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How To Share VPN Connection From Android To Pc

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How To Share Your Android VPN Connection To Your Windows/macos Pc

How to Share Android’s VPN Connection via Hotspot [No Root]

It is really good when we enjoy a VPN connection on our Android devices. There are many VPN apps out there that really help most of us a lot when we know how to use the VPN. Most of use use VPN on our Android devices for many projects of which the lost know is to change our IP address and remain anonymous online.

There are many VPN apps out there that do more than just that. Not only they attribute a new IP address to our online status, but they also give us what we call Free Internet. These VPN apps are HTTP Injector, HA Tunnel Plus, Combo VPN, AnonyTun VPN and many more. We have equally provided free internet tricks for most known VPN out there and that will give you free internet n whatever country you are located in. Check them out below.

Free Internet Tricks :

Talking of Free Internet, many things and protocols can be involved and getting free internet now these days isn’t easy. You will first of all in most cases understand your ISP, how they operate and which protocols they mostly work with and then, launch some scans to detect bug host that can be used for injection. There are marvelous apps that can help us analyze host to see if it is eligible for free internet. We have apps such as HTTP Injector.

However, if you are looking for the best Android emulators for your PC whether it may be low end or high end, then consider reading this article to get the best Android emulators for your PC.

I Couldnt Find The Settings Or Drop Down Icon

Yes! You might not be able to see the settings icon on your own Android device as explained above but worry no more, this is a detailed guide on how to share VPN connection via hotspot and it will provide you with everything you need to know and also cover all phones.

If you didnt see the settings icon or drop down Icon as stated, kindly follow the instructions below to change the Wi-Fi Proxy.

1. Reset the connection and start the Wi-Fi pairing afresh. On hotspot on the first device, go to the target device to no the Wi-Fi and let it search for your hotspot.

2. Once it detect the hotspot, click on it and you will see advanced option button, click on it and you will see the proxy option, change it to manual and set up the host and the port as instructed in the previous version of Android proxy settings.

Sharing A VPN Connection From A Mac Computer Using An Ethernet Cable

To use this method, your Mac will need to be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi. Theres no Mac on the market that has more than one Ethernet port, so youll need to be connected to Wi-Fi unless you have an Ethernet adapter in addition to a built-in Ethernet port.

If your Mac doesnt have an Ethernet port at all, youll need an Ethernet adapter to use this method. There are plenty of Thunderbolt and USB-C Ethernet adapters available for purchase, so you should be able to find one fairly easily.

If you have an Ethernet adapter that has two Ethernet ports, you should use that instead of using Wi-Fi to connect your Mac to the internet. Ethernet is faster and will provide you a better experience, especially considering that VPNs can reduce your internet speeds.

Another thing to consider about this method is that it makes use of the built-in VPN client in the Mac operating system. This client works best with IKEv2, L2TP and PPTP VPN protocols. Its very difficult to share a VPN connection with a Mac using the OpenVPN protocol, so we will not cover that method in this guide.

Follow these steps to start sharing your Macs VPN connection by connecting to your device with an Ethernet cable:

1. Sign up with a VPN provider. Once youve signed up, look for the information on the VPNs website regarding the installation of the VPN on your Mac. It should give you instructions about how to configure the built-in VPN client.

2. Once youve done this, connect to a VPN server.

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Apps Used To Share/tether Android VPN Internet Connection On Pc

Maybe you are enjoying free browsing on your Android phone using a VPN and wish to connect your phone to PC to enjoy same free internet but it didnt work because VPN is involved. Worry no more because in this post, you will learn how to connect and share VPN internet connection on Android to PC without much stress using the best 6 apps for VPN internet connection sharing.

To share VPN internet connection from an android phone to PC, you need any of these 6 apps PdaNet, Tethernet, DF Tethering Fix, Androidtethering, Easytether, Barnacle Wifi Tether or others that will be introduced later on this post. These apps bypasses the restrictions on VPN internet data sharing and transfers whatever you are enjoying to your computer.

In a normal circumstance, its not possible to share a VPN connection on android devices unless you are to do so via Bluetooth tethering and we all know that connections shared via Bluetooth can be a bit slow and unsteady.

Whether you want to share via Bluetooth, WiFi or direct cable connection, these powerful apps will make it possible and easier.

Its no more news that free browsing cheats also known as free internet tricks in some countries is trending now especially in Nigeria, South Africa, Philippines, India, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Singapore and Cameroon. So many youths are enjoying free browsing tricks with their mobile phones using VPN apps but cant connect to PC, thats why I have written this post to solve the problem.

