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Is There Any Free VPN

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Why Choose Avira Phantom VPN For Windows

Best FREE VPN for Windows 10/8 /7 without any Software
  • Leave fewer tracesWhile browsing through the internet and visiting websites, you get tracked by many different companies. They want to know what you read and what you click on. With our best VPN for Windows 10 you can protect yourself from tracking activities even your ISP will not know which websites you visit. Thanks to our free VPN for Windows 7 and 10, you surf anonymously, and your IP address is hidden.
  • No censorshipSome websites restrict access to their content by region. For example, some TV channels allow only visitors from their home country to access their shows and movies. If you are abroad, you lose your access. With the free VPN for Windows, you can use your laptop abroad. Simply select to connect through to a server in your home country to regain access. You can change your virtual location with just two clicks and use 36 server locations worldwide.
  • More than 1 million downloadsWe believe that it is the unique functions that make our free VPN client for Windows so successful and popular. Our Avira Phantom VPN detects the safety of your current WiFi and we dont save any logging data on our servers. You can benefit from German privacy rules and our 30 years of security experience. Your privacy is protected, it takes just one click to activate the VPN connection and become an online phantom.

Hotspot Shield In Focus: Is It Worth The Risk

The big downside to Hotspot Shield’s free version is that it runs ads by inserting Javascript code into their app and advertising affiliate deals brokered by their parent company AnchorFree. A 2017 CSIRO reportfound several different tracking libraries at play in the app.

When pressed on this, the company has claimed that the ads users see are not personalized and aren’t targeted towards users based on data . Parent company Aura’s VPN privacy policy states that:

Free versions of our VPN products are supported by personalized ads, but these ads are not personalized based on any of your VPN browsing activity, nor do we share any such activity with our advertising partners.

There’s also a problem with logging. Aura says in its VPN-specific privacy policy that:

Aura does not record your VPN browsing activities in any way that can be associated back to you. When you use a VPN connection, we do not store any information that identifies what you browse, view, or do online via that VPN connection.

However, it goes on to detail what they do store, including non-identifiable items of information, such as your approximate geographic location and information about your internet service provider or carrier. Although this is done for supposedly innocent reasons this is still information that a VPN doesn’t have to collect, and many do not.

When Is A Freemium VPN A Good Option

Freemium VPNs are best for casually browsing the internet, checking emails, and online banking. A freemium VPN will offer:

  • Good security with military-grade encryption and strong protocols. Freemium VPNs often share the same infrastructure as their premium counterparts, so youll be well-protected.
  • Basic privacy so you can hide your IP address and location from third parties, like your Internet Service Provider , governments, and hackers. However, you might find that some non-identifying data is still logged by the VPN provider.
  • Servers in select countries like the US, although some freemium VPNs have servers in the UK, Singapore, Netherlands, and Canada as well.

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What Does It Mean When A VPN Has Free VPN Servers

Some providers advertise connections to free VPN servers. This is to differentiate between the number of servers available on the premium plans and the free plan. Some VPNs that offer a free plan restrict access to free users to only a smaller selection of free servers. For all intents and purposes, however, a VPN with free servers is exactly the same as a “free VPN”.

How I Rated The Best Free VPNs In :

Top 5 best free VPN for streaming on Android: Safe and fast
  • 100% free. Many VPNs market their free trials or money-back guarantees as free plans hoping you will forget to cancel the service once the trial or refund period is over. While I like being able to test a service before committing to a premium plan, Im not a fan of shady marketing tactics, so I only recommend VPNs that offer 100% free plans.
  • Strong security. All of the VPNs on this list come with standard security features like 256-bit AES encryption , a kill switch , and a strict no-logs policy .
  • Speed. All VPNs decrease your internet speeds due to the encryption process. Free VPNs usually have even slower speeds than premium VPNs because they only give you access to a small number of servers, which creates overcrowding and as a result slows down your connection. But all of my VPN choices offer decent speeds.
  • Ease of use. All of the VPNs on this list have user-friendly apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.They are easy to download and install, allow you to connect to a server with one click, and have intuitive interfaces that make it simple to navigate the app and to find all of the provided features.

