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How To Tell If VPN Is Working

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How To Do A VPN Test: Check For Ip Or Dns Leaks

Check if your VPN is working | NordVPN

To check if your VPN is working, follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Check your original IP address. Make sure that your VPN is turned off and head to our What is my IP address? page, which will show your actual IP.
  • Turn on your VPN and connect to a server. Now, your IP address should change to one of the VPN providers.
  • Compare your virtual IP address against your actual IP. Head to the test page again and see if your IP is different now. If the results show your original IP address with a VPN enabled, unfortunately, your VPN is leaking.
  • Sometimes IPLeak tests fail to detect DNS leaks, which can also reveal your identity. So its advisable to check it on DNSLeakTest.

  • If your VPN is on, DNSLeakTest should show the location youve chosen and your new IP.
  • Select Extended Test to dig even deeper. This test might take a few minutes.
  • If the results now show your new IP address and your chosen country, you are safe. Your VPN isnt leaking. If its the opposite, you have a VPN leak.
  • NordVPN prevents DNS leaks by sending all your DNS queries through a secure VPN tunnel to keep them private at all times. When youre connected to NordVPN, your device will only use DNS servers operated by us.

    Online security starts with a click.

    With NordVPN, you wont have to worry about DNS or IP leaks.

    How Do I Fix A Webrtc Leak

    You could disable WebRTC leaks in your browser settings. Thatll stop WebRTC leaks, but it also will prevent you from using certain WebRTC-related functions like live streaming and audio and video conferencing.

    The best solution is to use a VPN that protects against all leaks.

    CyberGhost VPN has all the security features youre looking for to help you stay completely invisible online. With just one CyberGhost VPN subscription, you can keep your identity and data safe across all your devices.

    Once youve plugged all your leaks, move on to assessing your connection speed.

    Is My VPN Working How To Test For VPN Leaks

    • 6 minute read

    The search for increased privacy and uninhibited content streaming has driven 25% of the global population to subscribe to a Virtual Private Network or VPN. These networks allow users to connect their Internet-enabled devices to different servers around the world instead of their local Internet service providers server. This is ideal for users who want to obscure their personal location and Internet activity.

    VPNs were originally created to enable employees to operate on their company server no matter where they are. While a few companies still use VPNs for this reason, the majority of users seek Internet privacy or the ability to bypass geographic restrictions on content streaming websites. As VPNs became a product for the average consumer, many users were left wondering, Is my VPN working?

    When a user browses the Internet without a VPN, their search history, location and information about their Internet service provider is accessible to advertisers, employers and governments. For the most part, VPNs protect online information from interested parties, but sometimes leaks can occur. Leaks in VPNs happen for a number of reasons. Parties that benefit from personal information might use code to disable VPNs and sometimes systems just break. When using a VPN for your day-to-day internet activity, its a good idea to check regularly for leaks.

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    How Do I Turn On My VPN

    Turning on your VPN is easy. All you have to do is launch the app and connect to your chosen server. If you want to know whether your VPN is really working, simply check your IP address online. If its the same that you see on the app, it means youre safe.

    However, be aware that some less reputable VPN providers might be leaking your IP or DNS. You can learn how to check for leaks above, but we recommend getting a reliable, leak-free VPN, such as NordVPN, instead.

    What Is A VPN

    How does a VPN work? How to verify?

    Back to the basics. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Using a VPN is an easy and efficient way to increase your online safety, privacy and freedom.

    When youre using the internet, there is a constant process of your device exchanging data with other parties on the web. A VPN creates a secure tunnel between your device and the internet. The VPN allows you to send your data via an encrypted, secure connection to an external server: the VPN server. From there, your data will be sent onward to its destination on the internet.

    Rerouting your internet traffic through a VPN server has several advantages. First, it helps you hide your identity online. Second, it secures your data. And third, it allows you to use the internet more freely.

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    How To Detect A Leak

    Before we discuss the causes and types of common leaks, its important to know how to check if your system is vulnerable.

    There are many available websites and services online that can quickly test whether your system is leaking your DNS traffic or IP address. If you dont already have a favorite IP leak testing tool, you can check your connection security with our IP Leak Test Tool.

    No matter what tool you use, the steps are pretty identical:

  • Disconnect your VPN client and point your web browser to the testing website.
  • Make note of your public IP and DNS server address displayed.
  • Connect your VPN client and go to the same website. Make sure to refresh the page.
  • Once connected to a VPN, the website should not display your previously noted IP or DNS server. If it does, you are suffering from a privacy leak in your system.

    As you can see in the screenshot below, since there is nothing shown in the public IP address section, it is safe to say that my IP and DNS information is secure.

    However, if youve tested your VPN connection using our IP leak detection tool and found that your VPN doesnt quite anonymize your web access, below are the most common causes to the leak in your privacy.

