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How To Use VPN For Draftkings

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Why You Need A VPN For Draftkings

How to Unblock Draftkings With VPN

Although there is no federal law stating that daily fantasy sports on the DraftKings service are illegal, this site is blocked from access in a bunch of states across the US, and many countries.

So, if you frequent this site and travel across state lines, you may be cut off from your online games with little or no notice, leaving you scrambling for a way to get back on.

Since using a virtual private network is not against the law in most places this is the best tool to help you regain access to your blocked site. When you connect to one of your VPN servers in a location that is not blocked, your real IP address and location are concealed and all that will be visible in your servers IP address, reflecting an acceptable location for accessing this website.

How To Trick Draftkings Location

The easiest way to trick DraftKings location tracking services is to use a VPN. Whenever you try to access this site from a region where it’s not available, you get the DraftKings location error message with no access to your account.

But when you use a VPN, it masks your real IP and hides your present location by showing a virtual IP from the state where DraftKings is available. Hence, the Players Location Check system of DraftKings easily gets tricked. In return, you can access the website smoothly no matter where youre presently in.

Why You Need A VPN To Unblock Draftkings Daily Fantasy Sports

You can only play DraftKings daily fantasy contests in a limited number of countries. If you try to access the site from locations where play is unavailable, you’ll be blocked with an error message. This is because its services are only available in the locations where it can legally operate.

However, with the help of a powerful VPN, you can quickly access DraftKings and participate in daily contests from anywhere in the world. A VPN assigns you a new IP address from a location of your choice, so youll appear to be in a region where play is available and legal. This makes it possible to access your DraftKings account, make a deposit, and compete with others to prove your fantasy supremacy.

Additionally, a VPN secures your privacy and wallet while you play. To ensure you play with increased security, I recommend you use one of the VPNs I tested.

ExpressVPN Offer July 2022:

ExpressVPNs speeds are ultra-fast, allowing for uninterrupted playing when its convenient for you.In my tests, my speed averaged 339 Mbps the entire time, which was more than enough for entering daily fantasy sports contests at the click of a button. I expected the website to take a little longer to load when I connected to faraway servers, but that was not the case. With fast speeds like this, you can instantly make deposits and compete for prizes.

My speeds never dropped under 314 Mbps, which is more than enough for DraftKings

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What Is The Best Free VPN App For Iphone

The Best Free VPNs for iPhones and iPads

  • ExpressVPN Superfast Streaming on Your Favorite Devices.
  • Windscribe 10GB Data Allowance Each Month.
  • Hotspot Shield Reliable Speeds and Solid Security.
  • ProtonVPN Unlimited Data and Bandwidth.
  • Unrestricted Speeds and Unlimited Server Switches.

Leading 9 VPN Services

Best VPN for DraftKings 2021

After comprehensive scrutiny, we have actually thought of the top 9 VPN solutions. Review each evaluation to decide on what suits you best.

Our Finest All-Round Option- Nord VPN > Get Free Trial HereOur victor for the very best privacy alternatives, rate, as well as unblocking of geo-restricted websites is Nord VPN. Really enclose the 2nd location is Windscribe VPN, one of the most popular name in the industry. Windscribe is an impressive performer when it pertains to safety and security and also streaming of web content. Find out even more about the other 7 equivalents.

Net eliminate switch . 10 simultaneous links.

FatestVPN runs under the laws of Cayman. It is just one of the VPN solutions that have actually really improved lately, offering even more areas, servers, and also also sustains streaming solutions. And the appearance is simply excellent particularly on Windows, as well as an extremely simple interface. If you are searching for good speed for everyday use, after that FastestVPN will certainly not let down.

Pros. No stress over data retention regulations or international surveillance. Secures user identification with the kill switch in case of network interruptions. No log policy. Outstanding rate on Windows as well as Mac computer systems.

Cons. The spilt-tunneling ability is limited so you can not get on a personal and public network simultaneously when using Windows or Mac apps.


Disadvantages. Does not use a test period.

I. Price.

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How To Access Draftkings By Using A VPN

What follows is a simple step-by-step guide on how you can access DraftKings from anywhere with a VPN. In this article, Im assuming that youll be placing bets from a browser on your computer. If you are using the DraftKings app on a smartphone or a tablet, the process may differ slightly.

  • Choose a VPN with a good number of server locations in the areas that DraftKings serves and that offers the proven ability to access geo-controlled sites and content. NordVPN has proven to be the best VPN for unblocking restricted sites and services.
  • Install the VPN app on your device. Reputable VPNs, like NordVPN and the others on this list, offer comprehensive native app support.
  • Log into your VPN app and connect to a server located in a state that DraftKings serves.
  • Once connected to a VPN server, connect to DraftKings and place your bets.
  • The Best VPNs For Online Gambling

    Before moving on, we want to stress that we do not condone the use of a VPN for illegal activities. We advise you to only use a VPN for online gambling when its not against the law of the country youre in and the terms of service of the site youre using.

