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How To Install VPN On Playstation 4

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Testing Methodology: How To Choose The Best VPN For Playstation

How to set up ExpressVPN on PlayStation 4

All the VPNs mentioned above work with both PS4 and PS5. Here are some important criteria to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best VPN for PlayStation:

  • High-security and encryption to help you keep safe while playing games online. It is best to choose a VPN that offers 256-bit AES encryption the industrys best encryption protocol. It will help protect you against DDoS attacks.
  • Fast speeds for gaming. The minimum speed requirement for gaming without lag is 15 Mbps, so you need a VPN that is fast, and doesnt throttle your speeds.
  • Large server network so you can unblock regionally restricted games and connect to a gaming server with fast speeds, and low pings for maximum performance. Apart from gaming, it will also help you unblock streaming sites like Netflix from abroad.
  • Easy PS setup. The VPN you choose should be easy to set up on gaming consoles. For that, a VPN should be compatible with routers or you can also set up a virtual router via PC. All the VPNs mentioned above are compatible with PS4/PS5 and are easy to set up.
  • Money-back guarantee. The VPNs mentioned above offer a 30-days money-back guarantee or more, so you can test these VPNs with your PlayStation free of cost for 30 days and then choose the best one that meets your requirements.
  • Should I Use A VPN For Ps4 / Ps5

    If you want to play the latest online games on your PlayStation 5 or 4 and protect your online privacy, then Yes, you should use a VPN. This article covers the best VPNs that offer you more features than a PlayStation proxy server.

    ExpressVPNis our number one PS4 VPN as it offers impressive compatibility, thousands of servers, and top-notch performance at affordable pricing. The remaining 5 VPNs also offer pretty decent compatibility with routers and come with decent features however, if I had to pick just one, I would choose ExpressVPN.

    There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free for 30 days. If you are not satisfied, you can always get a full refund, no questions asked.

    Minnie J. Hamilton

    Connect To Your Ps4 From A Router

  • If you don’t already have a VPN, sign up for one. We recommend ExpressVPN .
  • Set up the VPN on your wireless router. The exact way varies from router to router, so whichever VPN you get should provide specific instructions.
  • Alternatively, you can buy a router with a VPN already installed.
  • On your PlayStation 4, go to Settings.
  • Select Network.
  • Select Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Choose Use Wi-Fi.
  • Select Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Choose Use a LAN Cable.
  • Select Easy when asked how you’d like to set up the connection.
  • If prompted, select Do Not Use a Proxy Server.
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    How To Connect Ps4 To Pc

    Step 1: Get a VPN and install it on your PC. Step 2: Connect your PS4 to the PC with an Ethernet cable. Step 3: Configure an Ethernet connection on your PC. Step 4: Connect to whatever location you like on the VPN app. Step 5: Open the Dynamic Menu on the PS and go to Settings -> Network Settings -> Set up Internet Connection.

    Set Up A VPN Via Your Wi

    PlayStation 4 VPN Setup Explained

    The simplest way to use a VPN with your PS4 is via your router. When setting up a VPN on your router, all traffic flowing through your router will be automatically encrypted.

    VPN connections are supported on most modern routers. You simply need to enter your account details in the router settings. The exact steps are dependent on the router manufacturer, but essentially the process will be similar to this:

  • Go to ExpressVPN to set up an account and a VPN subscription.
  • Log into your router and find the settings menu.
  • Locate the VPN page where youll need to enter the following details provided during your ExpressVPN account set up:
  • The service name
  • Your account name/email address and password
  • A pre-shared key for encryption
  • Now when you connect your PS4 to the internet, it will use the VPN connection. This new connection works for all your connecting devices.

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    Is Nordvpn A Good Choice For Ps4/ps5

    NordVPN is a great choice for accessing geo-blocked content on PlayStation, hiding your IP address from other gamers, and preventing your ISP from throttling your activity.

    Its an extremely fast VPN that you can trust to keep you private and secure online.

    Reviewing NordVPN we concluded its easily one of the best VPN services around and is excellent for gaming, streaming, and web browsing on your PS4/PS5.

    Lets now go into some detail as to why NordVPN is such a good VPN for PlayStation.

    How To Setup A VPN On The Playstation

    PS4 does not come with built-in support for VPNs. This means that if you want to get a VPN up and running on your PlayStation 4, you will have to do a bit of work.

    It takes a little time, but it isnt difficult. There are different ways of setting up a VPN on PS4, and you can use any one depending on your system. To use any of these methods, you should first have a subscription to a good VPN service. We have given a list of the best VPNs for PS4 later which you can use.

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    Set Up A Ps4 Or Ps5 VPN Via Wi

    Since your console gets its internet connection from your router, this is the first device in the chain which could provide a VPN connection.

    Many modern routers support a VPN connection all you need to do is manually input your account details in your Wi-Fi router settings.

