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How To Install VPN On Fire TV

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How To Install A VPN App On A Fire TV

Install IPVanish VPN On Fire TV or Stick

The easiest way is to install an app from the Apps section on the Fire TV.

There are more choices than ever and you’ll find Surfshark, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, CyberGhost,;VyprVPN and others on the 2nd-generation Fire TV Stick or newer.;

You can use the links above to sign up for an account at one of these three services if you don’t already have an account. Do this on your laptop, PC or even phone as it’s much easier than using the on-screen keyboard with the Fire TV remote. Also, some services don’t even let you create an account via the Fire TV app: you can only log into an account that is already active.

Creating an account is just a matter of choosing how long to subscribe for and then entering an email address, payment details and – possibly – a password. The latter depends upon the VPN service: some use an activation code for logging into apps instead of a username and password.

We’re using Surfshark here as it’s great at unblocking popular streaming services, is affordable and doesn’t limit you on how many devices you can connect to the VPN at the same time.

1. Once your account is set up, go to your Fire TV and go to Find . If yours still has the old interface, use the search facility in the main menu.

2. Select Search with the remote control and press the select button.

4. Installing the app is as simple as clicking the ‘Get’ button and waiting for it to change to Open.

5. Select Log In .

Can I Use A Free VPN For Fire Stick

Yes, you can use a free VPN for Fire Stick, but such an option;will have its issues, especially when compared to premium VPN options, that are better suited for this task.

These are the limitations you should expect on a free VPN:

  • Low bandwidth or throttling.
  • Inadequate security.

However, some free VPNs for Fire Stick have adecent reputation.

For example, there’s Windscribe, which is free to download on Fire Stick and requires no payment details to be entered. One of the big drawbacks is that a freeWindscribe account, although it allows for unlimited devices, only allows 10GB in protected streaming per month.Thats about three hours in HD and ten hours in SD. Without an email address connected to the account, that allowance dropsto 2GB.

Another capable free alternative is It also offers 10GB of free data withoutrequiring any payment details. Additionally, it enjoys marginally faster load speeds,although some buffering may occur even when streaming in SD. There are some significant downsides, though.You can only use one connection at a time on, making you unable to use it on anything else but a limited Fire Stick connection.

How To Install A VPN On Amazon Fire Stick

Getting the best VPN on your Fire Stick can open up a huge amount of content that may have previously been blocked thanks to geo-restrictions. For example, if youre in the US, you cant access BBC iPlayer, and for those outside of the US, services like Hulu, Peacock, and the vast US Netflix catalogue will be off limits.

By using a Fire Stick VPN, you can maximize the value of your Amazon device, and if youre taking it abroad portability really is the Fire Sticks defining feature youll be able to access all the shows youre used to whether youre in London, Lisbon, or St Louis.

Here, well use our top-rated VPN for Fire Stick, ExpressVPN, as an example, but the steps that follow will be much the same for any service that you choose.

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Installing Your VPN On Your Fire Stick

Heres the good news: in most cases, its really easy to get a VPN up and running on your Fire Stick device. Unlike Googles Chromecast, which requires setting up your VPN using your router in order to protect your streaming content, the Fire Stick allows for easily accessible VPNs to run in the background of your device, and for most major VPN companies, you can actually grab their supported application right from the Amazon Appstore.

That means there isnt a settings menu to dive into, or difficult options to click from when setting up the VPN to use in the background of your device. Once your VPN of choice is installed on your Fire Stick and youve signed into your account with the service, you can allow the VPN to run in the background and watch any media on your television, all with the added benefit of knowing youve protected your content.

All three of our picks above, including ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access, and IPVanish, have apps available for Fire Stick on the Appstore, but they arent alone. There are dozens of reputable VPN services on the platform, including:

  • Windscribe
  • SurfShark
  • NordVPN

Alternate Method #: Install VPN App Apk On 2nd

How to Install VPN on Amazon Firestick / Fire TV in under ...

This method is easy if your VPN provider makes its Android APK file available via direct download instead of through an app store like Google Play. APK, or Android application package, is the installation file format used by Android devices. We advise you only download APKs directly from the VPN providers website. IPVanish, for example, allows customers to . APK files from third parties could be infected with adware or malware. You will need a download URL for the APK file for this method and a 2nd-gen or newer Fire TV Stick. Note that well still use IPVanish as an example here, but we strongly advise IPVanish subscribers to use the recommended Amazon App Store method above.

  • Boot up your Fire TV and enter Downloader into the search bar
  • Install the , which as of writing has an orange logo
  • Open and enter the direct download URL for the VPN apps APK file. If the URL is too long, you can type in the URL for a page that contains the download link, which will open up a rudimentary browser from which you can download the APK.
  • When the download finishes, youll be prompted to install the app. If not, open your downloads in the Downloader app and click the APK file
  • The app should be installed and ready to go. Learn where to find it and how to enable it further down
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    How To Setup Nordvpn On Fire Stick

    Installing and setting up NordVPN is fast andeasy. Follow these simple steps:

    1.;On your Fire Stick home screen, select the magnifying-glass Search option.