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Quick Guide: Best Free VPNs That Still Work In 2021

  • ExpressVPN #1 VPN with unlimited data, strong privacy policies, fast speeds, and a 30-day money-back guarantee Try ExpressVPN today!
  • CyberGhost Free for 45 days with optimized servers for streaming, torrenting, and gaming.
  • Hotspot Shield Excellent speeds with 15GB of free data every month, but cant unblock Netflix and shows some ads.
  • ProtonVPN Unlimited data for free browsing and streaming, but only 3 server locations.
  • TunnelBear Free server connections in 20+ countries , but only good for browsing with 500MB monthly data allowance.
  • 10GB of free data each month, but only supports 1 device connection and cant unblock streaming platforms.
  • Windscribe No-logs VPN with 10GB of free data for browsing and light torrenting, but no access to Netflix or Hulu.
    • Military-grade encryption with strict no-logs policy keeps you safe
    • Global network of 3000+ servers in 94 countries
    • Unlimited data for endless streaming, torrenting, and gaming
    • Works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, smart TVs, routers, and more
    • Unblocks Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video


    • Only has a 30-day money-back guarantee

    ExpressVPN isnt normally free, so you might be wondering why Im listing it as the #1 VPN. The reason is that ExpressVPN has fast speeds, powerful security, a strict no-logs policy, and its backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. While its not free upfront, you can easily get a full refund if youre not satisfied with the service . This makes ExpressVPN tough to beat.

    What Are The Drawbacks Of A Completely Free VPN

    As weve mentioned, free doesnt always mean free. Given the sensitive nature of your personal information, its tough to trust any company that is willing to waive a charge. The best free secure VPN will keep your information safe, without outrageous limitations to their speeds and features. Essentially, trust is the most important aspect, and you could end up being burned if you go with a dodgy provider.

    Then there are issues in terms of speed and server locations. A free provider will always struggle to match a paid alternative when it comes to either, which can have a major impact in terms of buffering or general lag. Overall, a free VPN is better than none at all, yet itll never match up to a premium service.

    Take it as a rule of thumb, when comparing a free VPN vs paid VPN, forever, the paid version would be faster, safer and more reliable.

    If you are a heavy user and in need for a fast and unlimited VPN service, you should check out our best VPN service ranking.

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    Offers 10gb Free Data

    That said, Windscribe has a few restrictions, which is the norm with free VPNs. First up, you get 2GB of free data every month as standard. Thankfully, you can increase that to 10GB of data if you provide an email and agree to receive Windscribe announcements. Nothing is truly free, but were content with getting 8GB of data in exchange for a little bit of advertising.

    You only get access to 25 server locations in 11 countries the website says 10 but when testing the VPN service we saw Turkey offers a free server, as well. The free list also includes popular Netflix hubs like the U.S. and UK.

    The servers enable you to access geoblocked content to watch Netflix shows and movies in different countries. Though inconsistent speed can be a hurdle when loading movies, there are no speed or bandwidth limits to hold you back once you get over that.

    Windscribes free version throws up the fewest restrictions of any free VPN offering. Theres limited server access, but all free servers support peer-to-peer sharing and streaming.

    Moreover, it offers 10GB of free data per month, which is great by free VPN standards. Beyond that, you can tinker with any feature, including setting up unlimited simultaneous connections.


    • Servers in only 3 countries
    • 1 connection at a time

    Besides that, there are native apps for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux, but no support for routers or browser extensions.

    Best Free VPN For Iphone Or Android

    Firefox’s New Free VPN: Is It Any Good?

    There are very few free VPNs for smartphones, let alone any that we would rush to recommend on the App or Google Play Stores. In fact, it’s a pretty treacherous part of the market in 2017, VirusTotal found that 38% of free VPNs on the Android store contained some form of malware. In the same study, almost a fifth of the VPN tunnels analyzed didn’t encrypt any data.

    It’s important to be vigilant and not just download the first one you find on the app store, which might ask for odd permissions to access parts of your phone, and do who-knows-what with your data. Free VPNs also often have pop-up advertising inside them, meaning they have a commercial interest in your data in a way a reputable paid provider won’t.

    A paid-for VPN is a Godsend if you’re a heavy smartphone user, and if you’re buying a package, you’ll also be able to use the software on your desktop, laptop, and other devices, all for one low price.

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    Free VPN For All Your Devices

    Most good free VPNs offer software and apps that are compatible with common devices and operating systems. This means that such VPNs are easy to install on your computer, smartphone, tablet, and TV.

    Some VPNs even offer software for lesser-used operating systems, making it possible to use a free VPN on Linux, for instance.

    Tips On How To Choose The Best Free VPN

    There are a few main things you need to look out for when choosing a free VPN. During my tests, I used the following criteria to rank these top free VPNs:

    • Really free If a VPN is really free, you dont have to commit to a subscription. Plus, a really free VPN shouldnt require you to give your payment details.
    • Strong security and privacy The VPN should have industry standard encryption, as well as a kill switch, and IP/DNS leak protection. I made sure to check all the log policies of the free VPNs so the ones on this list dont store logs that can identify you and keep you safe.
    • Good speeds with enough data The VPN should have good speeds with enough data to browse the internet without slowdowns. Also look for free VPNs that offer a number of free servers because your speeds will generally be faster .
    • Support torrenting If you want a free VPN for torrenting, make sure that it has servers that support this activity. Not all free VPNs support P2P file sharing.
    • Can unblock some streaming sites Most free VPNs wont unblock streaming sites. Thats because of small server networks that arent frequently updated to keep up with VPN blocks. They can also have slow speeds and limit your data too much to stream in good quality. The only 2 on this list that could manage this were ExpressVPN and Kaspersky Secure Connection.

