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Is Avg VPN Any Good

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Why Buy Avg Secure VPN

Is AVG VPN any good?

Since AVG was bought out by Avast, its legal and logging position is the same as that of its new parent company: upon connection, the service collects your username, your connecting and endpoint IP addresses, the duration of your session, and the amount of data transmitted, all of which is stored for 30 days in monthly blocks.

While this may not be a consideration for many users, those who are particularly privacy-conscious may wish to look at no-logging services such as Private Internet Access an alternative.

Its also rather expensive, at £49.99 per year for a single-device, single-operating system account, and even Android and iOS apps have to be bought separately. This puts it among the most expensive services weve reviewed.

However, an unusual 30-day free trial, which doesnt require you to even create an account, means that youll have plenty of time to assess whether it meets your needs.

Get AVG Secure here.

Doesn’t Work On Many Devices

Platforms & Devices

  • None
  • Encryption & Security Rating: 6.5/10

    AVG Secure VPN is a rather secure VPN choice for public WiFi usage, but we cant recommend it to anyone with stringent privacy needs due to its logging policy.

    AVG Secure VPN uses different VPN protocols for each of its custom apps:

    • Windows and Android OpenVPN , our preferred protocol for its balance between privacy and performance.
    • MacOS L2TP/IPSec, an older protocol but still considered secure.
    • iOS IKEv2/IPSec, a fairly new VPN protocol thats secure, very fast, and capable of handling network changes efficiently.

    You cant toggle between VPN protocols as they are enabled by default in the apps.

    All VPN apps use AES-256 encryption, which is widely considered unbreakable.

    There arent any advanced security features , but at least AVG VPN has a VPN kill switch on its Windows and MacOS clients.

    The kill switch protects your real IP address, if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly. The feature blocks all internet traffic and keeps your true IP address hidden.

    Does Avg Secure VPN Use Virtual Servers

    AVG Secure VPN does not specify whether it uses virtual servers or not and this is one of the questions we put to their customer support team that didn’t get a response.

    Given the low number of servers on offer, we would usually assume that they don’t use virtual servers. But as AVG Secure VPN also has a large number of locations, it is a possibility.

    If we do ever get a reply to our enquiry, we will update this review. For now, it is impossible to give a definitive answer to this question.

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    Utorrent Doesnt Work With Avg VPN

    Bhuvaneswari Vairavan;Hello Cameron,Im really sorry youre experiencing this problem. Im sure we can figure this out, and well work on finding a solution right away! Please check in the AVG Secure VPN to which server you have connected to because, in some locations, the use of utorrents is banned. If you have connected to that particular server then this website will be blocked. Please change it to a different server and check if that fix the issue.

    Thanks for the response. Yes that worked.Need to log out of AVG, change country and log back in.

    We are glad to know that the issue is now resolved.Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance. Have a nice day!!!

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    MJ BucklandHi. I have tried every server but whenever I connect to AVG VPN it stops my downloads. Can you help please?

    Bhuvaneswari Vairavan;Hello MJ,I am sorry to hear that you are facing issue with the downloads. Have you tried to turn off the Secure VPN and download the file?

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    Ravi KumI just subscribed to AVG VPN and the first thing i noticed was the drop in my download torrent speed from 800kB/s to few kB/s and finally zero when i switch on the VPN. I tried various servers, i tried logging out and back into VPN, but net result is the same. web browsing dose not seem to be affected.;Is there a solution or should i get a refund ?;

    • May 31, 2018
    • May 31, 2018
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    Ravi, is the issue resolved when AVG Secure VPN is turned off?

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    Avg Technologies Review: Quick Expert Summary

    AVG Secure VPN Review: Why We Are NOT Recommending It

    UPDATE: When Google and Mozilla removed AVGs web extension from their stores, a scandal broke out which revealed that Avast had allegedly been spying on their users browsing data and selling it to corporations for millions of dollars in profit. In light of these unethical practices, we can no longer recommend them on our site. You can read more about the controversy and our decision here. For a review of antivirus companies we do recommend, please see this list of the 10 best antiviruses of 2021.

    While youve probably heard of AVG and its strong reputation for security and performance, did you know that it offers a choice of three products that not only provide;security and privacy;but also tools to help your PC run better?

    AVG is also one of the more affordable options in the market, meaning you get a lot of great protection for multiple devices for a single great price. But I just dont think it beats out other top premium performers like Norton and McAfee.

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    Is It Compatible With Tor Routers

    The benefits of installing one single Virtual Private Network on the router are apparent. First of all, you dont have to enter the password/login on every single device you own. Secondly, a license for one connection will be enough to cover all of the desktop/mobile computers connected to the same network. That is a cheap, fast, and reliable shortcut that many advanced users take advantage of.

    Sadly, this product is not compatible with routers. So, you can forget about protecting your PlayStation 4 or unblocking Netflix on the TV. The same is true for TOR: the highly secure browser is also not supported by AVG Secure.

