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How To Use VPN On Ps4 With Phone

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Connect To Your Ps4 From A Router

Share Phone VPN to PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo | No root
  • If you don’t already have a VPN, sign up for one. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Set up the VPN on your wireless router. The exact way varies from router to router, so whichever VPN you get should provide specific instructions.
  • Alternatively, you can buy a router with a VPN already installed.
  • On your PlayStation 4, go to Settings.
  • Select Network.
  • Select Set Up Internet Connection.

  • Select Easy when asked how you’d like to set up the connection.
  • If prompted, select Do Not Use a Proxy Server.
  • How To Use A VPN On Ps4

    Using a VPN with your PS4 isnt as simple as installing an app here are three ways to set up a VPN on your PlayStation.

    Its a breeze setting up and using a VPN on a PC or smartphone, but the same cant be said for consoles especially Sonys PS4. Sony doesnt allow VPN apps on its platform, meaning you cant just browse Sonys PlayStation Store, find the NordVPN or ExpressVPN app and set up a connection.

    In fact, you cant even sideload VPN apps onto the console, as the PS4 simply doesnt support them. Thats the bad news, but the good news is that there still are a handful of ways to use a VPN on the PS4 to access other regions of Netflix, get early access to new PS4 games, improve laggy online connections and more. We outline all the ways of using a VPN on PS4 right here.

    Oh, and if youve got an Xbox too, then check out our guide to setting up a VPN on Xbox One as well.

    Setting Up A VPN On Smart TV Systems

    If your SmartTV OS is Android, you can set up a VPN in a few simple steps. To do this:

  • Choose your VPN for Smart TV, such as the NordVPN service. This provider also offers pre-flashed routers, which we will touch on in more detail shortly.
  • Once youve selected your VPN for Smart TV, download the software. Then install the .APK file.
  • Use your original log-in credentials to log into your account.
  • Run the VPN for Smart TV app on your TV and then connect to one of the servers on offer.
  • Thats all it takes! From here, you can appear to be in any country that you please and access any kind of TV and entertainment content that you wish. Thanks to the encryption VPN gives, you can also remain completely anonymous and private. This takes away the worry of your data being accessed or compromised by anyone with interest in seeing what youre doing.

    Connecting your TV with a laptop or PC

    You may want to use an ethernet cable to connect your computer or laptop to your Smart TV. This will mean that you can share your internet connection and use your VPN to unlock any restricted programming content, ready for viewing on the TV. If your Smart TV doesnt allow apps to be directly installed, this is the method to use. Alternatively, you can opt for a VPN Smart TV router.

    To share your connection in Windows, follow these steps:

  • Check that your laptop or PC is connected to your Smart TV VPN. If you dont have one, try ExpressVPN.
  • Use an ethernet cable to pair the two.
  • Reboot your TV!
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    Change The Connection Settings On Your VPN

    With the VPN installed on your computer, open Control Panel in Windows or right-click the Internet Access icon in the system tray. Navigate to Network and Internet Settings in both cases. Once there, click on Change Adapter Options.

    Thatll bring you to a new window that shows all your network connections. Find your VPN and right-click it to bring up a menu. Select the Properties option to open a new menu window and it will have five tabs at the top. Choose Sharing and click the box next to Allow network users to connect through this computers internet connection.

    Youll also see a drop-down menu that will allow you to choose which connection on your computer you want to choose for sharing through your VPN. Choose the connection that relates to your Ethernet adapter if youre on a laptop.

    Connect Through Your Windows VPN

    Best Free VPN for PS4 2020

    This approach is a bit simpler, but also requires that you have a Windows computer within a cable’s distance of your PS4. You’ll need an Ethernet crossover cable to connect your PS4 to your computer. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can make one from any Ethernet cable you have around.

    Once they’re connected, you’ll need to change your adapter settings. First, open the Settings window by clicking the cog icon in the Start menu.

    Then click Network & internet, and select Wi-Fi from the menu on the left.

    Finally, click Change adapter options on the right:

    From there, right-click on your Wi-Fi connection and select Properties.

    In the Sharing tab, check the Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.

    Then select your crossover cable from the dropdown menu.

    Now you should be able to select this Ethernet connection from your PS4’s Set Up Internet Connection menu. Once you’ve done that, your VPN will encrypt your PS4’s connection.

    As long as your computer connects to the internet through a VPN, your PlayStation will also. You could probably make this work over a Wi-Fi connection too, but a cabled connection will help you get faster speeds, which you’ll need for online gaming.

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    Solution : Set Up A VPN For Ps4 On A Router

    You can set up a VPN on PS4 without a PC using your Wi-Fi router. We always recommend this method because itll make sure that all the other devices on your home network are protected too! Also, this will allow you to use a VPN on PS4 without a PC. Heres how you do it.