    On top of that, you could be banned from gambling sites for using a VPN. You could also forfeit winnings if they were won using a VPN for gambling.

    If youre still looking for a good VPN for online gambling, even after having taken this into consideration, there are a few main factors to keep in mind:

    • Privacy protection
    • Server location

    With these aspects in mind, these are the best VPNs for online gambling.

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    Cyberghost Reliable VPN To Access Draftkings

    CyberGhost is one of the most popular VPNs available. We were able to unblock DraftKings with CyberGhosts high speed servers. No lag, no unexpected interruptions, a simple one-click process and youre done.

    Additionally, you can take advantage of CyberGhost in many ways including watching geo-blocked streaming services, low latency gaming, anonymous torrenting and browsing.

    Take a look at the features below:

    • More than 5000 servers in 84 countries.
    • A multi-hop connection that reroutes your data through two VPN tunnels.
    • Military-grade encryption and a zero logs policy.
    • No online tracking, and it allows peer-friendly torrenting.
    • An automatic kill switch that cuts off your connection in time if the VPN stops working.
    • 45-day money back guarantee and constant customer support for your inquiries.

    How Are Online Gambling Restrictions Enforced

    How to Unblock and Play DraftKings Fantasy Sports – Best VPN For DraftKings ðð¥

    Many of the countries that prohibit online gambling rely on gambling websites and casinos to filter out foreign visitors based on their IP addresses and prevent them from playing. This is why using a VPN for online gambling is common: a VPN changes your IP address, so you can spoof your location.

    However, theres no guarantee that a VPN will work. In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, the most well-known and best betting sites use KYC identity checks to verify your signup information. If you dont have any digital footprint in the country of the IP address youre spoofing, you might not even be able to create an account.

    Whats more, even if you do manage to create an account on a website that has banned your countrys IP addresses, you could face another obstacle when it comes to withdrawing money. Many websites will request proof of identity and address before paying out a large win.

    All in all, its quite difficult to effectively circumvent these online gambling restrictions. This doesnt stop people from trying, though. Some users have found that using a VPN helps them gain access to and gamble on certain sites.

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    How To Use Draftkings With Pia VPN

    Private Internet Access, often referred to as PIA, is one of the worlds most popular VPN services. They are headquartered in Silicon Valley and have contributed heavily to the privacy community. You have likely seen PIA in the news as they support a wide range of privacy-related campaigns. The PIA team is a strong privacy advocate from full-page ads to promote privacy bills to support the open-source community. You will find the VPN service offers everything you need to encrypt your connection and unblock access to many of your favorite websites.

    We have experienced positive results when trying to access Netflix through PIA. You will find that popular streaming services like Netflix and DraftKings are getting good at blocking VPNs. Its a cat and mouse game where the VPNs find ways to stay ahead of the game. In addition to unblocking restrictions, PIA is also very popular in the file-sharing community. Torrent users turn to PIA to secure their privacy with sites like TorrentFreak promoting the service. You will find that PIA has a lot to offer for a very reasonable price.

    Now, well take a look at the sports you can bet on when using DraftKings.

    • Cycling
    • College Basketball
    • College Football

    As you can guess, you can bet on more sports than just these, but these are the biggest. No matter what your favorite sports are, you can likely bet on them using DraftKings. Just make sure to use a VPN to help protect your privacy while doing so.

    Is Using A VPN Illegal

    VPN usage is on the up and VPNs and using a VPN is completely legal. But, is using a VPN to gamble illegal? There hasnt been much publicized on the legality of using a VPN and trying to gamble with a licensed sportsbook or casino. What we can say is that it is not allowed for a player to try and trick their location to use a legal sportsbook. The only way you can wager legally is by physically being in a state where sports betting is allowed.

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    Using A VPN To Bet On Sports In The Us

    In 2018, the repeal of PASPA meant that states were able to decide if they want to allow sports betting in the state. Many states including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Indiana jumped on the chance to legalize sports betting. A lot of Americans were betting anyway with offshore sportsbooks and the states were losing a lot of tax revenue abroad to places like Curacao.


    So what happens if you arent in a legal state that allows sports betting and want to wager? Can you use a VPN or private internet access to spoof or fake your location and wager in one of the licensed sportsbooks? In short, no. There are lots of VPNs available in the market and they all do a very good of placing you in another location. You can be in Maryland for example and try to bet at DraftKings sportsbook, which is available in a neighboring state, New Jersey. You can use a VPN to place you in NJ, you may even be able to access the DraftKings site and even sign up, but when you come to actually place a wager, it is blocked.

    It doesnt matter if you have a Cyberghost VPN, Express VPN, Atlas VPN, Surfshark VPN, or any VPN provider. A licensed gambling website is well aware that some people will attempt to access their features via a VPN server. Consequently, a top sports betting site will have measures in place to limit the chances of anyone securing a VPN connection to their platform.


