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Is Surfshark VPN Any Good

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Why Is Surfshark So Cheap

Surfshark VPN Review: Surprisingly good!

Surfshark proves that budget VPNs can offer premium services without compromising the quality. At just $1.99 per month, Surfshark offers you unlimited simultaneous connections, 24X7 support, access to 15 different Netflix libraries, and top-notch security features. While most VPN providers on the market provide the same functionality at an increased price, Surfsharks pricing models are the ultimate bang for your buck.

What Is A VPN And Why Do You Need It

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it is needed to create a secured connection so that you can browse over on the internet safe and secure. There are numerous benefits of using a VPN like are accessing restricted region sites which are geo-blocked from your place, entering into sections that are not allowed, shield your browsing activity, and even save yourself from the prying eyes which looms all over the internet. These days, there are a ton of VPNs which can help you to get all of the advanced features at affordable ranges.

Netflix And Streaming Performance

Are you looking for the best VPN for streaming? Well, in that case, both Surfshark and ExpressVPN will float your boat pretty well.

Both services are able to unblock an impressive list of streaming services, from Youtube to a few different Netflix libraries.


In other words, the VPNs will let you watch basically anything you desire. However, sports fans might be a bit disappointed by Surfshark, as it wasnt able to unblock DAZN.

Its important to add that the ability to bypass geographical restrictions is not the only criteria when it comes to evaluating a VPNs streaming performance.

You see, theres a feature called SmartDNS, which is really useful when you want to watch blocked content on devices that dont support VPN connections. This includes smart TVs and gaming consoles.

Both Surfshark and ExpressVPN offer this feature . We tested both services and discovered that they work perfectly – just like expected.

Winner: Draw

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Price Comparison: Expressvpn Vs Surfshark

ExpressVPN is one of the most expensive VPN services available:

The one month plan runs $12.95 per month.

The six month plan runs $9.99 per month, billed as $59.95 every six months.

The fifteen month plan is the best deal if you use the discount coupon offer we have linked below. It works out to $6.67 per month for the first 15 months of your subscription.

Surfshark is an incredible value at only $2.49 per month with the 24 months plan . It is one of the best VPNs available, but is very inexpensive. Here are the prices for Surfshark VPN:

The one month plan runs $12.95 per month.

The six month plan runs $6.49 per month, billed as $38.94 every 6 months.

The twenty-four month plan runs $2.49/month, billed as $59.76 for the first 2 years, then annually after that.

And don’t forget that Surfshark gives you an unlimited number of connections.

Camouflage And Noborders Modes

Surfshark VPN Any Good

Camouflage mode, or stealth VPN,disguises your VPN traffic, so it looks like its coming from a regular connection. Its a useful feature because some websites block VPNs and in some countries, using them is illegal.

NoBorders mode aims to unblock every possible online resource. This includes geo-blocked content on streaming sites, social media, or anything that your government bans. These modes switch your tunneling protocol to OpenVPN with the XOR patch. It scrambles your traffic and makes it more difficult to detect through Deep Packet Inspection .

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Surfshark Compared To Other VPNs

To conclude, Surfshark is an excellent VPN for most users. Its reliable, secure, fast, and works well for browsing, streaming content, downloads, and torrents. At the same time, it boasts great features like a kill switch, ad blocking, GPS spoofing, access to varied Netflix libraries, etc. Moreover, its affordability makes it a great alternative to using free VPNs that often come with limitations.

Although its a fairly recent entrant into the VPN space, Surfshark holds its own in the league of top providers. Were sure youll have an amazing experience with it, but in case you want to compare it with other options, weve got detailed articles covering just that. Check out the links below to find out how Surfshark holds up against the other VPNs we recommend.

Working On Any Device And Ease Of Use

Surfshark works on all popular platforms and operating systems, so you can easily use the service on all your devices. Official apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, and Amazon Fire Stick. Also, you can download extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. In addition, you can configure the VPN connection on smart TVs, game consoles, and routers.

Surfshark is a very convenient service. Its apps feature a clever and user-friendly design that wont confuse even the complete novice. Applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android work almost identically, which is very convenient if you use devices on different platforms.

We tested the apps on Windows and Android, as well as the Microsoft Edge extension. Lets look at them in more detail.


After the launch, you can create an account or log in with your existing one. Then, youll see the welcoming information and basic settings.

On the home screen, there is basic information about your connection and the recently used locations. This info is on the right side. There are also three quick-connect options here. On the left, youll find four additional tabs: Antivirus, Alert, Search, and Settings.

All the locations are divided into three groups: regular services, static IP, and MultiHop. Virtual servers are marked with V. You can also check the server latency and load. If you have any questions about this section, tap on the info button to read the explanations.



Other platforms

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Owned And Operated From The British Virgin Islands

Surfshark is owned by Surfshark Ltd and headquartered in the British Virgin Islands . This is the perfect country for a VPN to be located there are zero data retention laws and its outside the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance. This alliance is a global intelligence-sharing network, and includes countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, and more.