    The VPN Server Is Physically Far From The User

    Anyone whos used VPNs outside of their country knows for a fact how common this problem is. Naturally, the best possible solution here is to get a VPN thats in the same country as the user. However, I also used to get VPNs from at least one country over. It might be slower than the one in my country, but not by much, and certainly not as slow as, say, VPNs a continent away.

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    Dont Let A Faulty VPN Put Your Data At Risk

    Checking if your VPN works is simple. Choose from any of the mentioned VPN tests to identify DNS, IP, or WebRTC leaks, or see if you can reach previously unreachable services. If these tests dont work with your VPN on, then something may be wrong.

    Using a VPN provider like Surfshark guarantees a stable connection. It also helps you avoid data breaches and keeps you far from sneaky ISPs and hackers. I recommend that anybody who uses an electronic device stays protected and safe in the cyber world with a VPN.

    Not convinced yet? Then read an independent Surfshark VPN review.

    Try it with a 30-day money-back guarantee

    Advantage : Fight Online Censorship

    How to Check Whether Your VPN is Working and Secure

    In a lot of countries governments heavily censor the internet. These countries block access to certain internet services and websites. Examples of apps and websites that are often blocked are WhatsApp, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Skype, Spotify and Facebook. Moreover, news websites and journalist platforms are often blocked because they are seen as a threat to the sitting government. In these countries this censorship heavily impacts the freedom of speech of their citizens.

    In some western countries there are also online restrictions. For example, many countries block the Pirate Bay website because they do not want their citizens to download illegal materials.

    A VPN can help you bypass censorship and restrictions by allowing you to connect to a server in a different country. By doing this you can go online as if you were in that other country. This way you can gain access to websites and services that are not available in your own country.

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    Installing A VPN On Your Firestick

    Lets take CyberGhost for example . Go to your Firesticks Home screen. Navigate to the search bar an icon that looks like a magnifying glass and type CyberGhost. From the list that follows, find, and select CyberGhost.

    Now, click Get and wait for it to download and install onto your Firestick device. Enter the app and turn it on. Select the country and the server you want to connect to. Now, check the above-mentioned map to see if your VPN is active.

    Although NordVPN can be installed the same way, the installation process for the ExpressVPN dedicated app is a bit more complex and will require you to access the Google Play Store. This, as mentioned before, may not work on all devices.

    Four: Check That You Can Bypass Blocks

    If you want to know whether your VPN is doing its job and can overcome censorship or geographical restrictions, run some of your tests. Heres how to do it:

  • Connect to a VPN server located where you want to unblock content
  • Head to US Netflix and load a video
  • If the video loads fine, great, the VPN works. If you get, the this content is not available in your region error message, repeat the process and try again. Its worth noting that not every VPN can unblock streaming services like Netflix, as they are notoriously challenging to bypass.

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    Testing For Ip Address Leaks

    First, make sure your VPN is disabled and identify your IP address. If your ISP doesnt make this information readily available, simply Google what is my IP address or visit one of the many test websites available. Knowing this can help you confirm that your VPN isnt revealing this information to unwanted sources. Once you have your IP address, re-activate your VPN and search for your IP address again. If your search engine or website reveals the same number, you can be sure your VPN isnt properly protecting you.

    How To Tell If VPN Is Working

    How Do I Know If My VPN Is Working?

    Checking if your VPN is working is pretty straightforward. The primary goal of a VPN is to hide your real IP address. For that reason, one of the easiest ways to tell if your VPN is working is to use an IP checker.

    These tools can see your publicly available traffic data and point out your physical location. If your VPN is functioning correctly, it will change your IP address and point to a different city or country. The new apparent location will depend on the VPN server youve chosen.

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    Check If You Can Bypass Censorship

    If your reason for buying a VPN was to get around government censorship or the local firewalls put up by your workplace or school, then you can check whether the VPN is working by accessing that content.

    So if you connect to a VPN server and enter a previously unreachable website or service, the VPN is working!

    Surfshark does not encourage using a VPN in any way that would potentially violate the Terms of Service of other service providers.

    What Do Ip Addresses Reveal About Users

    Thankfully, your IP address doesnt tell anybody who you are. It does, however, reveal which Internet Service Provider your using and can give an approximate location. This approximate location can be very accurate at times, even down to the specific street. This is why its essential that IP addresses dont get into the wrong hands and that youre using a VPN whenever connected to the internet.

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    Which VPN Service Protects Best Against Leaks

    NordVPN is one of the leading VPN services when it comes to combating leaks and data loss. It has DNS leak protection, as well as the same protection for webRTC and IP leaks. Other great options include Surfshark, Hotspot Shield, and Private Internet Access, all of which are well regarded in the world of online security and have premium security features.

