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How To Put VPN On Samsung Smart TV

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What Is Smart Dns

How To Install VPN On Samsung TV/ Smart TV/ LG Sony TV [Step-By-Step Setup]

Smart DNS is a way of spoofing your location when you either don’t want to, or simply can’t use a VPN connection. The most common reason to do so is to unblock streaming services on Smart TVs.

Rather than how a VPN directs all of your traffic through a different server, Smart DNS only diverts your DNS information. While this does not protect your privacy because your traffic is not encrypted, it’s enough to fool streaming services.

Another bonus is the fact that it slows your connection far less than a VPN. While we’d say most of our picks here are fast VPN services, Smart DNS is even quicker.

Is Samsung Smart TV An Android Os

Samsung Smart TVs are Tizen OS-based and do not support the Android OS. Users get to use Tizen OS for Kodi Samsung Smart TV, which is also a great OS to use.

However, users prefer buying Android OS based Smart TVs as they provide access to millions of applications for multiple entertainment purposes.

One of those applications is Kodi that is directly downloadable on Android OS.

Kodi fans can easily go to the Play Store, download Kodi from there, and enjoy streaming their favorite content through hundreds of best Kodi add-ons.

Can You Install A VPN On A Smart TV

Is it possible for you to perform. Even if you are unable to install a VPN directly on your Smart TV, you can still use a virtual router to secure it. You can use these steps to set up the VPN on your router and have an easier time streaming and enhancing online privacy and security while using your Smart TV.

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Expressvpn Best VPN For Samsung Smart TV

  • 3000+ servers in 94 countries
  • 95.3 Mbps on a 100 Mbps base connection
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Offers a free MediaStreamer SmartDNS
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unblocks Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, etc
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Chromebook, Amazon Firestick, Android TV, Play Station, Xbox, etc

While ExpressVPN is the number 1 choice in our best VPN for Samsung Smart TV, it is a bit expensive compared to other VPNs. However, it is surely an amazing choice when it comes to unblocking Samsung TV apps. This is why so many people use to stream Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and other streaming content on their Smart TV.

Also, ExpressVPN makes it super convenient to set it up with your Smart TVs. It has its own custom router framework that is easy to use and is compatible with various routers. I had no issue configuring my router with ExpressVPN as it went pretty smoothly and was done in one go. It also sells pre-configured routers for users that dont want to deal with manual configuration.

It offers 3000+ super-fast servers that are operational in over 94 countries. It offers VPN servers even in Mexico.

Its massive server network can help you unblock any streaming platform you can imagine. ExpressVPN offers great P2P support& is compatible with almost every device and operating system, including Samsung Smart TVs, Firestick& Kodi.

Read theExpressVPN Samsung Smart TV guide and explore its features in detail.

How To Set Up A VPN For Smart TV In 4 Easy Steps

How to use VPN on Samsung Smart TV [Easy Setup &  Install]

Most Smart TVs come with a wide range of apps pre-installed, but due to regional restrictions, you might not be able to use them all. Additionally, you may find that some of the apps youd like to install arent available in your countrys app store. Luckily, you can change your location in a matter of minutes by connecting to a VPN.

The problem is that every Smart TV is different. While some allow unrestricted access to popular app stores, others only come with a handful of pre-approved apps and make it difficult to install anything new, including VPNs. Dont worry, though: well walk you through the process of installing a VPN on your Smart TV step-by-step so that you can stream safely and use geo-blocked apps from anywhere.

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The Trouble With Samsung

Usually, setting up a VPN on a device, even a Smart TV, is fairly straightforward. You essentially just have to set up an account, download the app, log-in, connect to a server, and you are away.

But with Samsung, its not quite that easy. This is because of the operating systems that Samsung TVs run on.

The majority of Smart TVs use a version of Android as their operating system. This has its pros and cons since Android is not a particularly secure operating system but it is compatible with a wide range of apps which makes it easy to install and run a VPN.

But Samsung has decided, for whatever reason, to run its Smart TVs on its own TizerOS operating system.

British readers of a certain age may be wondering why they decided to name it after a neon-orange fizzy drink, and I think the jury is out on that at the moment.

Unfortunately, the TizerOS operating system means that you cannot just download a VPN onto your Samsung TV. We are not aware of any decent VPNs that offer a TizerOS app at the moment, although if that changes, we will of course update this article accordingly.

But this means that rather than the simple installation process we outlined above, connecting your Samsung Smart TV to a VPN is a rather more complicated process.

The Best Alternative To Install A VPN On A Samsung Smart TV

If you really want to install a VPN on a Samsung Smart TV, you need to get the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

You can buy one starting at around $24.99, and at this point, they are available pretty much worldwide.