    Support For Windows Mac Ios Android

    The AVG Secure VPN supports devices that run recent versions of the Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems. Unfortunately, it doesnt include any browser extensions, despite all the people who are now using a VPN for Chrome and other browsers. Additionally, there is no support for Linux, routers, or any of the less-common operating systems.

    However, wherever the Secure VPN does work, youll find the same clean, sharp-looking interface. AVG really did a good job on this. Below you can see a screenshot of the Android VPN app we examined for this review:

    An AVG VPN subscription supports up to 5 simultaneous device connections. This is pretty much standard for the industry and should serve most individual users well.

    Note: While 5 simultaneous connections should be sufficient for most people, if you need more, there are options. A particular standout is Surfshark, with an unlimited number of simultaneous connections and solid performance as well. Heres a link to our recent Surfshark review.

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    How Good Is Avg Secure VPNs Customer Support

    I decided to write to AVGs support team to find out how good or bad their customer service was, and to fill in some gaps about their servers.

    However, there was no way for me to simply email AVG. I eventually found my way to the Official AVG Support page. There was no email option, but there was an option for chat and phone. I opted for the chat. I was asked for the product I was inquiring about, my name and my email address, and when I clicked Contact Us, I got this:

    I then realized that AVGs customer support team answers the questions posted on the community forum. So I posted my question there and got an answer very quickly. It took them less than an hour to get back to me.

    I asked about the number of servers AVG has in its network and whether it owned or rented them.

    AVGs answer was courteous and helpful, though not ideal:

    Hi Bobby,

    Were glad to help you with the info.

    Since, Avast has acquired AVG, the servers will be the same & you can check the servers info in this page.

    Weve our own servers & rented few servers in few regions as well.

    Thank you for your understanding in advance!

    To see the entire conversation, click:

    Yeah, I pretended my name was Bobby

    But the point is that AVG shares its infrastructure with Avast. And Avast owns some of its servers and rents others.

    Does Avg Support Split Tunneling

    AVG Secure VPN 2019 Review and Tutorial

    Split tunneling, or selective routing, lets you choose where you route your traffic: through the VPN or over your ISP connection. So, you could choose to only send your P2P traffic through the VPN, while sending the rest out through your ISP connection. Or conversely, you could send all of your traffic through the VPN, except your Netflix traffic, for instance. Split tunneling is generally quite flexible and can accommodate almost any scenario.

    AVG Secure VPN does not support split tunneling at this time.

    See also:;Best VPNs for split tunneling

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    Streams Us Netflix And Bbc Iplayer

    Streaming & Torrenting

    Streaming & Torrenting Rating: 8.0/10

    To our surprise, AVG Secure VPN streams US Netflix and BBC iPlayer on its streaming-optimized servers.

    In the past, the VPN service didnt work reliably with American Netflix. However, our recent tests show that AVG VPN has vastly improved its Netflix accessibility.

    To unblock US Netflix, we recommend you use the Gotham City server.

    Also, the Wonderland VPN server, located in the UK, works with BBC iPlayer effectively. This not something many VPN services can do.

    AVG Secure VPN servers that work with Netflix US:

    • Gotham City

    AVG Secure VPN servers that unblock BBC iPlayer:

    • Wonderland

    Devices Avg VPN Supports

    Compatible devices:

    Simultaneous connections: 5

    Currently, AVG offers clients only forWindows, Android, Mac, and iOS devices. You cant install the VPN on your router, smart TV, console, or streaming device. There is no support for browsers either. Thats a big let down, and the company must improve on it if it wants to compete with the best VPN services in the market.;;;

    On the positive side, you can log in up to five devices on a single AVG VPN account simultaneously. This is a useful feature to have if you plan to share your subscription with others.

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    App Files Check: 1 Grayware Virus Detected

    I have to say that I was really disappointed to discover that AVG, despite being a renowned antivirus and antimalware software, has a virus in their Secure VPN.exe file for Windows.

    The test was performed on the;;website, where you can upload a file and have it analyzed across multiple antivirus services to check for any red signs.

    Where the .exe application passed 69 checks, it failed in one. The app comes with the GrayWare/Win32.Presenoker virus. The mac .dmg file passed all 55 checks, meaning it was clear from viruses.

    30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    Streaming Does Avg VPN Work With Netflix & Other Vod Services

    AVG VPN Free Download Windows PC

    No, AVG does not with Netflix. When testing the VPN, I connected to all US streaming servers one by one and checked to see if I could access the US Netflix library. Unfortunately, it failed every time as discussed in our guide on using AVG with Netflix.

    As for other streaming services, AVG VPNs performance was quite good. I was able to unblock BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime with not a lot of issues. Overall, AVG VPN is pretty decent for streaming.

    Check the Best Alternative

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    Avg Secure VPN Server Locations

    Server locations:

    Server count: 58

    AVG VPN operates 55+ servers in thirty-seven countries worldwide. Most of its servers are located in Europe, with North America falling second on the server count. It even provides coverage in Africa, running a server in Johannesburg.

