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How To Setup VPN On Firestick Free

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How To Install Cyberghost VPN On Firestick

How to Install a VPN On Firestick. 3 BEST FREE VPN apps for Firestick (2021)

3 minutes

If you want to enjoy the best Firestick VPN service for streaming, watch streaming content anonymously and get an extra layer of security when using the Amazon Firestick, then CyberGhost is the perfect app for you.

In this blog post, we will show you how to download and install CyberGhost VPN on your Amazon Firestick in under 5 minutes. Lets jump right in!

Get Your Favorite Apps And Channels From Amazon Store

There are two ways to download from Amazon App Store.

First Method:

1. Go to search option from the FireStick home. This could be found on the top left corner.

2. Type the name of the app

3. Follow the instructions provided to you on the screen and download the app from the store.

Second Method:

1. On your FireStick home screen, choose apps

2. You will be given three options- Games, Categories and Featured

In the featured section you will find popular apps and channels. While categories allow you to check all the options you have category-wise including Movies & TV, Business, Music & Audio, Communication, News and many more.

3. Once you click a category, you will get a list of channels.

4. Choose a channel or app from Amazon Store

How To Check If You Have Ipvanish Working On Firestick/fire TV

After installing and connecting the IPVanish application on Firestick, you may be wondering, How to know if IPVanish is working on Firestick?. Well, dont worry. We will be telling you just the right steps you need to follow to confirm that IPVanish is working on your Firestick.

Step 1: Click on the Connect button within the IPVanish application to establish a secure tunnel with a VPN on your Firestick.

Step 2: Install the Amazon Silk Browser for free on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick through the Amazon App Store.

Step 3: Launch the browser on your device.

Step 4: Click the search bar on top to enter the website address.

Step 5: In the address bar of the browser, type the following address and click Go

Step 6: This is the last step. You can now verify that your IP address has changed courtesy of IPVanish. Meaning, VPN is working fine on your Firestick device.

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Why Do I Need Strongvpn For Fire TV Stick

Wi-Fi Privacy

StrongVPN allows you to use any Wi-Fi network with complete security. Without a VPN, your connection is vulnerable to the prying eyes of hackers and third parties. Because the Fire TV Stick requires an internet connection, youll need the proper security provided by StrongVPN to protect your activity.

Online Freedom

Enjoy a truly open internet with an added layer of protection. By connecting you to one of our 950+ servers in more than 30 countries, StrongVPN lets you safely access media from anywhere while staying private and secure.

Zero Logs

Your privacy is our priority. Thats why were proud to be one of the only zero-logging VPNs. This means well never track, store, or sell your private browsing or identifying data to third parties.

Fastest Speeds

StrongVPN offers some of the fastest encryption speeds in the industry. As soon as you connect to the secure server of your choice, your data will be secure within seconds. Dont forget to try our Best Available Location feature, which auto-selects the best server for you for the fastest connection.

Install A VPN From Fire TVs App Store

How to install FREE VPN on to your Firestick

This method works with any VPN that has its app listed on Fire TV and TV Sticks App Store.

  • Go to Search on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick and type in your VPNs name. If it doesnt show up head to Method 2 below.
  • Once downloading has finished, click Open to launch your VPN app.
  • Sign in to your VPN app.
  • Select a VPN location in the US and click Connect.
  • If a VPN connection request comes up, click OK.

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Ensure Your VPN Is Active With VPNsafetydot

Another useful application I recommend installing in conjunction with Stremio, is the VPNSafetyDot app.

VPNSafetyDot is a slick tool that enables an icon to appear in the upper right-hand corner of your screen when you are connected to a VPN.

With this app installed, users will always know when their connection is safe via VPN. You will also have the option to change icon transparency and more.

This is especially important when using applications that use torrent streams like Stremio or Syncler.

This is a great tool in granting peace of mind whenever streaming on your device. For more information on VPNSafetyDot, refer to our guide below.

For more torrenting options, check out the TROYPOINT Best Torrent Sites Page which is updated weekly for your streaming needs.

Is There Any Free Unlimited VPN For Firestick

Perhaps, after reading about all the paid VPNs above, you might wonder if you can use a VPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick for free.

Of course, every one of us wants to save on budget. You wont be wrong if you think the same way.

However, I wont advise you to use a free firestick VPN. Its because free VPNs do not offer services as good as the paid ones do.

Nonetheless, it doesnt mean that you can never trust a free VPN. Though a plethora of such services isnt reliable. Still, some free VPN providers have managed to build a credible stance in the market.

Such services often come with a freemium model, where they limit the provision of certain features to the paid users only. At times, this limitation applies to the number of servers offered to free users. Sometimes, they also limit other key features too.

