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How To Use Tor Over VPN

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Is Onion Over VPN Safe

How to use TOR and a VPN together?

The major vulnerabilities in such a network configuration can fall on the separate intermediaries: either the VPN or the Onion network.

In the case of VPNs, not all of them are made equal. You have to be positive that the service is a no-logs VPN service. Don’t take the provider’s word for it. Records of refusal to collaborate with law enforcement, third-party audits can essentially prove whether you can trust a service. If the VPN keeps your logs, your privacy claims are invalidated, and it’s one of the potential threats to your anonymity.

In the case of the Onion network, the biggest downside is that it’s community-based, and everyone can set up a Tor node. It means that there are some rogue nodes managed by hackers that can potentially be spying on you. It isn’t as cookie-cutter to de-anonymize your connection. It would likely require a level of funding only available to national governments. Albeit a very theoretical possibility, it’s a point to consider.

Disadvantages Of Using A VPN

The following are some of the limitations of using a VPN.

  • Slower Speeds. Some VPNs can severely limit your connection speeds, as your data has to travel through an extra server before reaching its destination.
  • Limited Bandwidth. Some VPN providers offer plans with limited bandwidth. If you use too much data while connected to the VPN, your connection may be throttled or temporarily disconnected. This is common with freemium VPNs.
  • Connection Drops. Another potential problem with VPNs is that the connection may drop occasionally. Although most have kill switches for these situations, it can be frustrating.
  • Compatibility Issues. Some devices and major operating systems arent compatible with VPNs. This is common for devices running on older firmware. This can include older gaming consoles, streaming devices, and routers.
  • Security Risks. While VPNs can improve your online security via an encrypted connection, they can also create new risks. Even a good VPN service isnt foolproof. For instance, the 2018 breach of NordVPN that created panic among users. So hacking even the most secure VPNs isnt that far-fetched.
  • Premium VPN providers charge monthly fees. You cant use their full features without purchasing a subscription. Free Virtual Private Networks arent good options either, as theyre a huge security risk.

Benefits Of Using Tor

The following are benefits of using TOR for browsing the internet:

  • TOR is free and open-source software. Anyone can verify its security, and there are no hidden costs or agendas.
  • TOR protects your privacy by routing your traffic through a network of volunteers. These are spread worldwide, making it difficult for anyone to track your online activity.
  • TOR can be used to access censored information or .
  • TOR is fast and easy to use. You can download the TOR Browser Bundle for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android from the TOR Project website.
  • TOR is supported by a large and active community. If you have questions or need help, there are many resources available.
  • Tor can be used to improve your security and privacy on other applications as well.

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Use Tor Alongside A Good VPN

Combining two privacy solutions ensures maximum protection. A VPN encrypts and anonymizes your online data traffic. This means none of your information will be visible, and neither can any of it be traced back to you.

A good VPN, combined with the options the Tor browser offers, provides you with double protection, making surfing a lot safer. Indeed, theyre the most basic tools recommended to users who want to explore the dark web. You cant have just one or the other you need both.

For more information, you can consult our a list of our recommended VPNs.

Why Is Tor So Slow

How to use Tor Over VPN

When you use Tor, your traffic is sent through servers all over the world so its no wonder that it takes a bit longer to browse. There are also other reasons why Tor is slow, like the fact that the network itself is small compared to the number of people who use it. Tors developers are working to address these issues and improve speed.

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Dont Send Unencrypted Data Over Tor

While you were reading the article about TOR, you came across the fact that TOR encrypts your connection, not your data, and TORs exit nodes are vulnerable. So, it is highly advisable not to send unencrypted data over the TOR network, as someone might access your confidential information while the data is on the last node.

Is Using VPN With Tails As Bad As They Say

The Tails VPN Support page insists that combining Tails and VPNs is a bad idea.

Moreover, replacing Tor with a VPN is apparently a bad idea as well. If youre inexperienced, its all too easy to make a mistake during the process. As shown earlier, setting up a VPN isnt too straightforward.

Disabling Tor is a bad idea, yes, but VPNs arent intrinsically bad or lacking in security, as suggested by an official statement in the Tails VPN Support page.


If you use Bitcoins to purchase a subscription to a reliable VPN, then the level of security you get is at least on par with that of Tor.

Data packets go from the computer to the VPN, and then to the Tor network by a permanent entry guard which creates an endpoint server to receive data before reaching the Tor network.

The connection is encrypted by the VPN. Therefore, theres little difference between a permanent entry guard and a direct connection from the computer to the Tor network.

Here, if Tor or Tor exit nodes are compromised, the attacker would have to bypass the VPNs security as well. This is much safer than accessing Tor directly.

Almost no VPN providers work directly with Tails. But its possible to overcome this with a VPN router.