Features Of Df Tethering Fix

How to Share a VPN Connection From Android to PC
  • requires root access
  • no special configurations
  • it doesnt require the installation of the app on both devices

Thats all guys, hope I did a little justice to this topic, With any of the options above sharing your vpn powered connection becomes easier, note that most of these apps requires root access to work, you can read his detailed guide on how you can root any Android smartphone without pc

Do well to share with us any other tethering app you might be making use of, that is not listed here.

Best regards

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Sharing Your Androids VPN Connection Via Usb To A Computer

For this to work, you will need software that can create a virtual router allowing USB tethering over the VPN Ip and not your devices default IP. One of such software commonly used by many is PdaNet+. The app exists for both Android, macOS, and Windows. But to activate the full version you will need to purchase the FoxFi Key app.

Installation and setup

  • Start by downloading and installing PdaNet+ on your Android. Also, make sure to enable USB debugging on Your Android device.

How To Share VPN Connection Via Hotspot To Other Devices Without Root

How To Share VPN Connection Via Hotspot To Other Devices Without Root

Kindly follow us step by steps. We will be so straight forward with the steps. 1. Make sure your Android phone is connected with your favorite VPN 2. Now, tether hotspot to the device you want to share the VPN connection with. 3. Download HTTP Injector APK and install it on the main device sharing out the connection. 4. Open HTTP Injector, swipe to Tools > Tethering Tools > Hotshare > in step two, tap on Start Hotshare share-vpn-connections-hotspot-without-root 5. Now, take note of the IP address and Port in step three. Those are the details to input on the connected device. share-vpn-connections-hotspot-no-root

How To Add IP Proxy And Port On Android

1. If the connected device is an Android phone, then download UltraSurf APK here. 2. Install and open UltraSurf APK > tap on the three dots located at the top-right corner > Proxy > HTTP Proxy > then input the IP Proxy and Port given by Hotshare. share-vpn-connections-via-hotspot-no-root 3. Finally, hit OK and Connect. Then wait for it to Connect.

How To Add IP Proxy And Port On PC

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How To Connect To Android Hotspot On Mac

Heres what you need to do on macOS to connect via android hotspot.

Step 1: Click on the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen. Choose System Preferences.

Step 2: Click on Network.

Step 3: Locate the Android mobile hotspot and click on it. Then click on Advanced

Step 4: Click on Proxies. Under the Select a protocol to configure list, tick the box for Web Proxy .

Step 5: In the field under Web Proxy Server, type in your Host number from part 1. Then type the Port number in the smaller field to its right.

Step 6: Now tick the box for Secure Web Proxy . On the right hand side, type in the Host number and Port number same as above.

Step 7: Click on OK, then on Apply and close the System Preferences page.

Now youll be able to use your Androids VPN connection on your Mac.

What Is A Virtual Router

How To Share VPN Connection Via Hotspot On Android, PC And iPhone (No Root)

A virtual router is essentially a router created from software instead of hardware.

In order to share a VPN connection on Windows, you first need to share the wi-fi connection from your VPN-enabled device.

When you share your wi-fi connection, the software on your device for example, your Windows PC mimics the routing functions of a traditional hardware router.

Your device is turned into a virtual router that is capable of broadcasting a wi-fi network that other devices can connect to and use.

Because this network is created using software, its known as a virtual router as opposed to a physical router that carries out these functions using hardware.

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How To Share VPN Connection Over Wifi Hotspot For Android And Windows

  • You need to from Here.
  • Install and lunch the app
  • Toggle on HTTP HTTPS.

How To Share VPN Connection From Android

  • Open phone settings
  • Navigate to WiFi settings and tap on the WiFi connection and connect to the frst device that has the VPN connection and Every proxy running
  • DEpending on your device, tap on the Device you are connected to and scroll down to Either advance settings or Proxy .
  • In the space provided, fill in the proxy and port provided on Every proxy app on the first device.

How To Share VPN Connection Over Hotspot For Windows PC

  • To connect a PC as the secondary device to a VPN hotspot, you should download UltraSurf for Windows here.
  • Launch the app
  • Tap on Option
  • Choose Proxy Settings
  • Tick the Manual Proxy Settings and input the IP proxy and port shown on Every Proxy app.
  • Tap on Ok, go back and you are good to go.

Verify Your Windows Device Can Create A Virtual Router

To share a VPN connection from your Windows device, you will need to verify that your device can create a virtual router.

On your Windows device, press + S to launch the search bar.

Type cmd. Right-click Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.

In the Command Prompt, enter the following command:

netsh wlan show drivers

If you see Hosted network supported: Yes, your Windows device can support creating a virtual router.

If you do not see this message, you may need to update your network adapter drivers.

