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How To Use VPN In China

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Is My Social Media Monitored In China

How to Use Facebook and YouTube in China | Get a VPN for China

Your internet connection isnt the only thing being monitored and censored when online in China.

China employs extensive monitoring of its domestic social media platforms like WeChat, Weibo, QQ, and Douyin. Each persons profiles, posts, shared files, and messages are filed away by entities working on behalf of authorities. This social data is then combined with shopping histories, biometric data, and video surveillance footage.

All of this allows for extensive surveillance of nearly every aspect of users lives.

Through both manual enforcement and automated systems, authorities can repress any behavior that strays from what is deemed acceptable.

WeChat is particularly popular in China, even among expats. But if you need to send private messages, be sure to connect to a VPN so you can use some other messaging platform. WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram are reasonably secure and private options, but theyre blocked in China.

How To Download & Install Expressvpn In China

Youre probably wondering how to download ExpressVPN if youre already in China. And yes, its true that you cant visit the VPNs website directly, as its blocked in the country. However, theres nothing to be worried about.

Were going to walk you through downloading and installing ExpressVPN in China, which applies to the most popular platforms and devices. So, lets jump right in.

Will A Free VPN Work In China

No. VPN providers must use obfuscated servers, double VPN technology, and various encryption protocols to be able to bypass the restrictions China has put into place. Free VPNs do not offer any of these features, and its highly unlikely they ever will. Their basic encryption methods and connection protocols are easy to detect and therefore are no match to the large forces of Chinas internet police.

Another problem with free VPN providers is that they are unreliable. Their connections often drop, leaving you exposed online. The best VPNs include a kill-switch feature, that keeps you undetectable even if your connection drops. They usually dont offer any customer support, so no one will help you if you face any issues. And even if you manage to establish a stable connection, your data wont be safely encrypted, and the internet speed will be slow.

In short you get what you paid for. The best VPNs for China, require a subscription to a reputable paid service.

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Prevent Viruses And Other Risks:

These past few years, online threats have increased exponentially.

VPNs are good for more than just unblocking Netflix, but also for helping protect you from these threats.

The top VPN services on the market, like SwitchVPN, encrypt your Internet traffic with military-grade encryption so hackers, prying eyes, or the authorities will not be able to see what you are doing online or track your activity.

Since the Chinese market is inundated with pirated movies, viruses are rampant.

If you are using a VPN, you can access reputable streaming sites instead of the unvetted free sites that can infect your device with viruses and spyware.

Be careful not to fall into the trap of using a free VPN for security online.

These free services are often responsible for infecting your device with malware or for compromising your privacy by selling your data to third parties.

Activate Ip & Dns Leak Protection

VPN CHINA for Android

Heres how to ensure that your computer is adequately protected against all possible leaks.

  • On Windows or Mac, navigate to ExpressVPNs settings. This is done by clicking on the hamburger button and then going to Settings or Preferences.
  • Then, take a look at the right side of the VPNs interface. Select the Advanced tab.
  • You will see several segments here. You need to make sure that several boxes are ticked here in the IPv6 Leak Protection and DNS segments.
  • Save your settings and restart ExpressVPN to apply these changes.

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How VPN Connections Benefit You

Not everyone has the same priorities or uses the internet in the same way. If you want to improve anonymity online, VPN providers give you a way to discreetly access the Internet through a tunnel service. This type of access masks your communication and displays the VPNs IP address when you connect to a website, instead of your own.

This means that your private home IP address is hidden when browsing different websites. Using a VPN service will likely impact your computer speed as well. If you are looking for a high-performance VPN, make sure that it also keeps your privacy through data encryption between your computer and the target server. With ExpressVPN, you can improve the protection of your data, and stay anonymous on the internet all while browsing at top speeds.

How To Use Expressvpn In China In 2022

ExpressVPN is one of the rare VPNs that still work in China and can help you access your accounts .

All you have to do is launch the VPN and connect to a server your internet traffic is immediately secured with military-grade encryption, leak protection, and a kill switch. None of your online activity is ever logged, shared, or sold to third parties either.

Just make sure you as the website isnt available inside the country. ExpressVPN is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee so if youre not satisfied with its performance, youre entitled to a refund with no questions asked.

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Set Your VPN Protocol To Automatic

ExpressVPN has different protocols depending on what you want from your connection. Some protocols are more efficient for data transfer, while others provide a more reliable connection. To adjust your protocols, open the Options menu and go into the Protocol settings. Make sure the protocol is set to Automatic as this lets ExpressVPN find the best protocol for connecting from China.

Alternatives To Blocked Cloud Storage And Google Services

USING VPN IN CHINA! Isn’t It Illegal??

