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How To Use Roku With VPN

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Does Tunnelbear Work With Roku

How to Use a VPN With Roku (No DD-WRT or Flashing Required!)

While you can get TunnelBear to work with Roku, TunnelBear is notorious for offering very little in the way of streaming. You won’t be able to access Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or any other of your favorites. Choose one of the providers on my list in order to have access to all of your preferred streaming providers.

Connect Your Roku To The Router

Once your router is VPN-enabled, just connect your Roku device to it . To do this, go to Settings on your Roku and then select Network. Choose Wireless or WiFi as your connection type and select the VPN-enabled router.

Type in your password and click Connect. Once done, all traffic from your Roku device will be routed through the VPN connection.

How To Use Roku With Limevpn:

The Roku Streaming Stick does not have any inbuilt option to configure VPN on the device itself. There is a workaround to overcome this inability of Roku to be configured with VPN, you can connect it to a router which is already configured with a VPN.

However, please note that if you want to use Roku for streaming US content, you should have a US Roku account and your router needs to be connected to a US VPN server.

Below are the steps you need to follow to run Roku over VPN after configuring your router with US VPN:

  • Open Rokus menu
  • Under Network menu, choose Wireless from the list or setup a new connection
  • On the Choose your network screen, select the router-network which is configured with VPN.
  • Enter the password for which you have set for your router, then hit on Connect button.
  • If everything went well you will see the status as connected.
  • You can enjoy your favorite content on Roku.


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Set Up A VPN On Your Wifi Router

Setting up a VPN on your home wifi router is one of the best and easiest ways to connect your Roku device if you dont have a laptop handy. Not only will you have access to geo-blocked content but youll also protect each device connected to the router .

You simply set up a VPN on your wifi router and connect your Roku to that routers wifi network.

As long as your router is compatible it really doesnt take any advanced tech know-how so anyone can be up and running in no time.

Youve got two options: a physical router or a virtual router. Well cover a physical router first as this will be applicable to more people.

To set up a VPN on your physical home wifi router, youll have to check whether or not it actually supports a VPN and for that it will need to have a type of firmware that supports VPN connections.

Heres a quick guide on how to find out.

For quickness, you can usually access your router firmware dashboard by typing or into your web browsers URL bar while connected to wifi, then entering your login credentials.

Its also worth noting that any routers provided by your IP wont have the firmware support needed so youll need to choose one of the other options.

If you dont know your pesky login details or its your first time accessing the dashboard, you can either check the user manual or perform a quick Google search to find out the defaults .

However, if done incorrectly, you risk damaging your router permanently, so be cautious.

Setting Up Surfshark On Roku Via Virtual Router

How to install VPN on Roku? [Best Roku VPNs 2020]

Besides your home router, you can use your computer to set up Surfshark on your Roku.

At the moment, this method only works on Windows.

Thats because a Mac computer can only share its internet connection using L2TP/IPsec. Unfortunately, Surfshark no longer offers the protocol.

Hopefully, Apple will update the feature soon to accommodate SurfShark-compatible protocols like IKEv2 and OpenVPN.

Keep checking here Ill let you know when that happens.

Now thats out of the way, lets get started with the setup process.

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How Protonvpn Unblocks Channels On Roku

Since Roku is not available in most countries around the world due to licensing limitations, you can only benefit from the service if youre in the US or in any of the few supported countries.

But if you have a powerful VPN like ProtonVPN, you can simply spoof your actual location and mask your IP to virtually appear in the US. It is that easy. Heres all that youll need to do to unblock the full potential of Roku:

  • Power on your Roku device
  • Install Netflix, Hulu, or any streaming on your Roku
  • Log in to the streaming app of your choice using your Username and Password
  • Search for any content youd like to watch and enjoy

This is how easy it is to trample geo-restrictions with ProtonVPN. But in case you dont fancy ProtonVPN, then you can always cancel your ProtonVPN subscription and get a full refund.

Speed And Overall Performance

Regardless of the VPN brand you pick, speed is always essential. More so if youre planning on using it with a Roku device or for other streaming services. I ensured that the VPNs listed here could sustain speeds of at least 20 Mbs. Thats the bare minimum speed required to support 4k media.

In general, most of them boast far better speeds, with top choices like NordVPN and Surfshark achieving the maximum speed sustainable on my Internet service 500Mbps.