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Why Is My Tor Slow

While normal browsers allow your devices to directly communicate and send requests to web servers, Tor browser keeps you anonymous by sending your traffic through a series of nodes. If youre used to Chrome or Firefox speeds, dont be surprised: Tor browsers speeds will feel way slower than youre used to. Thats the price to pay for anonymity.

What Is Tor Over VPN And How To Use It

Tor over VPN: how it works and do you need it?

VPNs are vital for keeping away bad actors. They create secure tunnels to transport data from one endpoint to another. Tor is also a crucial tool in the fight against network infiltration as it promotes anonymity and safe browsing. The combination of these two security and privacy tools is what is known as Tor over VPN. In this setup, you use both of them at the same time to provide layers of security and privacy, reducing the chances of spying governments or malicious entities accessing your data.

People that use Tor over VPN are usually those who need a high level of security and confidentiality to transfer important or confidential data over the internet. They can use this setup because trading speed for more layers of security and privacy is acceptable to them. This article focuses on understanding Tor over VPN and how you can use it to secure your internet connection. Lets dive in below!

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How To Use Tor Browser To Access The Dark Web

The dark web is a hidden part of the internet where you can access information anonymously. Tor allows you to browse the dark web, including sites created specifically for it. For example, The New York Times and the CIA now have onion versions of their sites that you can access through Tor.

The dark web is often thought of as a haven for illegal activity and shady transactions. And while theres much more to it than that, the fact that nothing is tracked does make it easier for those with bad intentions to take advantage of unaware users. Other than exercising common sense, the best way to protect yourself from these dangers is by using Tor with a VPN.

To find the sites youre looking for and avoid falling into a scam youll need to do some research. Onion sites arent indexed by Google, but you can find directories of them online. Just make sure that you double-check each URL before you visit it, and then check it again.

Once youve identified and verified the URLs of the sites you want to visit, using Tor Browser to access the dark web is easy. Think of it like any other browser but remember to keep your guard up and never volunteer information that might compromise your privacy.

To learn more, check out our article on what the dark web is and how to access it.

Advantages Of Using Tails

  • Skip setup. As Tails is pre-configured to route all your network traffic through Tor, no setup is required.
  • Secure your PC.
  • Protect your privacy and browsing history when using someone elses machine.
  • Leave no trace of visited websites, entered passwords, opened files, and many more.
  • Save chosen files and configurations to an encrypted persistent storage.
  • Access a variety of software to work with sensitive information and communicate safely.
  • Avoid mistakes. Tails will block applications that try to connect the internet without Tor, encrypt persistent storage, and delete all memory at shutdown

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How Does A VPN Work

VPNs work by creating a secure tunnel between your computer and the VPN server. All your traffic is encrypted as it travels through this tunnel, so no one can see what youre doing online. This makes it impossible for someone to track your activities or steal your data.

VPNs can also be used to bypass internet censorship.

If you live in a country with heavy internet restrictions, you can use a VPN to access websites and services that would otherwise be blocked through the regular networks.

How To Use Tor Over VPN For Ultimate Privacy

What is Tor? How to use it safely and legally (plus 5 Tor alternatives)

The Tor browser revolutionized the way we browse in the age of privacy breaches, ad spams, mass surveillance, and data monetization. it provided the much-needed peace of mind to many browsing the internet.

Over the years though, Tor has been exposed quite a couple of times. The browser is still as secure but not as leak-proof as some would want it to be. This piece aims to dissect what the Tor browser is and why you should be using it. Most importantly, I will touch upon how you can beef up your security and privacy with the browser using a VPN.

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Do I Need A Tor Browser To Access The Tor Network

Normally, to get the benefits of Onion routing, you would need to use an Onion browser, like the official Tor Browser created by the Tor Project. However, you can also use a VPN provider with an Onion over VPN feature to access it.

There arent many VPN providers that offer this VPN feature, though. Among our best VPN choices, only NordVPN and ProtonVPN offer it .

However, regular browsers wont let you open deep web websites or onion sites . In that case, you will need to use the Tor Browser.

Which One Is Better For You

Both Tor and VPNs offer similar benefits, but you dont need both of them to keep your info hidden online. If the only thing you care about is browsing the web, you can get away with using Tor.

However, if you want total privacy when accessing the internet at all, you should use a VPN. If you use Tor, only the things you access through it will be protected. The only downside to using a VPN is that youll need to pay for a decent one.

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Should I Use A VPN With Tor

If you want to maximize your anonymity, privacy, and security, you should always use a VPN with Tor. This adds extra layers of protection and can reduce the risk of malicious exit nodes or other third parties tracking your location. It can also keep people from seeing that youre using Tor. Check out our list of the best VPNs for Tor.

