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How To Use VPN On Twitter

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How To Unblock Twitter With A VPN

How To Use VPN For Twitter

If Twitter is blocked where you are, don’t despair there’s a simple way to get back to your feed. A VPN will do most of the legwork for you. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Pick a VPN provider .
  • Connect to a VPN server in a location where Twitter isnt banned wed recommend North America or the UK, but remember your trending topics will vary depending on where you connect to.
  • Navigate to Twitter and log in as normal voila!
  • If youre still having difficulty signing in, you may need to clear your cache and cookies before retrying.

    How To Access Twitter In China Without Restrictions

    June 14, 2019 by Sapore di Cina

    As you should already be well aware, Twitter, along with the majority of social media platforms, cant be accessed from Mainland China.

    If youre in China and want to access the Internet without restrictions, you will need a system to get around the filtering conducted by the so-called Great Firewall of China.

    Currently, the most effective and simplest system to use to get around restrictions is called a Virtual Private Network or VPN.

    In this article, I am going to give you a simple, step-by-step explanation on how to access Twitter and any blocked website in China.

    Why Is Twitter Blocked In Nigeria

    Nigerians havent been able to access Twitter since June 5, 2021. Thats because President Muhammadu Buhari ordered a ban on Twitter after the social media site removed an inflammatory Tweet made by him. Theres no indication as to when the Nigerian Twitter ban will be lifted, either. However, many individuals, companies, and opposing politicians are relying on VPNs to get around the ban. These tools are your best option to continue using Twitter.

    31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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    What Are Netflix Regional Restrictions

    Depending on the country youre in, the shows and movies Netflix offers changes, sometimes radically. The United States, for example, has the biggest library by far, with shows many people in Europe have never even heard of. However, Netflix in other countries has shows American subscribers cant watch, either.

    It seems silly that some shows can be viewed in one country and not in the one next to it, but this is due to the wide range of distribution deals Netflix has made with the makers of these shows and films. If a big studio, for example, has a lucrative deal with a network in one country, neither party wants Netflix to undercut that deal.

    Unblock Twitter On Your Device

    Twitter is accessible without a VPN in Nigeria  no VPN or ...

    The steps for unblocking Twitter will vary ever so slightly – depending on the device that you use. Below, youll find handy instructions for unblocking Twitter on your Android, iOS, Laptop, and PC.

    Want more guidance on choosing the most suitable VPN for your device? Check out our reviews below:

    Want to browse Twitter on your Android? Check out our simple instructions:

  • Pick a reliable VPN that works with Twitter. We recommend NordVPN.
  • Open the Google Play Store and download the VPN mobile app
  • Head to the settings in the VPN app
  • Enable Override GPS location
  • Locate Build Number in your phone settings and tap seven times
  • In Developer Options, click Select Mock Location App
  • Select your VPN, and youre all set!
  • Top tip: ensure that the location on your Google Play Store matches the country that your VPN is connecting to. This can be sorted within the settings of your phone.

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    Use A Virtual Machine

    Of course, there is a simple workaround that has you avoid all that nastiness, namely running your second VPN over a virtual machine , which is a second, fake computer running on your desktop or laptop. It sounds a lot more complicated than it is. Heres how to set up a virtual machine.


    However, running your double VPN via a virtual machine will slow down your connection even further. All in all, considering that using a second VPN is of no real benefit in the first place, these extremely slow speeds arent worth it. Instead of using two VPNs at the same time, we recommend that you find one of the best VPNs out there and stick with that.

    Why Is Twitter Blocked

    There are a few different reasons that you might be unable to access Twitter. Luckily, these are fairly easy to rule out.

    First, you might be in a country that simply does not allow its citizens to access Twitter. This is a move favored by oppressive regimes, largely because its difficult to control the flow of unbiased information over social media. Governments that do this include China, Iran, and Turkmenistan. In June 2021, Nigeria became the latest country to ban Twitter, following the platform’s removal of one of the president’s tweets.

    Its also possible that your school, college, or workplace has set up a firewall to prevent you from browsing Twitter when youre supposed to be doing other things.

    Finally, you may be temporarily banned from Twitter. However, youll know if this is the case, since Twitter will have alerted you to the fact, along with a reason for your accounts suspension.

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    How To Access Twitter Without Using VPN

    How To Access Twitter Without Using VPN. This article aims at answering the following questions: Do I need a VPN for Twitter? How can I access my Twitter account in Nigeria? How can I access my Twitter account in Nigeria? How do I change my VPN on Twitter? Can I use Twitter in Nigeria? Which VPN works for Twitter in Nigeria? How can I use VPN in Nigeria?

    Why Use Two VPNs At The Same Time

    How To Use Twitter Without VPN In Nigeria

    As we explain in our article on what VPNs are, a VPN connects you from your ISPs server to the VPN server, and from there to the server of the site you want to visit. The connection between the VPN and the site is encrypted in the process, creating something called a secure tunnel. This tunnel makes it so your ISP cant see what youre up to, nor can the site youre connected to trace back to your location.