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Server Number And Locations

You need to think of how many server locations are available to you and which locations they are. For example, if you want to watch shows from the US, there should be a number of US servers available for you to connect to. Some VPN service providers offer thousands of servers which allows you to switch over to another server if your initial one is performing below par or is blocked for some reason.

How To Install A VPN On Roku With The Help Of A Smart Dns Proxy

How to Setup A VPN For Roku

Some might feel that the statement contradicts itself. But we are here to tell you that it does not. We are fairly aware of the fact that many readers would not want to take the steps that we have mentioned above.

For some, these steps are a bit too complicated. In that case, what you can do is make use of the option of Smart DNS proxy services. If you do decide to go down this route, we want you to know that you can actually configure the Smart DNS service directly on your WiFi router.

And you can do that without having any need of changing the settings page either on your Mac or PC. All that you have to do now is to make sure that you have signed up for the services of a VPN service that is offering a free Smart DNS proxy service along with its VPN service. Some of such services include ExpressVPN and StrongVPN.

And while it is true that the majority of WiFi routers allow users to change their DNS settings, we cannot hide the fact that a good portion of them simply do not.

Generally speaking, if you have bought a WiFi router that comes from manufacturers like,

  • D-Link
  • Linksys

then you should be able to find the supporting manual for more DNS configuration.

If you have followed along nicely, then know that you can use a good Ethernet cable to connect your modems LAN port with the WAN port of your secondary router. In the end, all that you will need to do is to connect the secondary WiFi router and your Roku device.

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How To Get A Us Roku Account

You probably do not us to tell you that if you want to take full advantage of your Roku device, you need to get your hand on American apps. And if you want that, then you really have no other option but to create a US Roku account.

Once you get that, you will need to install all the great American apps available on Roku such as,

  • And probably many other US Channels.

All you need to do right now is to first create a US Roku account.

  • First, you need to sign up for a good VPN service provider and then connect to a VPN server in America. Again, we recommend NordNPN.
  • Then you need to make your way to the website that goes by the name of .After that we want you to click on the option that says Create account.
  • In the next step, we want you to fill out some of the required information on the screen and then hit the option that says Continue.
  • After that, you must select a PIN and then move forward to clicking on Continue.
  • Once you reach the next page, the screen is going to ask you to pick from a total of two payment options such as a Credit Card and/or PayPal.
  • The final step is to make use of the new American Roku account on your new or old Roku device.
  • How To Setup Protonvpn On Roku In 2021

    Installing ProtonVPN on your Roku device will help you stream Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and other services directly on your Roku device. Learn how to set up ProtonVPN on Roku in the easiest way possible.

    Roku is perhaps the best low budget streaming player that can help you watch more than 500000+ movies and TV episodes. However, sadly, you can only use Roku in the US or in just a few other countries like United Kingdom, France, Ireland, and Mexico.

    Whats even more annoying is the fact that Roku doesnt currently have native support for VPNs. As a result, you are not going to be able to access a lot of popular channels on Roku due to licensing issues.

    Dont be sad though. There is a way through which you can make any VPN work with your Roku device.

    With the help of a Roku VPN like ProtonVPN that has router compatibility, youll be able to set it up on to your router and then share a connection to your Roku device.

    Keeping that in mind, in todays guide, I will show you exactly how to set up ProtonVPN on Roku in the easiest ways possible.

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    How To Use Roku Box VPN To Watch Hulu Or Netflix Outside Usa

    Many Americans can currently enjoy TV shows and other programming from sites such as, and a Roku box device that can be used for effective streaming for these very popular sites. The use of a livelink such as will provide instructions to a user.

    Unfortunately, these sites are not available to those traveling outside of or living outside of the United States. However, when you log into these sites, both will check if you are actually located in the US before you are able to begin stream and you will be informed immediately if you are not able to do so. Neither of the above sites is available outside of the United States, as both these services will require a current US IP address. A Roku box device will not be effective as it cannot be connected directly to the Internet and cannot be directly connected to a router where it would in effect be using an IP address from outside the US to connect to an IP address inside the US.

    Can You Put A VPN On Roku

    How to use a VPN with Roku

    You cant put a VPN straight onto a Roku device, so you need to first set the VPN up on another device, like your router, and then connect the Roku to that. Once your Roku device is connected to a VPN, you can technically stream channels and services from another country. Now, while that sounds super simple, theres actually an annoying hoop you need to jump through to get to this stage.

