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How To Torrent Safely Without VPN

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Wide Range Of Additional Security Features

â How to Torrent Safely in 2021 ð Download Torrents Safely Without Getting Caught

Despite its other shortcomings, Surfshark is a fully-featured VPN with an extensive suite of additional security features that are useful for torrenting.

Surfsharks advanced security features include:

  • A kill switch to block your internet connection if the VPN disconnects, protecting your real IP address from leaking. This is considered essential for torrenting.
  • Whitelister, Surfsharks VPN split tunneling feature. This feature enables you to route some of your web traffic outside the VPN, which means you can use the VPN for torrenting while using your real IP address for other web services.
  • Camouflage Mode makes your VPN traffic look like normal HTTPS traffic. If you are in a country where VPNs are heavily regulated, obfuscation is essential.
  • CleanWeb blocks ads, trackers, and malware. It helps to protect you from torrent files loaded with malware, but it wont strip the adverts out of the uTorrent client. You can find out how to remove adverts in our guide to utorrent safety.
  • MultiHop is a Double VPN feature that sends your traffic through two VPN servers, making it even harder for third parties to track you. MultiHop gives you additional protection if you are torrenting files that are politically sensitive.
  • SOCKS5, a popular proxy connection protocol, is supported by Surfshark. While SOCKS5 proxies are popular in the torrenting community, they dont use encryption and offer much weaker protection than a full VPN.

Can I Use A Free VPN To Torrent Safely

It is possible, but Id strongly advise against it. The truth is that youre much better off using a top-tier VPN that comes with a money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, many free VPNs enforce daily data caps, which are usually very small . This only lets you torrent for a minimal time. Added to this are the restrictions they put on speed.

Another downside is that they are known to collect and sell their users data. This is done to make a profit, however, it can land you in serious trouble when torrenting. It also means that free VPNs will bombard you with annoying ads too, a lot of which are infected with viruses. If youre serious about safety and anonymity when torrenting, then a free VPN must be avoided.

No Support For Port Forwarding

Port forwarding enables other torrenters to initiate a connection to your computer so they can download files you are seeding. Without port forwarding, you can only seed files to peers that you initiate a connection to. Some torrenting clients will slow your downloads if you are not seeding enough.

As a result, many users consider port forwarding to be an essential feature for any torrenting VPN.

Surfshark doesnt support port forwarding due to apparent security risks, which means it isnt as easy or effective for seeding torrenting files as other top VPNs. In fact, there are some anecdotal reports suggesting that Surfshark doesnt allow seeding at all.

If youre looking for a VPN that supports port forwarding, we recommend PrivateVPN, AirVPN, and Astrill VPN. Port forwarding does enable external connections to bypass the firewall, so remember to use it with caution.

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Why You Should Torrent Only With VPNs

You should strive to download only legal files, although its difficult sometimes to distinguish between free and copyrighted content. When you visit a torrenting site, theres likely someone monitoring your IP address, which gives away your details, including to your Internet Service Provider.

Without a VPN, your connection is open and visible to anyone who wants to spy on you. To avoid getting into legal trouble, its best to use a VPN whenever you use torrents. When you connect to the VPN, its server encrypts and reroute your traffic. This means that your IP address is not visible to the copyright trolls. Also, since your data is encrypted, your ISP cannot see what youre doing. This protects and prevents your internet provider from banning you.

VPN Reliability And Accessibility Issues

How To Download Torrent Anonymously

The extra stops and processes for your data and the distance introduced by VPNs can make a normal browsing experience somewhat hiccup-y. Suddenly losing connectivity while the VPN resets is mildly annoying in day-to-day life, but we could see how such interruptions could slow down or even halt a large BitTorrent download.

If you plan on using a VPN while torrenting, consider the ramifications of the Kill Switch. This feature, found in most VPN services, prevents apps from sending data via the internet when the VPN is disconnected. The idea is that it prevents any information from being transmitted in the clear. The avid BitTorrent downloader needs to decide if they want total and complete protection or would rather not have their download interrupted.

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Does Anyone Do Torrenting Without VPN

Saint John
15 posts

BengaliPrince wrote: Try joining a private tracker.That way you will not get any notices from your ISP about copyright infringements and whatnot. Which means you wont have to worry about being behind a VPN.

And yes, any VPN will always decrease your internet speed because all the traffic is being encrypted/decrypted etc.

Do you not have anything else to do rather than argue with strangers on the internet




BengaliPrince wrote: Try joining a private tracker.That way you will not get any notices from your ISP about copyright infringements and whatnot. Which means you wont have to worry about being behind a VPN.I personally use IPTorrents.Private trackers are great because even with 1 seed you will still get amazing speeds.I have Gigabit internet at home, and 1 seed on IPT easily starts downloading ~ 100Mbit/sI can have a 1GB movie downloaded in about ten seconds.And yes, any VPN will always decrease your internet speed because all the traffic is being encrypted/decrypted etc.

