use and find the movie or show that you want to watch. As long as the Mac or iOS device is connected to the same network as the Apple TV device, then you can use the Airplay feature to cast the video to your TV.

    Mirroring is only available for iOS devices and will be perfect for non-streaming activities like playing games and browsing.

    Now anytime you want to access geo-blocked content you just need to change the VPN server location on your iOS device or Mac computer. You get the same results but with less effort.

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