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How To Use VPN On Phone For Netflix

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The Best Netflix VPN 2021

How to Watch American Netflix on iPhone/Android Best VPN To Watch Netflix On Phone From Anywhere

Ever wondered why so many Netflix streamers use a VPN?

Using a VPN for Netflix is among the most common reasons people get one in the first place. In fact, our recent survey found that two in five subscribers use their VPN specifically for streaming. But why?

While the software is perhaps most closely associated with staying more secure online, downloading a Netflix VPN is more about getting around geo-restrictions. With hundreds of shows and films restricted from region-to-region, the best Netflix VPN providers make it extremely easy for you to tune into global content and access exclusive shows and movies that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to watch where you live.

As well as unblocking geo-restricted Netflix catalogs, they’re also super simple to use on a range of platforms – from your laptop and mobile, to smart TVs, consoles and other streaming devices. So it makes sense that Netflix VPNs have become an essential tool for binge watchers everywhere.

Editor’s note: Netflix has again stepped up its battle against people trying to utilize VPNs to access foreign Netflix catalogs, going to the extreme of blanket blocking residential IP addresses. This has led to some people not being able to access their Netflix account – via a VPN or not! At the time of writing, some of the below Netflix VPNs may not work as well as they have in the past, but we are continuing to keep an eye on the situation and will update our rankings accordingly.

Today’s top 3 best Netflix VPNs:

Is It Illegal To Use A VPN For Netflix

Generally speaking, it is not illegal to use a VPN for Netflix. The VPN blocks are put in place by Netflix to limit content. In other words, these blocks are not carried out by state governments or municipalities. Therefore getting around these blocks should not be illegal or break any laws where you are located.

With that being said, we encourage you to check your local laws just to be safe, and of course this is not legal advice. VPNs can be a grey area in some places of the world, such as in China, Dubai, and some other countries with restrictive internet regulations. So do your own homework beforehand.

What Should I Do If My VPN Doesnt Work With Netflix

Just disconnect and reconnect to a different server!All of my recommended VPNs work with Netflix so youll always be able to find a server that works. Sometimes you might just come across an IP address thats been blacklisted by Netflix. Disconnecting and trying a different server should solve the problem.

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How To Use Your Netflix VPN

Using a Netflix VPN means that you can make your laptop, phone, tablet and even your games console or TV streaming device appear to be in a completely different country to the one you’re really in. So if you’re in the US, you’ll be able to access shows that are exclusively available on catalogues of the UK, Canada or anywhere else – and vice versa.

It’s really easy to do, too. Once you’ve installed your VPN on to your chosen streaming device and turned it on, you simply choose a server in the country that you want to ‘appear’. Netflix will then think it’s in that country, and serve up shows and films that are available there.

Bear in mind, though, that accessing content which shouldnt be available in your region is something Netflix doesnt want you to do. Indeed, it is expressly forbidden in Netflixs terms and conditions of usage. Naturally, you travel down this avenue of content unblocking entirely at your own risk, but we’ve never ever heard about anybody having their Netflix account suspended for accessing it with a VPN.

Can My Isp Find Out I’m Streaming Netflix With A VPN

Why You CANT Stream Netflix Using Avast

An ISP cannot tell where you are connecting to if you are using a VPN provider. All the ISP might be able to see is that you are connected to a VPN and that youre using a decent amount of data. If your VPN provides obfuscation or stealth features, your ISP might even see your VPN traffic as normal browser traffic.

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The Dangers Of Using A Free VPN

For a full overview of this research, check out our article on Are Free VPNs Safe?

Unfortunately, many free VPNs put users at greater risk than using no VPN at all.

It costs money to own and operate a VPN service, so how can a free VPN provider sustain itself without charging a subscription fee?

The answer is that free VPN services often monetize their users, while delivering a weakened service.

Here are some of the ways in which free VPNs can pose a risk to your security and safety:

  • Logging Your Online Activity and Personal Information.

    Free VPN providers have direct access to a huge supply of personal web data, now the worlds most valuable resource.

    A good VPN service will operate a strict no-logging policy, deleting user data immediately or never recording it in the first place.

    However, many free VPNs exploit their position in order to collect, store, and sell valuable information about their customers.

    One study by CSIRO in 2016 found that 75% of the 283 free VPN products they tested contained at least one tracking library.

    These trackers allowed the companies to monitor and log information such as:

  • The users IP address.
  • The time they spent on these websites.
  • Sensitive information that are shared on unprotected sites.
  • Given one of the main reasons to use a VPN is to protect your privacy online, this is a clear violation of trust. Yet, for most free VPNs, it is common practice.

    Infecting Your Device with Malware.

    Leaking Sensitive Information.

