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How To Use VPN For Easier Warzone Lobbies

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How To Use A Warzone VPN In 3 Simple Steps

How to Get EASY LOBBIES in Warzone! (SBMMOFF VPN)
  • Get a VPN. I recommend ExpressVPN due to its super-fast speeds, military-grade encryption, and Lightway protocol. Try ExpressVPN risk-free for 30 days.
  • Connect to a server in the US. The US has the largest number of COD: Warzone players in the world and has many superfast servers.
  • Log in and start playing Warzone. Youll be able to find a bot lobby in seconds.
  • Warzone VPN: How To Get Easier Lobbies In Warzone

    Sick of being placed in high-ranking and sweaty matches? Heres how to get easier lobbies using a Warzone VPN today

    Theres nothing worse than dropping into Mines only to get gunned down by a sweaty squad chasing Warzone kill records seconds later. Sometimes all you want is an easier lobby, full of players at your skill level or below where the possibility of nabbing a win is higher than normal. With a Warzone VPN you can secure just that.

    Gamers looking to get a different experience have long turned to VPNs to shift the balance truly in their favour. While there might be a group of people who argue battling against higher skilled players is good for you, some players just want an easier ride and theres no shame in that.

    However, you cant just use any old VPN to get easier lobbies in Warzone. No, youll need trusted Warzone VPN providers that wont limit your bandwidth or charge you an extortionate amount of money. With that in mind, heres how and why you can tip the scales in your favour with the best Warzone VPNs on the net.

    How To Use A VPN In Cod: Warzone To Get Easier Lobbies

    You can connect to a server in a country with less players, like Egypt for instance, using a Warzone VPN, so youll be put into a more mixed game instead of a difficult lobby. Also, its important to consider the time of day youre playing. Evenings are generally busier, which means more players and stricter SBMM, but mornings are quieter and will provide easier lobbies.

    If youre playing in the evening, use your Warzone VPN to change your location to a region where its morning. For instance, evening in the United States is early morning in most parts of Africa and Europe. Speeds may definitely vary, so try a few different servers before attempting to play a match.

    Choosing PureVPN gives you unlimited access to 6,500+ servers in 78+ countries and reliable speeds, thanks to the recent 20 gbps server upgrades. While PureVPN has easy-to-use apps on all major platforms, the VPN service can also be set up on your router, allowing you to enjoy top-of-the-line protection while playing Warzone on your console.

    When youre not shooting players in easy lobbies, you can use PureVPN to access streaming services like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Foxtel from any corner of the world. The VPN provider also supports up to 10 simultaneous logins, meaning you can use one account on multiple devices at home.

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    Best VPNs For Warzone : Detailed Overview

  • NordVPN the best Warzone VPN
  • Surfshark Warzone VPN with best privacy features
  • PrivateVPN affordable VPN for Warzone
  • IPVanish Warzone VPN with no virtual servers
  • Atlas VPN VPN for Warzone with a free version
  • PureVPN Warzone VPN with biggest server network
  • Proton VPN VPN for Warzone with fast speeds
  • Here you will find our Top 5 Warzone VPNs with low latency to help you find easy bot lobbies in no time. All of them have apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Besides, you can manually configure most of them on a router to use with your game console.

    These five VPNs will protect you from ISP throttling and DDoS attacks. Moreover, you can use them for safe torrenting, avoiding geo-blocks, and staying private online. Last but not least, they also work with COD Mobile.

    How These Warzone VPNs Were Selected And Tested

    Warzone VPN: How to set up and why using one can secure easier lobbies ...

    All VPNs might be good, but not all of them are good for this particular game. I want you to only have to choose from the best, and heres what the best VPN for Warzone should have:

    • High speed. Because high speed and low ping are crucial for playing Warzone, I tested them extensively. Only the VPNs with the best results made it onto the list.
    • High number of servers and locations. You need to be able to choose a server in a location thats best for your gaming needs. So, the more, the merrier.
    • Top tier security. Not something you think of when looking for a VPN to play Warzone with, but important nonetheless. Top-tier encryption and DNS leak prevention are crucial in evading DDoS from tech savvy sore losers that figure out youre using a VPN
    • Good price. You want the best for less, its that simple.

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    How To Connect Your VPN To Consoles Via Pc

  • Subscribe to and
  • Connect your console to your desktop with an Ethernet cable
  • Click on the Wi-Fi icon on your PC and go to Networks and Internet Settings
  • Click Change Adapter Options, find your VPN, and select its Properties
  • Tick the Allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection option and Confirm it
  • Set up a new internet connection on your console pick the LAN cable option
  • Your VPN should be connected to the gaming system boot up Call of Duty: Warzone and enjoy some epic shootouts!
  • What Do I Do If My Warzone VPN Isnt Working

    If your Warzone VPN isnt working, you should disconnect from your current server and connect to another nearby server.My recommended VPNs are excellent options when needing to switch servers due to their vast server networks.