    AVG Secure VPN server list

    The company maintains eight server locations in Asia. These include Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. While on the surface that looks quite impressive, most countries on the list are restricted to one server limit. On a busy day, this is likely to create a scarcity of resources with everyone using the same servers, and thus slowing down the internet connection.

    What Os Are Supported

    The list of supported platforms includes Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Linux isnt officially supported, and there arent any workarounds to make it work. But, at least, the four major platforms come with excellent clients/apps. As mentioned earlier, you can protect up to 5 devices simultaneously, which puts AVG on the same level as most rivals.

    There are no browser extensions for Google or Mozilla. This means you wont be able to choose between protecting the entire device and only the browser. The download-installation procedure is very easy and straightforward. Just download the free trial from the official website, and enter your credentials to activate a purchased license at any moment.;

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    Avg Secure VPN Features

    AVG antivirus VPN and the company behind these products all come from Czech Republic. The main location of a VPN provider is important since it determines which laws it would follow.;

    Czech Republic is safe from Fourteen Eyes . If the VPN provider is within a Fourteen Eyes country, theres a good chance your online activities are tracked without your knowledge or consent.;

    If Fourteen Eyes and similar tracking has been a concern for you, youll be glad to know that AVG can be your alley. This of course will change if the people use AVG VPN to hide their cybercrime activities. In this case, AVG will work with the government to help catch users who exploit the use of VPNs.;

    Here are other noteworthy things you should know about AVG VPN:;

    Avg Secure VPN Unblocks Netflix And Hbo Max But Cant Access Hulu Bbc Iplayer Disney+ And Amazon Prime Video

    AVG Secure VPN Review 2021 ð¥ 100% BRUTALLY HONEST REVIEW!

    I was disappointed to find out that AVG SecureVPN could only unblock a handful of streaming platforms. I tested all the US servers, including the servers optimized for streaming in Miami, New York, Seattle, Frankfurt and fictional cities like Gotham city, US, and Wonderland, UK. However, I could only unblock Netflix and HBO Max.

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    Avg Secure VPN And Netflix

    Netflix actively works to block access from VPN users, likely to protect its region-specific streaming agreements. In my testing, I found that I was unable to access streaming Netflix video while connected to a US server.

    However, when I connected to one of AVG’s specialized streaming servers , I was able to stream without issue. This could change at a moment’s notice, unfortunately. There’s no guarantee that a server, or even a VPN service, that works with Netflix today will work tomorrow.

    Servers Support For China & Torrenting

    AVG Secure VPNs server network is seriously small. This provider keeps its server count confidential. But as per their live chat representative, AVG VPN offers;servers in 50 locations. Here are all the server locations if youre curious:

    • Prague, Czech Republic
    • London, United Kingdom
    • Paris, France

    Compared to other VPNs like PureVPN, AVG VPN doesnt even come close. So, if you prefer access to a wide selection of VPN servers, better opt for some other VPN service.

    If youre facing any connectivity issues with this VPN, see our guide on troubleshooting AVG VPN.

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    Avg Technologies Products & Pricing

    I was impressed with the companys high scores on most independent tests, and how well it performs without affecting your computer. If youre looking for an easy-to-use antivirus that wont break your bank account, AVG gives you a trustworthy and strong antivirus suite.

    UPDATE: We no longer recommend AVG due to serious allegations of privacy violations. You can read more about our decision here. For a list of antivirus companies we do recommend, please see this list of the 10 best antiviruses of 2021.

    Not Worth The Expensive Subscription Cost

    AVG VPN Review 2020: Is AVG VPN Any Good?

    Price & Value for Money

    Price & Value for Money Rating: 6.5/10

    AVG Secure VPN is very expensive for the level of quality it provides. Put simply, there are far cheaper, better, and safer VPN services available for less.

    You can choose from three pricing plans, although there is no option to pay for a single month.

    Subscriptions start from a minimum of $4.99 for 12-months, which drops to $3.99 per month on the two-year and three-year plans. All subscription lengths include the same product features.

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    Compare Avg Secure With The Top Alternative VPNs

    For what it offers, AVG Secure VPN isnt the cheapest service around. Its pricing is also a little weird.

    Theres no monthly subscription. You have three choices a one-year, two-year, or three-year plan. Bigger plans have a nice discount, so theyre a better deal in the long run.

    AVG Secure VPN accepts credit cards and PayPal. Sadly, cryptocurrency isnt supported, so you cant make anonymous payments.

    Avg Secure VPN Summary

    AVG Technologies started out as an antivirus company based in the Czech Republic. In 2016, it was purchased by a rival company, Avast Software, which also provides VPN services. AVG Secure VPN is Avast SecureLine under the hood just branded differently. Its speeds are good enough. And while its privacy policy is transparent, AVG nonetheless logs more data and supports fewer features than many of its competitors.

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