  • Step 1: Set up your VPN on your router you can find the instructions here.
  • Step 2: Enter the Dynamic Menu on your Playstation.
  • Step 3: Go to Settings -> Network Settings -> Set up Internet Connection.
  • Step 4: Select Use Wifi and set the connection method to Easy.
  • Step 5: When prompted, select Do Not Use a Proxy Server.
  • Step 6: Accept all the settings.
  • Step 7: Click Test Connection.
  • Done!

    If youre using Surfshark as your PS4 and PS5 VPN and run into any issues with this , contact our 24/7 support service. Theyre always there for you!

    Can I Get Games Cheaper And Earlier With A VPN

    No. A VPN doesnt allow you to change the region of your PSN account, which is what determines which PS Store you have access to. If you want to access games that are released earlier in other regions all you need to do is create a new PSN account and select the appropriate region. Keep in mind, you also need a payment method linked to that region.

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    Can I Use A Free VPN With Playstation

    While plenty of free VPNs exist, they are usually very limited in speed, servers, and usability. According to research conducted on free Android VPNs:

    • 18% dont encrypt traffic which is one of the most important features of both security and access to content that VPNs provide.
    • 84% leak user data, which also compromises all the reasons to get a PS4 VPN.
    • 38% contain malware.

    After all, developing the app, running research and development to keep it secure, and hosting servers all require money. And where does that money come from? Ads, malware, selling your data, or the VPN being funded by state security agencies.

    In all situations, a paid VPN is better.

    Q: What VPN Info Do I Need

    How to Use Android phone VPN to PS4\PS5

    This can depend from VPN service provider to VPN service provider, and you should jump onto your dashboard to see how to set up your specific service on your router. There are also a lot of great tutorials for router firmware like Tomato, so dont be afraid to do a little Googling to get to the required info

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    How To Set Up Nordvpn On Your Router For Playstation

    Installing NordVPN on your router will protect every device in your local network, including your games consoles. You can then use NordVPNs blazing-fast speeds to game, stream and browse on your PS4 or PS5.

    The easiest way to set up NordVPN on your router is to buy a pre-flashed router with the VPN already installed. Itll cost you a minimum of $150, but its far simpler than manually setting up a VPN router yourself.

    Not every router supports NordVPN, however. Youll need one that fully supports the OpenVPN protocol. Older routers that only support L2TP/IPsec or PPTP wont work because NordVPN is no longer compatible with them.

    Most Asus routers support OpenVPN out of the box, while other routers may require you to change the firmware on the router, to something like DD-WRT or OpenWRT. This isnt easy and it doesnt always work, but if youre up for the challenge then check out our setup guide for how to install a VPN on your router.

    Heres a list of routers that are supported by NordVPN, as well as the specific models it recommends and some examples of unsupported routers:

    • Sabai
    • Tomato

    However you choose to install NordVPN on your router, the end result will be that all of your internet traffic goes through the VPN. As long as it is connected to your router, your PlayStation activity will be automatically protected without you having to make any extra changes.

    Manual Configuration Of VPN For Linux With Pptp Through The Networkmanager

    PPTP is not a safe VPN protocol. We, therefore, recommend that you avoid using it. The NetworkManager comes with PPTP support and can make PPTP a useful solution when security isnt a high priority. To use it:

  • Go to NetworkManager, then VPN Settings. Click on the + icon then choose the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
  • Fill in the PPTP settings that your VPN provider has given you. Note that the settings provided are not strictly for Linux. Hence, you are free to use settings for another platform or generic settings.
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    How To Use A VPN On Ps4 Without A Pc

    – by content

    In this article we are going to explain how to use a VPN on PS4 without a PC. Virtual Private Networks are most commonly used with desktop computers, laptops and smartphones to access content that are geo restricted and to protect your privacy.

    But it seems a little out of the ordinary to use a VPN with your PS4, a gaming console, so why exactly would you want to install one? What are the benefits of using a VPN to browse games on the PlayStation 4, and how can you install one without needing to hook up a personal computer?

    In this how-to, well take a shot at persuading you to get a PS4 VPN up and running and guide you through how exactly!

    Best Free VPN For Ps4

    How to Use VPN on PS4

    So, its a no-brainer that not everyone wants to use a paid VPN service for their PS4. Its easy to be tempted to use free VPNs. However, as Ive mentioned in every other article Ive covered, free VPNs are only good for light usage. Not only do free VPNs sell user data, but they also dont offer features that are necessary for maintaining privacy.

    All in all, you should avoid using a free VPN whenever possible. However, a few trustworthy providers are offering free PS4 and PS5 compatibility that you can try.

    If you dont have a PC, you can set up a mobile hotspot using your smartphone and connect it to your PlayStation. First, you would need to connect your smartphone with a VPN, and then connect your PlayStation to the hotspot. All the above-mentioned VPNs are compatible with Android and iOS. This way you can use a VPN on PS4 with a phone.

