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How To Use Cyberghost VPN

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Cyberghost Review: Quick Expert Summary

Tutorial: How to set up CyberGhost VPN for Windows

CyberGhost VPN has a very intuitive interface, 7,400+ servers in 90+ countries, and in my tests, it had an average decrease in speed of only 30%, which is better than most competitors.

It also has top-notch security features, a strict privacy policy, and allows up to 7 simultaneous connections on a single account.

CyberGhost is excellent for streaming it has 50+ dedicated streaming servers across 10 different countries that are optimized for streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and many more. And in my tests, CyberGhosts streaming servers worked as expected, consistently accessing both popular and less-popular streaming sites.

CyberGhost also has industry-standard security features like 256-bit AES encryption and a kill switch, as well as extras like:

  • High-security and speed-optimized servers.
  • Smart Rules to customize your CyberGhost VPN app.
  • Ad blocker.
  • And a lot more

CyberGhosts parent company was criticized for its bad security practices in the past, but fears that CyberGhost is unsafe are simply untrue. CyberGhost maintains a strict no-logs policy, protects all user data from hacks and leaks, and has consistently proven to maintain the highest standards of privacy and security.

Despite those issues, CyberGhost VPN is still a great VPN for streaming, torrenting, gaming, and web-browsing in 2022. Its fast, secure, and its 3-year subscription plan is very affordable.

Overall Rank

Configure Cyberghost VPN Manually On A Router:

If youre not using any pre-flashed router, manual configuration is the only way to install CyberGhost VPN on your router. CyberGhost can be installed on DD-WRT and TomatoUSB firmware-based routers. Weve created separate guides for both of them. Have a look.

Thats all! Now you know how to download, install and use CyberGhost VPN on a router. In case neither youre using a VPN router nor youre planning to purchase one, youve to install CyberGhost on individual devices. For that, check our complete CyberGhost VPN setup guide. If you have further queries, drop us a comment through the below button. Thanks for reading!

Cyberghost Servers And Locations

Overall, CyberGhost VPN has approximately 7,100 servers in 89 countries. So, it’s one of the providers with the biggest fleets. In that regard, the service sits in the same ballpark as NordVPN or PureVPN.

In terms of continent coverage, CyberGhost isn’t that different from most VPN service providers:

Africa 12 countries

The best coverage is in Europe, although the Americas do catch up with the number of servers. The takeaway is that their huge fleet allows them to provide coverage even in areas less-favored by VPNs, like Africa. However, keep in mind that some of their servers are virtual, meaning they aren’t physically located in the country. This is the case with China, Egypt, Iran, Mexico, Morocco, and Turkey, for example.

All things considered, CyberGhost’s server fleet is definitely their stronger sides. This can be extremely useful if you’re located further from Europe, the Americas, or the Far East.

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Can I Access Netflix With Cyberghost

Yup! Feel free to watch New Girl whenever you want. CyberGhost users can click through all content from Netflix U.S. and certain localized versions.

However, theres one little snag. CyberGhost users who want to get access to content exclusive to Netflix U.K. might have to pay extra. The media streaming giant recently released new policies regarding streaming its content from different locations. According to the new policies, we can only access Netflix U.K. content through accounts we purchased from U.K. IP addresses.

Other than that, streaming Netflix with CyberGhost is really easy. Youll also have access to Hulu, YouTube Red, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN, Crunchyroll, Disney Plus, Peacock, and other streaming services.

You can even torrent files by clicking on the Torrent Anonymously button.

Does Cyberghost Keep Logs

CyberGhost VPN Review 2020

On the homepage, CyberGhost claims to be a no logs VPN provider with a strict no logs policy.

Here you can see their claims:

But this is not really accurate.

The CyberGhost privacy policy explains how some connection logs are being recorded.

Additionally, when you log in to your account, you can see that the devices you use with CyberGhost are being logged. Heres a screenshot from my test account, showing that two of my devices are being logged:

Based on this information, it is clear that there are some connection logs being maintained. Many VPNs maintain some basic data to enforce the connection policy. CyberGhost, however, goes so far as to log the devices you use and then save this under your account info all while claiming to be no logs.

If you want to see alternatives, there are some good VPNs with no logs that have been verified in real life.

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S To Install Cyberghost VPN On Your Router

Installing a VPN on your router will improve your security online and protect all your devices in one go.

CyberGhost VPN

With technology changing every day, installing the VPN directly onto your router will protect multiple devices at the same time. This comes in handy for families or small businesses needing the security and protection that CyberGhost offers.

How Good Are Cyberghost’s Mobile Apps

Both the iOS and Android apps now offer OpenVPN and WireGuard support, which is a very promising development.

On iOS devices, VPN apps are held back by Apples security design, and are rarely as fully features as their Android and desktop counterparts. However, youll get a favorites list, smart server selection, and auto-connect on specific or unsecured networks, plus the choice between WireGuard and IKEv2, and a connection checker.

However, the Android app does all this and plenty more, rivalling the desktop apps in power. You can specify if you want it to use a random port when connecting, which is useful for getting around VPN-blocking tech used by Netflix and other streaming services.