    What You Should Do If Your VPN Isn’t Working


    Has your VPN failed any of the VPN tests outlined above? If so, contact your VPNs support team. If youre using a trustworthy VPN, they should be available to resolve the issue.

    Otherwise, switch to a trustworthy and secure VPN that wont leak your IP address or other personal info online. Avast SecureLine VPN hides your IP address and protects your internet traffic against DNS leaks and other privacy threats to keep you anonymous whenever youre online.

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    Should You Use A VPN At Home

    Many people use corporate VPNs at work but are hesitant about having one at home. We believe that you definitely should use a leak-free VPN at home. It will help you hide your personal information from cybercriminals by encrypting all traffic.

    At the same time, your real IP will be protected as well. Whats more, some ISPs like to throttle your bandwidth, especially if youre watching a movie or downloading something big. Finally, when your VPN encrypts the traffic, theres no way for anyone to tell what exactly you are doing online.

    Vyprvpn Based In Switzerland No Logs Audited Secure And Reliable


    Next up on our list is VyprVPN. This VPN service is based in Switzerland and has passed an independent audit to verify that it is truly a no-logs VPN. Like our other top two recommendations here, VyprVPN fully supports the WireGuard VPN protocol. We were able to hit speeds over 300 Mbps, as you can see in the VyprVPN review.

    VyprVPN currently offers 30 simultaneous connections with your subscription. This should allow everyone in your household to be covered under a single subscription. And if you enjoy streaming, VyprVPN also works well for this endeavor. They officially support four Netflix regions, as well as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more.

    VyprVPN also tops our list with excellent privacy and security features. All VPN apps include leak protection settings and a malicious sites filter, which will prevent malware sites from loading on your device. They own every server in their network, resulting in a higher level of network security with no third-party rental servers. Finally, VyprVPN also offers an obfuscated VPN protocol called Chameleon. This will allow you to easily get around VPN blocks on work, school, or country-wide networks .

    Drawbacks: VyprVPN currently requires a full name for registration . Additionally, they do not support any cryptocurrency payment options.

    Check out the VyprVPN review for more details.

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    How To Tell If Your VPN Is Securely Connected

    Many VPNs are far less secure than their developers admit. A quick VPN test will show you whether or not your VPN is masking your IP address, leaking your DNS info, or spilling other info that should be protected. Once you learn how to tell if your VPN is working, youll have everything you need to evaluate any VPN you use.

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    This article contains:

    A VPN security test will reveal whether your VPN is providing the level of protection youre paying for and if youre using a free VPN, its probably not doing much at all. You can quickly and easily test your VPN connection and see if youre as anonymous online as you should be.

    Is your VPN working? Lets find out!

    Is My VPN Working: Conclusion

    How Do I Know If My VPN Is Working? How To Test Your VPN ...

    You should now easily be able to answer the question, is my VPN working?.

    Whichever test you performed , once you confirm your VPN is working and transmitting a masked IP address and not your true one, you can confidently go about your activities protected and anonymous, whether web browsing, , Usenet or sharing torrents.

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    Advantage : Access To Your Companys Network

    More and more companies are giving people the possibility to work from home, or abroad for instance. Some people connect to the internet via a VPN to access the company network at home. This enables people to work from home safely and efficiently.

    To read more about the different reasons why people use a VPN please read our article on the subject: What are the advantages of a VPN?

    What If The VPN Is Not Working As It Should

    The most basic requirement for a VPN to work is it will not leak DNS or your original IP address. And if by any chance your VPN service fails to achieve any of the above, then it is time to switch your VPN provider.

    We have covered extensive VPN comparisons so you dont have to run around. After our thorough testing following are some of the VPN services which live up to the expectations.


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    How Does A VPN Work

    We have already discussed data encryption. Apart from this, a VPN routes all your information to its private server instead of your ISP. This way, all the data from your devices to the internet comes from your VPN and not your computer/smartphone/laptop. A VPN acts as a barrier of sorts, a strong middleman that does not reveal your identity and other vital factors about your online presence. This way, your IP address remains anonymous and unknown to third parties, thereby keeping your online presence private and secure.

    Your VPN acts as an intermediary between your devices and the internet, ensuring that your confidential information does not reach individuals with malicious intentions. It also creates a tunnel through which data travels via the internet in an encrypted fashion. Essentially, it is like scrambling data, so it cannot be interpreted even when it is accessed. Such encryption is crucial for online financial transactions, protecting passwords, respecting data privacy, etc. Encrypted data is quite similar to unreadable code. So even if third parties access it, they wont be able to understand and use any of it.

    Your VPN affects the functioning of your devices to some extent, depending upon the kind of software you are using. Most VPNs work directly with the settings of an operating system such as Windows, Mac, OS, iOS, Android, etc. Aligning the VPN to the operating systems settings ensures that all apps in the devices are well protected.

    Benefits of Using VPN

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