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How To Use Opera VPN

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How To Activate VPN In Opera

How to Enable the Free VPN Built into Opera Web Browser

Virtual Private Network isnt only meant for streaming movies on Netflix or playing games with the unlimited data and security they provide. You also need privacy when you surf the internet.

Opera browser is one of the most popular and widely used browsers, and it provides you with an in-built VPN service to ensure a safe browsing experience. In this article, we will be showing you the simple steps to follow to activate your Opera browser VPN on your phone and computer. If you combine this VPN service with the Opera ad-blocker, you will enjoy a seamless and secure browsing experience.

Is Opera Browser VPN A Real VPN

Opera Browser VPN can be considered a real service, although it is not a VPN app.

A VPN app would protect all of your traffic, in and out of your browser. Opera, as mentioned, only hides your in-browser activities. As such, it acts more like a browser extension of a VPN service, rather than the real app.

It does have its positives, such as:

  • It is free.
  • It lets you browse privately.
  • Reduces tracking.
  • Works out of the box.
  • Encrypts your traffic and routes it through its remote servers to protect you from websites you visit.

However, it also has its downsides, including:

  • It is only available within the browser.
  • Speed tests have shown that its speed is unstable.
  • It doesn’t offer servers based on country locations.
  • It is bad for streaming.
  • File downloads can get interrupted.
  • It logs some data.
  • No customer support.
  • Lacks encryption.

In the end, Opera VPN acts more like a proxy than a real VPN, and if you require services of an actual VPN, you should definitely look elsewhere. But, if you just want a bit of extra privacy for free, OperaVPN is just as good as any proxy.

How To Activate Opera VPN On Your Laptop

  • First, launch the Opera browser by pressing the red O .
  • Click on the Menu option in the top-left corner of the page.
  • Click Settings from the dropdown menu that pops up.
  • (If youre using Mac, youll click on the Opera option on the left corner of the page, and then select Preferences.

    • In the Settings or Preferences menu, select the Privacy & Security option.
    • Scroll down till you find the VPN section.
    • Click Enable VPN and tick the box. This will activate the VPN. A blue VPN badge will appear on the side of your address bar.

    So, you can now access your VPN service whenever youre browsing. You can also turn it on or off from there and choose your location preferences.

    In six simple steps, you have activated the VPN on your laptop browser. Lets now look at how to activate Opera VPN on your Android phone.

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    Enable Optimal Location On Opera VPN

    You need to check if the Opera VPN you are using has been set to Optimal Location, otherwise, it might cause the app to malfunction. You can enable this setting on your Opera VPN by following these steps:

  • Then, check the box that is titled Optimal Location
  • Reopen or refresh your Opera browser in order to let the adjustments work
  • Out of these many solutions, one of them will definitely fix the malfunctioning of your Opera VPN.

    In case these fixes dont work, you can download and install some other free VPN service. Or else, you can buy a premium VPN, which is a better option.

    Operas Invasive Logging Policy

    How to use Opera Browser with Built in VPN while Browsing ...

    One of the most worrying aspects of Opera VPN is the companys intrusive privacy policy, which makes clear its reliance on third-party data processors.

    Opera makes money by selling your data onto third parties.

    This isnt unusual, since many free online services make money by selling user information to third-party advertisers. However, using a VPN service is all about protecting your privacy, so Operas logging policy conflicts with that completely.

    The privacy policy also dramatically undermines any benefit you get from encrypting your browser traffic. The third parties that the Opera Browser shares your data with includes Google and Facebook, which are two of the most privacy-unfriendly companies in the world.

    As for the VPN service itself, the most notable thing about Operas privacy policy is that it is hardly mentioned. The policy only states: We do not log any information related to your browsing activity or originating network address when you use Opera VPN.

    This would be encouraging if true, but we would like to see the service undergo an independent audit before we can trust such a claim. Other VPN services have submitted to these third-party audits, and it is an excellent way to build trust within the VPN community.

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    Privacy And Registration Process

    When you use our built-in VPN service, we do not log any information relating to your browsing activity and originating network address. You can find this in the Browser VPN section of Operas privacy policy.

    It doesnt have any advanced privacy features nor strong security like ProtonVPN, for example. However, it still delivers safe day-to-day browsing.

    • First, you must have an Opera browser. If not, go ahead and install it.
    • Then download and install Opera VPN.
    • Once the VPN finishes installing, you have to enable the VPN feature by going to:
  • Menu
  • VPN
  • Enable VPN
  • Using the Opera VPN is easy; you just click on the VPN label on the left of the Search/URL bar, select a server location, and click On. Thats it!

    Opera Browsers VPN Is Just A Proxy Heres How It Works

    Yesterday, Opera announced theyve added a free VPN client with unlimited data usage in the latest developer version of their browser. Sounds great, doesnt it?

    Michal paek, a web developer and security engineer based in Prague, researched the way Operas VPN works and discovered theres more marketing than security behind Operas claims.

