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How To Put VPN On Roku TV

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Why Use A VPN On Roku

How to Setup A VPN For Roku

Connecting your Roku to a VPN will allow you to access a ton of different streaming services and channels from around the world. For instance, if youre out of the country, and you want to watch American Netflix, you can connect to a U.S. server and access the Netflix U.S. library.

As simple as that sounds, though, you now know it can be quite an annoying process because you cant put the VPN directly onto the Roku device, and the Roku account must match the country that youre trying to access. Still, if you dont mind the extra steps or setting up multiple Rokus, then your Roku device could open many streaming possibilities.

How To Setup Nordvpn On Roku Via Physical Router

You can provide a NordVPN connection to Roku if you directly configure a VPN service on a compatible physical router.

This process is trickier than the virtual router method, but if you find your internet speed is being affected by sharing NordVPN via your PC, then this method can help improve your speed since you will be directly connecting to a router rather than through a PC.

But despite whichever method you choose, you can rest assured that NordVPN isnt going to slow down your internet connection. Maybe youd like to see how NordVPN performed in our speed test.

To get started with this method, go ahead and first follow the detailed steps for this method in our article: how to set up NordVPN on a router. After you finish with the configuration process, heres how you can connect NordVPN with your Roku device:

Step 1: Open Roku Home, go to Settings > Click on Network > Then click on Setup Connection

Step 2: Click on Wireless

Step 3: It will check for local Wi-Fi Networks. Click on your Wi-Fi connection

Step 4: Enter Password

Step 5: Once connected, the status will say Connected

Now you can stream anything over Roku. But in case NordVPN doesnt work or if youre not satisfied, then you can always cancel NordVPN and get a full refund within 30-days. If you use Asus router, you can see our detailed guide on how to set up NordVPN on Asus router and use it with Roku.

Best VPN For Roku Our Detailed List

While there is a plethora of VPNs out there, not all of them may work for you. Consequently, I tested multiple and came up with a list of best VPNs for Roku that I think are at the very top.

Editor’s disclosure: We are aware of and concerned about the Deferred Prosecution Agreement recently released by the US Department of Justice. It names Express VPNs CIO Daniel Gericke among the persons who received monetary penalties and agreed to full cooperation with the relevant Department and FBI components due to their past misuse of covert surveillance tools, targeting US citizens, as well as journalists and political parties.

At the moment, there are no direct connections established between the misuse of such tools and ExpressVPN. However, in order to offer our readers only the most reliable and safest VPN solutions available, we are temporarily removing ExpressVPN from our lists until further privacy, data security, and ethical evaluations are completed. You can read our full story about the agreement here.

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Connecting Your Smart TV To A Windows Pc With A VPN

Even though this method technically doesnt involve setting up a VPN on your smart TV, youre still connecting to one, with all the advantages this brings. This is accomplished by installing a VPN on your Windows PC and subsequently connecting your smart TV to your PC, by turning your PC into a mobile hot spot. As such, your smart TV is connected to the same WiFi or broadband network as your PC, thus making use of the same VPN connection. Please note you do need to have Windows 10 installed on your PC for this method to work. Read our short and simple step-by-step guide down below to use this method.

  • Install a VPN on your Windows PC. Most VPN providers make this very easy to do. After all, virtually every popular VPN provider offers an easy-to-use Windows app nowadays. However, if you need some help with this, then have a look at our article about setting up a VPN on Windows.
  • Set-up a mobile hotspot on your PC. To do this, type in mobile hotspot settings in the search bar of your computer and click on it.
  • Click on the little switch you see under Mobile hotspot, so it turns on . Now check to make sure the right network is displayed and to make sure WiFi is selected where it reads .
  • Now connect your smart TV to your Windows PCs WiFi or broadband network. To do this, use the information behind Network name and Network password from the previous screen.
  • Roku VPN Testing Methodology

    How to use a VPN with Roku

    Comparitech aims to publish the most accurate and useful VPN reviews and recommendations on the web. To do that, we evaluate each VPN based on real-world experience, a battery of tests, and expert analysis. When it comes to Roku VPNs, we specifically look at:

    • Router support: Because Roku doesnt support VPN apps, the VPN will instead have to be set up on a wi-fi router. Most of the VPNs we recommend can be manually configured on a variety of router firmware.
    • Streaming: We use real-world tests to find out which VPNs can unblock which region-locked streaming services from abroad, including BBC iPlayer, Prime Video, and Disney+, among others.
    • Speed: We measure and record connection speeds to VPN servers around the world.
    • Security: Each VPN must meet a minimum set of encryption standards. We further test each VPN for a variety of data leaks.
    • Privacy: We sift through each VPNs terms of service and privacy policy for any language or lack thereof that could indicate the collection of personally identifiable info or activity while using the VPN.
    • Customer support: Our reviewers contact each VPNs customer support department as secret shoppers to assess the quality and speed of responses.
    • Server network: More server locations means more options for streaming and unblocking. We favor VPNs with global networks of servers.