Yet, they offer good services, at least, for basic privacy needs.

So, if you do not frequently need to change your online location to watch blocked media , you can use a free VPN.

You can take a look at this detailed guide on the best free VPNs to assess what works best for you.

However, if youre adamant about knowing some free services, then below I list the three good providers to get free VPN for Amazon Fire TV.

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Best VPNs For Amazon Fire Stick & Fire TV

We’ve tested more than a dozen providers that have good apps for Amazon Fire devices. What you see below is the list of our Top 5 VPNs for Fire Stick & Fire TV.

Editor’s disclosure: We are aware of and concerned about the Deferred Prosecution Agreement recently released by the US Department of Justice. It names Express VPNs CIO Daniel Gericke among the persons who received monetary penalties and agreed to full cooperation with the relevant Department and FBI components due to their past misuse of covert surveillance tools, targeting US citizens, as well as journalists and political parties.

At the moment, there are no direct connections established between the misuse of such tools and ExpressVPN. However, in order to offer our readers only the most reliable and safest VPN solutions available, we are temporarily removing ExpressVPN from our lists until further privacy, data security, and ethical evaluations are completed. You can read our full story about the agreement here.

What Does Firestick Do


FireStick could stream movies, videos, shows, music, etc. It also allows you to play games and even answer your questions through Alexa. The streaming apps for FireStick could be accessed through Amazon Store or through a sideload third party app. Through it you will be able to get Youtube, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

You could also download games on your FireStick. Take note however, you will need to have an Amazon Fire TV game controller to play. This is sold separately on Amazon.

As for Alexa, the voice controlled AI is truly amazing. It will do everything and anything for you. Just push the mic button on the remote and ask it to give you the weather report or open apps or ask to tell you a joke. It will definitely do it for you.

Furthermore, if you have Fire TV Cube, Alexa will be able to control all the smart devices you have at home.

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Faqs Free VPN Firestick

Now that weve discussed the best free VPN FireStick and its security features, lets talk about some frequently asked questions.

Are there completely free VPN services for Amazon FireStick?

There are multiple completely free VPN services for FireStick like Windscribe, Hide.Me and Speedify. You can sign up and download these free VPNs without any charges on your FireStick. To subscribe to these free VPNs, all you would require is a working email address.

Will a free VPN keep your Amazon FireStick device secure?

Yes, the VPNs that I have listed above can keep your Amazon FireStick device completely secure with military-grade encryption protocols. Although some free VPNs are risky because they log data and dont keep your online activities private. Premium VPNs like ExpressVPN on the other hand is based in the safe jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands and keep no connection logs.

Which free FireStick VPN gives you the most data?

Windsribe and Hide.Me are two FireStick VPN services that offer the most monthly data . However, it is always a good decision to rely on a premium VPN provider with unlimited data bandwidth such as ExpressVPN.

Are free VPNs for Amazon FireStick safe to use in 2021?

It depends on the free VPN. There are shady free VPNs that are not safe to use, like Hola, but several are completely safe and legitimate such as Hide.Me and Windscribe.

Why is my Amazon Fire TV stick VPN not working?

Do All VPNs Work On Fire Stick

First off, not all Amazon Fire devices work with VPNs. Amazon Fire Stick 1st generation doesn’t support VPN connections. However, most likely, you have a newer device because the 1st gen was discontinued back in 2016. Even then, you can benefit by setting up a VPN on your router .

If we look at the VPNs that work with Fire Stick, the first thing is to check if there’s an app for Amazon devices. If there isn’t, you can also check if it’s possible to configure such a pairing manually. Of course, this may cause more problems than the app, so we recommend choosing this approach only if you, for some reason, don’t like any of the VPNs that have an app for Fire Stick and Fire TV.

Any of our Top 5 providers are great for Amazon Fire TV devices. One would be hard-pressed to find anything better than NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Surfshark, CyberGhost, or Windscribe. All of these are fast and unblock multiple streaming platforms.

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Use VPN On Firestick Fire TV Or Fire TV Cube Via Router

The first two methods explained above were about how to install VPN on your Firestick or Fire TV directly.

But what if you cant get the direct app or the APK link for your VPN service?

What if you simply own iOS devices and cant apply the sideloading technique?

What if you have a 1st-generation Fire TV that doesnt support VPNs at all?

Dont worry. Things dont end here. You do have some more viable options.

Best VPNs For Amazon Fire TV Stick In 2021

5 Best Free VPN For Firesticks That Really Work In 2020 ...

Amazon Fire TV Stick is indeed a great tool to convert your TV into a smart TV and enjoy streaming videos or gaming. Yet, thanks to geo-restrictions, a big part of the world and probably you, cant access all the wanted content.