Other Great Security Features

â Surfshark VPN Review 2021 ð¥ My Complete Surfshark Review
  • DNS/IP leak protection: Surfshark features private DNS on each server and offers protections against DNS and IP leaks.
  • MultiHop: Routes your traffic through multiple servers at once, enabling you to double or even triple your encryption level.
  • Internet kill switch: If your Surfshark connection drops, this feature immediately stops your internet access, ensuring your IP and browsing history remain safe.
  • Camouflage Mode: Masks your Surfshark VPN traffic making it appear as a regular http connection. This enables you to bypass Deep Packet Inspection and the VPN blocks implemented by countries such as China.
  • CleanWeb: An ad-blocking tool that also protects you from malware and phishing domains.
  • GPS Spoofing: Enables you to change not only your IP address but also your physical GSP location on your Android device.

Recently, the provider had their browser extensions audited by the Germany cybersecurity company, Cure53.

While the report did yield two vulnerabilities, both were rated with low severity and the auditors concluded that the applications make a very robust impression and are not exposed to any issues, neither in the privacy nor in the more general security realms.

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Surfshark Overview September 2021

Surfshark has only been around for a few years so I was skeptical about its quality.

I wanted to check whether Surfshark could really match the performance of premium services like ExpressVPN To find out, my team and I ran a series of rigorous tests on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac devices from around the world. I even asked one of my colleagues in China to test Surfshark from behind the firewall to see how well it performed.

In short, I was very impressed with Surfshark but its not 100% perfect. The provider offers an enormous range of premium VPN features, but some do have occasional performance issues. While Id prefer a more consistent service, I cant argue with Surfsharks rock-bottom prices.

Surfshark Speed Test Results

We ran several speed tests on Surfshark VPN using The aim was to try different Surfshark servers and see the impact on download and upload speeds. Our results are summarized in the table below. Please note that speeds may vary for you depending on your location and the existing speed of your internet connection.

The first row shows our internet speed with no VPN connection while the second row shows the speeds when we let Surfshark automatically connect to the fastest server available. The rest are servers from specific countries.

34.4% 247

As you can see, for most servers, there was barely any impact on our upload and download speeds. Surfshark has shown some of the best and fastest speed test results of any of the VPNs weve tested. Even though, for some servers that are geographically further away, the upload speed reduced significantly, the download speeds remained high. This ensured a seamless browsing and streaming experience.

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Unblocks Bbc Iplayer Disney+ And More

All of Surfsharks UK servers work with BBC iPlayer. This is highly impressive. It works with other UK streaming channels like All 4 and ITV Player, too.

It was also the first VPN to unblock Disney+ on its release, and has been our best choice ever since.

US Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max is easily accessed as well. But not Hulu.

Disappointed In Surfshark Partisanship

Surfshark VPN Review for 2019: Is this Low Cost New VPN ...

Surfshark performance has been satisfactory but I am extremely disappointed to learn about Surfshark’s political decision to sever ties with The Post Millenial based on ideological influence from social media from people who are not even your customers. I will not be renewing my subscription and regret purchasing your product.

Reply from Surfshark

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Speed How Fast Is Surfshark For Online Activities 85

. Despite offering 3200+ servers in 63 countries, I found Surfshark to deliver burdened down downloading speeds on most servers that I tested with my 100 Mbps connection in my speed tests. We checked three things in speed tests:

  • is the speed at which you receive data from the server. It is important to load pages, streaming and more.
  • Upload speed is how fast you are sending data to the server, for example, during social media, sending emails, video calling and more.
  • Ping is the time it takes for the data to travel. It is measured in milliseconds. Lower pings mean low latency and high responsiveness. It is important for gaming.

But on the other hand, I cant complain about its uploading speeds. While Surfshark struggled to exceed the 25 Mpbs downloading speed mark, it managed to deliver uploading speeds in the upper 80s to the 90s range.

First, I checked my connection speed without connecting to Surfshark as a basis for speed comparison for other locations. The tests were run from Madrid, Spain. I ran these tests on my Windows 10 laptop.

Speed without VPN

Pings 43

Next, I tried Lisbon Portugal server that was not too far from my actual location and got somewhat similar results low download speed and very high upload speeds with lower pings.

Surfsharks speed were a little slow on local servers that were close to my actual location as compared to my base internet speed without VPN.

Surfshark Review: 9 Pros & 3 Cons Of Using Surfshark

Advertising Disclosure

Surfshark has been around for roughly a year now and while new players are always entering the VPN industries, it has been an interesting experience. Their consumer pricing is impressive but what does Surfshark have to offer in terms of features and can their performance surpass their low pricing? Lets take a deeper look.

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Does Surfshark Work In China

Yes, Surfshark is among the very few VPNs working in mainland China. In fact, its servers in Hong Kong managed to unblock pretty much any Chinese content I tried to access.