    This is a condensed version of our methodology. Find more info about how we test VPNs.

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    Set Up Your Roku Device And Roku Account

    For the best streaming experience, you should use a Roku account that has the same location as your VPN router on your Roku device.

    If this is your first time setting up your Roku device, follow these .

    If you have already set up your Roku device but are signed in to a Roku account that has a different location from your VPN router , do a factory reset to sign out of your Roku account by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings> System> Advanced system settings.
  • Select Factory reset.
  • Can I Use My Roku Anywhere

    Roku devices are geo-restricted to their country of origin. So if you buy a US-locked Roku player, you can only access US-based content while youre in the US. If you take it with you to the UK, China, or Australia, youll be blocked from streaming US Netflix, HBO GO, and other services. The same goes for devices from any other country. To get around this issue, you need to use a VPN that can bypass geoblocks.

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    How To Setup VPN On Roku Via Router

    By setting up FastestVPN on your router, every device connected to that router will share FastestVPN connection. While not every router support VPN configuration, if you own a DD-WRT or any of other router listed in this list, you simply need to follow the below instructions to setup the best VPN for Roku on Router:

  • Access your routers configuration panel on Browser using default IP and login.
  • Navigate to Services > VPN.
  • persist-tun
  • Go to the TSL Auth Key.
  • Download the certificate data and TSL key file from here. Open it and then copy all the text between < tls-auth> < /tls-auth> tags.
  • Paste the copied text into the TLS Auth Key field.
  • Scroll down to CA Cert box
  • Copy the text between < ca> < /ca> tags from the same certificate file you downloaded in above step and paste it into CA Cert field.
  • Leave the rest of the fields as default.
  • There you go! You have setup the best VPN for Roku.
  • Now connect your Roku device to the router and enjoy streaming US specific channels on Roku from anywhere.
  • How To Change The Netflix Location On A Roku Device

    How To Setup VPN for Roku Box

    Depending on the region youve selected on your Roku, youll have access to all channels that are available in that region. For example, if you have the USA as the account region, youll have access to the American Netflix as a channel.

    30-day money back guarantee

    To change the Netflix location on a Roku device, you need to set up ExpressVPN on your router or create a virtual router. By using the VPN, your network traffic will be rerouted, and your IP address will be changed. The new IP address needs to match the region you select on your Roku device. With ExpressVPNs help, you change your location without physically moving. Thus, you get access to different content on Netflix by disguising your IP address through ExpressVPN.

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    Connect To A Server Through Your VPNs Interface

    Once youve set up your router to work with your chosen VPN, you can use your VPNs interface to connect to any server you want. We recommend US or UK servers for Roku, because most streaming platforms have licensing rights to distribute all the content they can in those regions.

    However, make sure you dont sign up to Roku before you set up your VPN. If you created your account with an IP from Germany, for example, Roku will think youre in Germany, regardless of what your IP says. Thats why you should only sign up for a Roku account after youve successfully set up a VPN on your router. You can still switch countries on your VPN, just use a new Roku account for each country you want to sign up from.

    Enjoy Roku Regardless Of Your Location

    With the help of ExpressVPN, you can enjoy all content on Roku, regardless of where you are. We hope you now know how to change the location on a Roku device. By using ExpressVPN, you change your devices IP address, which allows you to stream content on Roku even when youre not physically in a particular region.

    Dont let your geographical location stop you from enjoying Roku. Install ExpressVPN, and you could watch content from all around the world without leaving your house.

    Have you ever used VPN on your Roku device? What VPN service did you use? Tell us in the comments section below.

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    Cast The Screen Of Your Phone Or Tablet To Your TV

    Most Android users can mirror the screen of their phone or tablet to their Roku device. Keep in mind that the exact term your Android device uses may vary, but the idea is that everything you do on your phone will be mirrored on your TV.

    This wont work on every Android device, but most phones and tablets running version 4.2 or later, with the exception of the Google Nexus and Pixel, support screen mirroring.

    The feature is generally enabled from within the settings menu. Once enabled, select your Roku player or TV from the list of discovered devices to connect.

    VPNs That Dont Work With Roku

    How to Setup Avast VPN on Roku in 2020

    Many available VPNs work with Roku, but there are a few out there that do not. Make sure to cross them off your list before going any further.

    Two examples of VPNs that dont work with Roku are Mullvad and AirVPN. Im not saying that theyre not decent VPNs. They both focus on security and privacy. However, they are not interested in unblocking streaming services.

    At the same time, once again, I must urge you against free VPNs for Roku. They may seem like a good idea, but your privacy and security are at risk in most cases.

    Overall, as long as you go for a well-respected, paid VPN that focuses on unblocking streaming services, you should be able to use it with Roku.

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    How To Setup VPN On Tcl Smart TV

    Many people have ditched their traditional TV sets and made the switch to smart TVs. After all, not only can you watch content in HD from multiple streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix, but also stay connected to social media networks, check your emails, and more!

