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How To Use VPN To Get Cheaper Flights

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Lets Look At An Example


Using our Hotspot Shield VPN application, we looked at flights on Kayak from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Manchester, England.

Firstly, we found the price of a Virgin Atlantic flight from IND to MAN on Kayak during Spring Break. Our server location was set to the United States, and the cost of the ticket was $2,607.

Next, we switched our server location within the Hotspot Shield app to United Kingdom. We then opened up a new browser, cleared the historyincluding cookies and cacheand typed Kayak into the search engine. This time, rather than showing up, we were routed to the U.K. version because thats where our VPN was telling the site we were located.

We then searched for the exact same flight on the exact same date and were given a total price of £1,751.

When we take that figure and convert it to U.S. dollars using todays exchange rate of 1.40, the price when booking through the U.K Kayak site was $2,442.87 a total savings of $164.13.

Now thats a lot of peanuts!

Booking the flight through the U.K site, or any other site around the world, is no different than booking through your local site. Your email confirmation is the same, your flight details are the sameyou just saved a boatload of cash.

Imagine that dream trip to Sydney youve been saving for, or your Spring Break vacation in Florida. This trick could literally save you hundreds of dollars, making your trip a realityor at the very least, pay for a few meals once youre there.

What Is The Trick To Getting Cheap Airline Tickets

  • Make sure your cookies are clear. Shutterstock
  • Alerts are sent to customers when prices drop.
  • Airlines should keep their social media pages active.
  • You can reach the airline directly through their website
  • Sales on flights cause refunds for those who book.
  • Make sure you are using the 24-hour rule
  • Booking online is best for your convenience.
  • Consider purchasing separate tickets for large groups of people.
  • You Can Find The Best Cheap Flights

    Insanely cheap flights are hard to come across. But a good cheap flight deal is well within your grasp. Figuring out what you consider a great cheap flight deal is important. Are you talking 10% off a $100 fare? Or are you hoping to find 70% off a $500 fare?

    Tempering your expectations means you won’t get frustrated that you’re not finding a bonkers flight discount, but happy to grab a cheap fare when it pops up.

    What do you conclude from this? Check all your options, at all times, and always double-check across the cheap flight ticket comparison sites. Otherwise, you should check out .

    And if you’re checking out flights for a vacation with friends, take a look at some additional tips for having a wonderful trip.

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    Save Money On Flights Now

    As travel sites continue finding more ways to collect your data, you can easily work around this by anonymously shopping for fights. I found that a VPN is the easiest way to get the cheapest fares from around the world, while never revealing your true location.

    Of all the VPNs I tested, my favorite for finding cheap flights is ExpressVPN. It has 3,000 servers in 90 countries, so I could compare prices from around the world. Its also super secure, so travel sites and airlines have no way to track your information. You can try ExpressVPN and all of its money-saving features risk-free, using its 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Is A VPN Worth It For Flight Savings

    Get cheaper flights online with a VPN!

    You will have to balance out the cost of a VPN and the number of flights and savings you are set to make in a year to see if you make a saving. But even if that’s minimal you still have a VPN for a more secure connection to protect your identity and data. If you are flying abroad and connecting to potentially threatening open Wi-Fi at hotels, airports and cafes, this can keep you secure too.

    A VPN is also a great way to appear to be back home so you can still access your TV shows that would otherwise be geo restricted to the location it comes from.

    Read more:

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    Example #: Encountering Time Of Use Changes

    In some cases, different consumer groups vary depending on what time they access the website. In this case, those prices fluctuate based on when you access the website.

    This process is known asdynamic pricing. Companies like Target and Amazon are guilty of this practice. The worst part is that these prices stick the next time you come back, so you dont figure out some shady stuff is going on.

    While age discounts are understandable, making higher prices solely based on time is discriminatory to night shift vs. day shift workers.

    Can using a VPN service help save money?



    Using VPN services allows you to hide your identity from the seller for the best rates.

    Start by clearing your cache and testing out the website at different access times. Find out what time works for you, and order the product at the best available time.

    Once you find the best pricing times, create an account on that website, so it puts you in that time slot. That way, you can lock in the best-timed pricing.

    Change Your Local Flight Deals With A VPN

    Airlines and travel companies personalize the deals and prices on their websites according to what country youre connecting from. This usually means that booking flights from higher income countries like the US or Australia will cost more than from Ukraine or India. Luckily, you dont have to travel anywhere to get cheaper flights instead you can change your virtual location by using a VPN.