Richmond Hill

yesstyle wrote: if you are mainly streaming movies then there’s really no use of torrenting anymore. There are soo many streaming sites out there

Do you not have anything else to do rather than argue with strangers on the internet


generate direct links


You should try debrid. ~~$40/year

I also use it to download all premium links from uploaded, rapidgator, etc


How Safe Is Pirate Bay Without VPN

I used it for years without one, and no issues. The only reason I got one is because someone gave me free access to theirs.

The site itself is cancer. It will run a bitcoin miner on your CPU the whole time you are there and possibly after. The ads are not screened and are littered with popups, browser hijacks, and malware.

Never go to TPB without disabling Javascript first.

As far as the torrents, VPN can help, but your best bet is to use a seedbox from a country that can thumb its nose at the MPAA.

not getting an email from your internet provider

dont even think about it

most no one actually gives a shit if youre just some small time dawg pirating something… you might get an email from isp but not many isp will actually do anything other than bark

It would be a good idea to use a VPN for added privacy from your ISP.

Like how we use curtains for a little more privacy, a VPN does the same for you. What your ISP does not know, is better in the long run for you.

The thing to remember about bittorrent is that is was never designed for anonymous use. It was never designed for copyright infringement. So it takes no precautions to hide your identity. Even if using bittorrent through a VPN or TOR the client can reveal your real local IP address. So I wouldn’t recommend using it to infringe copyrights, or anything where secrecy or anonymity is important.

Bottomline: pirate bay itself isn’t unsafe.

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How To Hide Ip Address

A VPN is the only way to stay safe while you’re torrenting files. Your traffic will be encrypted once you use the right VPN for torrenting that can hide your IP Address from any prying eye, be it your ISP or law enforcement sector.

We have listed down the Best VPNs for your device after investing so much time and effort to put forward the authentic information about VPNs best for torrent clients-uncatchable from your even your ISP.

Our list is based on the characteristics that lay in the category for preferable VPNs which includes utmost pear-to-pear sharing and does not block completely, security features that offer your identity anonymous.

Want to learn more about VPNs? Read more of our articles and check out our VPN Reviews and detailed guides.

How Does P2p File Sharing Work


P2P file sharing works by creating a virtual network that allows multiple users to share files with each other. But P2P file sharing reveals your IP address to other parties, who can use it to target you with attacks. Therefore, its best to use a VPN to hide your IP address. Each torrent consists of several files that are hosted on different computers rather than a singular server.

So when you request a file download from a P2P network, every computer works together to upload it onto your device. Once all the different parts are uploaded, then the full download is complete. The benefit is that you can download files much faster than downloading them from one server.

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How To Choose The Best VPN For Torrenting

The virtual private networks we’ve picked out all support torrents but – equally as important – are all equipped with the right features and tools that you require when torrenting.

A few are obvious, starting with privacy and security. Torrenting by its very nature is pretty risky and, while peer-to-peer sharing of big files is undeniably useful, you can leave yourself exposed to threats from bad actors. So you want a VPN with strong encryption protocols and plenty of security smarts. A clear no-logs policy is also crucial – the biggest VPN providers have even started to have these independently audited.

Today’s top 3 best torrenting VPNs:

Best torrenting VPN 2021Get 3 months free with an annual plan

Put simply, ExpressVPN boasts all the features you’d want from a VPN for torrenting – indeed, the provider also tops our overall best VPN list.

We say “boast”, but Express doesn’t bother pasting its claims all over its homepage. Instead, it just gets on with the business of establishing P2P support across every one of its servers, and all with unlimited bandwidth.

It’s certainly fast. We tested its connection speed to multiple servers around the world and witnessed some of the best, most reliable connections of the 200+ VPNs we’ve reviewed. Thats obviously a major advantage for anyone who downloads large files. And payment by Bitcoin is supported, too.

When talking about VPN security, NordVPN is one of the first names that springs to mind.

The Torrent File Could Be Infected With Virus

Some torrent files especially the .exe files are easily infected with virus. Since your IP address is exposed on torrent network, its possible for hackers, spies to track your IP address then let you download the files that have virus or adware. Once the files are downloaded to your computer, your computer can be infected with the files. This could result in severe problems. Your computer password can be changed your personal info could be stolen, etc.

So if you dont want to get a virus by downloading the content with virus, stay safe when downloading torrent files. See How to torrent safely.

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What Is Torrenting Before Discussing Torrenting Without VPN

Torrenting is the act of uploading and downloading files through the BitTorrent network. Torrenting involves downloading files from other users devices on the network instead of downloading files to a central server. At the same time, users upload files from their own devices for other users to download.