Many users rely on productivity tools to conduct business in China. While they arent Google and dont include all of the features Gmail now does, they provide similar functionality. For example, Sina offers a popular email service that is the largest in China. QQ is another instant messaging and email service with an international version in English. QQ is owned by Tencent, the same company responsible for Sina Weibo and WeChat . Tencent also offers a Dropbox cloud storage equivalent in China, called Weiyun. Weiyun is accessible in English.

Alibaba offers another cloud storage option called Kanbox. With Kanbox, you get a Dropbox-like experience and up to 10 terabytes of data storage for free. Unfortunately, its not available in English yet. Baidu Cloud and offer other cloud storage options. Baidu Cloud is only in Chinese, but has an English version with an interface similar to Facebook .

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Do China VPNs Still Work

The short answer is yes.

The slightly longer answer is usually. Most locations will work most of the time, but there are some which the Chinese government detect and block. While one location connection might not work, or may not allow you Netflix access specifically, another location may do.

This is a case of trial and error unless you’re using a service like ExpressVPN where the experienced, up-to-date 24/7 customer support staff should be able to point you to the right server for your need immediately.

How Does Expressvpn Work In China

To keep your data protected from third parties, ExpressVPN uses military-grade encryption and an automatic kill switch. The 256-bit encryption disguises your internet traffic, making it unreadable to third parties. Anyone trying to view your activity will be unable to decipher what youve been doing or where youre located. To guarantee your data is never compromised, the Network Lock automatic kill switch disconnects your internet if your VPN connection becomes unstable.

ExpressVPN has no physical servers or presence in China. This is in line with the companys strict no-logs policy, which ensures that none of your browsing history or personally-identifying data is tracked, monitored, or stored. This was even proven during an investigation in Turkey when ExpressVPNs server was physically seized by the authorities but no user data was found.

As non-government approved VPNs arent allowed in China, please remember to exercise a basic level of caution if you decide to useExpressVPN. The protection of a VPN doesnt give you license to download copyright-protected content and other similar acts. That said, there have been no public cases of foreigners being penalized for using a VPN in China.

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Is Netflix Blocked In China

The Chinese government is notorious for its strict censorship and for its infamous Great Firewall, blocking popular streaming websites and other Internet sites from use on Chinese soil.

On top of the Chinese restrictions, popular streaming sites, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer, are only licensed to air their content in locations where they have licensing agreements.

Currently, Netflix China does not exist. While Netflix is available in close to 200 countries, in North Korea, Syria, and China, Netflix is still not available.

Because the Chinese version of Netflix has yet to be established, Netflix movies and TV shows are blocked from access in China.

This means that if you go to the Netflix site from within China, all you will see is this annoying message on your screen:

Sorry, Netflix hasn’t come to this part of world yet!

Even if you are an American resident who has subscribed to Netflix in the USA, you will not be able to watch your already-paid-for Netflix content in a place like China.

The only way to access your US Netflix content library in China as if you are in the USA is to use a reputable VPN.

If you download a VPN app to your device, you can connect from China to a US server.

This will hide your actual IP address and location, replacing it with an IP address that reflects your server location and IP address, allowing you to watch the American Netflix library from China or any country around the world.

Using Proxies To Unblock Chinese Websites

CHINA VPN for Android

During the last years, China has restricted greatly the use of VPNs, and most of the VPN providers removed their servers in Mainland China.

A good alternative is the use of residential proxies.

Good proxy providers offer many locations in Mainland China and the speed and connectivity they offer tend to be much better than VPN providers.

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How To Make Use Of Snapchat In China

The steps for buying started with a VPN are quite simple, and you’ll use the same setup anywhere you might be in the world.

Heres tips on how to unblock Snapchat in China with a VPN:

  • Sign up for an account with a suitable VPN provider. We suggest ExpressVPN.
  • Install the VPN apps on any tool you in most cases use for Snapchat.
  • Log in with your new main points and connect to a server out of doors China. Opting for a geographically shut server will usually give you the perfect effects with regards to speed.
  • Open Snapchat and it should paintings with no issues.
  • Note that many VPN websites themselves are blocked in China. As such, you should ideally get set up before traveling to the rustic.

    If you havent used a VPN before, it may be tough to decide on a suitable provider. Very few VPNs work in China so this is helping to slim down the checklist. We discussed ExpressVPN above right heres a fast rundown of that and our other top choices :

    Best VPNs for Snapchat in China:

  • ExpressVPN: Our #1 select for Snapchat in China. A fast, dependable VPN that works anywhere. Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • NordVPN: This cheap VPN has a ton of servers and great speeds.
  • Surfshark: A feature-rich service with a special Camouflage mode.
  • Hotspot Shield: A rapid, secure VPN that works smartly in China.
  • PrivateVPN: This small yet high-performance VPN bypasses maximum restrictions.
  • VyprVPN: A safety-focused supplier with a particular protocol that hides your VPN visitors.
    • Fast speeds

    How Can I Access The Ios App Store In China

    Unlike Google, Apple has been allowed to operate its own app store within China. But to do so, it must abide by Chinese laws and regulations. That means when Chinese authorities request for an app to be removed from the App Store, Apple must remove it if it wants to maintain a presence in the country.

