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How To Use VPN On Smart TV

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Getting A Shellfire Box In 2019

What is Best Way to use A VPN with Smart TV?

Once you pick a Shellfire Box, you not only get 1-2 years access to premium services. You also gain access to different VPN servers located around the world. It is these servers that are the key to bypassing geoblocking, as you simply need to select the server located in the country that the content is being delivered from. Once youve connected to that server, the router will do the hard work for you and will mask your local IP address, making it appear as if you are in the local region!

Getting a Shellfire Box is really easy especially if youre in the UK. with 1 year of premium service, and if you have a Prime account you can have it delivered to your door the next working day! This is a great deal.

Setting up the Shellfire Box is as easy as plugging it into your existing Internet router. All of the other devices in your home now have two different WiFi networks available to them. If you want direct access to the Internet without any of the encryption, tunneling and masking features, simply connect to your existing WiFi router. This is fine for Netflix and other streaming services. However, if you want to use one of the amazing Android apps like Swift Streamz or CinemaAPK then you really want to have a VPN like Shellfire VPN in place for your protection.

Its a brilliant and effective solution that is well worth the price.

How To Set Up Expressvpn On Sony TVs

The majority of Sony TVs run on custom Android TV versions, which is excellent news. That means that you can install ExpressVPNs app and run it natively on your Sony TV, so heres how that is done.;

  • If you dont have one,;get your ExpressVPN subscription.
  • Use the link provided above, and then click on Get ExpressVPN.
  • Pick a subscription and finalize the procedure on ExpressVPNs website.;
  • Expect to see an email confirming your subscription, and then proceed.;
  • On your Sony TV, launch the Play Store app. Search for ExpressVPN.
  • Once you open the apps overview , use the Install button.;
  • Wait until the app is ready for use, and then hit the Open button.;
  • Log-in to ExpressVPN using your credentials .;
  • Complete the initial setup by following the on-screen prompts carefully.;
  • When asked about a connection request, make sure to confirm with OK.
  • At this moment, you should see ExpressVPNs home screen, ready for use.;
  • Use the apps interface to connect to any server, and the UI will turn green.;
  • Thats when you can return to your Android TV and launch any other app.;

If this is your first time handling a VPN app on your TV, you might need some extra help. With that said, our guide to;installing the ExpressVPN app on Android TV;will answer all your needs. So, make sure to use the provided link.

Dont Try Installing Android Apps On A System That Does Not Support Android

With many guides out there, you might fall for the temptation to manually download VPN APK files to install on your Smart TV. However, I wont recommend this solution.

If your TV offers a supported Android version, you can access Google Play Store, which means manual installation is unnecessary. But if it runs a different operating system, youll not succeed in installing the APK files. Forcing unsupported files could damage your TV. Also, such modifications will void your warranty as well,leaving you with a frustrating loss.

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Why Use Nordvpn To Watch Lg TV

As mentioned earlier, NordVPN is one of the quality VPNs on the market. Its loaded with key features and top-notch services that make your online experience smooth and free from geo-restrictions. Its been certified great for streaming movies, browsing and playing online games. But what makes it the best fit for watching LG TV?

A few points havebeen highlighted below that explain why NordVPN has been chosen as the best fitfor LG TV.

1. Privacy and Protection of your Online InformationNordVPN take its privacy features very seriously, its one of the best in the VPN industry. It makes use of not less than six great features to ensure that you remain safe and secure online. They include: Double VPN, Onion Over VPN, Automatic kill switch, Domain Name System leak protection, Cybersec switch, and a strict no-log policy.If you are not properly protected on the web, your browsing data can be obtained by spywares, tracking sites, etc. However, when you are on a quality VPN service such as NordVPN, you can rest easy. The Double VPN feature ensures that your data is encrypted twice so further tighten security. The Onion Over VPN feature encrypts your data and takes it through several layers of privacy via the TOR network. This way, you are sure that your data is always secure.