    What Opera offers is not a VPN as such. Its just a proxy for the browser. You still need a full VPN if privacy is what you care about . Other tools you use, including for example email clients like Outlook, wont use this VPN, paek told Help Net Security.

    Theres also a potential privacy issue: when setting up the VPN, the browser requests something called device_id, this is subsequently sent in every request to the proxy and it survives browser restarts and reinstalls unless you also delete your user data when uninstalling. This might be used for user tracking for whatever purpose, paek added.

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    How To Use Opera VPN

    Only 3 step and you can start using Opera VPN.

  • Open Opera
  • Take a new Privet Window
  • Start VPN
  • Let us have a look in details about how you can use operaVPN. Hope you already have opera browser in your machine. if not, you can download it from here.

    Now open opera web browser and click on menu at the left top corner.

    Now you have to choose New privet window. You may use keyboard command Ctrl + Shift + N also to open a new private window.

    After opening new privet browsing, you have to click on that small VPN button right before the address bar.

    We are almost there. Now we just need to switch on OperaVPN.

    You are done. Start Browsing privately with different identity. It will automatically set a country and IP address for you.

    Setting Up Opera VPN For Android

    How To Use Opera VPN

    To get the free VPN on your Android, download Opera with VPN from the Play Store. There are several different Opera Browsers, so make sure to select the correct one. It will specifically say with VPN.

    Once you have installed the program, you need to make sure you configure your settings so that the VPN launches when you want it to.

    1. Launch the Opera browser.

    2. Tap on the Opera icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

    3. Select settings from the menu.

    4. Turn on the VPN toggle switch.

    Youll see that when you turn on the VPN, it only activates when you use private or incognito browsing tabs. It will be enabled by default for normal, everyday browsing sessions. If you want to use the VPN for all your browsing, you can change the settings.

    5. Tap on the word VPN in the Settings menu to open the configuration page.

    6. Uncheck the option Use VPN for private tabs only.

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    Easy To Setup And Use

    This might be the easiest VPN setup Ive ever seen.

    Because it comes built into the Opera browser, there is no download, setup or login process.

    To activate, Opera VPN you have to go into the Opera browser menu and select Settings.

    Once there, head over to the Privacy and Security tab. Youll see a section for the VPN. Click the above box to enable it.

    After its activated, the VPN will appear next to your search bar. If its highlighted in blue, it means youre connected.

    I was able to browse freely with a little bit of a lag. But in keeping with our earlier findings, Netflix worked perfectly.

    You can switch servers at will kinda. If you click on the blue VPN box, it gives you a drop-down menu letting you turn the VPN on or off and select a location.

    They offer three:

  • Europe
  • More on that later.

    This was the simplest VPN Ive ever used, and Netflix booted right up. So this hands-on test was a huge win.

    Which Servers Opera VPN Offers

    When connecting to one of the servers that offer this vpn, there are only 4 options:

    • Optimal: which automatically searches for the server that is closest to the user.
    • Americas.
    • Asia.
    • Europe.

    Unfortunately their servers do not have direct access in the UK, therefore there is no way to decode certain television programs such as BBC iPlayer or Channel 4.

    In terms of virtual locations, operating VPN has quite positive features, as Googles direct DNS servers are located within the same country as the VPN server that does the DNS resolution.

    In simpler terms, requests made from a DNS will come from the provider operating the VPN in the same place where the users actual IP address is located.

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    Try Using A Different Server

    Popular platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video upgrade their geo-restriction measures periodically to prevent VPN users from accessing content thats only supposed to be available in specific countries. VPN providers respond in kind, updating the way their services work to once again fly under the radar. However, rolling out these updates across a whole network takes time. This means that occasionally, there are only a few servers capable of unblocking a given service abroad.

    While many paid VPNs allow you to directly ask support staff which servers work, Opera doesnt. This means that the only way to see if other servers can unblock your chosen platform is to repeatedly reconnect to Operas VPN and see if you gain access or not. Of course, its also possible that Operas VPN just isnt able to bypass the platforms geo-restriction, in which case, no amount of reconnection will help.

    Use Opera Free VPN On Android

    Opera VPN Review

    Most of you probably use Opera as your 2nd browser if not first. It is the one to first offer features such as speed dial and tabs. Since 2016, Opera has been providing its desktop users with free VPN service. This seems too good to be true as free VPNs are limited by data volume and not everyone can afford a premium and unlimited one. Opera offers unlimited VPN with the option to select regions and it is completely free of cost. It is a free extension at when but now it is a part of the browser itself. You can now use the same VPN service on your Android too. Heres how to use Opera free VPN on Android.

