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How To Setup VPN On Motorola Router

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VPN Routers: The Easier Alternative

At& t’s U-verse nvg510 Motorola (R) DSLModem/Router and second router!

As the name suggests, a VPN router is a router that automatically connects you to a VPN from any device in your home or office that is served by this router. A growing number of manufacturers offer routers that come with a VPN pre-installed on them.

Yes, this might mean spending money on a new router if your homes existing version doesnt come with VPN protection. But ask yourself if you are tech-savvy enough to install VPN on your existing router. If you have doubts, its probably better to shop for a router that comes with this protection already built in.

Check If Your Router Is VPN

If you have decided to set up a VPN on your router, you will need to find out if it is compatible with a VPN. There are several ways to do that:

  • Read the user manual of your router and look for OpenVPN or L2TP instructions.If you do not have the user manual at home, you can usually find it online.
  • Find the model of your router and look for more information online. Usually, more people have the same router as you and have already tried to set up a VPN.
  • Log into your router and sniff around. Look for OpenVPN or L2TP client. The most common way to do that is to find your router’s IP address and enter it into the URL bar on your browser. Here is a detailed guide on how to find the IP address of your router.
  • Feel free to take a look at the Routers section on our Help Center. We may already have a detailed tutorial for your router.

Tips For Using Your VPN Router

  • Avoid unnecessary double coverage. With NordVPN working on your router and out of sight, you may forget its switched on. If you use NordVPN on another device while at home, your NordVPN encrypted tunnel will still be sent through the encrypted tunnel set up on your router. This can be a powerful and useful feature when using our Double VPN setting, but NordVPN was not designed to function this way through your VPN router. To avoid significant speed reductions or instability, use one method or another to connect to NordVPNs servers.
  • Bookmark your router settings page. Connecting to your router to change the settings might be inconvenient, but you can bookmark the address to make this part just a bit easier.
  • To avoid double coverage, set up a separate router. Heres how it works.

    Most devices that you carry with you throughout the day will be able to support a VPN app. This will keep you safe while outside the house, but if you forget to switch the app off in your home, the two overlapping VPN connections can cause a drop in internet speed.

    If you have two routers, you can connect your phone or tablet to the one that isnt configured with a VPN. Meanwhile, any devices that dont support a VPN app can run on your VPN router. All your hardware will be protected, without risking any reduction in speed.

Online security starts with a click.

Stay safe with the worlds leading VPN

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Why You Need A VPN On Your Router

Firstly, we recommend deciding if you really need a VPN on your router. It might be a pretty handy solution in situations where the usual VPN connection method is not available. The most common case is Smart TVs and gaming consoles that do not have native VPN support, and the Surfshark app can not be installed. In such a case, you can set up a VPN on the router, and all connected devices will automatically get VPN access.

Unfortunately, there are few downsides to VPN running on your router. By setting up the VPN on your router, you will lose access to most of the Surfshark features available on the apps. The management of a VPN connection will also be not too convenient, and the connection speed might decrease more compared to using only Surfshark apps. Plus, you must have a router compatible with VPN, one that has firmware with pre-installed OpenVPN or L2TP client.

We recommend using Surfshark VPN apps for your devices to get the most out of Surfshark.

Look For A New Router Or New Firmware

Complete VPN Guide

If your router turns out to be incompatible with VPN, consider purchasing a new one or installing a new firmware to your current router.

  • You can install a widely used DD-WRT open-source firmware on your router.There are other firmware options available, for example, Tomato firmware for routers. Here is a list of routers that support Tomato.Reinstalling firmware might permanently damage your router if done incorrectly. Surfshark is not responsible for any damage that might be caused by installing custom firmware.
  • Alternatively, you can choose a router that comes with VPN functionality by default.For general guidance, we recommend routers running AsusWRT firmware, which is really easy to set up with a VPN. Here are several Asus models running this firmware: RT-N66U, RT-AC56U, Asus N-16, RT-AC66U, RT-AC68U, RT-AC87U, RT-AC5300, RT-AC3200, RT-AC3100, RT-AC1750, RT-AC88U, RT-AC66RAnother VPN-friendly option is GL.iNet routers. These mini routers come with OpenWRT firmware pre-installed and already have an OpenVPN client. Here are a few models to get you started: GL-AR750S-Ext , GL-MT300N-V2 , GL-AR300M .

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Who Needs A VPN

Any individual who is regularly accessing the internet will highly benefit from using a VPN motorola router proxy service. It allows its users to boost their online security by encrypting and anonymizing all of their web activities. Therefore, anyone including business users can enjoy the benefits of the service for motorola router.While on a VPN connection, all your data is encrypted, therefore, neither a hacker, website or government spying on you wont be able to see which sites or services you are accessing. Furthermore, also your passwords, usernames, and bank or shopping details will stay completely secure. Anyone who wants to gain full security, privacy and anonymity on the internet should use a VPN software for motorola router.

