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Is Bitdefender VPN Included In Total Security

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Does Bitdefender Premium VPN Support My Device

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When it comes to using Bitdefender VPN, youll find that it can be used on all of the main platforms:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS

Theres no option to configure it on routers or other devices manually. Browser extensions are unavailable as well. Therefore, I must conclude that Bitdefender VPN device support is poor.

Each of the applications is easy to navigate and has a modern theme that is simple to read. However, this also stems from the fact that theres not much to toggle save for the kill switch.

I liked that the Bitdefender client has the option to start up automatically when connecting to public wifi or starting a P2P app. This is very convenient in case you dont want to run the VPN all the time.

Bitdefender VPN can be easily installed either separately or automatically added with your Bitdefender package. So, if you purchase Bitdefender Total Security, for instance, you will be able to use the free version of the VPN as this will come installed as standard.

Is The Interface Easy To Use

Bitdefender may not have the prettiest interface, but it is still clear and concise. The most commonly used tools in the suite are easily available, with an icon to access video tutorial content about the usage of the app at the top right.

The overview of the suites functionalities appears along the left-hand side. They also helpfully include a banner of suggestions to manage your potential cybersecurity risks.

Interface And Ease Of Use

If you’ve used Bitdefender antivirus in the past, you know that it lacks Linux support. Their VPN is no exception â it doesn’t have a Linux app. However, other prominent operating systems are supported, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

The apps themselves are simple to use and compact. Even if you’re a complete novice, you should be able to pretty easily find your way around it. There are some nice touches of graphic UI elements, but nothing that would needlessly hog your system for resources. All of their apps follow the same design philosophy, but there are some differences between them.

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What Device Can I Use With Bitdefender VPN

In terms of compatible devices, Bitdefender VPN offers compatible clients for a wide range of platforms, which include:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS

While Bitdefender VPN supports the major platforms, you cant install it on secondary platforms like a router. This is despite the fact that it uses OpenVPN. The consequence of this is that youll need to separately install it on all of your devices. Apart from being stressful, it may not even be suitable for some.

However, once youre able to install it, every client is easy to navigate and read, thanks to their modern theme. You can also easily install it either separately or added automatically with your package.

Thus, if you buy the Total Security Suite, youll get the free version of the Bitdefender VPN as an add-on.

As an alternative, there is an option to upgrade to the paid version which you can also access through your security package.

Where Is It Based

Antivirus and Security 175689: Bitdefender Total Security ...

Bitdefender VPN was founded in Romania in 2001, and it is still headquartered in Bucharest. This means that the provider is beyond the reach of any compulsory data retention laws.

Besides, you can rest assured that your personal information wont be shared with third parties. Well, except there is a valid request from a government agency.

Furthermore, Romania isnt a member of the 14 Eyes, making it a great location to base a Virtual Private Network. For starters, the 14 Eyes is a group of powerful countries that have agreed to share intelligence.

As for this provider, there is no obligation to divulge any kind of information. Their data protection system is secured tightly. However, know that even the company may one day be forced to hand over some information for an investigation.

This kind of thing can happen to any provider no matter where it is based.

Nevertheless, only those providers that keep personal data of users will have something to give in such a situation. You will find out later in this Bitdefender VPN review and test if it keeps users personal data or not.

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What Is Bitdefender Premium VPN

If you want unlimited bandwidth and a choice of servers, then youll be prompted to upgrade to Premium VPN. This costs £4.99 / $6.99 per month, but if you add it to your yearly antivirus subscription the cost works out as £2.49 / $3.33 which is competitive.

Bitdefender makes no bold we are the fastest performance claims about the service, instead stating in its FAQs that Bitdefender VPN is designed to offer you a light experience while surfing the web however, your internet connectivity or the server distance you connect to may cause the slowdown.

That goes for almost every VPN service: choosing a server thousands of miles from your real location is going to cause a drop in internet speed.