    How To Watch Call The Midwife On Netflix Canada: Which VPN App Do I Choose

    The best way to watchon Netflix Canada is with the help of VPN Vault by Appsverse. The prevailing reasons why they come on top of their competitors are the high upload and download speeds, the super-strong encryption, and its wide access. They might not be the cheapest VPN service on the market at the moment, but they offer top-notch service. Furthermore, they also offer highly dependable iOS and Androidapps for mobile and tablet viewing. Because of all that, they are worth the cost.

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    Nordvpn Best VPN For Netflix In 2021


    72% OFF NordVPN Coupon >>

    NordVPN is currently the best VPN for Netflix simply because it always works with the service and offers the fastest speeds with consistent reliability. With a huge network of global servers, NordVPN unblocks numerous Netflix regions with ease . While most VPNs struggle to provide consistently fast speeds for HD streaming, NordVPN delivers. Below is one of our tests with NordVPN using the WireGuard protocol, which gave us download speeds of 445 Mbps in the NordVPN review.

    With NordVPNs network of 5,400 servers spread across 59 locations, you can easily find a fast server near you. All of these servers are running in RAM-disk for enhanced security and to ensure no data is stored on any server. Being legally based in Panama, NordVPN can maintain a strict no-logs policy. It is one of the few no-logs VPNs that has been independently audited.

    For Netflix streaming, NordVPN is the top-performer. It supports;all major Netflix libraries around the world and have;dedicated apps for all types of streaming devices, from computers, phones, and tablets to Android TV boxes, Smart TVs and more. They even offer a dedicated app for using a VPN with FireStick. Below Im streaming American Netflix through a NordVPN server in the US:

    + Pros


    At only $2.49 per month with the coupon below, Surfshark is probably the cheapest VPN worth considering for Netflix. All plans come with a 30 day money-back guarantee and 24/7 live chat support.

    + Pros

    + Pros

    How To Use A VPN To Watch Netflix

    How to use Surfshark VPN on phone FULL LIVE showcase of Surfshark app

    Using a VPN to access Netflix content from other countries requires a few easy-to-follow steps:

  • Install the VPN providers app on your device.
  • Sign in to your VPN account.
  • Select a server in the country whose Netflix content you want to view.
  • Grab your favorite movie snack, start your Netflix app and enjoy the show!
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    How Does A VPN Work

    When you activate a VPN on your computer, you are actually hiding your IP address and the servers and websites you use and access will see the IP of the VPN service. That is why when you install a program or extension for your browser to allow you to hide your IP address, you can choose the country or city that you want to appear as your place of connection. By changing IP address, you will be able to access region-restricted content and hide your browsing activity when you are on a public Wi-Fi network.

    If youre not sure what youre looking for and simply want access to a bigger Netflix catalog, we recommend that you select the United States as the location for your VPN, where you can watch a wider range of series and movies.

    It is important to note that activating a VPN will not only help you change your geographic location, but also increase your Internet browsing security since it hides your real IP address.

    Why You Might Want To Use A VPN To Watch Netflix

    Most of Netflixs subscribers reside in countries with free and open internet, so they dont have to worry about their government spying on and punishing them for accessing foreign content. In countries like China, Iran, and other totalitarian regimes, access to Netflix is severely restricted, if not blocked completely. A VPN can provide an internet user with access to unlimited knowledge and services to change their lives. People with an open internet primarily worry about access to geo-locked content. However, for those less unfortunate than us, a VPN is important and sometimes even necessary.

    Another reason why you may want to use a VPN when binge-watching your favorite show is security and protection. If youre connected to an unsecured or public Wi-Fi, a VPNs encryption can help keep you safe and sound, so you only have to worry about what your favorite protagonist is going through in the show youre watching.

    Editors’ Recommendations

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    How To Use Chromecast With A VPN

    Callum oversees how we test and review VPN services. He’s a member of the IAPP, and his advice about VPNs has featured in Forbes and the Internet Society. Read full bio

  • How to Use Chromecast with a VPN
  • With a VPN, you can stream content from around the world on your Chromecast. Learn how to set up and use a VPN on every Google Chromecast model in this complete guide.

    Using a VPN with Google Chromecast enables you to stream films on your TV that are not usually available in your location. The VPN hides your IP address to open up geo-restricted content from services such as Netflix, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer.

    The problem is that most Chromecasts cannot download any software on the dongle. Unless you have the newer Chromecast with Google TV, you cant directly install a VPN app and will have to follow one of our other methods.

    Quick Guide: How to Use Chromecast with a VPN

  • Sign up for and install a VPN service. For Chromecast, we recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Create a virtual router from your PC.
  • Connect to a VPN server in the required country. For example, connect to an American server for US Netflix.
  • Connect both your phone and Chromecast to the virtual router.
  • Stream. Youll now have access to previously blocked TV shows and movies.
  • What’s in this guide

    What Is The Best VPN For Netflix

    How to Use a VPN With Netflix on an iPhone

    There are a lot of VPN services out there that can effectively unblock American Netflix, but which is the best? There are plenty of strong options for you to consider, but we wouldn’t want you wasting your time checking everything out. To save you time, we’ve handpicked your best options. Each service has a different set of features that will suit some users better than others, and it’s all about finding something that works for you.