Surfshark manages to do this because it uses a mix of both physical and virtual servers. This way, even if Surfshark VPN doesnt offer a physical server in Albania, for instance, its virtual server location can still give you access to all regional content available in Albania. This is exactly how Surfsharks Hong Kong server compensates for the nonexistent Chinese server.

If you are having issues downloading Surfshark in China, you can set it up manually which works all the time. Customer support is also available in case you need help setting it up on your device. Surfshark also works in other countries with internet restrictions like Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the UAE.

If you cannot seem to use Surfshark in China, you can contact customer support and set it up manually.

Surfshark uses NoBorders Mode and Camouflage Mode that are made for bypassing the Great Firewall of China. The Camouflage Mode hides your VPN traffic and makes it look like normal traffic so you can bypass VPN blocks imposed by ISPs.

Similarly, the NoBorders Mode detects VPN blocking technology and firewalls and helps select obfuscated servers so you can get unrestricted access to the internet. On top of that, you can also use the Shadowsocks proxy to bypass heavy censorship and restrictions in China.

Surfshark Mobile Apps: Android And Ios

Surfshark VPN PROS & CONS Review 2021

Surfshark mobile apps, both on Android and iOS, are lightweight and simplified versions of their desktop counterparts. The security is almost as good as what youd get on PC or Mac, with several minor caveats.

Most importantly, the Android version has its kill switch, so you no longer have to use the native Android version or a third-party app to complement the Virtual Private Network. It also offers to turn on the Override GPS location feature, which hides your phones physical location.

You can get the Surfshark Android app from Google Play or just download it directly as an APK file from their website. The Surfshark iOS app is available from the App Store.

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Helpful 24/7 Live Chat Support

Customer Support

Online Resources Yes

Surfshark provides fast, friendly, and helpful customer support with 24/7 live chat and a ticketing system available.

Theres also an online help section featuring installation guides, troubleshooting, an FAQ, and a knowledgebase.

To access Surfsharks live chat simply head to the website and click the Chat icon in the bottom right corner of the page.

We found the companys customer support team to be fast and informative, and we got an answer to our query in under a minute.

However, technical questions might take a little longer. When we asked about ChaCha encryption, our support agent took a while to respond and their answer was lacking in detail.

If you have a particularly technical question, we recommend using Surfsharks email ticketing system instead.

Surfsharks Speeds Compared To Other VPNs

In addition to testing VPN speeds manually, weve also developed an automated VPN speed test tool that constantly tests VPN speeds around the world.

Tests run automatically four times per day, and test connection speeds are capped at 100Mbps to recreate a typical home internet connection.

The graph below compares Surfshark VPNs average loss of internet speed to other popular VPNs for New York to New York connections:

Surfsharks VPN speeds have been improving month by month, and the gap with faster VPNs is narrowing down.

Moreover, Surfshark is now regularly beating CyberGhost in many speed tests.

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Apps: What Devices Work With Surfshark

One of the biggest perks of this service is the ability to connect as many devices as I want to the VPN at a given time. Most providers restrict connections to between five and 10. This might seem like a lot, but these days, the number of devices a family is using could quite easily surpass that limit.

So which operating systems does Surfshark work with? Apps are available for the following:

  • Windows 7 and newer
  • Amazon Fire TV

As of 2021, Surfshark is compatible with Apples new M1 chips.

Multi-language browser extensions are available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, though bear in mind these will only protect browser traffic and not your entire device. Surfshark can be manually installed on compatible home routers if you want to protect all your devices.

Surfsharks new and improved apps are lightweight so they should work with low-end devices. I find them a bit more intuitive than the older versions.

The server list is displayed when you launch the app. You can connect to the fastest server or a server in the nearest country, or select a country of your choice. Countries are listed in alphabetical order. Theres a search function and I can add locations to a favorites list by clicking the star to the right of the location. You can see a rough indication of the total load on a locations servers by looking at the circle to the right of the location name.

You can change the overall aesthetic of the app to a darker version by enabling dark mode.

Other options include:

Lightweight Browser Extensions For Chrome And Firefox

Surfshark VPN Good

You can install Surfsharks browser extensions onto Chrome and Firefox, which encrypts your browser traffic and hides your real IP address. However, anything you do outside of the browsers will be unencrypted. As a result, I always recommend turning on the Surfshark VPN app before using the browser extension.

Even though you wont get VPN-level security with the browser extensions, its useful when you want to quickly change your IP address and access blocked content. I tested the browser extensions with Netflix US and I had no problems streaming the film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I also ran leaks tests on both the Chrome and Firefox browser extensions, and I found zero leaks.

The extensions for Chrome and Firefox are identical and similar to the VPN apps. Even the CleanWeb ad-blocker feature is still available, so I could browse news and shopping sites without being interrupted by ads. I was also impressed to find that 9 different languages are supported: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Chinese.

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