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How To Torrent With VPN

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How to download torrents anonymously with uTorrent (VPN and free Proxy setup)

Torrenting is a form of P2P sharing where you connect directly with other users rather than download data from a dedicated server.

While this can lead to incredibly fast download speeds since you can tap many sources at once it also exposes you to risk.

Whenever you download a file with a torrent, you connect directly to other peoples computers. The whole group of users that are connected is known as a swarm.

Everyone connected to a specific torrent file, either sharing or downloading, can see each others real IP addresses.

In a worst-case scenario, one of those users could be a hacker, ready to look for weaknesses in your system.

And when one in three Americans have been hacked or had their identities stolen, the last thing you want is to increase your risk of an incident.

But thankfully, there are ways to get around this issue. The best way is to hide your real IP address well cover how even a non-technical beginner can do this in the next section.

Can You Use Tor

Tor is an anonymization network you can use to hide your IP address and traffic. That definition alone would make it a great way to download torrents anonymously. However, there is a pretty big issue you cant ignore connection speeds and stability.

The Tor network is simply not able to sustain torrenting. As it stands, the network only has around 6,000 to 7,000 relays that are serving almost three million Tor users. Torrenting over Tor only overloads the network, resulting in slow speeds.

Besides that major problem, there are other reasons why Tor might not be suitable if you want to download torrents anonymously:

Lastly, consider this Tor itself said that using the BitTorrent protocol over Tor is not a good idea. The main problem is that many BitTorrent clients dont work well over Tor, and might leak some traffic since it wont go through Tor.

If youre really, really keen on using Tor, though, at least make sure you use it alongside a powerful VPN service.

How To Torrent Safely In 2021

Want to get into torrenting but worried about your privacy or getting infected by viruses? Youve come to the right place.

With all the media coverage, its easy to think of torrenting as something inherently very dangerous.

But it doesnt have to be. With the right precautions, its simply one of the fastest ways to share and download large files available on the internet.

In this post, well cover how to torrent safely without exposing your IP address to potential hackers, avoid viruses, and even dodge the watchful eyes of your ISP or government.

First, lets cover why torrents can be dangerous when approached the wrong way.

Why can torrents be dangerous for a user?

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How We Decided On Our Top VPNs For Torrenting: The Methodology

Before becoming experts in VPNs and torrenting, we didnt know what to look out for when buying a VPN for torrenting specifically. But after years of testing and reviewing, we learned exactly what made for the best VPN software. Take a look at how we came to our conclusions by reading this, you too could become well-versed in VPNs for torrenting.

How Do I Choose A Good VPN For Torrenting

How To Download Anything From TORRENT Without VPN

Here are the important selection criteria to choose a VPN for Torrenting:

  • Torrent support: Many VPN does not allow P2P and torrent traffic on their network. Therefore you need to avoid them.
  • Fast Speed: VPNs can be slow, and therefore, it may be hard to stream video online. For that, you need to first try out different VPNs. If the server speed is good, then you can simply buy it.
  • Large server network: It is good that you choose a VPN having more proxy servers at multiple locations. This will provide you enough choices to locate server locations and stay secure.
  • No traffic restrictions: Many VPNs block P2P networks and movie streams. This will also restrict your downloading bandwidth per month. It is crucial that you go for VPNs that do not have such limitations.
  • Zero-logging policy: If your VPN does not have a zero-logging policy, it is potentially harmful to your privacy. You need to make sure that a Virtual Private Network do not store any information that belongs to you.
  • Kill switch: This is an important security feature that helps you to instantly disconnect from the Internet. Kill switch can keep your IP address and identity secure. It is ideal that you check such a feature before choosing a VPN.
  • Ease of use: VPN software should be user friendly so that you can easily get stress free experience. It must be easy to install without having technical knowledge.

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Not A Member Of The Five Eyes Nine Eyes Or 14 Eyes

We always check where VPN companies are headquartered and CyberGhost is located in Romania, a country we felt comfortable with since it was not a member of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes. Because CyberGhost was located outside those jurisdictions, the company wasnt required to share our data with any government officials, a policy that wasnt the case for all VPN companies. When it came to using a VPN for torrenting, this was particularly pertinent since torrenting could be shady if used to download copyrighted content.

You Should Know: Some VPN companies log files and user data, so we recommend reading each companys privacy policy in full before making a final decision as to which software to use.