    How To Play Draftkings Outside The Us: The Easy Way

    How to Unblock DraftKings from Any Location with a VPN

    If youre a DraftKings player outside the US, youll notice the website doesnt work.

    This is because DraftKings doesnt have the rights to accept bets from anywhere in the world.

    DraftKings is a US-based sport betting service thats only available in a select few countries. If youre not within one of these countries or states, you wont be able to access DraftKings.

    The good news is theres an easy way to get around this issue. All you need is a reliable VPN.

    This article will explain how to play DraftKings outside the US using a reliable VPN.

    See also:

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    Why Cant I Access Draftkings In Certain States

    If youre trying to access DraftKings in any of the states listed above, the betting site/app wont work.

    This is happening because those states have particular legislation that bans fantasy sports and sports betting from occurring in those territories.

    Take Hawaii, for example. Hawaiian law deems daily fantasy sports to be illegal. This is the same for the other states listed above.

    If youre in one of these locations and cant access DraftKings, download ExpressVPN or NordVPN connect to a server-based in a state where DraftKings is legal, and youll be able to play DraftKings anywhere in the world.

    Not Being Able To Gain Access To Gambling Sites

    Virtual Private Networks can get you into a lot of places that would otherwise be hidden from you. However, sometimes, even with a VPN, you cant access certain software or a certain site because of VPN blocks. This seems to vary from player to player, but weve read reports that using a VPN works for some, while it doesnt work for others.

    Also, software used by PokerStars, for example, can scan your PC for cheating software. As part of this, they also seem to be on the lookout for VPNs. When they see that youre using such software, they wont hold back from banning your account.

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    Playing Draftkings With A VPN

    However, its still possible to bypass these state-level restrictions. All you need to do is to disguise your location by using a VPN a virtual private network.

    When you use a VPN, all your online data moves through a remote server with a different IP address. That way, you will not be affected by the restrictions that would otherwise be triggered by your real IP address.

    There are some things to keep in mind when it comes to using a VPN for accessing DraftKings, though.

    Specifically, you may have a problem with claiming your winnings, especially if its a large sum. In that case, DraftKings is likely to ask for evidence of your location or other similar information.

    The best way to deal with this risk is to play through a server located in one of the countries where paid contests are permitted.

    Besides, from time to time, citizens from states which allow paid contests will wish to play DraftKings while on vacation.

    Although they have every right to play paid contests, their temporary locations will prevent them from accessing their accounts. In their case, using a VPN is a perfectly legal and justified way of circumventing a momentary inconvenience.

    Does Expressvpn Work For Draftkings

    Best VPN for DraftKings Sportsbook 2022 – Super Easy To Use!

    A 1-year strategy with ExpressVPN comes with 3 months free. The semi-annual strategy is valued at $9.99 each month and also the regular monthly membership costs $12.95. The premium VPN doesnt have a totally free trial however it provides a 30-day cash back ensure with no concerns asked if you really feel that you are not

    Here are the best VPN services forDraftKings. ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is one of the leading solutions in the VPN industry and it offers effective protection for your online traffic. The provider has servers in different states that are not excluded from the contests that offer cash prizes. There are servers in Illinois, Florida, California and

    This company is called Express VPN International LTD. Today, this virtual Private network company has about 3300 servers around the world, and it allows users to switch in between different locations. ExpressVPN has many unique features that make it a favorite amongst Draftkings fans, and one of them is its browser extensions.

    Without a doubt my favourite VPN for use with DraftKings right now is ExpressVPN. They’ve got a pretty awesome 30-day money-back guarantee that lets you try them risk-free and they work across multiple devices. However, check out my Top 5 VPN choices for use with DraftKings. The Top VPN services forDraftKings

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    Best Draftkings VPN In 2022

    Fantasy sports started as a competition among friends and coworkers. Today, the world of fantasy sports is entirely different. Now, you can play fantasy sports every day with millions of people worldwide with online fantasy sports services. One of the most popular fantasy sports service is DraftKings with millions of daily players. However, some people cant access DraftKings or any other fantasy sports website because its blocked in that specific region. DraftKings restricts access to players from several states including Washington, Montana, Nevada, and more. If you happen to live in a state where DraftKings is blocked, youre going to need a DraftKings VPN. Virtual Private Network allows you to change your IP address, effectively tricking DraftKings into thinking youre in a state that allows access to DraftKings.

    Online gamblers have been using VPNs for a while with great success. In many places where online gambling is restricted, using a VPN for sports betting sites is the only viable option.

    Which brings us to the purpose of this article. Weve tested the top VPNs available with DraftKings so you dont have to go through the trials and tribulations of which VPN works and which one doesnt. So, if youre looking for the answer to the question: Which VPN is the best DraftKings VPN?, youve come to the right place, read on!

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