    You see, when you create a Roku account, its linked to the country in which you set up the account. That means no matter how many times you connect your Roku to another server, you will only be able to stream content from the country linked to your Roku account.

    Now, you might think you can just create a new Roku account using a VPN to link it to a different location, and youd be right. However, a Roku device can only be linked to one Roku account at a time. You cant log out on the device and then log in to another account, either. To change the account, you will have to factory reset your Roku and set it back up again with your new account and were pretty sure you wont want to keep doing that.

    Even creating a new Roku account and trying to cast it to your TV from a mobile device wont work believe us, weve tried. Although you can make a new Roku account, you cant add channels to it and stream them until you have connected a Roku device to it.

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    How To Setup VPN On Roku Via Router

    By setting up FastestVPN on your router, every device connected to that router will share FastestVPN connection. While not every router support VPN configuration, if you own a DD-WRT or any of other router listed in this list, you simply need to follow the below instructions to setup the best VPN for Roku on Router:

  • Access your routers configuration panel on Browser using default IP and login.
  • Navigate to Services > VPN.
  • persist-tun
  • Go to the TSL Auth Key.
  • Download the certificate data and TSL key file from here. Open it and then copy all the text between < tls-auth> < /tls-auth> tags.
  • Paste the copied text into the TLS Auth Key field.
  • Scroll down to CA Cert box
  • Copy the text between < ca> < /ca> tags from the same certificate file you downloaded in above step and paste it into CA Cert field.
  • Leave the rest of the fields as default.
  • There you go! You have setup the best VPN for Roku.
  • Now connect your Roku device to the router and enjoy streaming US specific channels on Roku from anywhere.
  • How To Add Channels On Roku

    Installing channels on Roku does not require any rocket science knowledge. Using the device is incredibly easy, as the OS is quite intuitive and user-friendly. Simply scroll down to Streaming Channels on the home menu, and press the purple OK button on your remote, you will be redirected to the Roku Channel Store, where you can find premium/free apps available for installation. Use the Search Channels feature to find the one you are looking for and navigate to installing page.

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    Turn On The Mobile Hotspot

  • Right-click the network icon on your Windows toolbar again and choose Open Network & Internet settings.
  • Navigate to Mobile hotspot.
  • Enable Mobile hotspot by flipping the switch to On.
  • You will see information about this hotspot network below:

    • Network name: the name of this network that youll see when looking for Wi-Fi connections.
    • Network password: the password youll need to connect to this network.

    If you want to set your own name and password, click Edit.

    Cast The Screen Of Your Phone Or Tablet To Your TV

    How To Setup VPN for Roku Box

    Most Android users can mirror the screen of their phone or tablet to their Roku device. Keep in mind that the exact term your Android device uses may vary, but the idea is that everything you do on your phone will be mirrored on your TV.

    This wont work on every Android device, but most phones and tablets running version 4.2 or later, with the exception of the Google Nexus and Pixel, support screen mirroring.

    The feature is generally enabled from within the settings menu. Once enabled, select your Roku player or TV from the list of discovered devices to connect.

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    Best VPNs For Roku Install A VPN On Roku In 2021

    Do you want to watch geo-restricted content on your Roku and dont know how? Read this article to learn about the best VPNs for Roku and how to install them.

    Roku is a popular device that allows users to watch movies and TV shows from numerous streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others. Unfortunately, as we all know, not all streaming services are available worldwide, and thats where a VPN can help. It tricks the streaming service you want to access that youre watching from a country where the content youre seeking is available.

    Below, youre going to find helpful information on how to connect Roku to a VPN. I also hand-picked 5 of the best VPNs for Roku and created short guides to help install them on different intermediary devices. But first, lets take a look at our contenders for the title of best VPN for Roku.

    Why Do Streaming Services Geoblock Their Content

    The simple answer is because they have to. Their licensing deals only give them permission to distribute each piece of media in certain countries. If a streaming service distributes content somewhere they dont have a license to do so, they can be held legally accountable. To the tune of millions of dollars.

    So why are licensing deals structured in this format and not on a globalized basis? Well, because its in the best fiscal interest of both the media owners and streaming services. The rights holders can charge different prices for licenses to their media depending on the amount of eyes it will reach in each country meaning they can charge more in countries with lots of streaming users.

    On the flip side, streaming companies can pick and choose where they want to invest in certain content. For example while it may not make sense to air popular Bollywood movies in the US, theyre sure to attract viewers in India.

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