Is A Free Download Good Enough For Torrenting

In a word…no. There are some genuinely excellent free VPN downloads out there that function perfectly well for letting you check emails on public Wi-Fi and basic IP spoofing. But they tend to limit the data you use and throttle internet speed. So for torrenting, it pays to grab a premium version like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

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Set Up The VPN Software

Next, you need to set up your chosen VPN software. Keep in mind that you need to have an active VPN session in the background every time you plan to open uTorrent and download P2P files. In other words, your VPN needs to run on your device locally .

To help you get started, weve produced guides on setting up a VPN on Windows, macOS, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Chrome OS .

And if you plan to listen to our advice and subscribe to ExpressVPN, know that youll get a VPN that supports more than 60 platforms and devices. If you decide to go that route, heres .

Special Deal Get Cactusvpn For $35/mo

How to Setup VPN and Torrent Using Utorrent (100% legal)

And once you do become a CactusVPN customer, well still have your back with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

DISCLAIMER: We here at CactusVPN do not encourage illegal copyright infringement and illicit torrenting in any way, but we do understand that a lot of people can only get access to things they need by using torrents.

Why Should I Use a VPN When I Can Use a Seedbox?

Well, consider this A VPN can be cheaper and much more convenient than a seedbox. The service lets you secure your privacy when browsing the web, not just when youre downloading torrents.

Also, with a VPN, you can download P2P content straight to your device. No need to deal with two different download stages.

You should only consider using a seedbox if you for some reason need to download massive amounts of content very quickly, or if you want to improve your seed rates fast and easy.

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Do VPNs Make Torrenting Safe

A VPN can help to make torrenting safe, providing you use one of the best VPNs with top-tier security. A VPN that has military-grade encryption, leak protection, and a kill switch creates a secure connection that hides your data and online activity. This stops your ISP and hackers from seeing what youre doing online and getting access to your information, which protects you from identity theft and connection throttling. A VPN like CyberGhost can help protect you from malware, too, with its built-in malware-block feature.

However, not all VPNs make torrenting safe, especially when they advertise themselves as completely free and unlimited. Some free VPNs log and sell your data to third-party advertisers as a source of revenue, while other free VPNs have been known to infect your devices with data-stealing malware.

If you want to use a free VPN to make your torrenting safe, I recommend using a top-tier freemium VPN like the ones listed above. These VPNs have the same high-quality security as their premium counterparts, so you can torrent with safe, reliable connections.

Is Expressvpn Good For Torrenting

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs weve tested when it comes to torrenting.

It doesnt throttle download speeds and you can torrent using any server in the network.

The VPN is also very fast and has an impressive suite of security features, including OpenVPN and AES-256 encryption, built-in IP leak protection, and a reliable kill switch.

The main issue we found testing ExpressVPN for torrenting was that it doesnt allow port forwarding on its computer apps. Its only possible via the VPNs router app.

Therefore, uploading files is extremely slow unless the VPN is running at router level.


What additional security features does ExpressVPN offer?

As well as securely encrypting your data and hiding your IP address, ExpressVPN provides an impressive suite of additional security and privacy features.

Below is a selection of ExpressVPNs most useful features for torrenting:

You can control security options from ExpressVPNs advanced settings menu

One downside to using ExpressVPN for torrenting is that it provides very limited port forwarding. We discuss this in greater detail below.

Is ExpressVPN fast enough for torrenting?

You need fast connection speeds to download torrents effectively and ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPN services weve tested.

All VPNs reduce speed to some degree, because data is encrypted and it has a longer round-trip to complete, being routed through a remote server.

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Why Hollywood Hates Torrenting

While torrenting copyrighted material is certainly illegal, it happens all the time. When users torrent music and movies, they are getting the content for free, without paying any of the creators. Since torrenting is so popular, illegal content downloads add up. It ends up costing studios, filmmakers, and artists, as royalties are not collected. We certainly dont recommend torrenting copyrighted material because its illegal, but the trickle-down effect to the creative industry is another reason to steer clear.

Which Devices Can I Torrent On

5 Best Torrent VPN in 2019 (Tested for Unlimited P2P ...

You can torrent on any device connected to the internet, which has BitTorrent and VPN apps. It means that you can torrent on any Mac, Chromebook, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. However, you need to keep in mind that torrenting on your iOS devices is a bit trickier since Apple bans BitTorrent application from its App Store.

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Seeders Size And Quality

For this demonstration, we will be looking for the first episode of season 6 of House of Cards.

For such a popular TV show, we get a good amount of options for downloading episode 1 of House of Cards 6th season .

The first two results show the usual options for TV episodes, movies, etc.:

The first one has the most seeders , while the second result only has 211 seeders. Remember, seeders are the ones that offer up their files to be downloaded by you, and leechers are the ones that are downloading the file at the moment.