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    How To Install Opera VPN For Secure Browsing

    As we have already mentioned several times within this post, Opera VPN does not need a real installation since it works directly from the browser. This means two things:

    • If you want to have it from a mobile device you just have to download the application directly from Apple Store or Google Play corresponding to your operating system.
    • On the other hand, if you want to use it from your PC you only have to download and install the latest Opera browser or directly update it if it doesnt allow you to access that option.

    Does Opera VPN Keep Logs

    First of all, Opera VPN collects all kinds of sensitive data that may be used to identify you. Heres what the Privacy Policy says about this:

    The information we collect may include: personal data, for example, your name, email, IP-address, location; and non-personal technical data

    Of course, they try to make it sound less dangerous by adding that they assign a unique identifier to this data and these identifiers are anonymized and cannot be linked to you as an individual person.

    Regardless,;Opera VPN logs more data than is needed.

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    Setting Up The Browser:

    To use the Opera browsers built in VPN, visit the ;to install the Opera browser. Follow the steps on the download page to complete the installation. Installation is standard and is similar to installing any other application. Once the browser is installed, fire it up to display the introduction page shown below:

    No Customer Service Whatsoever

    How to enable VPN on Opera GX Browser

    Opera VPN makes one thing clear from the get-go.

    They do not want to speak with you.

    If you have questions or need help, there is a link to click on their VPN provider features page.

    Thats it. Thats all the help youre getting.

    No contact form. No phone number. No chatbot.

    Utterly unacceptable.

    There is an Opera user support forum, but it is for the browser as a whole with no section dedicated to their VPN service.

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    How To Activate The Built

    We would all prefer a little more privacy when browsing the Internet. Luckily, the Opera browser has a built-in VPN. A VPN helps to secure your browsing experience. Opera has a free, built-in VPN that you can activate at any time.

    You can activate Opera browser VPN by following the simple steps below. Combine this with the Opera built-in ad blocker and you can enjoy a streamlined and private browsing experience.

    In Which Way Does The VPN Feature Improve My Security When Connected To An Unsecured Public Wi

    When you browse and load pages, Opera sends your requests through a secure tunnel which is established between your device and our VPN servers. This proxy is also used for WebRTC and DNS while browsing, but we do not currently proxy data from the built-in news feature available on Operas start page.

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    Is Opera VPN Leak

    Modern Opera versions run on a modified Chromium engine the same as Google Chrome or Brave browser. Due to them being on the same engine, you can add third-party extensions that disable WebRTC entirely.

    If, however, you prefer a built-in solution you can disable WebRTC via settings. However, even if you disable non-proxied UDP leaks, this isnt a VPN, its a proxy. Because of this even disabled WebRTC will contribute to your anonymity because your link to a proxy server isnt encrypted in any shape or form.

    Should I Use Operas Built

    How to use Opera

    While its good to see a web browser include more advanced security features, Operas VPN has a few major flaws. To begin with, its not really a VPN: as it only encrypts your browser traffic, its essentially a proxy, similar to the browser extensions offered by some VPN services. This means that you cant use Operas VPN to torrent safely or keep your information secure when using other apps. Further, you have to manually enable the VPN for each tab. This is less than ideal and easy to forget about; hardly the stress-free protection you expect when using a VPN.

    There are also privacy and security issues to consider. Operas VPN doesnt include any additional security features like a kill switch . This means that if you lose your connection for a moment, you could go on browsing without realizing youre unprotected.

    Finally, Operas own VPN is a poor choice for anyone looking to stream geo-blocked content abroad. While it used to be able to unblock Netflix, this is no longer the case. In fact, it now struggles to bypass all but the most simplistic regional restrictions.

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    What If None Of The Above Solutions Work For Me

    If youve followed all of the steps above and Operas VPN still wont let you connect, you might be using a network which blocks traffic from VPNs and other proxies. In such cases, a free VPN is unlikely to work. This is especially the case if you live in a country with strict online censorship .

    If you can connect, but cant access a particular geo-restricted service, its likely every user is affected, not just you. Streaming services, in particular, put lots of effort into stopping VPN users from using their platforms abroad. Often, free VPNs just dont have the resources to find a workaround.

    Opera VPN Not Working Try These Fixes

    These days, more and more platforms are using geo-blocking to prevent people from outside of a specific country from accessing the service. VPNs work by encrypting your traffic and routing it through an intermediary server. They not only enhance your online security, they also allow you to bypass regional restrictions and use previously inaccessible services abroad. However, when something doesnt work as expected, its often difficult to tell if the problem lies with the VPN youre using or some other, less obvious cause.

    Despite claiming to be a VPN, what Opera actually offers is a free proxy; its standalone VPN service was discontinued in early 2018. Proxy servers are poor alternatives to dedicated VPNs , since they often have slower speeds, less secure encryption, and lacklustre unblocking capabilities. However, Operas VPN might be useful in some situations. Thats why, in this post, well be addressing some of the most common problems users experience with the service.

    TIP: If you want a fast, reliable VPN service weve outlined some good alternatives to Opera here.

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