Youll also get split tunneling, which is unusual and super useful if you just want to make sure one app is protected while all your others use your regular connection, plus ad and tracker blockers.

The content blocker is a welcome addition which blocks ads, trackers and malware from domains. It’s turned off by default and doesn’t work that well, in testing, but you may find it useful.

A final interesting addition is domain fronting, which bypasses certain VPN blocking tech through a CDN . While we didnt test this, its certainly welcome and if anything, we do wonder why its not available in the desktop app.

So, while the iOS app is pretty bare-bones, CyberGhosts mobile VPN apps are pretty useful, and WireGuard support plus the powerful Android option will be a big selling point.

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Is Cyberghost A Secure Option For Torrenters

We know that CyberGhost allows torrenting on many servers, but that doesnt make them a safe option for P2P downloading.

How does CyberGhost perform here? Well, the picture is mixed. Their privacy policy openly states that We also reserve the right to disclose your Personal Data as required by law and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights.

Earlier in the privacy policy, the company discloses that it collects Website usage information, such as IP address and payment details. However, this is countered by the assurance that:

Personal Data is not, at any point, associated with any kind of activity done by the user inside the CyberGhost VPN tunnel which is NOT recorded, logged, or stored at all.

Based on their privacy policy, it seems like customers can trust CyberGhost to keep details in secret. But they may still disclose valuable information to investigators, which could assist with copyright lawsuits or criminal prosecutions.

Cyberghost VPN Appearance And Ease Of Use

HOW TO USE CYBERGHOST VPN ð¥ Learn how to use CyberGhost on any device ð [Tutorial]

CyberGhost has a very basic and easy-to-understand UI. Even if youve never used a VPN before, CyberGhost will comfortably guide you through all its options and features. The interface is well-designed and looks professional. Its clear that CyberGhost VPN has put a lot of time and energy to make its app as simple as possible.

Below is a screenshot of the CyberGhost app on macOS:

You can use the drop-down menu to select a server and click the I/O button to connect. Or, you can click the arrow on the left side to expand the app into its full interface shown below.

Its quite simple, and you can navigate to the various options on the left side to further explore the app. We loved this during our CyberGhost review.

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Cyberghost Security Suite For Windows

When getting your CyberGhost subscription, its now also possible to add the Security Suite package. This is an add-on for Windows that helps you ensure your digital freedom and online privacy. The package includes three different components:

  • Antivirus software: CyberGhost has partnered with Intego to protect your computer from malware, spyware, adware, ransomware, and other threats.
  • Privacy Guard: This utility helps you maintain control over your privacy on your operating system . It allows you to decide exactly which information you wish to share with apps in the Microsoft Store, Edge, Windows Defender, and Windows as an OS.
  • Security Updater: CyberGhosts Security Updater helps you get an overview of your software, so you can easily see which programs are up-to-date and which arent. This means you can quickly update the right programs and minimize security risks.

With the CyberGhost Security Suite, you get a complete all-in-one solution for your internet-connected device. This package works on Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 and costs an additional $1.29 per month.

Is Cyberghost Good And Worth Getting

CyberGhost is a powerful VPN service with sleek and intuitive mobile and desktop apps that will especially benefit newer users. Its among the best for those looking to unblock Netflix and other streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Youtube, as it works with the majority of platforms.

The prices are decent, the customer support is great, and you can benefit from a long list of server locations. The one major downside I can think of is an occasional speed drop.

In terms of security, its a decent choice that has a no-logs policy and strong AES-256 encryption. However, there are no powerful bonus features if youre using the service for sensitive activities.

All in all, despite a lack of polish here and there, CyberGhost is a competitive choice to consider. Its a good VPN service for anything you can think of, from torrenting to simply keeping yourself safe online.

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How To Mark Favorite Servers

1. Expand the CyberGhost app menu by tapping on Best Location

2. Select the Countries category

3. Here, you can either add a specific city by further expanding the menu or just add a country as favorites by tapping on the star symbol, as shown in the example below:

Note: Some servers are represented by a single city, thus, the expansion arrow is not displayed for such countries.

Is It Safe To Use Cyberghost

CyberGhost VPN 6 Key Generator Cracked + Final Version

Yes, its safe, provided youre not a political refugee or a cybercriminal. CyberGhost has a privacy-friendly jurisdiction and a good no-logs policy.

Besides, you can pay anonymously for the service. But what CyberGhost really lacks in an independent audit to approve they arent logging anything significant.

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Speeds During Daily Use

CyberGhosts servers performed relatively well in our speed tests. To make sure this provider works just as well in practice, we also tested it during our daily use. It manages to maintain perfectly adequate speeds for casual browsing, streaming, downloading, and even playing online games. In other words, CyberGhost is more than suitable for the majority of internet users out there.

During our regular CyberGhost VPN review testing, we just noticed a slight drop in speeds, which is fairly normal for most VPNs and definitely not as noticeable. We could check our email, visit websites, and work on our own website without noticing any increased loading times or lags. When streaming videos on or Netflix, we didnt notice any changes in speed either.