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    Do Free VPNs Work With Chromecast Or Fire TV Stick

    Youre probably wondering why you should go through all the trouble of installing a VPN on your router just to get access to more Netflix shows via your TV app if you can just cast the shows from your phone to the TV via a . Well, the problem is that VPNs and Chromecasts dont play well together. While your phone is connected to a VPN, your Chromecast is not, so the two cant communicate with each other. The way to get around this is to connect both the devices to the same VPN server, which you can do by installing a VPN on your router.

    Things are a bit different for since the device doesnt need to be paired with a phone. All you have to do is download a VPN app to the Fire TV Stick, switch it on, and youre ready to go. The free VPN providers on this list that offer an app for the Fire TV Stick are Hotspot Shield,, and Windscribe.

    Its a similar story with the latest since it has a user interface, offers access to the Play Store, and doesnt need to be paired with a mobile device to work.

    Register Now And Get 1 Gb/month For Free

    Free VPN by Free VPN .org⢠App for iPhone

    Without registration, our free Avira Phantom VPN covers traffic up to 500 MB per month. Register now for free and benefit from 1 GB per month. With our service, you protect your online privacy, browse the internet anonymously and become an online phantom.

    *Important Subscription, Pricing and Offer Details

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    Honorable Mention: Hotspot Shield

    We reserved the honorable mention for Hotspot Shield for a valid reason. It takes a different approach to the free data limit. Instead of monthly data limits, Hotspot Shield offers 500MB of free data every day. However, some of its restrictions prevented it from earning a spot on our top five free VPNs list.

    For example, you only get one server location, the United States, which is the worst among the six providers. Plus, that server offers no streaming or P2P sharing optimization. Beyond that, Hotspot Shield caps your speed at 2 Mbps, regardless of your internet connection speed. Read our Hotspot Shield review to learn more.


    Which Free VPN Is Best For Netflix

    Free VPNs generally cant bypass Netflixs rock-solid geoblocks. They simply dont have the resources to upgrade their server networks to keep up with IP blocks Netflix enforces to reduce VPN traffic on its site. However, I was surprised that Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN did manage to access Netflix.

    I recommend trying out ExpressVPN because its the only VPN that could consistently access US and UK Netflix during my tests. It has an extensive and reliable server network thats constantly updated. It even unlocks other streaming platforms like Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and more. If youre not happy with it you can always claim a full refund within 30 days.

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    The Best VPN Deals This Week*

    *Deals are selected by our partner, TechBargains

    That said, every VPN listed does put some restrictions on its free version. Some services limit the amount of bandwidth you can use in a given period. Some keep the number of simultaneous connections low, generally to one or two. Some restrict you to certain servers, meaning you can’t jump to a better-performing server or easily spoof your locationâmore on this below. Tunnelbear VPN is a noteworthy exception, allowing free users to access all its servers.

    Paying for a VPN subscription typically unlocks all these features, and often adds additional sweeteners unavailable at the free level. You get all the servers in all the locations, and usually the service also provides more simultaneous connections. Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN is one exception to this model providing an unlimited number of connections at its free tier.

    The Best Free VPN 2021

    Best FREE VPN’s For ANY iPhone! (2022)

    ByAdam Marshalllast updated 16 December 21

    With hundreds of free VPNs available, you can find the best here

    Downloading a free VPN naturally sounds very appealing. VPN services are a fantastic way to stay a safer and more secure online, while also giving you the chance to get around geo-restrictions and unlock blocked apps.

    But it’s worth exercising some caution, too. There are hundreds of free VPNs out there on the web and in your app store and the vast majority just aren’t very good. In fact, it goes beyond that, with some of the dodgier free apps bombarding you with unwanted ads, functioning poorly and even selling your data.

    That said, if your reason for having a VPN is just about having a bit more security on your laptop or mobile when using public Wi-Fi every now and then, the best free VPNs can do a decent job.

    So on this page, you’ll find our pick of the better options available to download today. We’ve assessed the ability of the top free VPNs to see which will keep your online activity anonymous without you having to spend a thing. ExpressVPN might take the crown of our favorite premium provider in the world, but the best free VPN at the moment is ProtonVPN – we explain why we think so below.

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