Why Nordvpn Is An Excellent Choice For Samsung Smart TV

How to Setup a VPN on Samsung Smart TV in 2020

Here are some of the reasons why you should use NordVPN on your Samsung Smart TV:

1. Online Security & Privacy

Using NordVPN on your Samsung Smart TV gives you full protection and online security. It makes sure all your data is encrypted and secure as NordVPN uses a strong 256-bit encryption protocol, including strong security features like a kill switch. It also comes with a NordVPN Internet Kill Switch feature;that cuts off your internet connection in case of a sudden drop in the VPN connection.

It also features Double VPN that gives you double encryption protection to ensure that your online activities and user data are safe all the time. Another amazing feature of NordVPN is the Onion Over VPN that not only encrypts your data but also uses multiple layers of privacy using TOR. Similarly, NordVPN follows a zero-log policy, so it doesnt keep a record of your online activities and data, giving maximum anonymity to the user.

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Option : Using Mediastreamer

MediaStreamer is a SmartDNS service that lets you enhance your streaming experience. Like a VPN, it hides your true location so that you can stream geo-blocked content, but it doesnt provide the same privacy and encryption benefits offered by a true VPN. Another disadvantage is that you cant alter your server location with MediaStreamer. However, if your Smart TV doesnt natively support a VPN, MediaStreamer may be the only simple solution.

To get started with this method, you will need to register your IP address on the ExpressVPN website so that it allows you to use MediaStreamer. Then, you will need to visit ExpressVPN Setup and note down the MediaStreamer DNS server IP address. Youll need this information again later.

Next, set up MediaStreamer on your Samsung or LG Smart TV by going to your network settings page. Youll need to manually enter the MediaStreamer server IP address you noted earlier into your DNS settings to set up a DNS connection. To do this, follow the exact steps mentioned on the ExpressVPN website for your Samsung Smart TV or LG Smart TV.

How To Install Expressvpn On A Smart TV In A Nutshell

The best way to install ExpressVPN, if you own an Android TV, is through direct install via the Google Play Store. Other Smart TVs, however, dont have that option available to them. You can use MediaStreamer, which is the most popular method, but the downside is that you wont be able to enjoy the full security and privacy benefits of a VPN.

The most foolproof way to use a VPN on a Smart TV is, of course, to configure it on the router level. Unfortunately, this method is a bit more involved and requires having the correct router. If youre in a pinch, you can always turn your desktop or smartphone into a virtual router or use casting or mirroring.

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Connecting Through A Mac

This method should work for all Mac users running on the latest version of MacOS, but also requires a VPN provider who supports an L2TP/ IPSec connection on Mac.

You will connect your Mac to the internet via and share the connection with your TV via WiFi.

Note: You may also need to purchase an adaptor to connect an ethernet cable directly to your Mac, depending on the model.

The process is pretty straightforward, though. Just follow these steps:

  • Install the VPN on your Mac using a manual configuration. Specifically, you need to use L2TP/ IPSec. .
  • Connect to the VPN on your Mac
  • Navigate to System Preferences and select Sharing
  • Select Internet Sharing on the left-hand side
  • Check the Wi-Fi box on the right
  • Select Wi-Fi Options
  • In the Security drop-down, choose WPA2 Personal
  • Set up the network using a Network Name and Password of your choice
  • Click OK
  • Back in the Sharing tab, check the Internet Sharing checkbox
  • Click Start
  • Thats all. Your smart TV can now connect to your Mac like it would a normal WiFi network.

    Your VPN is already turned on, so the traffic will be protected.

    If you want to turn off internet sharing, navigate back to the Sharing tab and untick Internet Sharing.

    How To Share A VPN Connection Wirelessly

    How to Set up a Smart TV VPN

    If you stream frequently, you probably wont want to run long cables from one device to another whenever youd like to watch something. The good news is that you dont have to since you can share a VPN connection over wifi.