    However, if this doesnt solve the problem, you should:

  • Update your VPN.
  • Uninstall the VPN and reinstall it onto your device.
  • Contact customer support to speak with them directly.
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    Does Jackfrags Remove Sbmm

    It does look like the VPN may make things a little easier when removing SBMM as a factor. However, using Jackfrags method of finding easy Warzone games is far more effective! Its also worth noting that certain Warzone game modes have no SBMM, according to reports. And because of this, theyre certainly easier to enjoy when theyre around.

    How To Choose The Best VPN For Warzone

    Do VPNs Give Easy Lobbies in Warzone? | (Can you Disable SBMM?)

    Here is a list of features you should consider when searching for a Warzone VPN to find bot lobbies and avoid SBMM:

    • Low ping rate/ latency: When choosing a VPN, its important to find servers that are fast and ordered by ping rate or latency. This will save you a lot of time when connecting to a Warzone VPN, as you wont have to search through lists of hundreds of servers to acquire fast speeds.
      Additionally, the higher the ping rate and latency, the more lag, and interruptions you will experience while playing Call of Duty: Warzone.
    • Router app: If you want to play Warzone on a gaming console , you need a VPN that provides its own router app. A router app allows you to purchase or configure a router for your internet connection to travel through, allowing you to hide your IP address and location on all of your devices simultaneously regardless of its VPN compatibility.
    • Good price: A VPN subscription can get very expensive depending on the VPN you choose. However, all of the VPNs on this list are among the best monthly VPNs and can be acquired for just a few dollars per month.

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    The Best VPN To Play Call Of Duty: Warzone

    We used the aforementioned criteria to pick the best Warzone VPN, but we also considered the price and ease of use of each VPN, as well as their overall feature set. Everything considered, these are the best VPNs you can use if you want to play .

    More details about ExpressVPN:

    • Easy-to-use apps on any platform
    • Low latency on nearby servers


    • Expensive

    ExpressVPN is a name youll see often on our list of best VPNs, which is why we werent surprised when it came out on top here too. It is unmatched in terms of speed, which is why its also our fastest VPN, and this makes it perfect for .

    It has a large server network and apps for any platform , so you can enjoy easy Warzone lobbies on PC or console. You can read more about it in our ExpressVPN review.

    When it comes to latency, ExpressVPN is impressive. Testing resulted in a latency increase from 23ms to 26ms, which is negligible and something you certainly wont notice during gaming.

    This wasnt a one-off best result either, because consistency during testing was great. A thing to note is that connecting to servers that are farther away might introduce increased latency, but this is a common scenario for all Warzone VPNs.

    How To Use VPN To Get Easier Warzone Lobbies

    If it is your dream to play Warzone lobbies with opponents at your skill level or below, you have come to the right place. Although many people claim that it is important for you to take on sweaty players, the reality is that some people just want to have fun . Below, we will explain how to use a VPN to increase your chances of winning.

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    Nordvpn Best VPN For Warzone


    • Optimized servers for low ping gaming

    • Strict no-logs policy

    • Advanced settings and features can be a bit confusing for VPN beginners

    Server Location

    Average Download Speed

    Best Deal :$3.29 | Save 60% + FREE Malware Protection

    We recommend NordVPN as the best Warzone VPN simply because of the high speed/low ping combination that this VPN provides. Additionally, we had the most success trying to get into easy bot lobbies while using NordVPN.

    Thats mainly because they use real residential IPs that are extremely difficult for COD to identify and block. Youre also not constrained to 1 or 2 server locations. You can switch between a number of servers depending on the time zone and get easy lobbies with minimal lag.

    The service offers around 5800 high speed servers, all optimized to deliver a stable gaming experience with low latency and ping. Furthermore you can rely on NordVPNs military-grade encryption to protect you from DDoS attacks and other types of intrusions.

    In addition to being an excellent gaming VPN, its also great for bypassing geo-blocks. You can unblock and watch any streaming service in full HD quality.

    NordVPN Coupon

    Best Deal :$2.30 | Save 82% + 2 Months FREE

    Surfshark is another decent Warzone VPN. We gave it the number 2 spot because the ping was higher than usual on some servers. Although it is still below 150ms which is not ideal but its playable. The VPN method works and you will get an easy bot lobby most of the time.

    Surfshark Coupon

    Which Country Should I Choose To Play Warzone With A VPN

    Best Warzone VPN: how to get easy lobbies by avoiding SBMM

    You may have seen that many players put their VPN in Egypt to play Warzone and find easy lobbies. In reality, this is not the best location I have found as I have a lot of packet loss.