Premium VPN offers a choice of almost 30 countries including US and UK. This means you should be able to access streaming services such as Netflix and iPlayer in those countries, but there are no guarantees of this. Bitdefender doesn’t own or operate any of these servers, but instead uses servers from Hotspot Shield. It’s therefore unclear exactly which privacy policy applies. And although Bitdefender is headquartered outside of the “14 eyes”, Hotspot Shield is not as it’s based in the US.

You wont find a whole lot of extra features beyond the choice of location: no kill switch and no way to change which protocol is used .

You can read our full review of Premium VPN.

Bitdefender Total Security Account

As my way of saying thank you for supporting my blog, I am giving away a Bitdefender Total Security Premium account for 6 months.

If you cannot log in using the below account meaning someone got it first and change the password.

Leave a comment about which account is not working and we will update as soon as possible.

Remarks: If you received a login error meaning someone already got the account and change the password. You can send me an email and I will try to make an account for you.

Account No. 1

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Review Score: Very Good

A fast, secure and private VPN from a trustworthy brand.

BitDefender uses Hotspot Shields lightning fast technology for its VPN. But by excluding some unnecessary features, such as servers in niche locations like Kyrgyzstan, it is able to sell the VPN for considerably less.

On top of that, you can install it on 10 devices. Making this one of the most best VPN deals out there.


  • Fast: BitDefenders VPN uses hotspot shield servers which are some of the fastest in the world. Making BitDefenders VPN lightning fast.
  • Maximum privacy: BitDefender has a short but clear zero-log policy and does not track your online activity.
  • Price: Most VPN offer their best price only in 3-year contracts. BitDefender offers its top-deal in a 1-year contract, making it considerably cheaper.
  • Highly secure: BitDefender uses the fastest VPN protocol and most secure encryption standard .
  • Servers in 30 countries: BitDefenders VPN has servers across all continents.
  • Beautiful apps: Supporting Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
  • Works with Netflix, Disney Plus and more
  • Works with Torrents


  • No advanced features: More expensive VPN allow you to select your VPN protocol and activate features like ad blockers and data compression. BitDefender doesnt. We think this wont matter to 95% of its users. But if you want to go all in on advanced tech check out CyberGhost here.

Bitdefender Review: Quick Expert Summary

Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 Review

Bitdefender is one of the best antiviruses on the market in 2021. It provides advanced malware protection and a ton of additional internet security protections, all inside an intuitive user interface.

Bitdefender scored excellent detection rates in all of my malware tests, identifying nearly 1,000 malware files without slowing down my computer. And Bitdefenders web protection detected far more phishing sites than built-in protections from Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

Bitdefender also has more additional features than almost any other antivirus . Bitdefender has:

Most of Bitdefenders features work great the system optimization tools cleared up a lot of space on my PC and improved my devices performance, the VPN is comparable in speed and performance to standalone VPNs, and the parental controls are highly customizable and even include location tracking and geofencing. I also think its amazing that Bitdefenders anti-theft protection works on Windows devices most competitors like McAfee and Avira offer anti-theft on mobile devices only.

Bitdefender is also surprisingly affordable. Even if you upgrade to the premium VPN and get a good standalone password manager, Bitdefenders Total Security plan is still cheaper than most competitors.

Overall Rank

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Have You Seen The Discounts

1. Logging Policy

What does logging policy mean and why is it significant?

Under ideal circumstances, a VPN provider wouldnt store any information about your online activities. But, the circumstances we find ourselves in arent always ideal, and VPN providers do keep some information of this kind these are logs.

The purpose behind the creation of these logs is the optimization of the VPNs service. It helps servers run optimally and can also prevent the services from being abused. Different providers will collect different amounts of data to this end.

In general terms, your VPN provider can collect four types of information about you. Some of this information really doesnt have the potential to be harmful, but thats not always the case. These four types are:

  • VPN service data: The version of the VPN app youve used, which operating system youre running it on, the server youve established a connection with.
  • Connection data: The amount of data youve downloaded and uploaded, when you logged in and for how long, exactly when you logged out.
  • Original IP address: This is the unique identifier of the device you used to access the VPN server and can be used to pinpoint your exact location.
  • Online activity: Any website you went to, anything you searched for, all online services you used. This essentially equates to your browsing history.
  • What is BitDefenders logging policy like?