Torrenting is the most famous form of peer-to-peer file-sharing method. But users need to have torrent management software to connect to the BitTorrent network.

Torrenting often has issues with piracy as peers use it to share files protected by copyright. Some of such significant files are movies, games, music, and software.

How To Install An Antivirus On A Windows Pc

How to have a Netherlands IP address anywhere (with and ...

There are two main ways you install antiviruses on a Windows PC. You can either download the installer or buy a physical CD. Lets take a look at the first method.

  • Purchase and download the installer for your antivirus program.
  • If needed, you need to unzip the installer from a .zip file.
  • Run the installer.
  • Follow the necessary steps for the installer.
  • After the process is complete, you might have to set up the antivirus for the first time.
  • You should be protected from then on.
  • If you bought a CD, the steps should go like this:

  • Insert the CD into your computers disk drive.
  • If it doesnt autorun, run the CD from This PC.
  • Follow the necessary steps for the installer.
  • After the process is complete, you might have to set up the antivirus for the first time.
  • You should be protected from then on.
  • Windows PCs have historically been vulnerable to viruses. Torrenting is also tricky, as some malicious users spread viruses deliberately. Other users share files without knowing viruses are infesting their files.

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    Torrenting Safety And Legality: In Short

    Is torrenting legal or illegal? Torrenting itself isnt illegal, but downloading unsanctioned copyrighted material is. Its not always immediately apparent which content is legal to torrent and which isnt. Some fall in a gray area, so you may find yourself unwittingly on the wrong side of the law.

    Your internet service provider and copyright trolls monitoring the BitTorrent network can take action if they catch you illegally torrenting. This can range from a warning letter and throttling of your internet connection speeds to legal action although the latter is increasingly rare.

    Digital privacy-conscious torrenters will use VPN services, or virtual private networks, to keep their internet activity hidden from their ISP. With a wide range of applications, some VPNs are better suited for torrenting than others. If you want to keep your ISP from snooping on your activity, choose a VPN connection that: a) doesnt keep a log of your activity, b) isnt based in a country where the legal system can be used to demand customer records, and c) is fast enough that it wont slow entire downloads. Weve rounded up the providers that fit these criteria and others in our list of the best torrenting VPN services.

    Choose The Right Torrent Site

    There are plenty of sites that offer torrents as downloads on the internet. From specialized torrent listing sites to forums and blogs, you can find torrent links all over the web.

    However, whenever you download anything onto your computer, you should be certain that the source is genuine, otherwise you risk downloading a fake file, something other than what you wanted, or even dangerous malware.

    For these reasons, its important you download torrents from reputable websites. Top torrent sites will often have clear systems in place which will show you that a torrent has been verified as genuine. This means, it will be exactly what it says it is and free from any sneaky surprises.

    The Pirate Bay is one of the most well-known torrent sites in the world, and it has a huge selection of torrents available to download. The Pirate Bay also has handy symbols next to each torrent so you can see if theyve been verified as genuine.

    Torrent sites that require membership via sign-ups, such as TorrentLeech, are also a great choice. They will usually verify every torrent on the site, so you can be sure that whatever youre downloading is safe.

    Annoyingly, a lot of the best torrent sites with the most verified torrents are blocked by ISPs around the world. But an easy solution to get around this is simply to use a VPN. Then you can hide your IP address and visit whichever site you want from wherever you are.

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    Download Files To A Sandboxed Environment

    Sandbox environment is an application that creates a separate, virtual space on your device, which you can use to check torrenting files for malicious software. This allows you to recognize and delete harmful programs without harming your device. Its especially important if you torrent files ending with .exe , like operating systems, as they have the authority to make changes on your device. To avoid the risk of creating a backdoor to your device for hackers, always install and open files in a sandbox environment.

    There are many free Sandbox programs available online. I found Sandboxie easy to install and use with its simple interface.

    Alternatively, you may want to install a full virtual machine on your device instead of a sandbox application. Running a virtual machine creates a whole new operating system on your laptop it will run separately to your actual OS and wont allow any viruses or malware to leak through. You can use it to download torrents and test them for malicious files before moving them outside of the emulated environment.

    What Legal Use Cases Can I Use Torrents For

    How To Use Torrent | Safely and Securely | Without VPN | 100% Working | Use Multiple Torrents

    There are plenty of free ways to use BitTorrent. Here are a few examples:

    • Open-source software, such as Linux distros, are often available for download via BitTorrent. This saves the organization maintaining the distro from having to host the files themselves.
    • Public domain media, like old movies, books, and music for which the copyrights have expired, can be found and legally downloaded through BitTorrent
    • Independent artists making movies, games, books, and music often post their content for free on BitTorrent.
    • BitTorrent is a convenient way to access fair use materials from various media

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