    Here are the two countries I recommend you:

  • India
  • Canada
  • For India, select India via UK on ExpressVPN :

    For Canada, you can connect directly to the Canadian city of your choice :

    And if you want to test Egypt for yourself, ExpressVPN also has servers there:

    On Warzone, I advise you to randomly check if the simulated location works well by going to “Options” and looking at the location written in front of “Geographical area“.

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    Does A Warzone VPN Improve Ping

    It’s unlikely a VPN will decrease your ping as a VPN service tends to run slower than your own network’s peak speed. That said, there are ways a VPN can improve your connection.

    Firstly, ensure you’re getting the strongest VPN connection possible, by choosing a server based nearby. It’s also worth taking a moment to run trial and error to see which server offers the best speeds. In turn, this can offer a more reliable performance throughout your gaming session, ensuring you maintain consistent speeds.

    The alternative is relying on your own network, which may at times be faster, but could quickly deplete in the event you’re throttled.

    Can I Use A VPN With Call Of Duty: Mobile

    Yes, you can use a VPN for CoD: Mobile in countries where it isnt available. Note that the Terms & Conditions of this game state that using a VPN to change your location isnt allowed. It will result in an automatic ban if youre caught doing so. If you really want to use a VPN, you should invest in a provider with solid Stealth VPN tools.

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    Why Should You Use A VPN When Playing Warzone

    Although the developers have never confirmed it, it is evident that Warzone employs a Skill-Based Matchmaking system. That implies that when your stats improve, so will the players you face. Matchmaking isnt solely based on skill location and time of day also play a role.

    A Warzone VPN can essentially shift your location to take advantage of this, and with a little study, youll have a better chance of playing against easier opponents every time you play. A VPN also hides your activity from your ISP, preventing them from slowing you down, a practice known as network throttling. When your ISP monitors what high-bandwidth users are doing online, it slows them down.

    Warzone Companion By Overwolf

    How to Get BOT LOBBIES in Warzone Pacific! (SBMMOFF Warzone VPN)

    Before its eventual ban, the Warzone Companion App from Overwolf was a popular tool used to get into easy lobbies.

    The apps January update introduced the ability to see every players K/D ratio after the pre-game warm-up. Using this, players could skim through and evaluate the ability of the players before deciding to play or quit.

    Sounds awesome?It was. Dont go looking for it these days, though, because you wont find it. And if you found a version of it still floating around somewhere, it wont work.

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    Can You Get Banned For Using A Warzone VPN

    You cannot get banned for using a Warzone VPN currently. VPNs, while used to tweak matchmaking, are also used to reduce lag while gaming something thats recognised by Activision.

    Its also not against the game or the publishers terms of service, so it is perfectly acceptable to use a VPN to play Warzone.

    How To Change The Region In Warzone On Xbox And Playstation

    As I briefly touched upon earlier, gaming consoles dont support virtual private network software. It means that you cant simply go to the respective Xbox and PlayStation stores, download the client, and install it.

    The only way to circumvent this issue is by setting up the VPN on your router and connecting your console to the newly-secured network. Ive provided the instructions below, but you also have to keep in mind that not all routers support VPNs. You can find out if your model does by checking the manufacturers website, and it’s also worth checking out which VPNs work the best with routers.

  • Some routers have separate VPN installation guides. Check if yours has them on the manufacturers website. Some VPN services also offer their own setup manuals you can find in the knowledge base.
  • Boot up your browser and enter your router’s IP address in the search bar. It will open a login screen which leads to this devices settings.
  • Log in. If this is the first time youre doing this, you have to enter the default login credentials. Each manufacturer has different default usernames and passwords, and you can look them up online. Change them once youve accessed the configuration interface.
  • Once you find the VPN options tab, click VPN client to configure it. Youll have to enable the VPN and enter the correct settings, which you can find on your VPN provider’s website.
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    Best VPNs For Call Of Duty Warzone

    Later in this guide, we will explain more about how we test and recommend VPNs for Warzone. Below you can see some of the important criteria we used to compile this list of the top Warzone VPNs:

    • Superfast connections suitable for playing online games like Warzone
    • Servers worldwide to help you find easier lobbies
    • Apps for Windows to play Warzone on desktop PCs
    • Outstanding customer service and value for money.

    Use our detailed summaries to pick between the best VPNs for Warzone:


    Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS

    NordVPN is a provider based in Panama that has everything you need to access foreign Warzone servers. The VPN has fast servers in 59 countries, including all the regions where Activision has servers. It is currently the fastest VPN in the world, which means it is also ideal for bypassing ISP throttling.

    Apps are available for all popular platforms , and you can install and use the VPN on up to 6 devices simultaneously. This means you can use the VPN at home and on public Wi-Fi, which makes it super versatile. It also means you can share your account with family members if you want to, which makes it even great value for money.

    The apps come with plenty of advanced privacy and security features. This includes a kill-switch, obfuscation, DNS leak protection, Tor over VPN, and double-hop connections. Plus, this VPN even blocks access to websites known to contain malware.

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