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How To Use VPN On Google Chrome

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How Do I Use A VPN For Chrome

How to setup a vpn in google chrome

All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to start using Hotspot Shield VPN for Chrome. After that, your browsing activity will be fully encrypted and secure.

Step 1: Add Hotspot Shield VPN to ChromeStep 2: Open the extension and sign inStep 3: Press âConnectâStep 4: Youâre all set! Your browserâs connection is now encrypted

With Hotspot Shield set up in Chrome, you can access our list of 80+ countries where we host VPN servers and even choose from 35+ specific cities. Your web browsing activity will look like youâre back home even though youâre on the other side of the world.

Why Do I Need The Best Chrome VPN Extension

Well, there are several reasons why you should have the best chrome VPN extension on your computer. Firstly, it makes accessing geo-blocked websites quicker and easier! In the case of providers like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, the extensions have a pretty straightforward on/off button that lets you switch connections between servers without turning on the desktop app!

Secondly, a VPN extension is needed to encrypt your online traffic, so you can browse freely with complete anonymity.

Thirdly, it helps mask your IP address to keep you hidden from the prying eyes of the government and other online watchdogs. To summarize, a Google Chrome VPN extension is needed for the following reasons:

  • Accessing geo-blocked websites quickly and with ease.
  • Data encryption for online privacy.
  • Hides your IP address so one can keep taps of your online activity.

Picking one of our recommended VPN providers means you can benefit from Netflix unblocking, online security, and geo-spoofing from the convenience of the browser you use religiously for accessing the internet world.

Change Settings For All Websites

  • In your pc, open Chrome.
  • On the high proper, click on Extra Settings.
  • Underneath Privateness and safety, click on Website settings.
  • Choose the permission that you just wish to replace.
  • To vary permissions and knowledge storage on all websites that you justve visited, you may also choose View permissions and knowledge saved throughout websites.

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    How To Choose The Best Chrome VPN Extension

    Here are the things we look for

    • Streaming support VPN extensions should be able unblock top websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer.
    • Speedy speeds any slowdowns should be minimal. VPNs should offer fast speeds for streaming, browsing, and downloading.
    • High security VPNs should protect your data with WebRTC leak prevention and ad blocking. Its a bonus if your VPN browser extension encrypts traffic and offers other security features.
    • Strong privacy Any Chrome VPN extension that you use should have 0 logs. A VPN provider should adhere to a strict no logs policy. It should be audited.
    • Easy to use The VPN extensions should be simple to install and easy-to-use. It is also helpful if the settings and features are easy to define.
    • Server network We recommend VPN extensions that allow you to access large server networks. This way you wont have to deal overcrowded servers which can be slower. Servers in more countries allow you to access more content.
    • Customer Support The best VPN extensions for Chrome include responsive email support and 24/7 live chat.

    Tunnelbear Best For Infrequent Usage

    How to use VPN on Google Chrome

    TunnelBear is a real VPN with a Chrome extension. Unlike most premium VPN services, TunnelBear has a free account with a data limit instead of a time limit. If you want a real VPNs power and control, but only occasionally, TunnelBear will work for you.

    • Free Server Locations: Access to all paid servers
    • Paid Server Locations: Servers in 20 countries
    • Encryption standards: 256 bit symmetric encryption
    • Privacy: Logs connections but not traffic or IP addresses.
    • Connection Speed: Fast, connections as 50MB/s even on free plans
    • Pricing: Free accounts are free forever, paid accounts start at $9.99 per month or $4.99 per month billed annually

    How it works

    Install the extension, click on it and youll be asked to create an account. All you need is your email address, and when you confirm your free account youll get access to the 500MB a month that comes with a free account.

    Be warned, doesnt play that well with some other Chrome extensions when we tested it, Ghostery and OneTab crashed.

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    Will A VPN Slow Down My Browsing Speed

    Whether youre using a free or premium service, you will likely experience a small drop in speed with a VPN. This is because your traffic goes through the encryption process before connecting to the internet, which impacts your speed.

    If you use a free VPN with server and bandwidth limitations, youre likely to experience a more noticeable drop, particularly if you connect at high-traffic times. Where I live in the UK, thats typically between 7pm and 11pm GMT.

    I ran a speed test for every free VPN on my list during peak connection times in the UK. I connected to the fastest available server for each VPN and compared it to my regular ISP speed. Here are the results:

    Standard ISP Speed
    43.48 16.62%

    As expected, the VPNs with servers furthest away from me had the biggest drop in speed. However, every server had speeds fast enough to stream in UltraHD or 4K quality, even at the busiest connection times.

    Ology : Use Google Chrome Extensions To Unblock Web Sites

    Putting in Google Chrome extensions will help you unblock web sites on Chrome. In truth, it really works in the identical method as Methodology 3. The distinction is that the Google Chrome extension is just obtainable for Google Chrome. There are tons of of VPN extensions so that you can select to seek out the one which works for you. Right here we take Zenmate for example.