    So what can we conclude from all this?

    Thus, you are safe.

    2. Jurisdiction

    3. Protocol

    Hands On With Bitdefender Premium VPN For Windows

    There are Bitdefender Premium VPN apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. In our testing, we used an Intel NUC Kit NUC8i7BEH desktop running the latest version of Windows 10. To use Bitdefender Premium VPN, you will need to create an account with Bitdefender Central, the company’s online service hub. Unlike Mullvad VPN or ExpressVPN, you will use the usual username and password combination to access the app. Frustratingly, Bitdefender Premium VPN did not allow us to copy paste our complex and unique password from our password manager.

    The Bitdefender Premium VPN app brings many design features we associate with mobile applications. The entire app stays within a single, vertically oriented window, with a black rail of buttons running down the left side. Its grey and white interface is very clean, punctuated with accents of blue and purple. It’s a good first impression, but one that lacks the panache and friendliness of TunnelBear VPN.

    We like that the app has a large connect button, making it very easy to get online and tell whether or not you’re connected to the VPN. Other nice touches include an optional dark mode, and a Dashboard section that shows cards with various connection stats.

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    Bitdefender Full Review: Data Safety Matters

    Do you never feel safe online? Are you always tense when an unknown link or message pops up to you?

    No worries! Leave it to Bitdefender, a universal pioneer security company in the world of technology, with outstanding Internet security mechanisms that won the “Product of The Year Award” from AV-Comparatives. Let us get straight to the point. What can Bitdefender offer to keep you relaxed when it comes to your information security?

    Is Bitdefender VPN Good For Users In China

    Bitdefender Total Security 2018 4 godine +VPN

    Sadly, the answer is no. While the company states that you can have full unrestricted access to content regardless of whether youre in a country that practices internet censorship, they have decided to make it unavailable for use in China:

    We want to offer our VPN service for everyone but unfortunately in some areas there are restrictions on the use of such a service. For your protection, weve restricted connectivity in these countries:

    1. China: Use of a VPN is illegal in China. VPN providers can still operate if they obtain a license from the government, but the terms and conditions which they have to agree to simply defeat the whole purpose.

    In fact, they list 7 other countries where the VPN service isnt available, including Russia, Belarus, Iran, UAE, Turkey, Oman, and Iraq.

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    Bitdefender Total Security 2021 Sign

    The sign-up process is one of the early ways to measure a software company, especially in the antivirus realm. Many AV software companies have notably shady businesses practices when it comes to selling their AV tools.

    Weve seen a fair number of tactics that are woefully consumer-unfriendly, such as sneaking in addon services and hiding the fact that the service is subscription-based. From experience, we like to take a look at how the company handles purchasing and signup to get a good feel for its overall trustworthiness.

    For a software company to pass the smell test here, it needs to avoid as much as possible all of the following business practices:

    • Attempting to sell a large number of addon services at checkout
    • Making users click through several pages of additional addon services before getting to the final checkout page
    • Automatically selecting addon services prior to checkout
    • Automatically signing up customers for automatic subscription renewal, or making it difficult to deselect auto renewal before purchasing

    Bitdefender doesnt do a terrible job on this angle, but its far from the best weve seen. On the initial sign-up page, Bitdefender places you automatically at the cheapest-possible service package for Total Security: One year and up to 5 devices:

    What Do You Get For Your Money

    A Bitdefender Premium VPN subscription allows you to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, which is double the usual limit we see among VPNs. That’s a good value, particularly for large families or homes with many devices. A few companies are moving away from this limitation, however. Avira Phantom VPN, VPN, Ghostery Midnight, IPVanish VPN, Surfshark VPN, and Windscribe VPN place no limit on the number of devices you can use at a time.

