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Is Ipvanish The Best VPN

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Is Ipvanish One Of The Best VPNs In 2022

Protect Your Privacy With IPVanish VPN

IPVanish is user-friendly, has good security features, fast speeds, is good for torrenting, and provides unlimited simultaneous connections.

It has 1,900+ servers in 50+ countries, allows P2P traffic on every server, and has intuitive apps for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Fire TV.

In my tests, I had really fast speeds on local servers and pretty fast speeds on distant servers . I experienced some slowdowns while streaming on the US and Japan servers, but my gaming, torrenting, and VoIP call speeds were fast and stable on all servers. I downloaded large 10+ GB torrents in 15-20 minutes using popular torrent clients like qBittorrent, Deluge, uTorrent, and more. And IPVanish has 25+ SOCKS5 proxies that provide even faster download speeds.

IPVanish offers industry-standard security features like 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch, a no-logs policy, and secure protocols, and extra features like perfect forward secrecy.

While there are a lot of things I like about IPVanish, it has a handful of flaws. IPVanish hasnt published the results of an independent audit of its no-logs policy, it doesnt work with top streaming services like Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer, it offers split-tunneling only on Android, and it doesnt bypass internet firewalls in countries like China. Also, DNS leak protection is only included on Windows, and theres no WebRTC protection.

Im Impressed With The Service It Provides

All Im going to say is that IPVanish does what it supposed to do and very good at it. The same people who provides the internet connection are good at keeping the connection clean and alive but hackers are the worst enemies of us the internet customers. IPVanish is there to help. I recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their privacy intact. The App is easy to install and set up. The account is transferred from phone, tablet and desktop with such ease access and setup it was really comforting to do. Dont know much about the business and the background of the app but from the website was berry simple to access, setup and activate. My trial is finishing sometime in the future and it looks like Im keeping it for the next year. To anyone who may be apprehensive just get a few months of service for a try out, if youre not satisfied cancel or let it expire and forget about it. You probably end up keeping it if youre busy with work and money through your devices. Hope this help someone someday.

How Does Ipvanish Compare To Nordvpn

NordVPN and IPVanish are both excellent options if youre looking for a solid VPN, and the better choice for you will vary depending on your unique needs. If you need a dedicated IP address, youll have to go with NordVPN since IPVanish doesnt offer this feature. But if you have a large number of devices you want to run through your VPN, IPVanish may be the more cost-effective option since it doesnt have a maximum limit.

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Ipvanish Review The Best VPN Services In The Market

IPVanish is a VPN service provider that offers some of the best features in the market. It has a strong reputation for its great customer service, blazing-fast speeds, and rock-solid security.

There are many VPN providers in the market but IPVanish is one of the best. It has a strong reputation for its great customer service, blazing-fast speeds, and rock-solid security. This review will take a look at what IPVanish has to offer and why it is one of the best VPN services in the market.IPVanish is an excellent VPN service provider. It has a very strong reputation for its great customer service, blazing-fast speeds, and rock-solid security. It has a large number of servers spread across more than 60 countries and it does not keep logs of user activity.

Streaming Netflix And Kodi

IPVanish VPN: Appstore for Android

Does IPVanish work with Netflix?


IPVanish now unblocks US Netflix from abroad. Not all servers are guaranteed to work, so you might have to switch US locations a time or two to find one that does.

Unfortunately, IPVanish doesnt unblock a lot of other popular streaming services like Hulu or . It does unblock HBO Max, though. Compared to the top-of-the-line competition, IPVanish falls short of some of its competitors in regards to geo-unblocking.

IPVanish is a notable favorite among Kodi users. Kodi, a free home theater software that allows for streaming video and other content from multiple sources, is often installed on Android-based devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

IPVanish makes an app specifically for Fire TV, and devices without access to Google Play or the Amazon App Store can directly download the Android APK directly to their device. The interface is remote-control friendly. Beyond the initial sign in, there is very little typing required to get up and running. Everything can be selected via drop-down menus, and theres no need to struggle with maps or other interfaces that dont gel well with remote controls.

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Ipvanish Works With Numerous Streaming Platforms

I had great results testing IPVanish with streaming sites it works with Netflix US, Disney+ US, HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Sling TV, fuboTV, ESPN, Spotify, Vudu, Kodi, and more. Youll have the freedom to access your accounts even when youre abroad or on a restricted network .

I also wanted to try a different way of accessing these sites, so I decided to test IPVanishs SOCKS5 proxy. While SOCKS5 accessed a few more Netflix libraries, it didnt unblock any other streaming services. This was a little disappointing because SOCKS5 can sometimes get past blocks that a normal VPN cant. I also asked my colleagues to try the proxy with their streaming accounts and their results were the same.

Encryption Strong Encryption To Keep Your Data Hidden

IPVanish uses the strong AES 256-bit encryption standard, which is the same level of data security used by US government agencies.