Which VPN Is The Best For Your Router

If you invest top dollar in a state-of-the-art router, you should do the same with your VPN. Dont be surprised that your connection doesnt live up to your expectations if youre using a VPN service that has slow servers on the other side of the globe, cannot unblock Netflix, and doesnt allow torrenting.

Speed and security are the top two criteria to consider when deciding on a VPN for your router. While speed often correlates with the number of servers and locations, its also the quality of the infrastructure that makes the difference.

Speaking of security, the country where a VPN resides is essential because some of those are members of the Five, Nine, or Fourteen Eyes Alliance, sharing intelligence data between themselves. Having a clean reputation is also essential some VPNs have already been caught cooperating with governmental institutions. Others clearly state that they do not offer a no-logs policy and are willing to disclose your personal data to third parties.

The quality of Customer Support shouldnt be your last consideration, either. We suggest choosing those VPN providers that offer 24/7 live support. There might be times when your connection drops for no apparent reason and works only without a VPN. Submitting a ticket and waiting for the response from another time zone can often mean youre done for the day while calling a helpline or starting a live chat can solve your issue within minutes.

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What If My Motorola Router Or Network Stops Working After A Configuration Change

In case you by mistake make some change that breaks your Motorola home network, you can always go back tozeroby following the generic 30 30 30 hard reset trick.

This is usually the last resort, and if you still have access to the Motorola interface you can always loginto try and revert the settings first .

Reviews & Guides

Why Get A VPN

How to set up a VPN on a router | NordVPN

VPNs are internet security must-haves for a number of reasons. First, they make your computer appear as if it’s in a geographic location other than where you actually are. That’s because you’re logging into a server operated by the VPN provider and then running your web sessions from there. That means when cookies or Big Bad Government Agencies try and trace you from your web activities, they’ll find the VPN provider’s server, not you. Even better, just like you, hundreds or thousands of people will be doing the same thing off the same server.

But VPNs do more than anonymize your session. They also encrypt your traffic. VPNs can use a variety of different encryption methods, but the most popular is the AES 128-bit or 256-bit standard. Combine that with anonymization, and you’ve got a scenario where your location is hidden and your individual encrypted traffic stream is ridiculously difficult to pick out because your stream of encrypted gobbledygook is one of hundreds or thousands of other streams of encrypted gobbledygook pouring into and out of that same server farm.

That’s the draw of a VPN: You get all those benefits just by installing a simple web client on your device and making sure it’s active before starting any other web or cloud session.

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Youll Enjoy Online Privacy On All Of Your Connected Devices

Most VPN providers offer services that work on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Most also offer services that work on mobile devices powered by the Android and iOS operating systems.

But no VPN service works with all of the devices today that can connect to the internet. There are simply too many niche operating systems for that to be possible.

How To Install VPN On Your Router On Windows

If you are a Windows user, installing a VPN is relatively easy. Of course, the details will depend on your specific router, but the general steps are always the same. First off:

  • Choose a VPN provider that has OpenVPN configuration files available. We recommend NordVPN, available with a 72% discount
  • Find out your routers IP address. To do that, go to the Command Prompt. Type in cmd in the start menu and press Enter. Then, type in ipconfig and press Enter. Look for the Default Gateway of either the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. In my case, its
  • Go to that IP address in your internet browser
  • Log in with your router credentials and look for OpenVPN settings
  • Test the connection to see that everything works
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    How To Set Up A VPN On A Tomato Router

    Tomato is a custom firmware for routers that adds OpenVPN support.Check online with your router manufacturer to see if your router supports this firmware. You should also read a full guide on how to install Tomato on your router. Once youve got Tomato installed, youll still need to configure a VPN of your choice.

  • Connect to your routers settings page by typing in or in your address bar
  • Select VPN Tunneling -> OpenVPN Client
  • There, select the following options: check Start with WAN box, select TUN under Interface Type, choose either UDP or TCP under Protocol, and add Server Address/Port information from your provider
  • Under the Advanced tab select the following options: Poll Interval: 0, redirect Internet traffic: Checked, accept DNS configuration: Strict, encryption cipher: AES-256-CBC, compression: Disabled, TLS Renegotiation Time: -1, connection retry: -1, verify server certificate: Unchecked.
  • Depending on your setup you may add a custom configuration but it will heavily depend on your provider.
  • In the Keys tab, open a configuration file downloaded from your VPN provider. Then, paste Static key from < tls-auth> to < /tls-auth> block. Also, to get Certificate Authority, youll need to paste text from < ca> to < /ca> block.
  • At the bottom of the settings page, click Save. Click Start Now, to establish a connection. Verify on the Status page that everything is working as it should.
  • How To Set Up A VPN On Your Router

    Motorola SVG2501 Screenshot VPN Event Log

    The first thing you need to do is select a VPN that supports router connections, and if you want the best VPN on the market, then NordVPN is a safe choice.

