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Is Avg Secure VPN Good

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Fix AVG Secure VPN for Windows not working (2020 Tips)
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  • On-call support
  • You can access live chat by clicking on the Sales Support on the contact us page. For community access, use this link. You must be a registered AVG member to access community support. It typically takes 1-2 hours to get a response to your query posted in the community. The knowledge base contains articles that answer the most common questions and problems. On-call support is available 24/7 and comes with dedicated helplines for the US, UK, and Australia. However, only paid customers are facilitated on the phone.

    Avg Secure VPN Review

    Do you ever feel that somebody is watching your every move online? You checked out the newest air-fryer on Amazon a couple of minutes ago, then Facebook suddenly advertises an air fryer brand as you scroll your newsfeed. Coincidence? Nope.;

    This keeps on happening because you probably have no idea that this is a thing, and you are unaware that you can control what businesses and marketing agencies can with all your activities online.;

    Using a Virtual Private Network is one common way of keeping third-party companies from snooping on what youre doing online. Secure VPN hides your physical location, especially when youre using public Wi-Fi networks, so your personal data is safe from potential hackers and your online footsteps wont be used against you .;

    Many companies offer Secure VPN either as a standalone, or as part of a suite of antivirus, malware protection and cyber security tools. AVG is one such company.;

    Dont Have Time Heres A 1

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    Top 3 Alternatives To Avg Secure VPN

    I understand if the disadvantages of AVG Secure VPN worry you. In this regard, Im glad to offer other VPN services that are truly robust and reliable. Among them are:

    • NordVPN: In comparison to AVG Secure NordVPN owns more than 5200 servers all around the world. It boasts 24/7 friendly customer support, strict no-logging policy, and up-to-date protocols. With the help of NordVPN, you can easily unblock streaming services and enjoy safe browsing.
    • ExpressVPN: Being located in the British Virgin Islands, the VPN provides customers with a super strict no-logging policy, strong encryption method, and wide server network. Read my ExpressVPN review in order to know how to get this VPN for free.
    • CyberGhost VPN: Another trustworthy provider with a user-friendly app on various platforms. Internet connection speeds are faster than with AVG Secure. It is possible to use CyberGhost VPN for free as well.

    Avg Secure VPN Unblocks Netflix And Hbo Max But Cant Access Hulu Bbc Iplayer Disney+ And Amazon Prime Video

    Download AVG Secure VPN for Windows 10/8/7 (Latest version ...

    I was disappointed to find out that AVG SecureVPN could only unblock a handful of streaming platforms. I tested all the US servers, including the servers optimized for streaming in Miami, New York, Seattle, Frankfurt and fictional cities like Gotham city, US, and Wonderland, UK. However, I could only unblock Netflix and HBO Max.

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    Limited Torrenting And P2p Locations

    Currently, AVG Secure VPN allows P2P connections for eight locations:

    • Prague

    The image above claims that Brazil allows P2P but their Windows app says otherwise.

    The rest of the available server locations do not have this feature.

    Limited choice for this feature holds it back in terms of flexibility and choice.

    All servers do provide unlimited bandwidth for those looking to torrent. So, theres that. Just remember the speed youre getting is still dreadfully slow.

    Testing Avg With Netflix

    Following my usual custom of first reaching out to the customer support and inquire what they have to say about their VPN and its ability with Netflix, I reached out to AVGs live chat support.

    Unfortunately, the chat was unavailable. I checked multiple times within a space of 4 hours and I got the same message i.e chat unavailable.

    So, in this case, I dont know what AVGs official stance is about Netflix. But I put the VPN to the test to see first-hand if it is any good for Netflix at all.

    Unfortunately, it failed. After connected to its special streaming servers from the US, I visited Netflix to find some US exclusive titles. I tried multiple times but none of the movies/shows that I know to be exclusive to the US could be found:

    No Results found for the movie The Shaft, a US exclusive title on Netflix

    I tried the same with other streaming servers of AVG Secure, but all my attempts ended in failure.

    While my testing brought negative results, I encourage everyone to do their own testing. This is easy to do because AVG VPN offers a free trial that doesnt require any credit card or other information whatsoever.

    Simply download the VPN and test it for yourself. And while youre at it, Id really appreciate it if you could report back on your experience and findings in the comments below.

    As a last resort, you can either cancel AVG VPN and request a refund or check out our list of VPNs for Netflix.

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    Does A Gaming VPN Lower Ping

    Since all VPNs route your internet traffic through a remote proxy server, a VPN is unlikely to lower ping times or reduce lag times. So why do some VPN providers suggest that gaming with a VPN will help lower ping?

    Multiplayer gaming has been around for more than two decades and continues to reach new heights with battle royale games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds , or team-based shooters such as Overwatch.

    A screenshot from the game PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

    As an online gamer, theres one thing that counts: a stable connection with low latency. Some VPN companies claim that by connecting to a server close to your gaming server, their gaming VPN can lower ping times when playing the likes of Dota 2, or Counter-Strike.

