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How To Use Webroot VPN

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Add Exception In Windows Firewall

Take Back Your Privacy with Webroot WiFi Security VPN
  • Go to Start, type Allow a program through Windows firewall and then hit the Enter key.
  • Click on the Change Settings option.
  • Now, Click on Allow another program.
  • Select the VPN software you want to add or click Browse to find the VPN software, and then click OK.
  • Check if you can connect to your VPN.
  • However, if you still experience the VPN blocked by Webroot problem, you proceed to the solution.

    Unblocking Netflix And Other Streaming Platforms

    One of the most common uses for a VPN is unblocking geo-restriction policies. Netflix and BBC iPlayer are two popular streaming services, and we found that we were able to access them with Webroot VPN.

    However, some users reported that Netflix was able to identify that a VPN was being used. So, this will certainly be quite frustrating in that you will need to try different servers or perhaps not even have the option to use a VPN at all.

    Exclude VPN In Webroot

  • Launch the Webroot antivirus program.
  • Now, go to Virus & Threat protection settings.
  • Select Exclusions.
  • Select Add or remove exclusions.
  • Select Add an exclusion and add your VPN client software.
  • You need to exclude your VPN software from Webroot protection settings. This automatically resolves the VPN blocked by Webroot issue.

    Normally, this should resolve the VPN blocked by Webroot problem however, some VPN software use the port 1723 for TCP, and ports 4500 UDP and 500.

    Therefore, you need to add your VPN in Windows Firewall Advanced settings. See how you can do that in the next solution.

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    How Fast Is Webroot Wifi Security

    Despite the small server network, we found Webroot WiFi Security to be surprisingly fast. To test the VPN, we first did a base test while not connected to any VPN. We then carried out several tests using nearby servers and distant servers .

    On average, we recorded a speed loss of just 10% to 20% when using nearby servers. Distant servers averaged 15% to 30%. Overall, this is quite impressive.

    Note: All tests were carried out using the OpenVPN protocol.

    How Much Does Webroot Wi

    Webroot WiFi Security VPN Software Review

    Most VPN services offer subscriptions plans of varying lengths with increasing levels of savings for longer subscriptions. Not so for Webroot Wi-Fi Security. Instead of offering a monthly and annual plan Webroot offers two one-year plans. The $39.99 plan allows up to three devices to be connected simultaneously, and the $59.99 plan raises the device cap to five.

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    Servers And Server Locations

    Webroot provides servers in some 35 countries, which is on the low side. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, has servers in 94 countries. The industry average is 51. While those are relatively small numbers, Webroot has an impressive distribution of servers. It covers Europe and North America extensively but also provides servers in South America and one in Africaâtwo continents often completely ignored by competitors. There’s room for improvement but it’s a strong start.

    That distribution means that you’ll probably find a nearby server no matter where you go but you’ll be limitedâand have fewer options for spoofing your location. Webroot deserves credit for offering servers in Russia, a region with repressive internet policies. Webroot also has servers in Hong Kong.

    Webroot currently offers around 700 servers for customers. More servers does not guarantee better service, but a large collection of servers does mean that you have more chances to find a server that works for you. CyberGhost leads on this pointâwith nearly 6,000 total serversâand NordVPN is close behind.

    Some companies offer specialized server options. NordVPN and ProtonVPN, for instance, let you connect to the Tor anonymization network via VPN or use multihop connections to bounce your traffic between multiple VPN servers. Webroot notably provides servers specifically for UK video streaming, which is sure to be handy for some.

    Amazon Prime Video: Partially Unblocked

    During my tests, I found Webroot easily unblocked Amazon Prime Video. I was able to log in and watch the pilot episode of Jack Ryan while connected to the USA East server. The server connected immediately and allowed me to stream in HD, which is important when it comes to watching an action-packed show like Jack Ryan.

    However, I also tested 15 servers in other countries like the UK, Austria, Brazil, Japan, Israel, Argentina, and Australia. I was disappointed to find that none of these countries worked. Even though I was able to log in, each of them gave me Amazons proxy IP error when I attempted to select a show to watch. If youre only looking to watch content from the US then this wont be a problem for you.

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    Features Of Webroot Wifi Security VPN

    Webroot has a one-tap connection feature. Users only have to open this app click on the connect button. They are just one tap away from making their connection entirely secure. It has a kill switch that stops certain applications and websites from accessing the internet when the Webroot WiFi Security VPN is connected. It has 4 VPN protocols including OpenVPN as a new option.

    Making your online activity secure is not the only thing this VPN can do. It can be used to unblock any blocked sites and apps. If your government or your institute has put any sort of restrictions on your internet connection, you can live them all off with this app. Especially in the countries where theres no freedom of the internet, you can utilize the Webroot app and enjoy the internet as if there are no limits. It works well in countries like China, Iran, Russia, Egypt, UAE, and KSA.

    Also, there are countries where you cannot make WhatsApp calls e.g. UAE, KSA, Qatar, and Bahrain. Use the Webroot app in such countries to make WhatsApp Video & Voice Calls. Furthermore, you can use the same app to use Telegram or True Caller if it doesnt work with your internet connection.