    VPN over wifi on Windows 10

    In older versions of Windows, you had to manually create a virtual router to share your connection over wifi. In Windows 10, however, things are much simpler:

  • Right-click the network icon in the bottom-right and select Open Network & Internet settings.
  • Choose Mobile hotspot from the list on the left-hand side.
  • Toggle the Mobile hotspot button on and choose WiFi in the the dropdown.
  • If youd like to change the SSID or password, click Edit and enter your preferred details.
  • Scroll down and click on Change adapter options.
  • Right-click the adapter that mentions your VPN and the word TAP .
  • Select Properties, then the Sharing tab, and enable Allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection.
  • In the dropdown menu, select the network you just created and click OK.
  • Connect to the VPN, and on your secondary device, connect to the new network. You should now be connected to the VPN on both devices.
  • VPN over wifi on MacOS

  • Click the Apple icon and select System Preferences, then Sharing.
  • Check the Internet Sharing box on the left-hand side.
  • Select your VPN adapter in the list.
  • In the box on the right marked To computers using, choose Wi-Fi.
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    Which VPN To Use

    There are several good VPNs for streaming. If youve already got one you like, stick with that provider. If you havent picked one yet, here are the services I consider superior for content streaming and unblocking:

  • NordVPNFast speeds, multiple Netflix regions, and SmartDNS included as a backup option. Plans start under $4/month. Works with more than 30 streaming services.
  • ExpressVPNIts expensive , but servers are fast, support is helpful and it is compatible with more than 20 streaming services. Theres even a custom app for compatible router models. It also includes SmartDNS service. Try it risk-free for 30 days.
  • Hide.meTheyre an under-the-radar service with excellent streaming support. Theres even a completely free plan for up to 10GB/month .
  • CyberghostThis service has integrated streaming technology to unblock all the most popular services. There are even streaming-optimized servers. Plans start around $3.49/month.
  • Connecting To The VPN Via Computer Or Laptop

    This is the method employed by most of the Smart TV owners, and it involves connecting the Smart TV to their computer or laptops with the use of an Ethernet cable. If you have more than one Smart TV at home, then you would need more network cables as well.

    This particular method only requires basic technical know-how, and Smart TV owners can do this themselves. The steps in connecting to the VPN via a computer or laptop differ depending on the OS of the said computer or laptop.

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    Watch Netflix On Smart TV By Sharing Your Windows Or Macos VPN Connection

    It is possible to share a VPN connection from your Windows PC or Mac with your Smart TV. This is the most complicated option to set up, and it lacks a certain elegance. But, if you dont have a VPN-capable router or Android/Fire TV hardware, this is a workaround.;

    As the methodology is a lot more in-depth, we have dedicated a whole separate guide to it. Check out our sharing your VPN connection guide for more information on doing this in Windows and macOS using different WiFi/Ethernet combinations.;

    Connecting A Smart TV On A Mac

    How to Use VPN on Smart TV?
  • Sign up for a VPN service. Download the respective VPN client app and install it on your Mac.
  • Switch off your Smart TV. Connect the TV to the Mac via the USB port with an Ethernet adapter and Cable.
  • On the screens top right, click on the Apple icon>System Preferences>Sharing.
  • On the Sharing your connection from the menu, choose your VPN connection.
  • From the Top computers using the box, select USB Ethernet.
  • Choose Internet Sharing; then a popup will show. Click Start.
  • The Internet Sharing:On notification will turn green to signify everything is working fine.
  • Reboot the Smart TV.
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    Setting Up A VPN On An Android TV

    If youve got an Android TV smart TV, youre in luck. You can connect a VPN in a few easy steps.

  • Open up the Google Play store on your smart TV.
  • Find the app of your chosen VPN – we think NordVPN, is the best.
  • and set up an account
  • Once youre installed and logged in, connect to a server
  • Now youre setup ready to go!
  • Why Do I Need A Smart TV VPN

    Wherever you are in the world, there will be a huge amount of content online that you won’t be able to access. That could be iPlayer in US, Hulu in the UK, any number of regional Netflix libraries and tons more regional services.

    With a Smart TV VPN, you can relocate yourself and access any and everything you want to watch.

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    The Best VPN For Smart TV

    Before installing a VPN on a smart TV, you want to ensure youre using the best product. For this, aside from considering the different technical factors, you must also consider your requirements when reviewing VPNs.

