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How To Reduce Ping With VPN

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What Is A Gaming VPN

How to Decrease Ping in Online Games Using VPN | CSGO

So, what is a gaming VPN? A gaming VPN is essentially a VPN service that improves your gaming experience, offering faster speeds, less latency, protection from DDoS attacks, and the ability to play anywhere in the world. A VPN for gaming is specialized in high-speed servers that reduce your packet loss creating a more stable connection to the game. A Gaming VPN is highly relevant for people playing FPS games such as Call of Duty and Counter-strike. For MOBA gamers and Dota gamers, a VPN can help you change your region for easier games or to play with friends all over the world.

Setting up a gaming VPN is straightforward and does not require much technical knowledge. Weve written this guide that will show you how to purchase and use a gaming VPN.

Dedicated Routes For Your Online Traffic

A VPN routes your traffic through a safe tunnel when it travels to and from the web. That’s why your online traffic can avoid any node failure, network congestion, or the void region that may lead to a high ping time. Alongside, in case your device or network resources create a bottleneck and limit the data usage, a VPN allows you to bypass that.

However, there are different tunneling protocols available that a VPN can use to connect you to the public network. OpenVPN, WireGuard are some of the widely-used tunneling protocols for gaming. No matter which one you choose, your online traffic wont face any delay while connecting to the game servers. In return, you will enjoy fast gameplay. And, if youre confused about which VPN protocol to choose for reduced ping in-game, check our guide here.

Why Do Pings Matter

The ping is a pretty important measurement, it tells you exactly how long it is taking you to essentially get information from your computer to the internet server and vice versa. The higher the time, the greater the lag. There are several reasons this could be, but the good news is there are lots of solutions for the problem of a high ping. One of the best solutions is a gaming VPN, it is a very good way to lower the ping time on your gaming.

Using a VPN has many benefits besides lowering your ping. Between the privacy provided by the VPN along with the different servers, using a VPN for gaming is a great way to keep the speed of your gaming at or above the level of your fellow players.

When you are measuring latency, the ping speed that youre looking for is around 50ms while a high ping of 250ms means there is great latency in your connection.

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Choose A Premium VPN Service

You might be tempted to download and install a free VPN tool, especially since the Internet is full of them. However, as we elaborated in an earlier article, you should avoid free VPNs at all costs, particularly since there are numerous scams. But if you need help with choosing a premium tool, please do not hesitate to check out our VPN recommendations below.

Logging policy and VPN jurisdiction

Considerations about the logging policy and jurisdiction of a virtual private network utility are not relevant for reducing ping time. However, they cannot increase it either. Therefore, you will not lose sight of speed when focusing on these two privacy aspects.

The logging policy of a VPN provider is crucial because, if you want to protect your privacy, you should opt for a company that does not collect your data. The whereabouts of the VPN company are equally important because they are subjected to the laws of their country. You should not use a VPN service based in a place with data retention laws.

Test Your Internet Speed

10 Best Gaming VPN

All you have to do to run a speed test on your internet is type internet speed test into your search engine and choose a site that offers the service. Under 25 Mbps is considered low and could be impacting your ping. You may want to do this test a few times throughout one day or week, since network traffic could affect your speed at a given moment.

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Be Protected From A Ddos Attack

DDoS attacks occur if someone floods your server/network with Internet traffic to disrupt the usual flow. This can ruin your experience on an online game, resulting in exceptionally high ping and lag.

Some unscrupulous gamers do this on purpose in order to cheat by gaining a competitive advantage. A VPN will prevent this threat and keep you safe during online gaming.

Does A VPN Help With Ping 6 Best Low Ping VPNs For Gaming

Chris Lawrence is a journalist and chief editor at Wlan Labs. He has been writing about technology for more than ten years. He writes about everything ranging from privacy to open source software. His goal is to educate readers about important topics to help make their lives easier.

Welcome to our does a VPN help with ping guide. If youre big into online multiplayer, then chances are youve already dug quite a bit into your own finances to make sure that youre competing in terms of performance.

After all, if you lose at your favourite game you want it to be because you just werent good enough, and not because your frames were chugging in a busy altercation or your character was lagging at some crucial moment.Beyond just improving your hardware, having a fast, strong internet connection is obviously vital to getting on a level playing field- but simply paying for a fast speed with an internet service provider will rarely get you the stable ping that you expected.

Factors beyond the control of your wallet, such as an issue with the host server, network issues in your area and ISP bandwidth throttling can have a massive impact on your service.Many dedicated gamers use a VPN service as part of their endless quest for low, stable ping a VPN is a private network designed for security and anonymity that also avoids the problems listed above.

