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How To Use Utorrent With VPN

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What Is The Best Free VPN For Utorrent

Use uTorrent safely with VPN

While free VPNs may seem enticing, you should never use one. Free VPNs throttle your connection speeds and impose data caps on your connections, neither of which is good for torrenting. And let’s not forget that they also monitor and sell your usage information to third parties. Use a paid provider instead to avoid all of these problems.

Disable Ipv6 On Your Device

Your computer supports two internet protocols IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4 is the most used protocol, while IPv6 is newer and not much supported for now. Due to the nature of IPv6, most VPNs arent equipped to protect IPv6 traffic from your ISP. Check out our detailed comparison between IPv4 and IPv6.

Some VPNs may claim to support IPv6, but they may be leaving out some details of the limitations. Your best bet is to disable IPv6 on your device if you cant use uTorrent on your VPN connection.

To do this:

  • Right-click on the network icon on your taskbar
  • Select Open Network & Internet settings.
  • Next, click on the Change adapter options link in the window that opens
  • Right-click on your internet adapter and select Properties from the context menu.
  • Find Internet Protocol Version 6 and unmark the checkbox next to it.

Finally, hit the Ok button below to save your settings and close the Properties window.

Configure Utorrent To Only Go Through VPN

Starting up any VPN service, and then fire up uTorrent is easy!

But what happens if your VPN connection goes down and you get disconnected from the service?Some torrents takes forever to download, and youre not always at your computer. During the night for instance, your VPN tunnel could go down while you sleep, and you would be totally unaware that youre computer now downloads on your regular network connection.What uTorrent does during a VPN disconnection is to reset all its connections, and start back up again on the regular network connection that is not encrypted.

In this tutorial we are using VPN service from Private Internet Access.

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How To Setup A VPN W/ Utorrent

There is no special settings or configuration within uTorrent if youre using a VPN. Everything is handled by the VPN software, and creating a VPN connection is 1-click easy .

All the VPN services we recommend have similar functionality when it comes to uTorrent traffic. Heres a good starting point your VPN configuration.

Choose a fast Protocol

Use OpenVPN or Wireguard as your VPN protocol. The latter will probably give you faster speeds. If your VPN provider has adjustable encryption strength, consider using 128-bit encryption instead of 256-bit . This will improve speeds without meaningfully impacting security.

Turn on the Kill-switch

The goal of a VPN is to encrypt your torrent traffic and route it through an anonymous IP address. But what if the VPN disconnects suddenly?

Thats what a kill-switch is for. When enabled in your VPN software, it will cut all internet traffic to your device if the VPN fails. That way, you never leak torrent traffic unencrypted.

Nearly every top VPN provider has some version of kill-switch technology embedded in their software. The implementation might be slightly different but the end-result is the same. Get better security by using a fail-safe.

Internet Kill-switch: cuts all internet access until the VPN reconnects

App Kill-Switch: Closes selected apps

Other considerations:

Thats pretty much it. VPN software makes everything ridiculously easy. uTorrent works with any torrent-safe VPN. Its hard to screw up.

How To Use VPN For Torrenting On Linux

VPN for uTorrent: How to use it? 5 best VPNs for uTorrent

Linux is considered to be safer than other OS. But when it comes to IP tracking and internet monitoring, all netizens, irrespective of their devices OS, are in the same boat. Your ISP can see and monitor your online activities, including torrenting.

Anonymize your torrenting with a trusted Linux torrent VPN, VPN Unlimited, avoid copyright infringement notices, and download all the content you want, absolutely risk-free! For more information. For more information, just press Learn more below.

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Why Do I Need To Use A VPN For Utorrent

Using uTorrent without a VPN comes with several significant risks. If you dont , you risk exposing your actual IP address and browsing activity to unwanted third parties. Not only does this raise privacy concerns, but it allows cybercriminals to target you with malicious attacks.

When you use a VPN, your traffic gets encrypted and redirected through a private server, hiding your IP address. Other users using the same server will share the IP address youre using, which makes it nearly impossible to be targeted. Another benefit is that a VPN will bypass bandwidth throttling, which can boost your speeds on uTorrent.

Choose The Right Torrents

So youve got your VPN set up, youve downloaded a torrent client, and youve found a great torrent site – next, its time to download some torrents.As we touched upon earlier, you always need to be wary when youre downloading any sort of file from the internet. This is especially the case with torrents, as there are many cybercriminals and hackers out there who are trying to take advantage of people by tricking them into downloading bad torrents.

So you need to be really sure that the torrent youve chosen is legit and free from malware. One way to do this is to only download verified torrents from a big, well-known torrent site you know you can trust.

You should also look out for torrents and downloads that seem suspicious. For instance, say you find a torrent for a program or video you know has not been released yet, this is likely to be a fake.

Similarly, perhaps, the torrent is claiming to be a high-quality HD file but the actual torrent size is very small – this is likely to be fake.