A Glance At Tors Safety Features

How to setup anonymous VPN over TOR using OpenVPN in Windows

Tor is the centerpiece of the internet safety niche. No other browser matches its security features and encryption abilities. But what safety tools does Tor offer exactly?

By default, you dont need to make many adjustments apart from choosing among Tors security levels. The browser automatically applies the following out-of-the-box:

  • Blocks fingerprinting and tracking
  • Clears history and forms data
  • Cloaks your IP address

Thats why youll notice that Tor doesnt launch instantly as other web browsers do. This is due to the tedious but necessary process whereby Tor connects to several circuits that contain relays, layers, proxies, nodes, servers, and bridges. Its an integral part of the anonymization and encryption process that is there to shroud you in as much privacy and anonymity as possible.

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Is It Safe To Use A VPN With Tor

You can use a VPN with Tor safely, with the Tor Over VPN method. For most people, the additional layer of privacy is more than enough.

As with any VPN security and privacy issues, you must use a trustworthy, logless VPN. If you’re not paying for the service, you’re the product. That rings true for VPN services. Furthermore, many of the best VPN services allow independent auditors to verify their privacy credentials, ensuring they are not keeping logs or injecting adverts into your traffic.

How To Use Onion Over VPN Safely

In the video below we demonstrate how to safely use Onion over VPN with NordVPN:

If you do decide you use Tor over VPN, this section will teach you how to use it safely.

In fact, Tor over VPN is incredibly easy to set up. You simply need to connect to your VPN before launching the Tor browser.

Follow these steps to set up Tor over VPN safely:

  • We recommend using NordVPN with Tor as it combines a zero-logs policy with fast speeds and affordable pricing. NordVPN also offers its own onion over VPN servers that allow you to access Tor directly.
  • Connect to a VPN server. Choose a remote VPN server and connect to it. The closer it is to your real physical location, the faster your speeds will be.
  • Download the Tor Browser from the official Tor website.
  • Follow the installation prompts to automatically install the Tor Browser on your device.
  • Launch the Tor Browser while still connecting to the VPN server.
  • Browse anonymously. While browsing, it is important to avoid connecting to websites that might jeopardize your anonymity. This includes logging into personal online accounts or sending emails.
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    Why Not Tor First Then VPN

    Creating a tunnel through the Tor network and connecting from there to your VPN service is more difficult to set up.

    ExpressVPN does not support this method as it does not increase your anonymity. While this setup does make it impossible for the exit node to see your traffic, it is now the VPN service that is able to see your traffic again.

    In theory, a VPN that doesnât keep activity or connection logs can be trusted with this information, but it reintroduces an element of trust into an otherwise trustless setup, leaving you with no anonymity advantages, only the slow speeds of the Tor network.

    How Tor Protects Anonymity

    Tor vs VPN

    Tor embraces a randomized data transfer approach to haphazardly move your internet data across different servers. This happens from the time you connect through the browser to the time you reach the target website/ platform.

    All of the many nodes that come with the browser are divided into three broad classes:

    • The entry node: As the name implies, it is the point from where a user connects to the internet via the Tor browser. Note that this region stores your actual IP address onto its secure servers.
    • The middle node: Through a series of zig-zag movements, your data ends up on different serves in the middle node. That effectively separates your IP address from your physical destination, obfuscating where your internet traffic is coming from
    • The exit node: The exit node takes the information you sent over the browser and relays it to the target website. Here, neither the exit node nor the target website/ platform has an idea where your internet traffic is coming from.

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    Tor Over VPN Or Vice Versa

    There is always the debate about which tool is better, VPN or Tor and for a short answer: it depends.

    However, I want to talk about increasing anonymity over the Internet and improving security of web traffic by using a combination of these tools. There are benefits and drawbacks of doing so, and the order makes a difference.

    Without Forestvpns Security You Cant Totally Rely On Tors Anonymity

    ForestVPN encrypts your traffic and hides your real IP before connecting to the Tor network. At ForestVPN, we follow a strict no logs policy, so everything you do online remains hidden from all parties, including us. Ultimately, without a reliable VPN in your corner as your first layer of protection, you wont be able to maximize the benefits of Tor over VPN.

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    Dont Forget To Delete Cookies And Local Website Data

    When you access a website, it sends a small file to your computer, known as a cookie. It keeps the record of your browsing habits and other data so that the website can recognize you on your next visit. Some websites may also store data locally on your hard drive.

    You should delete those cookie files and local website data after every browsing session you perform on TOR. These things may allow the website to gather information about you and track your location and IP address.

    Later versions of the Tor browser automatically deleted website cookies and download history after you end a session. Alternatively, you can click on the New Identity option to the same without closing the Tor browser.

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