Below, weve listed five VPNs which we consider the very best for low-ping gaming:

Page Contents:

  • Are VPNs free?
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    Can VPNs Lower Ping The Bottom Line

    Hopefully, with the extensive information weve shared with you on this page, youve learned how a VPN can reduce ping. Not only this, but a VPN is beneficial for many other reasons we didnt even highlight on this page. It protects your private information and protects you from any hacking or DDoS attacks. It allows you unrestricted online access anywhere in the world.

    Using a VPN when gaming is undoubtedly a smart and advantageous move. And, with the five top-quality VPNs weve discussed above, you have no shortage of options. Still, if you cant decide which service is best for you, we recommend NordVPN. Its the best VPN for low latency on the market. Plus, it offers a fantastic 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

    Gaming With A VPN Can Sometimes Get You Early Access

    Do VPNs lower ping in games? | Top 3 truly BEST VPNs for gaming

    In rare situations, gaming on a VPN can get you around location-locked release dates, but we cant promise that you wont get banned by the publisher.

    Take the example of Fallout 4 from back in 2015. People tricked the gaming platform Steam into thinking that they were in New Zealand, where Fallout 4 was available almost a day earlier than in the US due to time differences. But instead of getting early access, these players were blocked on Steam which meant they couldnt play the game at all.

    A screenshot from the game Fallout 4

    Rather than impulsively getting a VPN to access new games, just wait and buy the game when it comes out in your region. A few hours of early access are not worth the risk of getting banned by Steam, another gaming platform, or game publishers themselves.

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    Does A VPN Always Reduce Ping

    A VPN cant solve all high ping problems. If youre in Australia and connecting to servers in the US, for example, the high ping time caused by geographical distance cant be overcome through the use of a VPN.

    Similarly, if your high ping problems stem from a slow internet connection, employing a VPN wont magically fix your issues.

    Best VPNs For Valorant To Fix Lag And Reduce Ping In 2022

    • Using a VPN for Valorant will help you avoid high ping, lag, stuttering, packet loss, and other connectivity issues.
    • A private network also guarantees a better overall browsing experience aiming to fully protect the identity of the user.
    • Our top suggestion VPN software has over 29.300 servers from 77 countries, being able to automatically detect the best server for your setting to decrease latency.
    • These recommendations below provide the best performance-boosting features including split tunneling, anti-throttling, and ad blockers.

    Valorant is a multiplayer tactical FPS that you can play for free on Windows. There are two teams competing against each other, each with 5 players. You can choose your player by country, culture, and skill set.

    Unfortunately, many users experience issues when trying to play Valorant, such as network lag, packet loss, high ping, and stuttering.

    If you tried to fix this problem by minimizing graphic settings but didnt work, the best solution is to use a VPN.


    A VPN can improve your ping during multiplayer gaming by connecting you to a VPN server closer to the remote host. This results in a faster and more reliable Internet connection.

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    A VPN Cant Completely Prevent Your Isp From Throttling Your Connection

    The claim that a VPN can prevent your ISP from throttling your internet is based on the VPNs ability to hide your internet activity. A VPN encrypts your connection, which conceals your online activity from your ISP . But your ISP can still see that youre connected to a VPN, and it can see how much bandwidth youre using.

    If you hit or exceed the data cap on your internet plan, your ISP can throttle your internet connection in response. A VPN is an extra layer of protection, but it cant prevent internet throttling completely.

    Measure Your Ping Time Frequently

    Reduce Ping Perfect World with VPN PingBooster

    Run a ping test before performing any other action on your computer. It establishes your baseline. You will later use it to compare ping times when exploring different servers. It is essential to take note of the ping time every time you connect to a new server so that you can compare notes and figure out what is the best solution to help you lower ping with VPN as much as possible.

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    What Is A Good Ping Response Time

    Heres how it works, generally speaking:

    • < 30 ms less than 30 milliseconds is ideal for online gaming.
    • 30 to 50 ms an average ping is between 30 to 50 milliseconds, but is still OK for online gaming.
    • 50 to 100 ms this is slow ping time and will definitely affect online gaming in a bad way 100 ms to 500 ms a very slow ping.
    • > 500 ms this is bad for everything, not just for online gaming.

    Ideally, you would want to be in the first group, but sometimes theres little you could do about it.

    You see, there are many reasons for getting a high ping time and some of those reasons may be outside of your influence.