Common sense goes a long way with downloading files from the internet. If the site youre downloading from does not seem legit, or the torrent is too good to be true, its best to avoid or you may find youve got a folder full of malware instead of the file you want.

A good way of vetting your torrent is by using a VPN that has built-in malware blockers.This will instantly alert you if youve accidentally downloaded malware in a torrent.

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Decide Where You Want To Download Your Files From

In other words, youll need to find a torrent source.


With that said, we know that once someone mentions the word Torrent in any conversation, people automatically start to think about piracy.

But there are lots of ways in which you can download more content than what you can ever manage to watch without going near pirated content.

The top two destinations for torrent files that are legal are The Internet Archive and this wiki page. There, you can search and see where/how to download an extensive collection of legal content for free.

The content thats available includes:

  • Books
  • Audio content
  • Other video content

The links mentioned above offer tons of options and features to upload and download movies. You can also share your own movies or files if you want to.

This is important:

In this guide, as an example, we will take a look at another source: This source only offers academic content, but you can still use it without having to be enrolled at a university or any other academic institution. We will try to download the file Mathematical Method for Quantitative Finance to demonstrate how easy it is to download content from uTorrent.

So you go to the link that we mentioned above, search for the title we mentioned and then click on the yellow/brown button on the right-hand side of the screen labeled Download.

Once you click it, your browser will download the torrent file. Since it is a tiny file, it will download very quickly.

Turn On The VPN Firewall Or Kill Switch

How to download torrents anonymously with uTorrent (VPN and free Proxy setup)

Several factors may disrupt your VPN connection randomly, and you might not even know that it happened. When this happens, the torrent download will not stop or pause but keep on downloading without the VPN connection. Note that the VPN firewall is different from that of Windows Defender.

Most VPN services sport the kill switch or firewall feature that disconnects your internet when theres no VPN connection. Users have fixed the issue where uTorrent isnt working on their VPN connection by enabling this kill switch feature.

With the kill switch active, uTorrent will pause the download when on a non-VPN connection. Some VPNs will install system-wide firewalls that stay active even when you exit the VPN client. If your VPN has this feature, I recommend that you activate it.

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What Are Shared Ip Addresses Why Are They Important

An IP address identifies your device while connected to the internet, much like an address identifies a home or business in the physical world. When you connect your device to a VPN server, it temporarily assigns a new address to your device, hiding its actual geographical location.

Many VPN providers use shared IPs on their servers. That means multiple customers use the same outward-facing IP addresses, providing an additional layer of anonymity to the customers internet activities, as the activities cannot be traced back to a single user. This is a plus for torrenting.

Here are my top 6 picks for the best VPNs to use with uTorrent.


Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

NordVPNis the best available option to protect your uTorrent file-sharing activities from prying eyes. Fast speeds, kill switch-protected connections, and optimal privacy and security add up to the #1 best bet for use with uTorrent.

The provider has a server network consisting of over 5,300 servers around the globe in 59 countries. While P2P traffic isnt allowed on all of those servers, it does make it convenient to torrent on their servers by automatically transferring your VPN connection to a torrenting-able server when P2P activity is detected. All NordVPN servers use shared IPs.

restricts them with throttling or data caps.

NordVPNs download speeds are the best in the business, easily up to uTorrent specs. Youre never restricted by throttling or data caps.





Fix Utorrent Is Not Working With VPN On Windows 11/10

When downloading torrents from a client such as uTorrent, its essential to use a virtual private network . VPNs make your browsing safe and protect you from the hammer of your ISP.

However, several users have experienced issues with uTorrent and their VPN, where the torrents fail to download when they connect to a VPN. Firstly, the primary suspects for this problem are that the VPN is leaky or doesnt support P2P activity. This guide explores the causes of this issue and the ways to repair it.

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Solution #: Enable The VPN Firewall Or Kill Switch

VPN connections may be disrupted randomly, and you may be left without a clue about whats happening. In this case, the torrent download will not pause or stop. It will just continue downloading without the VPN, meaning you may be exposed.

When choosing a VPN service to subscribe to, make sure to check if it has a kill switch or a firewall feature that automatically disconnects your connection when problems arise. This feature will allow you to fix uTorrent and VPN issues easily.

When the kill switch is enabled, uTorrent will pause the download for you.

Why Should I Use Hotbot VPN With Utorrent

How to download torrents anonymously with uTorrent (VPN ...

We can all benefit from increased privacy and security online. Banks dont leave their vaults unlocked for thieves to stroll in and steal what they want, so why would you leave your online data unsecure? In addition to better security overall, there are a few other reasons to use HotBot VPN specifically with uTorrent.

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Torrent Activity Is Public And Easily Traceable

You may not realize, but all torrent activity worldwide is easily traceable . Just as you can see all peers in a torrent swarm, anyone in a computer can monitor peers sharing a file, and see their unique IP address.