    However, keep in mind that you can only set up hotspot on your mobile data, so if you dont have unlimited data on your phone, it might end up costing you a lot of money, because PlayStation games are data-intensive and require fast download speeds.

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    How To Use VPN On Ps4 Freely

    You are sure to come across ways to secure a connection from Windows, mainly turning your PC into a router virtually. It is primarily when you do not wish to run your entire home network through the Router setup of VPN. It can help you immensely when you want to know how to use VPN on PS4 freely.

    Your computer needs to connect to your broadband router for the internet connection as you will need both a WiFi and an Ethernet port.

    Also, ensure that you are signed up to the VPN provider to generate the login details for VPN on ps4 free.

    Connect to the VPN software that you select and install it on your PC.

    Plugin one end to PS4 or PS5 and connect the other end of the Ethernet cable into the back of your computer.

    Navigate to the Control Panel and then to Network & Internet. From there, head for Sharing Center and select Change Adapter Settings from the left-hand Window.

    Right-click on the VPN connections and select the Properties.

    Make sure you Allow other network users to connect through this PCs Internet connection is selected when you open the sharing tab.

    Use the drop-down menu to select your Internet connection from the Home Networking Connection.

    On your PS4, go to Settings > Network Settings > Set Up Internet Connection > Use a LAN Cable and select the Easy connection method. On PS5, go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection. It will automatically scan and set up your Ethernet connection.

    Also click to see > > > the best free VPN for Windows

    Set Up Surfshark For Ps4 Via Wi

    If you wish to configure Surfshark on your router, you can follow this Surfshark router setup guide. Youll be able to find detailed steps to setup Surfshark on ASUS, DD-WRT, and Tomato routers.

    But if youre not cut out for manual configurations, then the best solution for you will be to purchase a pre-configured router from The cheapest router will cost you $149.99.

    Note: Setting up Surfshark on your router has its pros and cons. You will be able to use Surfshark with your PS4, but one thing youll have to keep in mind is that all other devices in your home connected to Wi-Fi will involuntarily run Surfshark too.

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    Ways To Set Up A VPN On Ps4

    The VPN setup for PS4 is indirect. As of now, you cannot install a VPN on your PlayStation directly. However, there are workarounds.

    When you set up a VPN on your PS4, you have a few options to choose from. Each method has its own pros and cons:

    1. Set up a VPN for PS4 on a Wi-Fi router

    • Needs to be turned on every time you want to use a VPN

    How To Use A VPN On A Ps4 With A Mac

    How to set up a VPN on PS4 NO CORDS(Wireless)

    To use a VPN on your console with your macOS, you can set up a virtual router. This method will share your computers VPN connection with your PS4 console.

    To set this up, youll need an Ethernet cable, and your Mac needs an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi card to make all the connections. Heres how to set it up:

  • Connect your Mac and PS4 via Ethernet cable.
  • Navigate to System Preferences, Sharing, then from the list on the left, choose Internet Sharing.
  • Select Wi-Fi from the Share your connection pull-down menu.
  • Ensure Ethernet is checked via the To computers using list.
  • To the left of Internet Sharing, check the box to enable internet connection sharing. If prompted, confirm the choice. A green icon will display if successful.
  • Open the ExpressVPN app to connect to a server in your chosen country.
  • On your PS4, navigate to Settings, Network Settings, then Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Select Use a LAN Cable, then the Easy connection method.
  • When prompted, click Do Not Use a Proxy Server.
  • Test your PS4 internet connection to confirm its connected to the internet via your ExpressVPN account.
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    Option 3 Wired Connection

    If you use a desktop PC without a Wi-Fi module, there is an option to connect your game console via cable. The settings are very similar.

  • Connect your PC to the Internet via an Ethernet connection.
  • Get a VPN subscription, download and install the Windows application.
  • Open the app, enter your login and password, and establish a connection to the required location.
  • In the Windows settings, go to Network & Internet settings Change adapter options select a connection name created by the VPN virtual adapter select Properties Sharing Allow other network users to connect through this computers Internet connection select Ethernet in the drop-down menu click OK.
  • Connect the PS4 console to your Windows computer via an Ethernet cable. Then, in the PS4 menu select Settings Choose Network Set Up Internet Connection Use LAN Cable Easy. The connection will be established automatically in a few seconds.
  • How Do I Get A Free VPN On My Playstation

    You need to connect your PS4/PS5 to a device that is compatible with VPNs. For the best speeds and performance, using a router is ideal. However, most free VPNs dont offer router support unless you pay for a premium membership. So, you can also connect your PlayStation to your PCs VPN-enabled internet connection. I made sure all the free VPNs in this list support VPN sharing, so you can use your PC to connect your console without hassle.

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