    1) Launch Google Chrome, click on the three dots button within the higher proper nook, then click on Extra instruments and discover Extensions.

    2) Open the Extensions menu on the left aspect and click on Open Chrome Internet Retailer.

    3) Search Zenmate after which click on Add to Chrome.

    4) Join and run the extension.

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    What Are The Differences Between A Free VPN Versus A Paid VPN

    Weighing the pros and cons of registering for a free VPN service versus a paid VPN is rather simple. In the previous sections, youve seen the advantages of using a paid VPN. Both paid and free VPN services are aiming to give you security, reliability, speed, customer support and anonymity. However, you might find that a free VPN doesnt deliver on all those promises.

  • Security: Many free VPNs use protocols that arent 100% secure. They used what is called a PPTP VPN, which has proven to not be the most ironclad as far as security goes. Paid VPNs allow you to use other protocols that help tunnel your connection more securely. A free VPN will give you more security than not using a VPN. However, that doesnt mean youre getting the best security features that have been developed. A paid VPN is the way to go for optimal security.
  • Number of Servers: Finally, youll want to consider the number of servers a VPN has in operation. Servers allow you to access the Internet they are what host you online. If a VPN doesnt have many servers, youre not going to be able to remotely connect in as many places . Youll want to make sure you choose a VPN with a robust portfolio of servers in locations all over the world. Free VPN services will have a limited number of servers because servers are expensive. Youll find most paid VPN services have way more servers all over the globe. This is what you should look for as youre trying to decide which VPN is right for you.
  • Add A VPN Browser Extension To Chrome

    How to set up and use the ExpressVPN Chrome extension

    In addition to native apps, many VPN providers these days also make browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. They are typically found on the Chrome Web Store, but be wary of sketchy free offersmore on that later.

  • Find the browser extension you want on the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome
  • Wait a few moments for it to automatically download and install
  • An icon should appear at the top right side of Chrome. Click it.
  • Select a VPN server or location and hit the Connect button
  • Once the connection has been established, your browser is now protected and able to unblock region-locked content.
  • Note that these extensions only work with the desktop browser version of Chrome and not on Android. For that, youll need a VPN app as per the first option above.

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    Get Entry Blocked Web Sites Through Proxy Server

    Proxy server is a useful gizmo that creates intermediaries between pc and web site you go to. The proxy server will block the web site from the ISP and assist you to entry the blocked web sites.

    When youll be able tot go to a blocked website immediately, youll be able to ask a proxy server to go to it for you. The proxy shows the blocked web site, and means that you can work together with it.

    Steps to do:

    • Go to the web site for the proxy service. Kind the URL of the location you want to unblock, and press Enter.
    • Browse the restricted website as you usually would. Discover that the tackle bar of your browser shows the proxy services area, indicating that youre searching anonymously.

    What Are The Benefits/advantages Of Using A VPN

  • Security, security, security. Enhanced security is the name of the game when it comes to using a VPN. Your data will be encrypted which means hackers wont be able to access it. If youre using a closed network for work, you can keep it completely private. That means security for yourself and your business, and any sensitive materials will stay in your possession. The encryption keeps you and your data safe. This is important for anyone who uses the internet, but if youre using it to conduct business, its exponentially more important.
  • Online anonymity. If you want to browse websites in complete privacy, you need to be using a VPN. The VPN acts like a mask to allow you to anonymously conduct your business online. Unlike web proxies or IP masking software, a VPN will allow you to access websites and web applications undetected.
  • Remote access to your network. After youve set up your VPN, you can connect to it remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. You can securely log into your network and access the information, documents, and everything else you need. For business, this will increase productivity. For users who use a VPN for privacy, this means you wont have to send an email or attachment that can be intercepted. You can keep all your data in a closed network that only you have access to. And that access can be achieved anywhere.
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    Expressvpn Best Paid VPN

    Living up to its billing, this is the fastest full-featured VPN out there. It has an effective stealth mode so watchers wont even know youre using a VPN, solid encryption, and reliably unblocks everything on the internet.

    Theres a Chrome extension but you need a subscription to use it. The desktop and mobile apps are easy to use too. Its priced at $12.99 a month or $9.99 per month for a six-month subscription.

    If youre going to be using a VPN heavily, I highly recommend going with ExpressVPN.

    Free Chrome VPNs To Avoid

    Extensión VPN para Google Chrome 2020 gratis ilimitada y ...
    • Turbo VPNs Chrome store page doesnt even link to a proper website. Instead, it just leads to a blog post about the VPN. Theres no privacy policy, no technical details, and no terms of service. Avoid at all costs!
    • RusVPN stores some connection logs that could identify users.
    • SetupVPN collects extensive logs about your online activity using site analysis tools to retrieve information from your browser including the pages you view, the links you click, your IP address, browser type and language, access times, and referring Web site addresses.
    • DotVPN logs IP addresses of its users.
    • Hola is a peer-to-peer VPN that uses idle bandwidth on other users devices instead of its own servers. It has in the past abused its access to user devices to launch botnet attacks.