    A VPN takes your internet traffic on a journey through a connecting town by rerouting all of your online data through a server in a different city or country. Using a connecting server hides the final destination of the traffic and tricks travel sites into thinking youre in a completely different location. Thats because each server connection provides your device with a brand new IP address and complete traffic encryption that no one can break through. You can take advantage of lower fares just by switching to a different country server.

    These server connections are extremely easy to set up. All you need to do is choose and download a reliable VPN client onto your device. Once youre logged in, simply select a country that youd like to connect to and begin searching for your next holiday!

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    Is It Illegal To Use A VPN For Finding Cheap Flights

    Nope, its perfectly legal! Airlines and booking sites boost their profits by basing the price you see for a ticket on your location and its economic situation. When you use a VPN, youre essentially opting for a more secure, anonymous browsing ability, which offers benefits when you shop for flights.

    Although it is legal for you to browse travel sites with a VPN, the security features of it are just as essential they are what allow you to get the best deals. My list of recommended VPNs all offer military-grade encryption and DNS/IP leak protection to keep your location and personal information anonymous as you shop for flights.

    How To Get Cheap Flights With VPN

    My Last VIRGIN AUSTRALIA Flight For a While 🙁

    If you want to use a VPN for cheaper flights, such as RusVPN, the most cheap VPN existing, then it is simple.

    Use a VPN for cheaper flights by connecting to another country where the flights are cheaper, for example a country with a flight booking center, such as United Kingdom, Greece, or Australia.

    While using a VPN to book flights, the companies will not show higher price due to previous searches, and you will be able to find cheaper flights using VPN.

    What are the best VPN locations for cheap flights? The best VPN locations for cheap flights are United Kingdom, Greece, and Australia, because these countries have big flights reservation center and less intermediaries.

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    Final Thoughts Tips On How To Avoid Price Discrimination

    Airlines, retailers, and pharmaceutical companies all use price discrimination to maximize their profits. When it comes to recognizing this pricing strategy, here are some tips to keep in mind when using a VPN server:

    • Run tests on all hotel, airline, and travel sites with changing dates.
    • Compare prices that you get with your neighbors and friends.
    • Create test accounts on websites to see if their prices vary based on personal data.
    • Check online news reports on price gouging.
    • Always access websites using your VPN so you can avoid tracking.
    • Regularly clear browsing history and cookies.
    • Double-check the terms of service.

    Companies will look to gain some market advantage against you. To ensure you are getting the same opportunity to save money as your friend, always be sure to give as little as you can to websites.

    Surfshark can keep your internet connection secure from these companies that would use it against you. Consider us to ensure you dont pay higher prices when you dont need to.

    How To Get Better Prices Online With A VPN

    Over the past decade, the internet has dramatically transformed the way business is conducted. Gone are the days when you had to call up a few hotels to find one that suits your budget, or purchase stacks of DVDs to fulfill your craving for thrills and horror movies. Netflix is synonymous with home entertainment, and it has grown beyond the US. As for booking a hotel, you now browse the various price comparison sites before choosing the cheapest option.

    What most internet users dont realize is that the prices displayed may vary depending on the location of where they are accessing the websites. This means that you may be paying a few hundreds of dollars more when you book a hotel in the US compared to booking from India, or vice versa.

    The same applies when youre purchasing flight tickets online. The price quoted on websites may vary depending on various factors. A person in a different country could be getting the same ticket for a lower price for reasons only known to the retailer. It may seem unfair, but thats how global e-commerce works.

    Likewise, the same is true for digital services like Netflix and Spotify. The prices of digital subscriptions may vary depending on where you are located in the world. This means that you can get better prices by routing your connection to a server where the same service is more affordable.

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    How To Use A VPN To Find Cheap Flights

    If youre new to using a VPN, you might be wondering how to use one to find cheap flights. The process is very straightforward.

  • Select the VPN provider of your choice, for example CyberGhost. Below, we offer our thoughts on why we think this is the best VPN for this purpose.
  • Install the VPN software on your device.
  • Open the VPN software and connect to the desired country. This could be your destination country, the airlines home country, or a low-income country like, for example. India.
  • Once youre connected, clear your cookies or use incognito mode.
  • Open a browser and start searching for your cheap flights!
  • You might have to change between server locations in order to find the cheapest prices for your particular flight, but thats it! It really is that easy to start saving money on airfare.

    Change Your Ip To Avoid Price Surge

    Get cheaper flights online with a VPN! TechTalk #2

    As weve already mentioned, websites often increase prices based on your online behavior.

    For instance, when you search for the same flight several times without changing your IP address, you may notice that the ticket costs are gradually growing.

    To prevent this from happening, you can connect to any SwitchVPN server you like even if this server is in your home country.