Although some of IPVanishs protocols support weak encryption protocols, IPVanish defaults to top-level encryption with OpenVPN or IKEv2, both of which are known for their powerful security.

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Is Ipvanish Right For Your Business

IPVanish is best suited for those who want to connect as many devices as their hearts desireso long as the lack of a dedicated IP address isnt a dealbreaker.. In other words, IPVanish is best suited for individuals looking to browse the internet privately across many devices while bypassing geo-blocking restrictions.

Are Ipvanishs Speeds Fast Enough For Gaming Mostly Yes

The Best VPN for Kodi Privacy Protection

IPVanishs short-distance servers are fast enough for gaming, but its long-distance servers proved otherwise. The underperformance of its long-distance servers was primarily attributed to high ping rates. Higher ping rates equal higher latency, which results in slower response times and in-game lag.

I played Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition for my tests on a local server in New Zealand and long-distance servers in the US and UK. The protocol I used was WireGuard, as it gave me the fastest speeds. The game can get pretty full-on when the battles take place, so having low latency is crucial.

While gaming on its New Zealand server, I recorded an average ping rate of 12 ms, which is very low latency. A ping rate of under 100 ms is deemed suitable for gaming, so this was highly sufficient. It did not affect the performance of the game: with every press of a button, the action took place almost immediately, as if I wasnt connected to a VPN at all.

But when I tested its US and UK servers, everything changed. The US server in Los Angeles gave me a ping rate of 168 ms, while the UK server in London came in at 254 ms. There were times where the gameplay would freeze for up to 5 seconds, while my scrolling and command inputs would take a bit longer to catch up. With such a disadvantage, I frequently lost my battles on those servers. For the best gaming experience, try one of the top-level VPNs.

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Ip And Dns Leak Protection

A VPN might have the best features, but if it leaks your IP address, then its no good. To see how IPVanish does in IP and DNS leaks protection, I ran a test and found no DNS, WebRTC, or IPv6 leak issues.

Above you can see the IP address that I was assigned by IPVanish, and not my true IP address in other words, no leaks.

As this provider has reliable DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 leak protection, you can be sure that IPVanish is safe to use for masking your IP address.

Ipvanish Review: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, IPVanish is a fantastic VPN client that comfortably ranks among the best five in the business. It has an outstanding number of servers, and it can help its customers connect with 60 countries around the world. What does that number mean? Well, clients can have access to streaming content, torrenting sites, favorite websites and Kodi add-ons from 60 nations, which is an elite number that tops nearly all of the primary providers, with a few notable exceptions.

IPVanish does have some weaknesses. For example, it does not have a free trial option, the refund policy is rather short when compared to other top competitors, it doesnt have an ad blocker, and the Windows client can be a little awkward, judging by several expert opinions. However, its main drawback is nearly unresponsive customer service, without a live chat feature and taking forever to respond via email to simple queries or requirements that may be urgent.

Nevertheless, IPVanish is one of the preferred options for streamers and torrent lovers around the world. Based in the United States, it has more than 400 servers there, spread in 17 locations. Given that the country has a ton of streaming sites and platforms, add-ons, shows, online channels and other kinds of content, IPVanish can be extremely helpful in your quest for unblocking things in America.

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Speed And Performance: Is Ipvanish Fast

IPVanish speeds are excellent since it supports the fastest tunneling protocol currently available on the market WireGuard. Our tests have shown fast download speeds, retaining around 80-90% of the original performance in key locations. And depending on your location and server, upload speeds can be very close to that as well.

Alternatively, IPVanish has an option to select the OpenVPN tunneling protocol which also offers pretty good speeds. You can see the results from the past 14 days in the table below. It includes the top three locations that are most commonly selected by users.

  • PPTP: 42/22
  • WireGuard: 240/130

The time to connect with IKEv2 was significantly lower than with OpenVPN. The download speeds were more consistent and overall higher, but the upload speed dropped substantially in many cases. On average, the download speeds dropped by 21%, while upload speed drops were around 89%. As with OpenVPN, ping times were also higher than usual.

Although most other VPN service providers are dropping support for L2TP, it’s still here. The , while the upload speeds dropped by 23%. Coupled with the fact that ping times also weren’t impressive, it looks like the only case where L2TP could be useful is compatibility. It should work on most devices without problems. However, that’s hardly a selling point on its own, considering the speed reductions.

All in all, here is how top IPVanishs protocols stand against each other:


Ipvanish Website And Installation Process

IPVanish VPN Review 2020, Is it Worth the Hype?

The IPVanish website is professionally designed and well-organized. The homepage dives right into the advantages of a VPN. Its also clear how much a subscription with this provider will cost you from the get-go.