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    What About Free VPNs

    Security & Privacy: Webroot WiFi Security VPN

    Worthwhile free VPNs are rare, but they do exist. Many VPN services offer a free trial, but it’s usually for a limited time. Others, like TunnelBear and Hotspot Shield, have totally free versions but reserve some features for paid users. ProtonVPN is our top choice for free VPNs, because it places no data limitation on free users.

    Unfortunately, most VPNs are a far cry from free, but you don’t need to break the bank to get protected. After trying out a service for a month or two, you can save more by purchasing longer-term contracts. Our list of cheap VPNs is a great place to start if money is tight.

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    Watching Netflix With Webroot VPN

    The case was the same for Netflix. The performance was good, and the absence of interruptions provided a great user experience. However, when the internet speeds dropped, the videos changed to 720p but often moved back to 1080p when the connection stabilized.

    Overall, Webroot VPN did amazingly well in getting around Netflix and Amazon Primes geoblocking. However, given its security and privacy issues, we urge you to examine other options for an even better experience. You can check out our best Netflix VPN roundup or read our list of the best VPNs for BBC iPlayer to find a suitable app.

    Exclude VPN From Settings

    In the protection settings of Webroot, you can exclude the VPN application. This will prevent the application from blocking the VPN access too bad we could not block the movies The Force Awakens, Jurassic World, and Captain America I from ever coming out but this is another topic.

    To do this, you first have to launch Webroot antivirus software, select Virus & Threat protection settings and then select Exclusions and add the VPN application in the exclusions. This should be enough to solve the issue, but if it isnt, you may try adding the VPN in the Windows Firewall Advanced settings.

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    Getting Started With Webroot Wifi Security

    The Webroot WiFi Security website is a part of the larger Webroot company, and so using it and getting information about the VPN isnt very smooth. Once you on the main website, you need to go to the main menu and look for the VPN page under the products category.

    From there, you can then choose a plan, and you will be directed to the subscription page. Unlike most VPNs, you will be required to provide billing information besides your email address and payment method. After that, creating an account will only take a minute.

    Apart from that, the Webroot VPN download files are quite small and easy to install.

    Hbo Now: Successfully Unblocked

    What is the difference between Webroot Wi

    I could easily unblock HBO Now using either of Webroots US servers. I watched the Game of Thrones finale in ultra HD without buffering. I tested each server at different times of day. During peak hours, I could only stream in normal HD quality or else the stream would occasionally have to stop briefly to buffer. Other than inconsistent streaming quality, I had no problems watching HBO Now with Webroot.

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    Disney Plus: Partially Unblocked

    Only 1 of Webroots US servers works with Disney Plus. When I connected to the USA East server it worked perfectly, streaming in HD quality with no lag. I even tried streaming The Mandalorian in ultra HD 4K, and although the stream took a few seconds to start, once it got started it played all the way through with no additional buffering! This was early in the day, however in the evening, when the server was more crowded, I could only stream in standard definition.

    Your Privacy With Webroot

    When you switch on a VPN, you’re protecting yourself from bad guys and your ISP, but you are also potentially vulnerable to the VPN company itself. That’s why it’s important to try and get a sense of what efforts each company makes toward protecting your privacy.

    For its part, Webroot has an extremely lengthy and detailed privacy policy. It is not particularly easy to readâunlike Editors’ Choice winner TunnelBear’s policy, which is positively breezyâbut it’s not impenetrable legalese. Webroot’s policy says that the company does not log what you browse or download while connected to the VPN, nor does it log IP address or DNS data. Some anonymized DNS information is sent to Webroot for troubleshooting if the app crashes, which is not unusual. The policy also says that the company will not sell your data or personal information.

    A Webroot representative confirmed all this information with me and elaborated further. The company does log the start and end time of a VPN session and the amount of data transferred. The company also logs which region you connected withâbut not the IP address you were assignedâand the number of simultaneous connections. This information is deleted on a rolling 90-day basis. Again, none of this is unusual, but Webroot should strive to hold less information and delete it more quickly.

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    Getting Started With A VPN

    Once you’ve settled on a service, the first thing to do is to download the company’s app. There’s usually a Downloads page for this on the VPN service’s website. Go ahead and download the apps for your mobile devices as well: You’ll want to protect as many of your devices as you can. If the VPN service you’re considering doesn’t offer an app for the devices you use, consider finding a different service.

    We have found that when releasing VPNs for Mac, companies occasionally have different versions available in the Mac App Store and on the company website. This appears to be for compliance with restrictions imposed by Apple. Figuring out which will work for you can be tricky, so be sure to read the company’s documentation carefully.

    Once you’ve installed the apps, you’re usually prompted to enter your login information. In most cases, this is the username and password you created when you signed up for the service. Some companies, such as IVPN, Mullvad, and ExpressVPN have unusual login systems that provide customers with more privacy but can be confusing at first. Be sure to read the instructions carefully.