    There are many smart TV brands available on the market today, and TCL is one of the most sought-after options among the masses. It offers excellent picture quality and great features at a budget-friendly price. Moreover, all TCL TVs use either Roku TV or Android TV as theyre intuitive and come with apps that most people love.

    However, if you want to get the most out of your shiny TCL smart TV, youll need to equip yourself with a Virtual Private Network . Youre bound to come across region-locked content, and theres also the issue of slow speeds while streaming.

    In the coming paragraphs, well further delve into why a VPN for TCL TV is necessary and the different ways you can set one up. Lets get started:

    What Makes The Best VPN For Roku

    Before we get into the how-to and debunk sections, though, its a good idea to know which virtual private network service you will use for your Roku connection. To make the best choice, you need to consider the VPNs features and how well they work.

    For instance, because you will be streaming, the VPN should have fast speeds so that you dont experience buffering or poor picture quality. Unlimited bandwidth is also important to ensure you dont hit your data limit right in the middle of a show.

    A wider server selection will mean you can access a better range of channels and services. However, the VPN will also need to be able to get into your chosen streaming channels, too . After that, you need to consider which connection method youre using and whether the VPN is compatible, such as with your current router.

  • ExpressVPN Best VPN for streaming with a dedicated router app and fast speeds, but its expensive
  • NordVPN Compatible with many routers, gets into streaming services and comes with thousands of servers
  • CyberGhost Dedicated streaming servers, compatible with routers, and its inexpensive
  • Windscribe Windflix streaming servers with cheap and free plans, but the free servers are no good for streaming
  • VyprVPN Dedicated router app that gets into streaming services but has sluggish speeds, but its inexpensive
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    How To Setup VPN On Your Roku Box

    So you want to watch Youtube or some other streaming service. But you live outside the Unites States. Or you dont like government snoops knowing your habit of binging on House of Cards every weekend.

    Set up a VPN for your Roku. Roku boxes are easy to use and have a intuitive interface that even your grandmother could figure out. The problem is, Roku devices do not have a built-in VPN client.

    The workaround is simple. To connect VPN on your Roku device, you will need to follow two major steps.

    1: Connect your VPN on Router

    2: Connect your Router with Roku

    Best VPNs For Roku Fastest And Easiest To Install In 2021

    How to Use a VPN With Roku (No DD-WRT or Flashing Required!)

    Roku media players offer access to tons of apps and streaming services, but your location and IP address can limit you from enjoying all the content you want to see.

    The solution to this problem is a VPN. The right VPN can overcome geoblocking so you can enjoy movies and TV shows that would otherwise be out of reach. There are many to choose from, but my top pick is ExpressVPN because it blasts through geo-restrictions and offers incredible speeds.

    Finding a VPN thats compatible with Roku can be frustrating and time-consuming because you cant just pick a service and go. Ive expertly explored and rigorously tested dozens of VPNs to find those that will really work.

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    Common Questions About Ipvanish For Roku

    Why should I choose IPVanish for my Roku over other VPN providers?

    • Your VPN service provider will not keep any logs of your activity
    • Fastest VPN download speeds available
    • Access to more than 1,300 servers across the world
    • Protection from other devices when youre sharing a local area network .
    • All network traffic is automatically blocked when your VPN connection is lost

    Can I use a free VPN for my Roku?

    Yes, technically you can use a free VPN on a Roku device but we NEVER recommend using free VPNs. You can find more information on free VPNs, and why we dont recommend using them in our article below.

    How many servers are available on IPVanish?

    As of this writing, there are more than 1,300 servers across 75 locations to choose from.

    That means you can connect to a server in Australia, the United States, or even the United Kingdom and gain access to more than 40,000 shared IP addresses.

    Upon attempting to log in, IPVanish displays the message, Authentication Failed. Why is this so?

    Your access will be restricted when your account has already expired, youve entered the wrong username and/or password, or the server is currently encountering a system issue.

    Make sure that you have the correct login credentials and that your account is active. If a server issue persists, however, contact IPVanishs 24/7 customer support.

    Should I purchase separate IPVanish plans if I have multiple devices connected to the Internet?

    Why Do You Need A VPN

    Most of the streaming services on Roku, including Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix, use geoblocks to control what you watch based on your location.

    This means that if you live in the US, your access is limited to US-based content. Likewise, if you live in Australia, Hong Kong, or the UK, you cant watch anything from the US, including the US Netflix library.

    You can use a premium VPN to bypass these blocks. VPNs mask your IP address to make it look like youre streaming from another country. So if youre in Canada and want to stream BBC iPlayer, you just need to connect to a UK server.

    Another benefit of using a VPN is that it can prevent throttling, which is when your ISP slows down your connection based on what youre doing. If you often encounter slow speeds and buffering because you stream a lot, a VPN can help.

  • Install the VPN on your router, start your Roku, and connect to a server in your target country.
  • Start streaming all your favorite shows on Roku!
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