To experience Netflix USA or BBC iPlayer, you would need to spoofyour location with a VPN. It will not only unblock your desired content from all around the world but will also increase your privacy and security. So, which VPN is the best for Fire Stick and Fire TV? Read on to find out which VPN is the best match for your needs!

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How To Use A VPN On Fire Stick

Using a VPN service on Fire Stick differs from app to app. However, some things generally remain the same. Here is a quick guide that will lead you through the VPN installation on your Fire Stick.

  • Type in your chosen VPN’s name in the Search bar. We recommend NordVPN, now 72% OFF!.
  • the app
  • From your Fire TV Home screen go to Settings and choose Applications
  • Select Manage installed applications
  • Choose the VPN app and log in
  • Choose a location and the server
  • Do I Really Need A VPN For My Fire TV Stick

    Using a top VPN on Fire TV Stick can unlock geo-restricted video content on streaming apps like Netflix, DAZN, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer.

    Furthermore, having a VPN running on your Fire TV Stick will mask your IP address and keep you anonymous online.

    As a result, your ISP will no longer see your real IP address. This is crucial if you stream video content using Kodi and IPTV apps on your Firestick.

    As we already mentioned, free Firestick VPN apps come with limitations. Our advice for users looking to stream lots of content on Firestick is to use a paid VPN instead.

    Sadly, if you have a 1st generation Firestick you wont be able to install a VPN directly onto it. Therefore, we recommend upgrading to a 2nd or 3rd generation Firestick.

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    Guide To Set Up Amazon Firestick Quick And Easy Steps In 2022

    The readers like you support PrivacySavvy to help keep up the good work. When you purchase using links on our website, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Learn how makes money.

    With the advent of streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu, cable TV and DVD rentals are something of the past. These sites offer an easy way to binge-watch your favorite content in the comfort of your home. If your TV is not internet-enabled, you should get the Amazon Firestick to turn it into a smart TV.

    The Amazon Fire Stick is a device slightly bigger than a flash drive that plugs into the HDMI port of your TV. If you connect it to your WiFi network, you can stream much more and better content online through the available apps.

    Amazon recently introduced the 4K Fire Stick that is capable of streaming content in 4K definition. It is an excellent device if you are a media streamer due to its low price range.

    If you want to set up Fire Stick for the first time, we got you covered. This guide will show you how to set up Amazon Fire Stick, how to jailbreak a Fire Stick, why you need a VPN for Fire Stick, and much more.

    What Is The Best Free VPN For Firestick

    Top 3 FREE VPN’s on Firestick / Android. Easy to install & Easy to use.

    We do not recommend using a free VPN for Firestick.

    Free VPNs have cultivated a bad reputation over the years, and for good reason. Many studies have proven the dangers of free VPNs, which are basically data collection tools in disguise. After all, how can something that is completely free afford to continue operating? Answer: by making money off of the user.

    I would not recommend using any free VPN service with Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV.

    Here are some well-known problems with free VPN services:

  • Malware Many free VPNs contain malware to infect your device and collect your data. This recent news article discussed free VPNs that infected devices with financial malware.
  • Tracking Even popular free VPN services, such as Betternet, have been caught embedding tracking libraries in free VPN apps. Avoid!
  • Third-party access to your data What do free VPNs do with the data they collect from you? Share and sell it to others .
  • Data leaks Another study found that 84% of free VPN apps leak data, such as IP addresses or DNS requests. This data can expose the user and render the free VPN useless.
  • The moral of the story: dont use a free VPN with your Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV device.

    As an alternative, you may want to consider a VPN with a free trial.

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    What Is Split Tunnelling

    Split Tunnelling is a technique that allows different types of traffic to be routed through the same physical connection. For example, you can use Split Tunnelling to connect two data centres using a single WAN link. This technology is useful where you need to implement network segmentation and control.

    Are Free Firestick VPNs Safe To Use

    The free Firestick VPNs we reccomend are safe to use, however many free VPNs on the market are much shadier. From not encrypting your data to actually using your device as part of a botnet there are plenty of unsafe practices among free VPN providers. If you’re looking for a free VPN we recommend you stick to our list and for those of you concerned about your data and privacy you may want to consider upgrading to one of the providers on our best VPNs list.

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    Payment For Subscription Plan

    The next step will be to choose a payment method. Luckily for you, Hulu has a range of convenient payment methods, you can use to buy your subscription. However, you can only use US credit cards and PayPal accounts. That is probably the biggest downside of Hulu when it comes to the payment method, more so if you come from outside the US. But since the app comes with a free trial, except the bundle plan, of course, you can always enjoy the service for one month or week. After that, you can make arrangements to see how you can pay for the subscription using a US PayPal account or credit card.

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