    The issue is that steps vary according to your router brand and VPN service, meaning its almost impossible for us to explain how to do it here. However, the general process is to log into your router, find the settings menu and look for a VPN page. Here, youll be asked to enter details including:

    • Name of the service
    • Your password
    • A pre-shared key for encryption

    If your router doesnt support VPN connections, you could invest in one that does, like a Wi-Fi router from ExpressVPN or one from a supplier such as FlashRouters. Its not the cheapest option, but it is by far the easiest way to set up a VPN on your PS4 or PS5.

    Before you do that, youll need to decide which provider to use. NordVPN is one of the best all-rounders, and is a good option for those that want to manually input VPN details as it has plenty of tutorials on how to do it on a variety of routers on its website. Theres no shortage of VPN providers out there though, and weve listed our favourites in our roundup of the best VPN services for those new to the world of virtual private networks.

    How To Use A VPN On A Ps4 With A Mac

    How to Setup Your VPN for PlayStation 5 & 4 (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

    To use a VPN on your console with your macOS, you can set up a virtual router. This method will share your computers VPN connection with your PS4 console.

    To set this up, youll need an Ethernet cable, and your Mac needs an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi card to make all the connections. Heres how to set it up:

  • Connect your Mac and PS4 via Ethernet cable.
  • Navigate to System Preferences,Sharing, then from the list on the left, choose Internet Sharing.
  • Select Wi-Fi from the Share your connection pull-down menu.
  • Ensure Ethernet is checked via the To computers using list.
  • To the left of Internet Sharing, check the box to enable internet connection sharing. If prompted, confirm the choice. A green icon will display if successful.
  • Open the ExpressVPN app to connect to a server in your chosen country.
  • On your PS4, navigate to Settings,Network Settings, then Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Select Use a LAN Cable, then the Easy connection method.
  • When prompted, click Do Not Use a Proxy Server.
  • Test your PS4 internet connection to confirm its connected to the internet via your ExpressVPN account.
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    How You Can Use VPN On Your Playstation 4

    Setting up your PlayStation 4 to a VPN shouldnt be a hard nut to crack. Whether you are a techie or not, you should, in a couple of easy steps, be able to connect your PS4 to a reliable virtual private network.

    But, as it turned out, using a VPN on your PlayStation 4 is pretty hard to set up. You see, PS4 doesnt support VPN directly, unfortunately.

    That is not to say you cant connect your PS4 to a VPN. Theres a way around it, and you are going to learn three ways to set up a VPN on your game console.

    But first, why do you even need a VPN?

    A VPN or virtual private network in full is a network of secured servers scattered across several geographical locations that provide a security layer when browsing over the internet.

    There are several reasons gamers, especially hardcore players, use a VPN connection. Some of them include:

    So, how do you install a VPN on your PS4?

    As mentioned earlier, you will learn about three possible methods to use a VPN with your PS4. So here we go:

    Connect your PS4 to a router

    Since connecting to a router is probably the way you provide internet to your PS4 console, you may want to install a VPN at this phase to ensure the protection you need.

    However, note that connecting your router to a VPN will impact all the other devices in your space that shares the network from the router.

    Then follow these steps to set up your PS4 console to work with a VPN:

    Step 1: Sign up for a VPN service.

    Step 2: Log in to your router using your password

    What Is The Best Free VPN For Gaming

    I recommend ExpressVPN to anyone who wants to use a VPN for gaming. Free VPNs generally limit your speeds, data, and server selection so much that theyre too slow and not ideal for gaming. You can test ExpressVPN out for yourself without risk because its backed by a money-back guarantee. If youre not impressed, just claim a full refund within 30 days. That way you get unlimited bandwidth, super fast connections, and a massive selection of servers worldwide.

    ProtonVPN is the best completely free option for gaming. But keep in mind that you can only use 3 servers that are usually overcrowded .

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    How To Use A VPN On Ps4 Or Ps5

    For added privacy, or a chance to access region exclusive content, we’ve got four different methods for using a VPN with your PS4 or PS5

    As gaming consoles become more advanced, we find ourselves using them for more things beyond simple gaming. With built-in browsers and apps allowing us to do most things that we might also do on a gaming PC, the need for cybersecurity becomes more pertinent. But its not exactly easy to use a VPN on PS4 or PS5 especially if youre looking to play games in a different region and thats why we made this guide.

    Annoyingly, Sony prohibits VPN apps from being distributed through the PlayStation Store, so its not a simple case of downloading it and switching it on like you can on Windows. Fortunately, though, it hasnt made it completely impossible to do so.

    There are four different methods through which you can use your virtual private network on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 and weve detailed them all here in this guide. Before long, youll be able to enjoy the extra privacy and security that a VPN provides, while also gaining access to content that is not normally available in your region.