    It’s tough to pick the best VPN for accessing American Netflix, but ExpressVPN does stand out from the competition for a number of reasons. It has a streaming-friendly interface, security focused features, and strong connection speeds. All of this provides users with a straightforward and speedy streaming experience. Speed is probably the most important feature to consider when it comes to picking a VPN for streaming. Using a VPN to connect to another country often affects your download speed, which can be devastating when you are trying to binge on your favourite show. We found that using ExpressVPN consistently results in the lowest buffering time when streaming Netflix in 4K. It is however a little pricey.

    These are the best VPNs for Netflix in 2021.

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    Using A VPN To Unblock Different Netflix Regional Libraries

    We have been testing out VPNs with Netflix for about 4+ years and there is a reason we only recommend the three VPNs above. The answer is simple: they unblock a large number of regions on a consistent basis.

    One of the best advantages of using a VPN with Netflix is that it gives you access to a huge library of content. With your Netflix account, all you need is a good Netflix VPN to unblock a large selection of content from all over the world. Take for example NordVPN. You can use their servers to access more than 15 different Netflix regional libraries.

    The streaming possibilities are truly endless especially when you consider the other streaming services you can access through your VPN.

    Want To Try The Top VPN Risk Free

    NordVPN is offering a fully-featured risk-free 30-day trial if you sign up at this page. You can use the VPN rated #1 for Netflix with no restrictions for a monthgreat if you want to continue streaming your favorite shows while traveling abroad.

    There are no hidden termsjust contact support within 30 days if you decide NordVPN isn’t right for you and you’ll get a full refund. Start your NordVPN trial here.

    If youve connected to Netflix with a VPN and been left frustrated by the dreaded Netflix proxy error message, youre not alone. Thankfully, there is still a select group of VPNs that beat the Netflix block.

    Based on over 5,000 in-house tests, well show you the best Netflix VPNs and how to use them.

    Our testing found many services could not avoid the Netflix VPN detection algorithm.

    When connected to most VPNs, Netflix gives the following error, accompanied by error code m7111-5059:

    Whoops, something went wrong. Streaming error. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.

    We selected the best Netflix VPNs based on the following criteria below. Later in this article, we reveal our Netflix VPN testing methodology. If, however, you would like to see our full VPN testing and research process take a look at our dedicated article.

    • Reliably and consistently work with Netflix
    • Fast enough to stream in HD
    • Fast, competent customer service
    • Can access Netflix in browser: Yes
    • Can access Netflix app: Yes

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    Privatevpn Speed Test Data

    • Works with US Netflix in browser: Yes
    • Works with US Netflix app: Yes

    IPVanish recently added servers for users who want to watch US and UK Netflix. We have tested it and confirmed it works on both desktop browsers and Netflixs mobile app on Android and iOS. We recommend you contact IPVanishs customer support to ask which server to use and troubleshoot any issues you might have connecting. IPVanish is built with privacy and security in mind while also offering decent speeds to stream in HD.

    Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Fire TV.

    Does Hotspot Shield Work With Netflix

    Best VPN for Netflix IOS / Iphone – Fliptroniks.com

    Yes, Hotspot Shield is the Netflix VPN for you! Our proprietary Hydra protocol not only provides unrivaled speed and performance, but it also disguises your traffic to look like regular web traffic. Unlike other VPN providers, where Netflix typically blocks access to users connected through their servers, Hotspot Shield works great with Netflix, enabling unrestricted access to the content you love.

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    What Is A VPN

    VPNs are security tools that provide protection for your information by creating a private network that hides your real IP address. All of your activity is untraceable and secure, because all of your online traffic passes through an encrypted tunnel. Nobody can see into the tunnel, and everything inside the tunnel is protected against online threats like hackers, viruses, and malware.

    The act of hiding your real IP address is what can trick leading streaming sites into thinking you are based in another country.

    Why Do I Get The Netflix Proxy Error Message

    The reason you are seeing this message is because either Netflix blocked your IP , or because your VPN provider doesn’t work with Netflix.

    Netflix blocks hundreds, if not thousands, of IP addresses that belong to VPNs. For this reason, very few VPNs actually work with Netflix. Even the VPNs that do work with Netflix only actually unblock Netflix on a few servers and in many cases only to specific Netflix regions .

    This means that even if you subscribe to a VPN known to work with Netflix – connecting to the wrong server could cause you to get the Netflix proxy error.;

    Check out our VPN for Netflix article if you are looking for a VPN that works with Netflix.

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