    The most common reason for high pings is a weak internet connection, but there are also other reasons, such as:

    • Old and outdated routers and router caches
    • Old and slow computers that need to be cleaned
    • Unoptimized Game Settings
    • Number of devices that are connected to your network
    • Applications running in the background
    • Auto Updates that could be triggered when youre gaming
    • Bad Wi-Fi

    Which leads us to the next section

    Can A VPN For Gaming Prevent Isp Throttling

    Since a VPN prevents your ISP from seeing exactly what youre doing online, some VPN providers claim that this will also stop them from throttling, or limiting, your internet speed. Unfortunately, its not that simple.

    Internet throttling typically happens based on one of two things: your online activity or your bandwidth use. ISPs may throttle users who play a lot of games, stream a lot of shows, or torrent a lot of files anything that consumes large amounts of data. A VPN will stop your ISP from seeing exactly what you do, but it cant hide your data consumption.

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    What Is A Ping And Ping Time

    Ping represents a signal sent to a host that requests a response. It is used to see if the host is active and to determine how long it takes for the host to respond. That time is also known as ping time and it is usually measured in milliseconds.

    If the ping time is too high, then it could mean that you have some connectivity problems and it could ruin your online gaming experience cause its usually those playing real-time games who need the lowest ping time possible. And as you probably know, no one likes too much lag while theyre gaming. It can make the entire gaming experience slow, as well as affect the overall gaming performance.

    Check The Game Servers Ping

    Does using a vpn reduce ping in ROBLOX ARSENAL(voice)

    It can sometimes be the case that its not you or your internet connections fault for a high ping it might be the server of the game youre playing that has a low ping. If you know the game servers IP address, you can check this or you can visit sites such as Game Server Ping that list popular video games. If the game servers ping is high, that could be a clear indication of why your ping is also high while gaming.

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    Choose A VPN Protocol With Lower Encryption Strength

    VPN protocol with lower encryption strength will help to improve connection if you prefer speed more than security as encrypting and decrypting data takes time. There are many types of VPN protocols like PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2/IPsec, etc. You can try to switch different protocol and find a one suit you the most.

    Does VPN Reduce Ping In Games

    VPNs can help you decrease your ping time in your online games. In the end, VPN packets are typically sent in a more direct route than ISP packets. To make your games work better, you will want your game information to flow more easily from your computer to your gaming machine via a good VPN service.

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    Using A VPN For Gaming Wont Reduce Ping

    We tested this theory and didnt find that gaming on a VPN lowered ping or improved lag times. Your data still needs to travel from your computer to a VPN server and back and the longer that journey is, the slower things may feel. The best VPNs for gaming will introduce minimal lag into your connection, but some lag is still more than none.

    If youre looking for ways to boost your gameplay in Ark: Survival Evolved and other multiplayer games, a VPN for gaming isnt likely to work. Instead of using a gaming VPN to help with ping, many gamers note increased connection issues and lag introduced by the VPN server which means that the VPN actually slowed down the gaming experience.

    Use A VPN To Lower Your Ping Rate For A Better Gaming Experience

    How to reduce ping in pubg mobile lite best vpn

    Trouble with a high ping rate? Take advantage of a Virtual Private Network to lower your pings!

    Pings suck, rightYoull always lag behind while gaming, something thats quite embarrassing plus it causes a lot of errors

    One thing that troubles online gamers is players appearing and disappearing because of the high ping rate. If youre also having trouble with your ping because of this or any other reason, we are here to help!

    In this guide, we will carefully explain what ping is mention its significance and how you can lower it by using a VPN for an improved gaming experience.

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    Are Free VPNs Good For Valorant

    It seems like many gamers are interested in discovering if free VPNs are good for playing Valorant.

    Well, even if there are several available options on the market, its best to avoid these solutions. With free gaming VPNs for Valorant, you wont take advantage of the complete protection of your activity and data.

    You should also consider that this type of VPN doesnt offer unrestricted bandwidth or the high speeds you need for a delightful gaming experience.

    Our research pointed out that many users from Asia, such as India and the Philippines, are looking for the best VPN for Valorant.

    This mainly happens because of the players need to access the games different server regions, for better gameplay and/or connectivity.

    If youre one of them, we can strongly agree that all of the above options can be safely used. If you cant decide which is the right VPN for the job, we suggest going with Private Internet Access.

    In conclusion, you can use a VPN for Valorant if youre experiencing multiplayer issues such as lagging, high ping, stuttering, or packet loss.

    Also, note that your game might sometimes run into certain troubles. Thats why our team compiled a list of the best solutions to fix Valorant FPS drops in Windows 11. In case you ever face this issue, do not hesitate to use our dedicated guide.

    Feel free to share your opinion with us, by leaving a comment in the section below.

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