    Once you’re logged in, your VPN app usually connects to the VPN server closest to your current location. That’s done to provide better speeds when using the VPN, as performance degrades the farther the VPN server is from your actual location. That’s it: Your information is now being securely tunneled to the VPN server.

    It’s Easy To Get Started

    Whats a VPN? | Webroot

    1. Download the Webroot® WiFi Security VPN app on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.2. Open the app.3. If you have already created a WiFi Security account, enter your login credentials. Otherwise, choose Start My 7-day Trial.

    4. Follow any prompts that guide you through the login or setup process.5. Select the desired number of devices and choose the payment option that works best for you.Note: you can install the WiFi Security app on as many devices as you want. The number youre choosing here is how many devices will be able to connect via the WiFi Security VPN at the same time.6. When youre done, click or tap Confirm Plan, and follow the prompts to ensure the app is fully installed.

    Create a WiFi Security Account

    1. If you have not done so already, please create your Webroot WiFi Security account. Open the app on one of your devices.2. Enter the email address and password you want to use to access your account on all of your devices.3. Check your email and look for a verification message from us.4. Click the link in the email to verify your account.5. Reopen the WiFi Security app and confirm.

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    How Easy Is The Interface To Use

    The antivirus interface is something that you will use regularly, so its important that its easy to navigate.

    When opening Nortons dashboard, you will see that its all in its signature colors of green and yellow. You are clearly shown your current protection status and a breakdown of how many licenses are used. The bottom panel shows your security, backup, and performance status. It uses clear icons and a protected label making it easy to understand. You can also access a web portal to manage the protection of all your devices.

    Webroots interface is easy to use with a simple navigation structure. Although quite dated in design, it does everything effectively. The right-hand panel allows you to access your identity protection, backups, and passwords with ease. You can even keep up to date with the latest news by clicking on the bottom panel which takes you to the Webroot Community.

    Does Webroot Wifi Security Log Your Data

    Short answer: some.

    Its always good to see a VPN provider being transparent when it comes to their privacy policy. Thankfully, Webroot WiFi Security VPN falls under that category in that they clearly state that they do not collect or log any browsing activity, IP addresses, DNS queries, or any shared or viewed data.

    However, what you need to be aware of is that certain session logs occur with Webroot WiFi Security VPN. This includes the date and time of when your sessions begin and end, which VPN location you have used, how many devices you are using, in addition to the amount of data which has been transferred.

    This type of logging might be somewhat concerning to privacy perfectionists. But, for the average user who is looking to protect themselves when using open networks and bypass geo-restrictions should be absolutely fine.

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    Webroot Wifi Security VPN Overview November 2021

    Webroot WiFi Security is a relatively new VPN, so I wanted to find out if it could compete against the more well-known providers on the market. Considering it costs just as much as a premium VPN, I had some questions that needed answers, like:

    • Is Webroot really unable to unblock any of the major streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu
    • Are its servers fast enough to handle video chat and other high-bandwidth activities?
    • Will Webroot keep me anonymous while browsing the web or expose identifying information like my IP address?
    • Does it offer features to keep me safe from malicious trackers, hackers, and malware?

    To find out, I connected to servers in all 32 of Webroots locations from my office in Canada. I tested every major streaming service and ran security tests to see if Webroot could keep my personal data safe. Overall, I was impressed with its server network and streaming abilities but Webroot failed to perform in most other categories.

    After testing every aspect of Webroot, I can confidently say that CyberGhost gives far better value for money. You get more features, can unblock more streaming websites, and you can protect an unlimited number of devices for a lower monthly price compared to Webroot. Plus, you can try CyberGhost for free for 45 days!

    Webroot Wifi Security VPN Return Policy

    Webroot Wifi Security VPN Crack (Free Download)

    Another quibble we have is that there is no Webroot VPN free trial for the desktop app, but there is a seven-day trial on mobile.

    Thankfully, Webroot WiFi Security has a 70-day money-back guarantee policy, outshining even excellent services such as CyberGhost, which offers a 45-day money-back guarantee .

    Overall, this return policy is quite generous, and it gives you more than enough time to decide whether or not to stick with the application. All the other misses aside, this definitely gives Webroot VPN a slight leg up on the competition.

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    Reinstall The VPN Client Software

  • Type Control Panel in Windows search and press Enter.
  • Select Programs & Features.
  • Find your VPN from the list of programs and select Uninstall.
  • In the Setup Wizard, click youll get a notification after a successful uninstall, so click Close to exit the wizard.
  • If the VPN is still listed as available after uninstalling it, press Windows key + R to start the Run app.
  • Type ncpa.cpl and press Enter to open the Network Connections window.
  • Under Network Connections, right-click on the WAN Miniport labeled with your VPN.
  • Select Delete
  • Go to Start, type Network Connections, and press Enter. Right-click a VPN connection and use the Delete option.
  • Select VPN. If you see your VPN as available, delete it.
  • Some Windows users reported that they were able to resolve the VPN blocked by Webroot issue simply by reinstalling their VPN client software.

    After completing the uninstall operation, proceed to install the VPN client software afresh using the executable file provided for you by the VPN service provider.

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