    Security Is Avg Secure VPN Safe

    AVG Secure VPN 2018 Review and Tutorial

    As you probably know, AVG VPN uses high-level security with advanced tunneling protocols like L2TP/IPsec and IKEv2 for iOS clients and OpenVPN for Windows and Android devices. These technologies are used in keeping users safe from attacks and prying eyes.;

    For data encryption, AVG VPN uses the AES 256-bit system to keep DNS and real IP address leaks. Encryption turns your online data into codes, so even if someone manages to breach your connection and sees what youre doing, the customer data is still encrypted. AES 256-bit encryption is used by the military and governments from around the world.;

    AVG VPN has another sought-after feature: it has an automatic VPN kill switch. Youll need this to protect your originating IP address from being disclosed when you are suddenly disconnected or VPN fails.;

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    Avg Secure VPN Speed Test

    No matter what you need the VPN for, decent speeds are crucial. Having a stable and fast VPN connection allows using a VPN for torrenting, watching high-quality videos, and enjoy safe gaming. The server network of AVG VPN is not so wide, thats why I didnt expect to see impressive speed test results. I was right. Here are my speeds before turning AVG Secure VPN on:

    In the table below you may see my results with AVG servers in different parts of the world:

    9.25 Mbps 87.5%

    I was not satisfied with the speeds. The fastest results were also not favorable – 23.88 Mbps is not the speed I want my VPN runs with.

    However, it was possible to stream Netflix with the VPN even with 9.25 Mbps download speed. By the way, what about AVG VPN with this streaming service?

    No Support For Firestick Linux Or Routers

    While the VPN does support the four most popular operating systems, it does not support Linux or routers. This can really be limiting depending on the devices and operating systems you want to use with the VPN. Check out our roundup guide on the best VPN for Linux to see alternatives.

    Another drawback is that AVG VPN does not offer any support for the wildly-popular Firestick streaming device, or Amazon Fire TV. If you fall in this category, see these best VPNs for Firestick that offer dedicated apps in the Amazon App Store.

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    Streaming: Can I Unblock Netflix Us And Other Vods

    Luckily, AVG VPN does work with Netflix. To check if AVG Secure VPN works smoothly for streaming sites, I connected to a US server and then head straight to for checking their complete database of titles.

    After all, one of the main reasons to invest in a VPN solution is to circumvent geo-restrictions and content limitations, imposed by streaming websites around the world.

    Previously, where I was unable to watch Parks and Recreation on the platform, connecting to the US server in AVG Secure, unblocked the TV show. As you can see below, the TV show is streaming quite smoothly and in HD quality.

    However, this only worked for unblocking US Netflix and not other platforms like BBC iPlayer and Voot, Hulu, Hotstar, etc. It is also important to mention that the performance for Netflix was inconsistent.

    Does Avg VPN Contain Malware

    AVG VPN Review 2020  Disclaimer, don

    Some VPNs may carry malware, which can put your online security at risk. Its recommended to check a VPN app for viruses and other malicious software before installing it on your device. We did the same for AVG Secure VPN Windows app.

    We scanned AVGs installation file on VirusTotal is an online tool that inspects your files with over 70 antivirus scanners. The scan found no harmful scripts.

    AVG VPN does not carry malware

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    Streaming Does Avg VPN Work With Netflix & Other Vod Services

    No, AVG does not with Netflix. When testing the VPN, I connected to all US streaming servers one by one and checked to see if I could access the US Netflix library. Unfortunately, it failed every time as discussed in our guide on using AVG with Netflix.

    As for other streaming services, AVG VPNs performance was quite good. I was able to unblock BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime with not a lot of issues. Overall, AVG VPN is pretty decent for streaming.

    Check the Best Alternative

    Avg Secure VPN Features And Usability

    Below the listed location, a small Change location link brings up a list of endpoints, which can be sorted alphabetically or by continent. It doesnt have quite as many endpoint locations as Avast SecureLine, despite using the same VPN server infrastructure, with just 20 countries to choose from, to Avasts 34.

    The client provides a few extra settings, including the option to automatically have the VPN connect when you join an unsecured Wi-Fi network, start AVG Secure VPN on boot, automatically connect when the app starts and show notification area pop-ups when the VPN is enabled or disabled.

    Notably, theres no kill switch to automatically suspend internet traffic if the VPN does down unexpectedly, which is a major issue for users who need solid privacy.

    It uses OpenVPN, but clients are only available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, with no alternative configuration instructions for other operating systems or hardware such as routers.

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    Unblocking Netflix And Other Streaming Platforms

    In the streaming department, AVG Secure VPN seems to do well.

    It managed to unblock Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO GO, and YouTube.

    It didnt work on the BBC iPlayer, but perhaps it has something to do with AVG Secure being a US-centric VPN.

    Other than this, the AVG Secure VPN impressed with its seamless connection. So, if you use a VPN exclusively for binging TV shows on the US streaming platforms, AVG Secure VPN might be a good contender.