    In late July 2017, the realities of this arrangement hit home with VPN users. Apple removed several VPN apps from the Chinese version of the App Store, including ExpressVPN and VyprVPN, among others. This came on the heels of a regulatory notice earlier in the year announcing a crackdown on VPN services operating within China without a license.

    Regrettably, Apple is now complicit in censorship of VPN apps that allow access to blocked online content in China. China has enlisted Apple in ensuring that users searching for VPN apps on the App Store will not be able to find them.

    If you set up your iCloud and/or iTunes Connect in another country, you will still be able to find, download, and update VPN apps. They should continue to work even if you are inside China.

    If you set up your iPhone or iPad from within China and connected it to the Chinese App Store, however, you will likely be unable to find or download the VPN you need.

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    VPN Access From China

    Instructions to download, install and configure the Forticlient Virtual Private Network Service.

    The University Virtual Private Network service will improve your experience when watching lecture recordings and downloading course content from Canvas, as well as access to other University applications.

    These instructions will help students and partners based in China to download, install and configure the Universitys VPN Service, known as Forticlient VPN. You can use the Forticlient VPN on your laptop, desktop computer or phone.

    How To Get A China Ip With A VPN

    How To Use Facebook In China? Fastest VPN in China!

    If you choose to purchase one of the services above, getting a Chinese IP address is relatively simple. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Sign up for one of the services listed in this article.
  • Open your new VPN app and before you connect to a server, check your settings to ensure that you are using OpenVPN encryption, or IKEV2/IPsec if you are using Mac.
  • Connect to a server based in China, after connecting you will now have a China IP!
  • You will now have a Chinese IP address and browse the web as though you are in China.
  • Top Tip – save money

    Paying for your VPN yearly will save you a lot of money, so if you need to use a Chinese IP address regularly, it’s a good idea to opt for a yearly or longer-term subscription package to take advantage of the most savings the provider can offer. Most providers also offer a money-back guarantee , so you can test the service before committing long-term.

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    How To Download Expressvpn In China

    Although its a simple task to download and install ExpressVPN, China doesnt make it easy. The ExpressVPN website is blocked in Chinas mainland, so you wont be able to download the ExpressVPN app while youre there. Your best bet is to set up the VPN app before you arrive in China.

    Simply pick one of ExpressVPNs plans, enter your email address and choose your payment method.

    Next, download and install the ExpressVPN app for your device.

    Once the ExpressVPN app is installed, enter the activation code you were given in the last step and click continue. Thats it.

    Best VPN Into China: 5 VPNs With Chinese Servers/ips

    Muhammad Hamza Shahid

    Check out these top 5 suggestions that offer Chinese servers and IP addresses, so that you can bypass geographical restrictions and access local content!

    Most people looking for privacy tools are residents, who want to access blocked sites in China like Facebook, YouTube, and Google. However, what about Chinese expats wondering how to use VPN in China to access local content?

    Some may want to access Chinese websites like iQiYi , QQ Video, Toudou , Youku , or other websites. This is what I will be focusing on this guide, but long story short, you can unblock all via ExpressVPNs Chinese servers.

    31 Days Money Back Guarantee

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    Why Does The Chinese Government Block Some Websites

    Chinas internet restrictions are in place to protect the public from harmful and misleading content. This includes information that could be considered damaging to the government, suggestive material, and gambling. This is frustrating if youre visiting the country for a holiday or work, as you cant access your favorite websites and apps from your home country.

    The list of blocked sites in China is changing all the time so its impossible to know just how many you wont be able to view. It currently includes but isnt limited to:

    • Search engines Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Google
    • News websites NY Times, BBC, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Bloomberg, NBC
    • Messaging services Gmail, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Slack, Telegram
    • Social media apps Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
    • Streaming services Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, Spotify, Twitch
    • Information providers Quora, Wikipedia, WordPress, Archive

    Can I Still Use My Apps If Im Traveling To China

    VPN CHINA for Android

    If you try to use popular apps like Gmail and WhatsApp when you travel to China, youll realize right away that theyre blocked. But that doesnt mean you cant use them it just means you have to get creative and go through a VPN.

    The best VPNs will allow you to access most of the apps that the Great Firewall blocks, so that you can stay connected throughout your time in China.

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