    Simultaneous VPN connectionsalso called double-hop,multi-hop or double VPNis when you connect to a VPN server and then connect to another one. This effectively creates a double-encrypted connection which should be doubly safe, or at least thats how its advertised by the VPN providers that offer themNordVPN is one that springs to mind.

    However, a double-encrypted connection might sound like its safer, but theres really no reason to think that. After all, if one connection can be tracked, why not another? There is a case to be made that a double connection could keep a VPN service from logging your data when you double up, but if you trust a service so little, you may ask yourself why youre even using it.

    When using a double- VPN connection, be it one you make yourself or one offered by a VPN provider, expect speeds to slow to a crawl.

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    How To Use A VPN For Netflix

    Fergus is a freelance writer for How-To Geek. He has seven years of tech reporting and reviewing under his belt for a number of publications, including GameCrate and Cloudwards. He’s written more articles and reviews about cybersecurity and cloud-based software than he can keep track of—and knows his way around Linux and hardware, too. Read more…

    There are plenty of reasons why you should use a VPN: theyre an important part of protecting yourself online and can help you get past censorship blocks in countries like China. However, one of the biggest reasons why regular people use VPNs is to get past regional restrictions on content, particularly the massive regional libraries of Netflix.

    ExpressVPN is the best VPN for getting past the Netflix block, though Netflix made an update in 2021 to better detect and block VPNs. We go into details on how to use a VPN with Netflix below, but not before we talk a little more about regional restrictions.

    Best VPNs For Twitter In 2022

    Not sure where to start when picking a VPN?

    With so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to figure out where to begin – especially as VPN providers vary a lot in terms of offerings: security, speed, number of available servers, and other features that make a huge difference.

    Weve put numerous VPNs to the test and narrowed down our top options to use with Twitter. Each provider boasts premium security, excellent features, and fast loading speeds. What is more, they all offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can easily test them out without any commitment.

    Check out our three favorite providers for unblocking Twitter below:

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    How To Get A VPN On Multiple Devices

    You can connect up to six devices with one NordVPN account. While there are dedicated NordVPN apps for most popular operating systems, some gadgets will need to be configured manually .

    You can also install a VPN on your Wi-Fi router to protect every device connected to it. This way, you can share your account with family members, turn on a VPN on their gadgets, and protect them from online threats.

    Some of NordVPNs features might vary across different platforms, but the basic principles are the same high-speed security and privacy.

    NordVPN supports 8 different platforms and can be configured for even more. You won’t go wrong.

    Best VPN For Twitter In Nigeria

    How to use Twitter in Nigeria via VPN (Virtual Private ...

    Now in this How to access Twitter in Nigeria guide we will give you a brief introduction to the best VPNs for Twitter in Nigeria. We will be discussing three VPNs ExpressVPN, NordVPN and SurfShark.

    ExpressVPN is the best VPN on the market today. It offers fast and reliable speed, a strict no-log policy and offer P2P and torrenting on all of their servers which not many other VPNs allow. They are optimised for streaming and overcoming censorship laws legally. Their application is compatible with over 12 different devices and brands. They offer lightway and OpenVPN protocols as well as unlimited bandwidth. They use the most secure encryption with is AES 256-bit, military-grade encryption. And lastly, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. To read this review,

    NordVPN is another great VPN. Also, with fast and reliable speeds and a strict no-log policy, it cost slightly less than ExpressVPN does. It works well with torrenting and supports streaming services. Their app is compatible with 5 device types and brands, have unlimited bandwidth and use AES 256-bit, military-grade encryption. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee. To read this VPN review,

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    Not All Censorship Is By The Hand Of Governments

    Twitter is also blocked by some Internet Service Providers. In places like schools, universities, libraries, and workplaces, Twitter might not be available. The ban can be a way to control or limit the use of Wi-Fi.

    But dont let anything besides 280 characters limit you. CyberGhost VPN can help you stay connected on Twitter no matter where you are.

    Should I Use Twitter On A VPN

    If your government is trying to restrict access to Twitter to clamp down on essential speech and the right to protest then your best recourse is to use a VPN. Its becoming an essential communication tool and a way for people to find out whats really going on.

    Even in emergency situations, many people resort to Twitter to provide updates and seek help for those affected. By using a VPN, youre escaping restrictions placed on you by your ISP or workplace and not necessarily engaging in any illegal activity.

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    What Makes The Best Nigeria VPN

    Although using a VPN in Nigeria is completely legal, you have to make sure the service fits the bill in a restrictive environment. The VPN should prioritize online security and privacy without compromising speed. Before discussing the VPN features you need to look out for, heres a sneak peek into our best VPNs for Nigeria.