    Then, all you need to do is just go back to the website you browsed to see that the prices returned to normal.

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    How To Get Cheaper Plane Tickets: 12 Easy Tips And Tricks

    10 MIN READ | Last updated: May 03, 2022 | By Charles Street

    Need to know how to get cheap flights for your next big trip? Its not rocket science. If you use these techniques and tools at the right time, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars.

    Here are the 12 best tricks every globe-trotter should know.

    Round Trip Airline Tickets Cheaper Than One Way

    Yes, that is generally the case, round trip airline tickets are usually cheaper than getting two one way tickets of the same route.

    There is actually no workaround that fact, and this depends on airlines.

    Some of them are more used to people traveling for holiday, and get their flights full by ensuring that way that the passenger will come back, while some other airlines are simply selling flight segments and are more interested in getting individual flights full.

    This strategy is different per airline, and it is not possible to go around it.

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    Change Your Ip Address To One Located In The Airlines Country

    Changing your IP to the country the airline originates from can also help you get lower prices.

    For instance, if you notice a cheap flight on American Airlines, change your VPN server to the United States. If you see a cheap flight through Turkish Airlines, change your service to Turkey and see if the price changes at all.

    Use A VPN To Access Worldwide Fare Deals

    SEC Chairman Resignation Over Ripple / XRP / Ethereum / Campaign

    VPNs allow you to browse flights from different countries by changing your virtual location. It gives you access to a private network of servers, available through an app. When you connect to one of the VPNs servers, your IP address is switched out for one in the new location. This tricks booking sites into thinking youre browsing from somewhere else so you wont get inflated fares just because of your location.

    Travel sites also use your device data to track you and calculate the price you see on flights. This too can be prevented with a VPN when you visit a site, it encrypts the information put out by your devices, such as your IP address and location. It keeps you completely anonymous while you browse, so booking sites cant use your data to increase ticket prices.

    Youll often find better flight deals in lower-income countries like Mexico and India than you will in higher-income countries, such as the US or Norway. With a VPN, you can quickly compare rates from around the world by simply changing your virtual location.

    and can help you save money on flights within minutes. Many VPNs require a subscription however, youre not required to sign up for a long-term contract. My top recommendation, ExpressVPN, lets you choose between monthly, 6 months, and yearly subscriptions. It even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try ExpressVPN out for yourself completely risk-free. If you’re not satisfied, you can always get a full refund.

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    Why Are The Flights Much Cheaper In Some Countries

    Several factors that regulate the ticket prices, including:The overall wealth of a country The popularity of a flight in your region If there are Holidays or important dates The Political changes or current events If youre located in the same area as your chosen airline, some airlines offer lower prices in their home countries.

    When Do Flights Get Cheaper

    There is no rule on when do flights get cheaper, but as a rule of thumb, this generally happens between 6 and 2 weeks before departure, or very last minute.

    Booking flights months in advance will rarely get you the best deals, and have a higher chance of actually making you lose money, as your plans might change meanwhile.

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    How To Find Cheap Airline Tickets Using A VPN

    Long-awaited vacation . it is so desirable and necessary. Knowing how to get cheap flights with VPN can alleviate some pressure.

    Some people who wish to go to distant countries plan their vacation thoroughly. They start planning sometimes a year before the trip specifically researching when to buy cheap airline tickets and when to book accommodation. Others spontaneously throw dresses into the suitcase the last minute before their flight.

    In both cases, people are interested in the advice of regular travelers on how to get cheaper flights with VPN.

    Tip: before flying and get paid every time your flight gets delayed by more than an hour something that is happening quite often in Covid-times.

    Travel Dudes recommends ExpressVPN for Booking Cheap Flights with a VPN. !

    Is It Legal To Use A VPN To Get Lower Fares

    How to get cheaper flights by using a VPN

    It’s legal to use a VPN to get lower fares. A VPN protects your privacy, and it is a legitimate and essential tool for online safety. It’s perfectly fine if you buy tickets while using it. We could even say that it is unfair for airline companies to customize their pricing policies according to geolocation rather than you using your right to online privacy.

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    Plan Your Own Layover

    Making multiple-day layovers can sometimes save you hundreds on roundtrip flights. This is a great money-saver if youre flexible with time and are interested in combining multiple destinations into one vacation.

    Keep in mind this method saves money on flights only youll likely accrue additional costs for accommodation, food, and other travel expenses.

    Airwander is a travel site that lets you plan your stopovers as a way to save money and enjoy seeing a new location while doing so. You just enter where youre traveling to and the site presents you with money-saving layover destinations.

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