    First, you should pick one that offers excellent security and privacy. I believe impenetrable encryption and no data logging are must-have features for any good VPN service.

    Also, the VPN should provide clear and user-friendly configuration guidelines. In addition, it must offer reliable customer support for assistance when you get stuck with a problem.

    Considering these and many other factors, I recommend the following three products that work great for anyone wanting to install VPN Smart TV.

    Quick Fix: Use Smart Dns On A Smart TV

    How To Install VPN On Samsung TV/ Smart TV/ LG Sony TV [Step-By-Step Setup]

    Smart DNS is a feature that allows you to bypass geo-restrictionswithout installing a VPN on your smart TV.;

    Disclaimer: Smart DNS does not provide full protection of a VPN and it only works to unlock additional content for specific regions.;

    Surfsharks Smart DNS allows you to access content from the US only

    How to set up Smart DNS on a smart TV :

  • or to your Surfshark account.
  • Go to the My Account page on Surfsharks website. Under the VPN menu, find the option to turn Smart DNS on. Click Activate Smart DNS.
  • Pick either one of the two DNS addresses displayed.
  • Note: The following steps may vary depending on the brand and model of your device.

  • Now go to Menu on your smart TV >Settings>Network.;
  • Click around to find Manual set up for your IP address/DNS configuration.
  • When prompted, enter any of the two DNS addresses displayed on your VPN account page.
  • Restart your smart TV.
  • You should now be able to access streaming content from the US region.

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    Set Up A VPN Protected Wi

    Apart from the first two quicker methods, there is another way to establish a secure VPN connection for your smart TV. You can set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on your PC and use it as a virtual router to connect your TV to. By running a VPN on your laptop, you will be able to change your location and access multiple streaming services while maintaining online security and privacy.

    Connecting A Smart TV To A Vpbn Via A Pc Or Laptop

    Whether you have a PC running on Windows or Mac, it is possible to share it’s connection to the internet with your smart TV. This means, providing you have a VPN running on your PC, your Smart TV will benefit from it too. This is a great alternative way to get a VPN on Smart TV – especially if your model of TV is not Android compatible.

    To get your Smart TV connected to a VPN on your Winodws PC, simply follow these steps:

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    How To Install A VPN On Your Home Router

    If youd prefer, you can install a VPN on your router to automatically protect all of your devices. However, you should note that this can be a fairly involved process unless your router already has compatible firmware. Further, incorrectly upgrading your firmware can effectively break your router.

    For this reason, its vital that you follow the setup instructions exactly. Most major VPN providers provide detailed walkthroughs for the most common router types, and weve linked a few of these below:

    Install A VPN Client On Your Router

    Free VPN For Mi tv and Android tv

    Installing a VPN on your router is possibly the best thing you can do to extend the VPN benefits across your entire home network. In addition to your smart TV, a VPN router would also protect your computer and mobile devices that are connected to your home Wi-Fi.

    Setting up a VPN router is a lengthier process than the rest of the methods discussed above. However, it is definitely worth the time and effort.

    Alternatively, you can always buy a FlashRouter that comes pre-installed with a VPN.

    VPN-compatible router installation:

  • Download DD-WRT firmware for your router. You can check if your router is supported here.
  • Access your router through your browser using its IP address.;
  • You can find your routers IP address by searching for the Command Prompt in your search window. Open it and type in ipconfig and hit Enter. Your routers IP address will be displayed next to the Default Gateway line.
  • Find the firmware install page, usually found under the Administration tab.
  • Upload the DD-WRT firmware bin file to the router page.
  • The router will ask you for a new Username and Password. Remember to write them down somewhere!
  • Follow your VPN clients set up guidelines. See Surfsharks instructions for Asus, DD-WRT, and Tomato routers.
  • Connect your smart TV to your Wi-Fi.
  • Enjoy your favorite content in privacy from the comfort of your home.
  • For a more detailed step-by-step guide, we have a separate blog post dedicated to setting up a VPN on your router.

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