  • ExpressVPN Best VPN for Nigerians to bypass censorship
  • NordVPN Provides stellar security and privacy
  • Windscribe Free service with strong security
  • CyberGhost Affordable and secure VPN with servers in Nigeria
  • Cheap VPN with advanced security features
  • You need a VPN with strong security features to protect you as you go about your activities online. AES 256-bit encryption, DNS leak protection and superior VPN protocols help prevent government or ISP surveillance. Privacy features such as a strict no-logs policy are important, too, particularly with the government vowing to prosecute residents who bypass censorship.

    You should also look for a VPN with a network of servers worldwide. Note, though, that if you want a VPN that can provide a Nigerian IP address, youll need one that has servers in Nigeria. However, this list prioritizes security first, which means that not all the VPNs here have Nigerian servers. If thats what youre looking for, check out our article on how to get a Nigerian IP address.

    Stay Connected On All Your Devices

    Twitter Suspension : How To Use VPN To Access Twitter Account In Nigeria

    Whether you’re using Twitter on your phone or using the browser on your PC, weve got you covered. We have a wide range of apps, so you can tweet on the go or when traveling.

    CyberGhost makes Twitter accessible on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux. And since just one CyberGhost VPN subscription can simultaneously protect up to 7 devices, youll never have to worry about your digital life.

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    The Best VPN Apps For Ios

    iPhone users can make use of the following VPNs

  • Private Internet Access The software on this app comes with a built-in Wi-Fi connection and an automatic kill switch. It turns itself off when not in use.
  • IPVanish As previously mentioned, it can be used on a variety of smartphones which includes the iPhone.
  • TunnelBear This is a strong VPN app that offers military-grade security features and operates on a super large network.
  • VyPrVPN This VPN is easy to use and has a reliable fast connection to a variety of networks.
  • SaferVPN User-friendly and fast, this VPN also has an automatic kill switch.
  • Many business owners make use of Twitter. Social media managers and digital marketers also need to access business accounts of brands that they work for. As such, using a VPN is a sure bet for anyone in Nigeria who wishes to access Twitter.

    Can I Use A Free VPN

    Next, in this guide on using VPN for Twitter in Nigeria, we will discuss free VPNs. Although in the section above, we said that using a VPN is safe, this is a whole other story regarding free VPNs. Free VPNs are good if you have an emergency and need a quick browse through the internet anonymously, but we highly advise you to delete your account after youve done so. Not only is it unsafe to use, but they dont even work the way you want them to. Heres why free VPNs are bad They can slow down your device, which will end up costing you money as your device wont last as long as it should, and you will end up buying a newer one sooner.

    They have to make money somehow, so they do this by showing you ads, Sometimes it is within their application, but other times they may give you pop-up ads. These are hard to control as they can show up behind the site you are using and sometimes contain viruses and malware. They also rarely work well with unblocking sites as their servers arent as strong as a premium VPN.

    Now weve told you why you shouldnt use a free VPN. We should at least give you an alternative. Try ExpressVPN risk-free today with their 30-day money-back guarantee on all their plans. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, simply claim your money back within 30 days.

    30-day money-back guarantee

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    Why You Need A VPN For Twitter

    Twitter is a great way to stay on top of world events and keep others informed about your life, but it isnât exactly the safest protocol. Most of us can do more to protect ourselves when accessing Twitter. Hereâs a few things you can do to make sure your Twitter is locked down:

    • Turn off your location to keep others from tracking your daily whereabouts.
    • Turn off photo tracking so others canât find âunfortunateâ photos or spam you.
    • Disable the ability for users to find your account using your email or phone number.
    • Enable the âProtect My Tweetsâ feature to prevent them from being seen publicly.
    • Enable two-step verification for your login information.

    Even after locking down your Twitter, you still need to use a VPN with Twitter. When using the best VPN for Twitter, youâll enjoy numerous benefits in addition to enjoying unrestricted access to Twitter. Here are a few of those benefits:

    • Maximum data security thanks to military grade encryption.
    • Use Wi-Fi safely on all public Wi-Fi networks.
    • Protect all devices with multi-device connectivity.
    • Faster data streaming when using optimized servers.

    The 2021 Netflix Crackdown

    How To Use Opera VPN To Access Twitter Nigeria Without ...

    However, in August 2021, it seemed that Netflix had finally gained the upper hand: in one fell swoop, servers all over the world stopped working in what we at How-To Geek dubbed the VPN crackdown.

    One of the ways VPNs had eluded Netflix was by using residential IP addresses. These are IPs that arent linked to rented server space like VPNs usually use, but instead ones that are linked to residential addresses. Netflix had gotten wise to this and blocked those, too, causing some annoyance with people who were not using a VPN and were still blocked.

    On the other hand, Netflix now lets you stream Netflix Originals if it detects youre using a VPN. Youre not blocked from streamingyou can just only stream shows that Netflix has a worldwide license for

    It was a fairly elegant solution overall and it worked to block VPNs for about a week. Some VPNs quickly caught up with Netflixs tactics, and it seems that once again ExpressVPN and NordVPN, to name but two, offer servers that can connect to Netflix libraries in other countries.

    It looks like the game of cat and mouse is continuing.

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