Being able to install .apk files is the key to getting a VPN such as PrivateVPN on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Tizen doesnt allow for the installation of .apk apps because its not an Android system.

Meanwhile, the Fire TV Stick, while not Android TV, is based on a form on Android. And due to it, it supports the installation of a VPN service, even if VPN services werent in the Amazon Appstore.

However, PrivateVPN is available in the Amazon Appstore. And that makes it incredibly easy to install a VPN on a Samsung Smart TV. Just get a Fire TV Stick and download it.

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Installing A VPN On A Virtual Router

To install a VPN on your virtual router, follow the next steps:

  • Create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your PC or Mac. How you can do this depends on your device. If you cannot figure out how to do this you can go to the website of the producer of your device.
  • Connect your smart TV to the Wi-FI hotspot of your PC or Mac .
  • Expressvpn For Smart TV

    How to setup CyberGhost VPN for your Samsung Smart TV

    ExpressVPN works very well in combination with smart TVs. It has a user-friendly app for Android TV and is easy to install on any of your devices. With its large offer of servers and 256-bit encryption it is the perfect way to stream safely, freely, and completely anonymous. Because of their great quality they are one of the more expensive providers but with its great quality and speed ExpressVPN gives a positive meaning to the saying you get what you pay for. Read more about this provider in our full ExpressVPN review.

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    Option : Use A Fastvpn On Your Router

    routers setup guideSettingsGeneralNetworkOpen Network SettingsWirelessWi-Fi network Done OKPros

    • Your router will cover all your devices including your Samsung Smart TV.
    • Youre always protected as long as your router is on and running, of course.
    • Everyone will be protected whether they are guests or your family members. Theyre going to enjoy top-notch online security as soon as they hop onto your network.


    • The setup process is inconvenient. Setting a VPN on your router isnt as straightforward as downloading the app or software on your device. Whats more, youll have to access your routers user interface every time you want to change your server or country.
    • Incoming access is blocked. You wont be able to connect to any devices from outside your Wi-Fi network when your router is running a VPN.
    • You wont be able to select the encryption protocols that give you the best possible security unless you opt for a powerful router. Low-power routers wont get the job done if security is your main priority.
    • Since the encryption procedure takes place on your router, your traffic will remain unsecured until it reaches your VPN-enabled router. However, this shouldnt be much of a problem if your home network is well protected.

    How To Watch Netflix On Your Smart TV With Android TV Devices

    If your smart TV uses Android TV or Amazon Fire TV as its operating system, then you are in luck! Almost every VPN on the planet offers an Android app, and many also offer Android TV and Amazon Fire TV apps. There are also some excellent third-party OpenVPN – most notably OpenVPN for Android. If you’re not sure if your TV is compatible, check the considerations below.

    Follow the steps below to set up a VPN with your Android TV and start watching Netflix.

  • Install the Netflix app from the Google Play Store. We recommend ExpressVPN because they are fast, relibale, and they have a great Android app.

  • Install a VPN app from the Google Play Store.

    Android TVs can install and run any Android or Android TV VPN app. Android TV apps are better optimized for Smart TVs, but a regular Android app will also work.

  • Use the VPN app to connect to a VPN server in the US.

  • Press the Home button on your remote to exit the VPN app while it is still running.

  • Launch the Netflix app and sign-in.

    It doesn’t matter if your account is not registered in the US, you should now see the full US catalog of Netflix titles.

  • The TV show “Parks and Recreation” is a good benchmark to verify that you are viewing the US catalog. All being well, you can now just click on a title to watch it.

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    What Are The Best VPNs For Samsung Smart TV

    • Private Internet Access: offers top-grade security and privacy features, as well ass geo-restriction circumvention capabilities, with over 30 000 servers worldwide.
    • NordVPN: promises a strict no logs policy and is proven to bypass geo-rstricted content without a problem, includes an adblocker and other performance oriented features.
    • Surfshark: provides good worldwide server coverage, multiple bypassing features, high speed rates and great privacy and security, lets you connect to OpenVPN.
    • ExpressVPN: masks your identity and connects you to over 160 locations worldwide, enables users to access geo-restricted content securely, with private DNS on each server.

    All these VPN services are compatible with all major platforms and fully support Android operating systems, so you will have no issue installing them on your TV if you use a new generation Samsung Smart TV.

    Can I Set Up Nordvpn On A Smart TV Or Console

    How to Setup VPN on Samsung Smart TV?

    This article is available in French, German, Italian, Danish, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, and Indonesian.

    Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and video game consoles such as Xbox do not support the built-in VPN functionality. But, you can still use a VPN for secure gaming.

    Most smart TVs dont support it either, with the exception of Android-based TVs. If you have an Android TV, you can for it.