    As you can see, being at the top of Google search results does not mean the VPN is good or trustworthy.

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    Best VPN For You To Know How To Access Blocked Sites In Chrome

    Here are some of the best VPNs that you can use. All these are trusted and offer the best experience if you want a solution on how to access blocked sites in chrome.

    1. GOM VPN

    Well, the first entry in this list is the trusted GOM VPN. It is one of the best VPNs that you can avail of to access all types of restricted data from Google. GOM VPN allows the users to open any blocked site from Google chrome. It does not need any type of configuration and is a super-fast VPN.

    Additionally, it offers 1000 Mbit unblocking servers and proxies to make your internet experience amazing. It also offers constant downloading and uploading speed and the speed does not drop even after hours of usage. But, GOM VPN is a paid service. Therefore, if you are not thinking about investing money in a VPN service, You need to find other options.

    2. Touch VPN

    The next entry is the Touch VPN. It is a free VPN and you do not need to spend a single penny on it. But, Touch VPN offers amazing service and is on par with the premium services. It is one of the popular VPNs around the world with more than 296880 users and the user base is growing regularly. Touch VON allows you to unblock any blocked site from Google Chrome and access its data with full privacy.

    3. Hotspot Shield VPN

    4. ZenMate VPN

    5. Setup VPN- Lifetime Free VPN

    6. Browsec

    7. DotVPN

    8. Breakwall VPN

    9. Hola VPN

    10. CyberGhost VPN proxy for Chrome

    Wrapping up

    What To Do If Your VPN Doesnt Have A Chrome Browser Extension

    Dont worry!

    If your VPN service doesnt come with a browser extension for Google Chrome isnt not the end of the world.

    As long as you are using a quality, safe VPN service, once you connect to a VPN server all of your internet traffic will be funneled through the encrypted VPN tunnel.

    Browser extensions are handy extras, but are by no means essential.

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    Ology : Unblock An Internet Site From The Restricted Websites Checklist

    Test your Google Chrome proxy settings first. The web site you wish to entry could also be added into the Restricted websites checklist. If this web site is within the Restriction websites checklist, youll be able to merely take away it to resolve the issue.In the event you cant discover the web site within the Restricted websites checklist, strive the following technique.

    1) Launch Google Chrome, click on the three dots button within the higher proper nook, then click on Settings.

    2) Scroll all the way down to the underside and click on Superior.

    3) Underneath System, click on Open proxy settings.

    4) Within the Safety tab, choose Restricted websites then click on Websites.

    5) If the web site you wish to entry is on the checklist, youll be able to choose it and click on Take away. Then click on OK to complete setting.

    6) Restart Google Chrome to verify the issue is solved or not.

    Why Is Google Chrome Blocking Any Web Site

    Unlimited Free VPN For Google Chrome on One Click

    Good friend, an internet site is blocked in Google Chrome solely when the federal government of any nation tells Google that this web site shouldnt be run in our nation. So Google bans that web site solely in that nation on the behest of the federal government of that nation.

    Then that web site wont run in any net browser solely in Google Chrome if that web site is banned in your nation. It will possibly have any web site. Extra on this pron web site and unlawful web site by which wrongdoing is finished. These web sites are blocked.

    Aside from this, the federal government of any nation doesnt wish to run all its authorities web sites in some other nation, so it additionally blocks that web site in all of the nations along with its nation. She does this for her security.

    However with the assistance of vpn we are able to entry the web site of any nation. If an internet site is blocked in our nation, we are able to additionally entry it in our cell, pc laptop computer. If you must go, methods to VPN work? So you have to learn this text.

    Chris HoffmanChris Hoffman Editor-in-Chief

    Do you end up accessing Fb, Twitter, or different distracting web sites whenever you actually needs to be doing one thing else as a substitute? Block that web site in Google Chrome. Different options will allow you to block web sites for youngsters at residence or staff, too.

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    Quick Summary Of The Best VPN Chrome Extension

    Running out of time? Heres a quick summary of the best VPN chrome extension for you.

    • ExpressVPN: It offers 3000+ servers across 94 countries with impeccable fast speed, powerful security, and strong unblocking capabilities. In addition, it also offers WebRTC blocking, location spoofing, and HTTS everywhere that connects automatically to secure the HTTPS version of a website.
    • Surfshark: It offers 3200+ servers in 65 countries, allowing you access to geo-restricted sites and content on almost all popular streaming platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max. It is known as the cheapest VPN Canada at $2.49/mo for a 2-year subscription with a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 30 days of service.
    • NordVPN: NordVPN offers a feature-rich browser extension that works really well with Google Chrome. Its CyberSec feature prevents you from accessing any malware-infected sites, thereby protecting you from any potential security risk. With over 5200 servers in 60 countries, the extension lets you access all popular streaming sites. The subscription is available for $3.29/mo for a 2-year subscription with a 30-day refund policy.

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