    2.;Search NordVPN App from the search window.

    3.;Select theNordVPN app from the Apps & Games selection. It should be the topselection.

    4.;Select Getto download the NordVPN app to your Fire Stick.

    5. When the appis installed, select Open.

    6.;You shouldarrive at the NordVPN home screen. In the future, this screen can beaccessed by locating NordVPN in the Apps section of your Fire Stick homescreen.

    Once you arrive atthe home screen for the first time, current NordVPN subscribers can select LogIn to sign into their account. New users can select Sign Up to create a newNordVPN account using Fire Stick.

    7.;Enter yourNordVPN credentials and log into your NordVPN account.

    8.;To activateyour VPN, select Connect Now.

    9.;Select thedesired country or specialty server for your VPN.

    10.;Click OKto approve the connection request. When the VPN is active, a dark Keyicon will appear at the top of your Fire Stick screen.

    Install A VPNs Apk File With A Direct Download

    This method works with any APK file that isnt available on Fire TVs App Store. If your VPN has an APK file available on its website, we recommend downloading it directly from the site rather than through other sites.

    • Search for Downloader on your Fire TV or TV Stick
    • Once downloading has finished, click open to launch the Downloader app.;
    • Once the app is open, enter the direct download URL for the VPNs APK file. Youll typically find this on the VPN providers Android app pages.;
    • As the app was downloaded through another app, i.e. Downloader, the VPN wont show up in the Apps menu. Instead, youll need to find it in Settings.
    • Go to Settings and then Applications.
    • Sign in to your VPN app.
    • Select a VPN location in the US and click Connect.

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    How To Install A VPN From An Android Apk

    While installing from the Apps section is certainly the easiest method, not everyone subscribes to one of those listed VPN services. That’s where Android APKs come in handy. Like Amazon Fire Tablets, the Fire Stick runs a version of Android, so some Android APKs should work just fine on the Fire Stick. However, that does not mean that all Android APKs work well on a Fire TV Stick. You need to do a bit of testing on your own to confirm that the VPN installs correctly and actually hides your traffic. Read our guide on how to check if your VPN is leaking.

    Finding and downloading the correct APKs can be a bit of a pain too. Some VPN services, such as Private Internet Access, place their Android APK right on their download pages, which is the best-case scenario. You need to dive into a few settings before downloading the app itself, but we lay out those steps belowâspecifically for installing Private Internet Access. If you plan to use a different VPN, substitute the URL in the fifth step, below, with the web address that hosts your VPN’s Android APK download link.

  • Navigate to Settings > Device > Developer Options and enable the Allow Apps from Unknown Sources option.
  • Navigate to the Search interface and type in Downloader.
  • Install Downloader.
  • On the app’s main page, select the URL bar and type in .
  • Hit the Download .apk button
  • Launch the installer and follow all the prompts.
  • Are There Free VPNs For Firestick

    How to Install a VPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick to Watch Netflix

    There are free VPNs, but we dont recommend using them.

    When it comes to VPNs, free usually means that you pay in a different way. In general, there are no free services, period. Free VPNs find other ways to benefit from you either by collecting and selling your information or bombarding you with ads.

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    How Can I Change The Firesticks Amazon Region

    Any of the VPNs should suffice to protect your privacy.

    Some users want to change the region of their Fire Stick without providing their real address. Its simple to change the FireStick region. Open Amazon in your PC browser and proceed as follows:

    Go to the Your Orders tab, then Manage Your Content and Devices.

    Navigate to the Settings tab.

    Select Change from the Country Settings menu. Amazon allows you to change your country.

    Type in the address youd like to add. A quick web search will yield any random address.

    Alternative Method #: Sideload VPN App On 2nd

    This method requires the second generation of the Fire TV Stick or newer plus a second Android device with internet access to Google Play, such as a smart TV, smartphone or tablet. Well download the apps to the second device first, then transfer them to the Fire TV using Apps2Fire.

    If youre not sure what generation Firestick youre using, look for the model name on the outside. 2nd-gen Firesticks have the model name LY73PR.

  • On your second Android device, download and install
  • On the same Android device, download and install the VPN app of your choice from the Google Play Store
  • Launch the app and tap the menu icon in the top right corner
  • Tap Setup
  • Under IP address of your Fire TV, enter the IP address you wrote down in step 6 of the previous section
  • Tap Save
  • Tap the menu icon again and select Upload Apps
  • Tap the VPN app you want to use on your Fire TV to upload it to your Fire TV
  • The app should automatically install on your Fire TV. Well show you how to find it and enable the VPN in the next section
  • Note that if you have an APK file for the VPN app on your phone rather than an installed app, you can also use Apps2Fire, but the previous method is probably easier and doesnt require a second Android device.