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Best VPNs For Sharing A Connection On Windows

To set up a virtual router and share your VPN connection on Windows, youll need a VPN with the following properties:

  • Excellent unblocking capabilities so you can watch anything you want on any streaming service.
  • A large, worldwide server network to give you access to all the regions you want to unblock.
  • Fast speeds for quick and smooth streaming that wont be interrupted by buffering.
  • OpenVPN protocol support.

If you want to enjoy a smooth streaming experience, you need a VPN with lightning-fast speeds. You wont find a VPN thats quicker than ExpressVPN its the fastest VPN weve tested.

A global network of 3,000 servers in 90 countries gives you a world of content to choose from. ExpressVPN can unblock all the major streaming sites and is compatible with both Windows and OpenVPN.

As well as world-class security measures like AES 256-bit encryption and two types of leak protection, ExpressVPN has plenty of other useful features. Split-tunneling is a particularly helpful component that allows you to choose which parts of your connection you want to cover with your VPN.

ExpressVPN might be a little more expensive than other VPN services but its worth it if you value guaranteed speeds and reliability. See what real customers think of this VPN or test it out yourself with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ExpressVPN can unblock:

CyberGhost is a fast, user-friendly VPN thats excellent for streaming.

CyberGhost can unblock:

Share Your VPN Connection Via Your Mac Or Windows Computer

How To Share Android VPN Connection Over Hotspot, USB ...

If youd prefer to not make changes to your router or purchase a new one, you can try sharing the VPN connection you have on your Mac or Windows computer with your device. Weve provided instructions for how to do this further down.

This method can save you from potentially damaging your current router or having to spend money on a new one. With that being said, if your router is out of date, it may be a good time to upgrade anyway. A new router can provide faster internet speeds, better security features and will likely have a built-in VPN client.

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Start Your Virtual Router

To start your virtual router, type the following in the command prompt:

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Hit Enter.

If the virtual router starts successfully, you will see a message that says, The hosted network started.

If you get a message saying the hosted network could not be started, please update your network adapter drivers.

How To Share Android Phone VPN Connection Via Df Tethering Fix App

DF Tethering Fix app is another great tool to tether android phone VPN connection, this app equally requires root access, with a simple user interface, the app, to share your VPN connection with this app follow the instructions below

  • install the app
  • launch and give root permissions
  • connect your VPN, go to your phone settings and enable tethering
  • now return to DF tethering fix and Click on fix Tethering

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Why Do You Need To Share VPN Connection Over Wi

The smart tool has various productive usages like if someone wants to unblock restricted content of international streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, , HotStar, Disney+, in a specific region from anywhere on this earth they need a reliable VPN connection.

However, some of the streaming devices like gaming consoles, plug-in sticks, and few Smart TV modelsdo not support VPN protocols. There is an urge to use VPNs through Wi-Fi sharing to achieve its targeted purpose in such situations.

For this purpose two solutions will enable its functioning. First, install a VPN on the router and the second workaround is to setup VPN on different devices. People can choose any one of the required methods depending upon the user device.

After that, people can share VPN connections on the required streaming devices like Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, etc., for geo-blocking and encrypting their online traffic most securely.

How To Hook A VPN On Mobile Device

How to tether share my VPN connection to android and pc HD

To hook your VPN/V2Ray or any tunneling app follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, connect your VPN
  • Your connected VPN should display first, click on the setting icon beside it
  • Two options will be displayed Always-on VPN and Block connections without VPN
  • Tick the two options and your remaining Databalance will be intact

Below we have provided images to make you understand it better.

Now we believe you know how to hook a VPN.

Without further ado, let us go straight into the topic of the day which is how to tether your VPN connection without rooting the device.

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Requirements For Sharing VPN Connection Via Hotspot

1. Every Proxy. This is the main application that we will be using to share VPN connection from phone to PC or from PC to PC. Click here to download the every Proxy application.

2. The VPN you want to connect via hotspot. For example, if youre using ha tunnel VPN and wish to share it via hotspot, you must get the ha tunnel VPN connected on your device first.

3. The detailed instructions to be revealed in this guide. Make sure you follow every instructions from beginning to the end to avoid any issue during the set it up.

Protect All Household Devices: Share VPN Over Wifi Hotspot

Are you comfortable knowing that somebody may be watching what youre doing online, seeing what websites you visit or what buttons you click? Or, even worse – hijacking your credit card numbers, login info for social media, and other sensitive data? This happens every minute of every day, which is where a VPN comes into play. It encrypts all your online traffic so that nobody – not even your ISP – can snoop in on what youre doing online. Plus – by using a VPN you can also unlock restricted content in a specific region.

The simplest way to unlock content and protect all devices with an encrypted VPN is to share the VPN connection over WiFi hotspot so that all devices benefit from it. If you cant afford a good WiFi router with VPN embedded , then you can easily use your Windows laptop and Connectify Hotspot mobile hotspot software.

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