Additionally, the menu is easy to navigate: you can instantly access the various IPVanish features, download the right app for your operating system, and visit the support page or your account.

On top of that, IPVanish also has its own blog, which you can visit from the main menu. Here, you can find a variety of articles on topics ranging from Cybersecurity risks in 2022 to How to install a VPN on Kodi. The blog is updated regularly.

The only disadvantage of the website is that its difficult to find their live chat. Providers such as NordVPN will have a permanent speech bubble on every page that allows you to chat with a staff member, but IPVanish only offers this feature if you navigate to the Help tab.

The installation process is very straightforward. We downloaded the software for Windows and Android, but the process for Mac and iOS is similar.

Heres a step-by-step guide to install IPVanish on your PC:

  • Visit IPVanishs website and click or Start Now.
  • Choose the subscription that you want and enter your email and payment details.
  • You will receive two emails. Verify your email by clicking on the link in the first one. The second email will allow you to download the IPVanish app by clicking on .
  • Open the downloaded file and run the installation wizard.
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    Device Compatibility: Use Ipvanish On Just About Anything

    IPVanish performs strongly in terms of device support, most of the bases are covered by IPVanish .

    Apart from those mentioned, their website offers configuration support for platforms such as Linux, Chromebook, Amazon FireTV and even routers.

    Off the bat, IPVanish VPN allows up to 10 devices to be simultaneously connected to their network per subscription.

    Using a VPN router would allow for even more devices to be connected and should you use this for a home setup, your guests could also take advantage of the privacy that a VPN has to offer.

    More than that a VPN router would also allow unlisted devices to be compatible with a VPN, like the PlayStation and the Xbox.

    How Good Are Ipvanishs Mobile Apps

    The mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately, theyre not exactly equal in terms of user-friendliness, performance, and functionality to their desktop counterparts.

    Since iOS has its own restrictions on split tunneling, its no fault of IPVanish’s that the feature is reserved for Android devices. On the other hand, its less clear why ping and server load times are displayed in the iOS server list but fully hidden on Android. In a similar way, the iPhone app carries over the Favorites system from the desktop client, but this function is missing from the Android version.

    While this is the only app where the internet traffic graph scrolls smoothly, theres no built-in kill switch to protect your privacy. The only feature that the iOS version offers over Android is the ability to turn itself off when you’re connected to trusted cellular networks – saving you on battery life.

    The Android VPN offers split-tunneling and a scramble feature, meaning it should be more secure than the iOS counterpart. However, not having a kill switch is a major security let-down, so its about fifty-fifty.

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    Does Ipvanish Work With Hulu

    Sadly, IPVanish wont be able to bypass the geo-blocking of Hulu. Check our article for the best VPNs that unblock Hulu.

    When it comes to other streaming platforms, the situation is quite similar. IPVanish wont be able to unblock Amazon Prime Video or BBC iPlayer.

    All in all, IPVanish is simply not that good for streaming. There are plenty of premium VPNs youll have more luck with if accessing geo-restricted content is what youre after.

    Do I Recommend Ipvanish

    IPVanish VPN ??? Truth you need to know before buying

    IPVanish is a United States-based VPN provider that emphasizes speed, security, and privacy. What it does, it does well, and it checks all the boxes when it comes to the standard features that are necessary for a modern day VPN.

    Speeds in particular have improved massively since we last reviewed IPV, and its now one of the fastest VPNs around. If you want privacy on public wi-fi or while torrenting, it should suit you fine.

    However, it struggles in China and isnt the best for streaming. IPVanish is one of the biggest names in the VPN business, but whether its capabilities can extend beyond that of a run-of-the-mill VPN provider is a question we aim to answer in this review.

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    Customer Support: Talk To A Real Person

    Today, VPN services arent just about sheer performance anymore, 24/7 support is now a definite criterion for a good VPN provider.

    In fact, a VPN providers service can really make it or break it form some users.

    Its a great thing that IPVanish has very decent 24/7 live support.

    I made an inquiry on their live chat and it took about 3 minutes before I received a reply from their end.

    Three minutes might not sound like a long time, but this is far from the fastest support weve seen from a VPN provider.

    Top-tier VPN providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN would return answers within a few seconds.

    Nonetheless, 3 minutes is still not bad and is still within what we would consider as fast response time from a VPN provider.

    We will take a 3-minute wait any day over filing a ticket or sending an email just to get support.

    Pick A VPN With A Good Long

    While a VPN usually comes to mind before taking an international trip, we dont believe a VPN is something you buy for a month, use, and forget about.

    Rather, it should be an essential part of your online experience.

    Its not like you want to protect your privacy and prevent cyberattacks just for a short while, only to knowingly leave your data at risk after. If you want to get all the benefits of using a VPN and really maintain a secure lifestyle, you should use it for the long haul.

    So, look for a VPN that provides a great deal through a long-term plan.

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