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    How To Successfully Install VPN On Fire TV

    is now one of the hottest media streaming gadgets on the market. This tiny, slick TV set-top-box offers impressive specs that easily blow other similar products away. It boasts 2 GB of RAM 4x that of Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast and is powered by a quad-core CPU that delivers 3x the processing power of ATV or Roku. It also provides optical sound output and is the only streaming device of its kind that supports Dolby Digital Plus . Thats some pretty kick-ass hardware, but the fun doesnt stop there.

    Fire TV also delivers service, which grants exclusive access to highly rated HBO programs like The Sopranos, The Wire and much more. Unfortunately, due to restrictive copyright laws, audiences outside the US cant access Prime Instant Video, Pandora, Hulu Plus, or many other streaming services. Unless you know how to bypass the geo-fences of these services, youll find the Fire TV isnt that useful to you after all. However, there are ways to unlock the full potential of your Fire TV and gain access to lots of very cool content.

    A VPN service can assign an American IP address to your Fire TV, which you can use to access any streaming service without getting blocked. However, by default this device doesnt support VPN, so you have to manually install it. In the following steps, well show you how to install and run any VPN service on Amazon Fire TV.

    My VPN Isnt Working What Do I Do

    How to Install VPN Unlimited® on Amazon Fire TV

    If your VPN isnt playing ball on your Fire Stick, your best option is to get in contact with support on your providers website. ExpressVPN and many others have a dedicated live-chat feature, meaning you can talk to a real person 24/7, and theyll help sort out your issues.

    Youll also be able to search through articles and guides which will also help you get up and running.

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    Is There A Monthly Charge For Amazon Fire TV Stick

    No, there isnt. However, the Amazon Fire TV Stick simply turns your TV into a SmartTV, so if you want to access certain streaming platforms, you need subscriptions for them.

    If youre worried about money, ExpressVPN is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee you dont have to commit, so if youre not satisfied with it you can claim a refund within the guarantee period.

    Changing Amazon Region For Firestick

    You can set up a VPN on Fire TV Stick using the methods described above. That is enough to take care of your privacy. However, a few users prefer to take extra measures. In that case, you can also change the region for your Fire Stick without your real address.

    Changing the FireStick region is pretty simple. Open Amazon on your PC browser and follow these steps:

    1. Click the Your Orders tab and then open Manage your Content and Devices

    2. Click on the Settings tab.

    3. Go to the Country Settings and click on Change

    4. Enter an address that you want to add. You can find any random address by a quick web search

    5. Select Update

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    Screen Mirroring To The Fire TV Stick

    Not all streaming services support casting, unfortunately. If youre in a streaming service that doesnt, you might be able to screen-mirror from your device to your Fire TV Stick. However, this wont work on iOS and Macs without a third-party app or extension, so here are directions for Android and Windows:

    • Android:

    FYI: Apple devices may not work with screen mirroring easily because Apple has its own casting device, Apple TV, that it wants users to mirror with.

    How To Use Protonvpn On An Amazon Fire TV Or Fire TV Stick

    How Install Nord VPN on Your Fire TV Stick

    The ProtonVPN Android TV app protects your privacy and allows you to access blocked and censored content while using your smart TV. Although not currently available yet on the official Amazon Appstore, it can be quite easily sideloaded onto Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks using the following instructions. Once installed in this way, the app works just like any regular Fire TV app.

    The ProtonVPN for Android TV app supports Fire OS versions 6+ and instructions vary a little depending on which Fire TV device you are using. If youre not sure about this, search for and install the free Informer app. This will tell you which device you have.

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    How To Setup Bulletvpn On Amazon Firetv And Firetvstick

    BulletVPN is one of the few VPN services that are natively compatible with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can find the BulletVPN app on the Amazon App Store. Follow the instructions below to install BulletVPN on FireStick.

    Note: There are two generations of the FireTV Stick. First-generation devices do not work with VPN applications, whereas Second generation devices do. To find out which generation you have, you can check the FCC-ID written on the back of the device itself against the following:

    • First Generation:;2ABDU-0509
    • Second Generation:;2AE6S-0948

    If you have a first-generation FireTV Stick, you will not be able to use our VPN app on it. Alternatively, you can do the following:

    1. You could try using our Smart DNS option to unblock various supported streaming channels on your FireTV Stick. For more information on how to set it up, please check this guide.;

    2. To use a VPN connection on your Amazon Fire TV, you have two options.

    • Set up a VPN-enabled;virtual router on your Windows PC or Mac. Please use these tutorials:

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