Optimally, youd want to have a high seeder-to-leecher ratio so that with more seeders, your download will be faster.

But here we notice something else: search result 1 has a total file size of 733 MB, but the quality of 720p, while result 2 has a file size of only 212 MB and quality of 380p or 480p.

Its usually recommended that if youre watching on your laptop, the lower quality at 380p or 480p) will work out fine.

But if youre watching on a bigger screen , you should go for the HD quality of 720p or even 1080p, although the file sizes will be bigger.

Scan Every File You Download

Even if you took every precaution before downloading, you need to scan the file after its done.

Most modern web browsers automatically scan any files you download. Major torrent clients are the same. But they dont have access to the same backlog of potential virus markers as dedicated antivirus or antimalware software.

So the best choice is to scan every single file you download using torrents.

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Do All VPNs Allow Torrenting

No, not all VPNs allow torrenting. Most free VPNs dont allow torrenting as its a data-intensive activity, and it doesnt make sense financially to give that level of bandwidth to free users. If they do allow torrenting, its usually restricted to specific servers that are designed to accommodate the data necessary for downloads.

The free VPNs listed here allow torrenting, though they also come with some restrictions. These include data caps and speed limits, as well as only allowing server connections in a small number of locations. As a result, you may not be able to torrent as much as you want and could be waiting a while for your downloads to complete.

Some VPNs, like ExpressVPN, support unlimited torrenting on all of their servers, while others have dedicated servers specifically for P2P file-sharing. If youd like to try the premium service, you can test ExpressVPNs torrent-ready servers without risk of your money as its backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If youre not satisfied in any way, you can easily get a full refund.

How To Torrent Anonymously

How to download torrents safely | Best VPN for torrenting 2022

Torrenting traffic used to be declining, but not anymore. It seems more and more online users have turned to BitTorrent traffic to escape the shackles of overpriced streaming platforms and exclusive content.

Thats pretty understandable. But if youre one of those Internet users, you should learn how to torrent anonymously to make sure you dont end up in any trouble.

If youre not sure where to start, dont worry heres everything you need to know about anonymous torrenting.

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Check The Torrent File Comments

Another important thing to do, especially on newer movie files or many software files, is to check the comments section.

That way, you can get feedback on the quality of the file or any problems people had watching the movie, installing the program, etc.

We did a quick search for the movie Venom, which at the time only had a CAM-quality file uploaded. Heres what one torrenter said:

As you can see, this particular file has a 6/10 rating for picture quality and a 7/10 rating for audio quality. Thats helpful because if these are too low for your liking , then you dont have to download the file and be disappointed.

However, if youre just interested in the storyline or simple want to see whether you should bother going to the movies to watch it , then you can download and enjoy.

In the comments section, users will often notify you of any virus warnings, which can help you avoid dirty files.

Choose A Server To Connect To

allows unrestricted torrenting on all its servers, but you still need to connect to a server before you start torrenting.

The apps Smart Location feature offers the easiest and most efficient way to connect. It selects the nearest fastest server based on your physical location and server load.


If possible, connect to a server in a privacy-friendly country for P2P activity.

However, be aware that the further away the VPN server is from your physical location, the slower the connection speed.

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Always Have Your VPN Connected

Forgetting to connect to your VPN before opening your torrent client could jeopardize your safety. Torrent clients will immediately begin seeding when you open them, which fully exposes your IP address. Dont forget to close your torrent client properly when youre done too, as closing the window alone isnt enough. Also, make sure youre 100% certain that your torrent client is closed before disconnecting from your VPN.

Configure Your VPN And Torrent Client

VPN for Torrenting, Utorrent and Bittorrent

Properly configuring your VPN and torrent client will eliminate any privacy and safety risks while torrenting. Your IP address wont be exposed, and your connection will be encrypted, which prevents hackers from uncovering your identity and obtaining your data. ExpressVPN has all of these handy security options, but generally, these are the settings to enable/configure on whichever VPN you choose:

  • Kill switch This disconnects you from the internet if your VPN suddenly drops out. Its sometimes turned off in your default settings, so make sure its on.
  • Advanced protocol Enable the OpenVPN protocol, which is the best protocol for torrenting. It provides a great balance of speed and security, which serves torrenting well.
  • AES-256 bit encryption The strongest level of encryption that scrambles your data. When your data is scrambled, it becomes impenetrable and unreadable to third parties.
  • DNS leak protection A DNS leak will accidentally expose your browsing activity to third parties, so this feature prevents that from happening.
  • Split Tunneling This lets you choose the apps that use and dont use your VPN connection. Its not necessary but handy if you want to keep some sites on your real IP when torrenting.

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