We were also able to without a noticeable loss of speed. Moreover, torrent speeds were also largely unaffected. It was only during online gaming that we detected a small difference in speeds.

The online game we tested performed perfectly well without a VPN but showed some lag when CyberGhost was turned on. A casual gamer will hardly notice the difference, but regular gamers might find the lag bothersome.

Does Cyberghost Work In China No

CyberGhost doesnt work in China. It has servers that can access Chinese sites, but you cant use them if you are already in China. I contacted live support, and they confirmed that this is because the Chinese government has blocked the app.

China bans VPNs that the government doesnt control, and its Great Firewall blocks VPN traffic. As you can see in the chat, CyberGhost has also been banned by the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Very few VPNs have managed to get around the Chinese governments ban. To beat these bans, a VPN needs to do 3 things:

  • Host a .onion site that allows you to sign up for the service and install the app via the Onion network.
  • Operate obfuscated servers that change your metadata to make your traffic look like regular, non-VPN traffic.
  • Offer robust security features, particularly 256-bit encryption, leak protection, and a kill switch.
  • CyberGhost has top-notch security features, but it doesnt have obfuscated servers. Additionally, you cant download the app from within China because it has been removed from Chinese app stores, and its homepage has been blocked.

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    Cyberghost Price: How Much Is It And Is There A Cyberghost Free Trial

    Price is an important factor for most, so its only sensible to start here.

    CyberGhost is one of the best cheap VPN services if you go for longer term plans. Like on most services, the longer you commit, the less it’ll work out costing you each month.

    Go for a month to month deal and you’ll be spending $12.99 per month. Commit to two years and you can pay as little as $2.17 per month with two months thrown in free as well. This price fluctuates quite a bit but this is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen so is well worth jumping on right now. In between is a six month option charged at $6.39 per month.

    There is also an additional option of getting dedicated IPs which is charged at an extra $4 per month.

    Go for the CyberGhost Security Suite and you get a Security Update to check missing patch updates too for $5.99 per month, down to $1.39 on a three year plan.

    If you fancy trialling CyberGhost, there is a VPN free trial available, but its all rather complicated. On desktop you can sign up and use the app for a measly 24 hours for free, during which youll only have limited features. On iOS, you can get a seven-day trial, but youll have to sign up, whereas on Android you can get seven days without signing up probably your best option if youve got an Android device.

    Cyberghost VPN Has A No

    How To Use CyberGhost VPN 2022 â Complete Setup Tutorial Guide & Installation Demo

    It seems that being owned by Kape doesnt stop CyberGhost VPN from having a strict no-logs policy. According to it, they do not log:

    • Real IP addresses
    • Traffic data
    • Conversations carried out over the CyberGhost network

    Moreover, CyberGhost doesnt merge any personally identifiable data like payment details. At the same time, the Privacy Policy states:

    Its not possible to record which account logged into which server at what time or to connect a real person to a certain CyberGhost VPN account.

    This means that your data is safe whenever you turn on this VPN unless its owner decides otherwise.

    However, theres one action that the CyberGhost VPN team could take to prove how serious they are about the claimed zero-logs policy. And thats an independent audit. So far, the provider hasnt had one, and I hope its coming in the near future.

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    Is Cyberghost VPN Safe

    Overall, CyberGhost is a very secure solution, primarily if youre not relying on it to hide from the worlds top intelligence agencies. Here are some of its key security and privacy features:

    • No-logs policy
    • Privacy-friendly jurisdiction

    This will be more than enough for most users, and those who need something extra can add CyberGhost Security Suite with Antivirus, Privacy Guard, and Security Updater. Therefore the answer to the question above is yes, CyberGhost VPN is safe.

    In the following sections, Ill go through the main features related to CyberGhost VPNs privacy and security.

    Does Cyberghost Support My Device

    CyberGhost VPN offers apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV Stick. In addition, you might want to check out our guide on how to install CyberGhost on Fire Stick.

    It has free browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox while also providing full support for routers and NAS. Theres also a Smart DNS feature thatll let you unblock multiple streaming platforms on smart TVs, game consoles, and other devices without VPN support.

    You can use CyberGhost on seven devices simultaneously for the cost of a single subscription as well.

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    How To Change The VPN Protocol

    A protocol is a set of rules that are used to establish a secure connection between the VPN client and the VPN server. On MacOS, there are two protocols that CyberGhost can use, IKEv2 and the latest Wireguard.

    As far as security goes, they are similar but since performance is rather subjective each user can experience different results. Thus, if the performance of a certain connection is not as expected, starting with MacOS versions 10.14 , you can select between the two of them from the CyberGhost app:

    1. Go to CyberGhost settings

    2. Select “Preferences”

    3. A new Window will appear, usually set on the default “General” tab

    4. Underneath Protocol: you will be given the option to switch between the two available protocols, IKEv2 and Wireguard.

    Note: Wireguard protocol will need a helper tool to establish the connection and you will receive a pop-up to install it, the first time you try to establish a connection through this protocol.

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