    The Bitdefender Premium VPN app supports split-tunneling, which routes specific traffic outside the VPN connection. This is useful for activities that are low-risk but high-bandwidth. Interestingly, you can only designate URLs to go outside the VPN tunnel. Most other VPN apps let you select specific apps, as well. The URL option is still very useful. Considering that some apps may use unusual URLs to send data in the background, it may create some problems, however.

    Besides that, Bitdefender Premium VPN doesn’t have much beyond basic VPN protection. It does not provide integrated ad-blocking, as some other VPNs do. It does not support multi-hop connections that route your traffic through two VPN servers instead of one, nor does it support push-button access to the free Tor anonymization network. The company has told me it plans on adding these features later. Only ProtonVPN and NordVPN offer multi-hop, split-tunneling, and Tor access.

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    Want To Consider Other Options

    Bitdefender is not the only VPN on the market, although it offers impressive performance. Lets check out some Bitdefender alternatives and see how they differ.

    Bitdefender vs NordVPN

    While both VPNs provide anonymity, secure your web traffic, and are easy to use, they also have a few differences.

    NordVPN is faster than Bitdefender and provides slightly better conditions for downloading, streaming, or gaming. It also has more servers5,200 in 62 countries, compared to Bitdefenders 1,300.

    NordVPN doesnt only unblock Netflix US but can also Youtube Premium, BBC iPlayer, HBO, Sky, Hulu, and Disney+, unlike Bitdefender.

    Bitdefender vs ExpressVPN

    While both VPNs offer privacy, use the same encryption, and are suitable for torrenting, they are different in some aspects. ExpressVPN allows five simultaneous connections, whereas Bitdefender allows ten.

    ExpressVPN is faster than Bitdefender, and with it, you can unblock all major streaming sites. It also offers more comprehensive anonymity, as its based in a jurisdiction with no data retention laws .

    Is Bitdefender Safepay Really Safe

    How to use Bitdefender VPN

    Bitdefender Safepay is a browser designed for users to make financial transactions in a safe environment. It gives users the option of routing all traffic through Bitdefender VPN.Its extremely secure, running all web apps in a sandbox feature while also protecting you from keylogging malware. Security is one thing Bitdefender knows how to get right, so wed call Safepay a safe bet.

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    Does Bitdefender Premium Security Protect Me Against Ransomware

    Ransomware is malicious software designed to block access to the personal files on your computer until a sum of money is paid to the attacker.

    Bitdefender Premium Security offers unbeatable ransomware protection that keeps your documents, pictures and videos safe from all known and emerging cyber threats.

    This premium security suite can identify even the latest ransomware families through the use of multiple layers of protection designed to detect malware during various stages of the attack.

    Bitdefender Ease Of Use And Setup

    Before you download Bitdefender, youll need to create a Bitdefender Central account online and download the Bitdefender install files from there it took me less than 5 minutes to set up my account and get Bitdefender up and running on my PC.

    As soon as I launched the application, Bitdefender gave me a quick tour of the software and suggested I run an initial scan.

    Bitdefenders desktop dashboard is really well laid-out, with large, simple buttons, a comprehensive toolbar, and every feature accessible with just a few clicks. I love that theres a customizable Quick Action button on the main screen, so users can easily add more buttons to the dashboard. You can only have 5 Quick Actions on your home screen at any one time. But these can always be edited and changed.

    All of Bitdefenders essential and extra features are located in 3 tabs: Protection, Privacy, and Utilities.

    In the Protection tab, you can enable/disable web protection, vulnerability scanning, firewall, ransomware remediation, and antispam. Each of these features can also be customized although Bitdefenders default settings are good enough for most users.

    In the Privacy tab, you can launch the SafePay browser, open the VPN, add and edit password vaults, customize webcam and microphone protection, integrate the anti-tracker with your browser, and access parental controls.

    Finally, the Utilities tab includes the one-click optimizer, user profiles, file shredder, and anti-theft protection.

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