    Here are the four different ways of doing it:

    What Is The Best VPN For Gaming

    Best VPN for PlayStation 4

    VPN Unlimited is the best VPN for console gaming for a number of reasons:

    • It protects your internet traffic and connection with military-grade encryption protocol
    • It offers you a selection of different VPN protocols, some faster, others more secure
    • If provides over 500 VPN servers in 80+ locations, so you will always find one with the lowest load and ping

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    Why Should I Use A VPN On My Playstation

    A VPN can benefit your PS4/PS5 in a few ways. However, free VPNs usually limit the number of benefits youll have, like speed and how many servers you can use. If you want a VPN that offers all of the features below , I recommend ExpressVPN because you can test it out risk-free without any limitations.

  • It masks your IP address. Your real IP address is hidden, so youre protected against online threats .
  • It can speed up your internet connection. Some ISPs put speed caps on your network . A VPN encrypts your traffic so your ISP doesnt know what youre doing online and this prevents it from throttling your speeds.
  • It gives you access to international game servers. If you want to play on game servers in other countries, choose a VPN server in that country and youll connect to the one closest to your VPN server.
  • It can bypass geoblocks set by streaming apps. You can access geo-restricted Netflix libraries and other streaming services like Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max on your PS4/PS5.
  • Best Free VPNs For Ps4 And Ps5

    ExpressVPN Offer July 2022:get an ExpressVPN subscription for up to 49% off

    ExpressVPN speeds are really fast for gaming. I tested speeds on 5 local servers and had an average download speed of 45 Mbps . Even on long-distance servers I didnt experience significant speed loss and always had speeds over 15 Mbps. Every server I tested was more than fast enough for me to play Modern Warfare on my PS4, so you wont have to deal with choppy gameplay.

    One of the reasons my speeds were so impressive is because it offers its own superfast security protocol called Lightway. Many other security protocols can slow your speeds down too much for gaming, but Lightway just as secure without slowing speeds.

    This alongside military-grade encryption, built-in leak protection, and an automatic kill switch ensures youre protected from online threats . I always want to stay anonymous on public gaming servers for this reason, so I ran 5 of ExpressVPNs servers through leak tests and no IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks were detected on any of them. On top of that, ExpressVPN operates under a verified strict no-logs policy and all of its servers are RAM-based. This means theres no way your personal data can be shared because its not stored.

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    Why You Need A VPN On Playstation

    You may not have thought about using a VPN with your PlayStation, but there are actually several good reasons to do so.

    • Security: First and foremost, a VPN will protect you from malicious cyberattacks, particularly if you happen to be using your PlayStation on a public Wi-Fi.
    • Privacy: Even if youre using your PlayStation on your own home ISP, the government can access your browsing history just by subpoenaing your provider. A VPN conceals your IP address, so not even the government can track you.
    • Less Lag: When youre gaming, you want the lowest ping rate possible. Low latency means less lag and better gameplay. A VPN uses a more direct route to send data packets than an ISP. As a result, you get a better ping rate.
    • More content: If youre not using a VPN, youre probably missing out on tons of content. Streaming services like Netflix, for instance, offer different shows and movies in different countries. To access that content, though, youll have to convince the service youre in the country where its offered. To do that, youll need a VPN. In the same way, you can get extra gaming content as well.
    • No throttling: If you happen to use an ISP that throttles your service each month, a VPN is the answer. A VPN hides your activities behind its own IP addresses, so your ISP cant tell exactly what youre doing online. You can surf anywhere and to your hearts content.

    Get The Best VPN For Playstation


    Set up ExpressVPN for PS5, PS4, and PS3

    Take back your internet with a risk-free PlayStation VPN.

    • Securely stream your favorite services
    • Optimized for speed and stability
    • Easy to set up – no other equipment required
    • Stress-free 30-day money-back guarantee
    • Stream your favorite services with no buffering
    • Optimized for speed and stability
    • Easy to set up, with no other equipment required
    • Stress-free 30-day money-back guarantee

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    Set Up A VPN For Ps4 Or Ps5 With A Wi

    f you just want to connect your PlayStation and leave other devices out of it, youll want a VPN thats capable of split tunnelling, as this gives you control over each connection.

    Since VPNs require a good amount of processing power, most routers arent compatible with the software even if you do it yourself. Stores like Flashrouters help to keep things simple by pre-configuring a VPN router for you although youll need to check if your internet service provider allows for you to use your own router, as some force their own hubs. Alternatively, you can buy your own gaming router and flash it yourself with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, but be warned that this can be a complicated process and runs the risk of bricking your device if you do it wrong.

    If this sounds like the method for you, we recommend you choose your VPN provider first and make sure its compatible with your router. After all, while the best free VPNs work great for your smartphone and other individual devices, data caps would prove difficult across many devices. However, if this process wont work for you, check out your other options below.

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