There are even websites like that monitor thousands of copy-infringing torrent swarms worldwide and publish the IP addresses of peers.

Warning: If you visit IKWYD, it will display the files theyve tracked to your IP address.

And of course, your internet provider can see your torrent activity by using Deep Packet Inspection .

Legal Cases Involving P2p Activity

Although not overly common, there have been incidents in the P2P arena where both operators of torrent sites as well as some users have been fined or even jailed. For example

In 2016, the operator of KickAssTorrents, a major torrent website, was apprehended in Poland by US law enforcement officials. He was charged with various offenses, including assisting to distribute pirated files with a total value of over one billion dollars.

A German father was fined in 2017 because his 11-year-old son downloaded an audiobook using P2P. Courts held the dad liable for providing insufficient oversight with respect to downloading pirated materials.

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How To Bind Utorrent To An Ip Address

There is a little-known feature in uTorrents advanced settings that make this possible.

What it does: This option binds uTorrent to a specific local or external IP address . If your IP address changes suddenly, uTorrent will disconnect immediately.

How to do it: The best way to use this is to bind to the local IP address of your VPN connection, rather than the external IP address of the server. This way, you dont have to change the setup every time you start a new VPN session.

Heres how to set it up on Windows OS:

Connect to a VPN server: Open your VPN software and start a VPN connection .

Find the local IP address of your VPN connection

When you start a VPN connection, it creates a network adapter that has its own IP address. We want to find it and bind to this IP.

  • Go to start > run > cmd.exe
  • Type ipconfig and hit enter
  • Look for the Local Area Connection or Ethernet IP address
  • On my computer, its Ethernet 4 with an IPv4 address of . Well take this info to the next step.

  • Set the net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip in uTorrent
  • Go to uTorrents advanced settings: Menu > Options > Preferences > Advanced

    Then simply fill in your local VPN IP address is those fields .

  • Test your binding
  • Start a good legal test torrent like a well-seeded linux torrent, then disconnect from the VPN and see if the torrent eventually resumes downloading. If it doesnt, your setup is correct. If the torrent never starts, you are binding the the wrong IP address.

    Solution #: Check If Your VPN Service Supports P2p Traffic

    How to Setup VPN and Torrent Using Utorrent (100% legal)

    In some countries, P2P activities like torrenting are being frowned on and blocked because some users take advantage of it for illegal work. For that reason, some VPNs have disabled P2P traffic to comply with regulations.

    If you are experiencing problems with uTorrent downloads, check if your VPN service supports P2P traffic. If it does, simply start your download by switching to a VPN server that supports P2P activities.

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    Additional Utorrent Dht And Encryption Settings

    The settings well cover in this section will help you activate the encryption protocol in your uTorrent client. As mentioned before as well, uTorrent does not offer a strong encryption algorithm, but it is fast.

    And its able to obscure all of your torrent data to prevent your internet service provider from throttling or even blocking your connection. Some users like to disable the DHT option in their torrent client, but we dont recommend that since you need DHT enabled if you want to make sure magnet links work with uTorrent.

    Just launch the uTorrent client, go to Options and then to Preferences.

    After that, go to the section labeled BitTorrent from the left-hand side of the screen. From here, choose either the Enabled or Forced option from the Protocol Encryption section.

    The Enabled option and the Forced option offer different functions:


    What About A Free Utorrent VPN

    If you are tempted to use a free VPN with utorrent, please don’t.

    Protecting your privacy while torrenting is too important to leave to any kind of free service, period.

    It turns out that plenty of free VPN services log the activities of their users and even share your data! That’s a big no-no when torrenting. You do not want your VPN keeping any records of what torrents you are downloading as these records could come back to bite you.

    • to see but a small sample of how torrenting logs and records can come back to haunt you, visit

    Plus, if a VPN is giving away its service, it has no incentive to protect your identity should copyright trolls come knocking. A paid VPN will fight – including in court – to protect your anonymity when torrenting. A recent case tested Private Internet Access’ user privacy claims and they passed with flying colors: the snoops were unable to figure out the identity of a Private Internet Access customer downloading torrent files.

    Lastly, a free VPN won’t have must-have features like kill switches or DNS leak protection that come standard with reliable premium VPN services. And even if a free VPN says it has these features, would you trust them?

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    Dont Shy Away From Magnet Links

    There are two ways to download the torrent files for the content you want to consume. The first way is to first download the .torrent file, which we have just discussed above. The other way is to make use of magnet links. Both work almost exactly the same.


    When you click on a magnet link, your web browser will automatically open up the torrent file in your torrent client.

    Just like .torrent files, magnet links are able to download any type of content for you. Magnet links are great for the simple reason that theyre low-maintenance and easy to use.

    As mentioned above, simply click on the magnet link and your torrent client, uTorrent, will take care of the rest.

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