    Avg VPN Protocols And Encryption Information

    AVG Secure VPN 2019 Review and Tutorial

    AVG VPN supports only two protocols: OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec. To secure the incoming/outgoing traffic, it uses military-grade, AES-256 encryption with HMAC SHA-256 hash authentication.

    For control channel, AVG VPN uses the same AES-256 ciphers with an RSA-2048 handshake. Perfect Forward Secrecy is provided by a DHE-4096 key exchange, which guarantees strong protection online.

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    How To Install Avg Secure VPN For Windows 10 8 And 7

    • Ensure no other application is running on your Windows PC.
    • AVG Secure VPN for Windows.
    • Right-click the downloaded setup file avg_secure_vpn_setup.exe, and select Run as administrator from the context menu.
    • Follow on-screen application instructions.

    For more detailed instructions, please go to our installation support page.

    Netflix Blocked For Most Locations

    Netflix means a lot for a great number of people around the globe. However, the service has taken a stance against VPNs during the last few years. Certain VPN providers manage to unblock Netflix and provides access regardless of location.

    The same cannot be said for AVG Secure VPN, however.

    I first tested out 6 servers, 4 of which belonged to their locations optimized for streaming. The other two were picked randomly.

    The good news: most of the server locations in North America unblocks Netflix.

    The bad news: most of the other server locations do not.

    I further tested this for 5 more server locations spread across Europe and Asia. So far, only Japan has Netflix unblocked.

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    Any Additional Features Of Avg Secure

    1. Favorable jurisdiction

    As we have already known, the privacy policy of the VPN leaves much to be desired. It saves too much data. Moreover, as claims the VPN can even sell your browsing and search history to advertisers.

    Despite all these factors, the company is headquartered in the Czech Republic. Such location is favorable as the country is out of the 14 Eyes alliance.

    2. AVG Secure VPN works for torrenting

    AVG Secure VPN is a user-friendly provider. It supports peer-to-peer connections. However, the choice of the servers that support such kind of connection is limited. You can use torrent trackers with the servers in the following countries:

    • The Czech Republic Prague;
    • The USA New York;
    • The USA Seattle.

    However, for downloading files a VPN should not only support peer-to-peer connection but also provide its users with fast download speed. Keep reading the review in order to know how fast AVG Secure or go to Speed test for AVG Secure.

    3. Specifically designed servers for streaming

    In addition to servers for torrenting, the VPN offers specifically designed streaming locations. You can find them when clicking Change location in the AVG Secure VPN app.

    4. Kill Switch

    The VPN claims to have Kill Switch. I couldnt find it in the settings. It means Kill Switch is in-build. The function is highly useful in case your VPN connection drops. It is able to halt your traffic in order to prevent your personal data from leakage.

    Avg Secure VPN Customer Support

    AVG Secure VPN for Android

    In terms of customer support, AVG Secure VPN is quite proactive. They offer 24/7 live chat support to paid users, where you receive a response within seconds of your query.

    Unlike other providers in the marketplace, the VPN even offers premium support via telephone. You can call them at 1-844-234-6038 for any information/assistance about their products.

    There is also a support dashboard, where users can input search queries to get redirected to relevant blogs/troubleshooting guides, which are quite helpful to say the least.;

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    Avg VPN Privacy And Jurisdiction

    The Czech Republic isnt part of the Fourteen Eyes Alliance. This international network of democracies, including the US and the UK, is infamous for spying on their citizens and conducting large-scale online surveillance.;

    Despite the Czech government not posing a threat to internet privacy and cybersecurity firms, the country is under the jurisdiction of the European Union. Therefore, companies operating in the Czech Republic must comply with the EUs data retention laws.

    Does AVG VPN keep logs?

    Like many VPN vendors, AVG does log some personally identifiable information and service data for various purposes. Account creation and management, billing, service delivery, and marketing are the primary reasons.

    Normally, such practices would make a VPN unsafe. The good news is that it keeps data processing to a minimum.

    Here are some of the types of data it processes:

    • Email address
    • Connection timestamps

    The types of data that it doesnt send to its servers are as follows:

    • Originating IP addresses
    • Browsing history
    • Uploaded and downloaded files from the internet

    Whats more, this VPN service provider uses its own DNS servers. In other words, it wont expose your DNS requests to third parties.

    Also, AVG stores service data on its servers for 35 days only.

    Pricing: How Much Does Avg VPN Cost Exactly

    Unlike other providers that offer subscriptions of varying durations with discounts, my AVG VPN review unveils the provider kept things simple by offering a single yearly plan, which started at $59.88/year. This meant you pay a minimal of $4.99/month.

    However, now they follow a similar pricing-model, adopted by almost all providers in the industry. You have streamlined subscription plans that are priced on the duration of a subscription i.e. yearly, 2 years, and 3 years. The costs vary, depending on the number of multilogins.

    I will be listing the AVG VPN pricing details of 5 simultaneous connections:

  • Yearly Subscription for 5 devices: $4.99/month
  • 2 Year Subscription for 5 devices: $3.99/month
  • 3 Year Subscription for 5 devices: $3.99/month
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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