    There are three ways to set up a VPN on the rest of the platforms:

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    How To Watch Netflix On Your Smart TV With Amazon Fire TV

  • Search for your VPN provider, or just search for “VPN to browse supported providers.

    You can do this manually via the search box at the top right of the Fire TV screen, or use voice search for 2nd Gen owners with an Alexa remote.

  • Install and run the app.

  • Connect to a VPN server in the United States.

  • Press the Home button on your remote to exit the VPN app while it is still running.

  • Launch the Netflix app and sign-in.

    It doesn’t matter if your account is not registered in the US, you should now see the full US catalog of Netflix titles.

  • The TV show “Twin Peaks” is not available to us UK Netflix subscribers, so we find it useful to search for it in order to verify that we are viewing the US catalog. All being well, you can now just click on a title to watch it.

    How To Set Up A Smart TV VPN On Your Router

    If the above two methods are not suitable for you, there is a third method that you can try – installing a VPN dirctly onto your router.

    Some people prefer to use a VPN that is installed on a flashed router because it means all the devices in their home – including their Smart TV – are assisted by the VPN connection. Once set up, this can be an extremely convenient method of connecting a Smart TV to a VPN service . The reason we say that it is convenient once set up is becuase doing so can be a little tricky.

    To install a VPN on a router it is necessary to first “flash” the router with the relevant firmware. And, if done wrong, this can “brick” your router making it unusable.

    If you have a low level of technical know-how, flashing your router probably isnt for you. Luckily there are companies out there that offer prepaid and pre-flashed routers, which allow a simple plug-and-play setup Flashrouters is a great example.

    Some VPN services sell pre-flashed routers themselves.

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    How To Choose The Best VPN For Samsung Smart TV

    In order to choose the most effective VPN to connect to your Smart TV, there are certain important criteria that you should consider:

    Ability to unblock popular streaming sites Pick a VPN that is known for its reliability at unblocking the most popular streaming sites. Speed Good VPNs for streaming should have fast connection speeds so any drop in speed is barely noticeable and should allow you to stream anything in HD with no buffering. Server Size It is important that any VPN you use have a selection of servers in a range of countries so that you can always find a server that works for unblocking any app you want to use. Smart DNS A VPN with a Smart DNS feature has a big leg-up on its competitors. This feature lets you unblock streaming services without encryption, which leads to faster streaming speeds. ExpressVPN offers its Media Streamer Smart DNS option. You can change the DNS settings so that some activity is sent through the encrypted tunnel, and some is not. Customer Support It is important to find a service that offers 24/7 live customer support. This way, if you need help to set up a VPN, you never have to wait.

    How To Set Up VPN Unlimited For Smart TV

    How to set up ExpressVPN on Samsung Smart TV

    To access limitless video content on your smart TV wherever you are, you should install our VPN app. Our security software will help you to connect to any virtual location you need and pretend that youre somewhere else. To top it off, your internet connection will be completely secured.

    You cant install VPN Unlimited on your smart TV directly. However, you have a few other approaches to setup our VPN app for your smart TV:

    • Setup our VPN software on your home router

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    Best Nordvpn Deals For Samsungsmart TV Users

    If you were worried about breaking the bank toget this quality list of features above, you could fret no more. NordVPN offersvery affordable subscription plans and deals for its users. Unlike many VPNservices which usually have only a 12-month plan as their highest duration ofpaid service, NordVPN boasts of an effective 3-year subscription plan. Allsubscription plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Youll get a refundif you make a request within 30 days.

    • 2-year Plan: This is a cost-effective plan for users of NordVPN. It helps you save 69% and comes with a 3-months free. It costs $3.67 per month.
    • 1-year Plan: This plan is also an affordable and economical choice. It allows you to save 58% by paying a monthly rate of $4.92.
    • 1-month Plan: If you dont want a long-term plan, you can opt-in for the VPNs monthly plan, which costs $11.95 every month.

    The longer the duration of service yousubscribe for, the higher the saving benefits you receive!

    How To Install And Use VPN Unlimited For Smart TV

    Being a smart TV owner you definitely want to enjoy all of its features and potentials. However, lots of popular video channels and websites can be blocked in your region because of geo-restrictions. In such a case, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is here to save your day. Download our best smart TV VPN and stream without restrictions now.

    • Access any video content you want in HD-quality
    • 7-day FREE trial
    • No CC required

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    Install A VPN On Your Router

    Setting up a VPN on your router protects all your devices simultaneously if theyre connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This includes your Smart TV once connected to the Wi-Fi, youll be able to enjoy more VPN features than Smart DNS offers.

    However, the setup is not a one size fits all situation as each type of router has a different installation process. We suggest following this comprehensive guide on VPN router setup.

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