    Next, youll have to see if your router supports VPN functionality. To find out if your router can run NordVPN, check out our tutorial page and find your routers brand and model. Some routers there will also include NordVPN router setup instructions. It’s possible to find a pre-configured VPN router if you look hard enough.

    The specifics for NordVPN router installation will vary between brands and models, but the general steps will be as follows:

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    Other Steps You Can Take

    • If your equipment supports NAT-T , turn it on.
    • Contact your network administrator to understand the details of how you need to configure your VPN software.
    • If your company uses L2TP pass through, register your routers MAC address with your companys system administrator.
    • Upgrade to the latest router firmware.
    • Enable Port Forwarding for the VPN port 500, , port 1723 for PPTP VPNs, and port 1701 for L2tp- L2tp routing and remote access. Port 500 may be listed under the list of services.

    Note: Check if the WAN IP is Public or Private. Ports can be opened on Public IP addresses only.

    • Log in to the router using a browser by typing,, or
    • Type admin for the username and password for the password
    • Select WAN Setup> Advanced > Respond to Ping on Internet Port
    • Click Apply

    Has any of the above solutions worked for you? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.

    Many Kinds Of VPN Routers

    Today, while some routers support connecting to VPN services via OpenVPN or the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol , you probably won’t find this feature on most consumer-oriented routers. It’s also not a lightweight chore to configure. Some of the more expensive routers will support VPNs using those features, especially if the manufacturer is looking to sell them into small businesses as well as homes.

    There are also a few number of VPN providers who’ve taken on the task of making sure you can install their VPN client on a router’s firmware . But those clients usually aren’t universal, so you’ll need a router from the VPN provider’s compatibility list. While that’s great, you’re probably happy with your current router and dropping the bucks for a whole new router just to get a VPN client might not be an attractive option.This leaves you to hunt for an alternative firmware that’ll support either OpenVPN or your chosen VPN provider’s client. The most popular of these is DD-WRT, though another option is Tomato if you have a Broadcom-based router. DD-WRT is the more mature of the two and works on many routers, both old and new. You can check to see if your particular router is supported here.

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    Which Is The Best VPN For Motorola Router

    The best motorola router VPN proxy service is the one that provides strong encryption, a wide variety of secure VPN apps, no traffic logs and excellent speed. Some other features that you should look out for when choosing software for motorola router is the following:

    • Number of servers
    • Free trial or money back guarantee
    • Subscription plans
    • Payment options

    If you are looking for a strong encryption then a good alternative is to use Tor Network for motorola router its a free software program that you can load onto your computer. It looks like a browser and it let you hide IP address for free. This is an excellent option if you are looking to protect your privacy and stay anonymous online. However, Tor isnt a good option if your primary reason for hiding the IP is to stream blocked content as the speed of the browsing is very slow.

    Are There Any Downsides

    How to Configure VPN on your Router

    There are some minor inconveniences to using a VPN on your Arris router. For example, if you need to change the VPN server address, you have to access the routers admin panel each time.

    Plus, all devices will be connected to the same VPN server. If one person wants to unblock Netflix UK and another wants to unblock Netflix US, they cant do this simultaneously because theyre bound to the same VPN server location.

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    How To Install VPN On My Bgw210

    Hello Everyone,

    i wanted to know if anyone can give me the instructions on how to install a third party VPN directly to my AT& T BGW210-700 modem/router. Can I install it directly to the BGW210-700 or will I have to buy another router and use the pass through port. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!



    4 y ago

    You cannot install a VPN directly to the device issued by AT& T however a 3rd party router usually with custom firmware can easily to the trick, just connect to that router


    4 y ago

    How would I add an additional router to the AT& T modem. Can you give me the steps on how to do that. Thanks in advance


    4 y ago

    The AT& T modem has ethernet ports where you can plug in devices directly to it. Just plug an ethernet cord into one of the LAN ports the modem has and plug it into the internet port for the router

    Here is an example image which shows an internet port

    Internet Explorer 11Compatibility ViewInternet Explorer 10 The latest version of the following browsers are compatible with the AT& T Support Community website:

    Sbg6580 Router VPN Connection Issues

    Sometimes if you have problems connecting to a VPN as a client, your SBG6580 router setting may be the culprit. To enable VPN connection and services, you will have to enable the passthrough tunneling.

    To do so, visit Advanced > Options to enable Ipsec PassThrough and PPTP PassThrough. Then you should be able to start the VPN connection.

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